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About Lumigrate on the Podcasting Site

Here is the link you can get if you Search on a search engine -- it provides you with both this 'about Lumigrate' information and I'll post another topic like this one that shows the actual podcast landing page as well.

And this is what it looks like if you follow the link .... (except it's running off to the left, below, BUT I'm going to post it anyway because I want you to see it here a bit, but please click on the link/above for the REALDEAL  read more »

"Integrative Medicine." "Lumigrate" -- What Do They Mean?

We're glad you're here, and in case you have the same question most people do, here's something to start with to explain what Lumigrate 'is', and 'integrative medicine' means.  In order to make a good 'first impression' and welcome newcomers, we won't change this page frequently, but the blog is regularly updated and something's always new in the Forums! YOU could write there now! Fun. Progressive. Valid. Streamlined. (Are the main concepts we're 'integrating' with Lumigrate).  read more »

5 Easy Steps YOU Can Do: Suggest Your Friends Become Fans of Our Fan Pages

That's a wonderful Tip and would really help Lumigrate grow if people would do what you suggest.  So the 5 Easy Steps are:  read more »

"Lumigrate" -- What Does it Mean ... and What IS it?"

Mardy Ross's picture

Hello, and thank you in advance for your interest in Lumigrate.  I'm rewriting this in December 2016, a decade after the start of the process that resulted in what you see as "Lumigrate" began.  "Amalgam" is a word I like to introduce to people early on in my teaching of what I see as key health and wellness / illness concepts.  It essentially means "mixture", and comes into play when talking about the mainstream dentistry aspect.    read more »

Facebook: NEW "Lumigrate: Fibromyalgia Health Education Counseling" Fan Page & Page of "Candace Grande", Health Educator!!

Hello Everyone,  read more »

All Time Biggest Week for NEW Writers at!

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Here in the US, it is the last playoff game before the Superbowl (in what I am learning from my international friends I should specify as 'American' football.  It's going to go into overtime which is a relief because everything's been really quiet while the game is on and my experience has shown this 'American football season' that people then hop on the Internet after the games are over.  I actually am hoping to get the phone call to my family in that I thought would happen much earlier today, and I have a plan to talk with someone on the phone or Skype this evening or next.&nbsp  read more »

Do YOU Have a Dream? MLK to Google -- Join our Search and March for Change in Health Care Information on the Internet!

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Today's I'm hoping to have YOU find out how you can be part of a successful 'march on Washington (and around the world!) which Lumigrate is asking you to join if you're interested in health.  And you can do it right from your computer!  If you don't want to read all the 'why' and get to the 'how', skip to the bottom of this blog!  If you want the 'story' of my thoughts today and the history of Lumigrate since 2007/8 and Internet correlations, I thank you for reading this today.  (Time for a beverage?  A deep breath?  Please get in a good gear!)  read more »

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2009

As Lumigrate's Creative Director, it has been a pleasure talking to and learning from several of you out there who have Fibromyalgia. Looking back on when I first came to Lumigrate, I'm amazed at how much I've learned. Like so many of you, I spent years going to my doctor with symptoms and was never properly diagnosed (with hypothyroid). So many times we don't take control of our medical issues and we just trust that our doctors know what's best.  read more »

IMC Seminars/Forums Now Available Online! (Please forward)

Lumigrate's website has launched! We want to become your trusted resource to Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being.  read more »

About Us


Above, Mardy fall of 2010 twisting to pose and be fit like a jigsaw puzzle into the landing page graphic her high school friend Greg Mann, Son of Mann Graphics now of Tulsa, Oklahoma created, with minor Photoshop help, and in 2013 with nothing but cropping, from a childhood friend at reunion for those f  read more »

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