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The Flu Shot: Should I or Shouldn't I?

                                read more »

Specific Supplement recommendations for Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue

Hi everyone, my name is Marylee LaBaw and I'm an associate with USANA Health Sciences.   read more »

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Open House

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In the last few days I've had a conversation with an old friend who stubbornly opposes spending more money on organic or more wholesome food because she doesn't believe anything she hears about it being better for you, and we laughed and I think 'how can two people so different be such good friends' and then yesterday I stopped in at a local salon which was having an open house and found that virtually everyone there was aware of foods to some degree or another, and health AND they have an interest in learning more!  On my way to the open house, I stopped by Vitamin Cottage a  read more »

Make YOUR Voice Heard! Congressmen in Many States Undecided ; List of #s and Capital Hill 877#

Jeni Dingman had sent this out yesterday and I thought people might want to have the #s and get involved, and have let her group know about Lumigrate's Forum area so they can post in the future about this, so since this is a pressing time matter, I'm cutting and pasting her message contents HERE so that YOU might get involved and have your voice heard today!  Stay involved, if we grab each other's hands, even of those we're not in agreement with now, and use our good manners we know, we'll all be able to move somewhere better.  ~~ Mardy  read more »

My Presentation for Berkeley Conference on Proactive vs Passive Patients and Providers Giving Control (from a blog 7/2009)

I was so very pleased to be asked to present at the Chronic Pain Documentary Series Conference in Berkeley this past weekend (see yesterday's blog).  I was asked by the filmmaker doing the series based on my commitment to the concept demonstrated on Lumigrate's home page and my history of having been both a patient/consumer with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue over the past 20 years and a provider.  The seminar I presented is titled 'Proactivity vs.  read more »

Health Care Reform: What YOU Can Do .... (Xfer of Info from Blog of 2009 So It Is Seen Here)

Yesterday on facebook, we had quite an interesting interaction because I used the words 'health care reform'.  Wow!  What a button!  It's GREAT to see people focused on the subject, and historically you will find that when a controversial subject is close to 50/50 in opinion, people get very 'active'.  And 'active patients' is what many progressive thinkers in the medical industry want.  Including Lumigrate!  read more »

JAMA Article re: What is "Driving Doctors Crazy"

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"....There's so much oversight for what we do, so many people we have to answer to and so little of it improves care, it's just driving us all crazy."   Robert Perlmuter, Chicago Internal Medicine Doctor, in an article in my local newspaper today, which is reporting on an analysis in the latest JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) of the trend of decreasing hours physicians work, which correlated with a 25% reducation in pay for doctors' services when adjusted for inflation.  When they looked  read more »

Allopathy Gone Awry

I am writing a series of articles that I will eventually post on a website. While they are in phase one of editing, I am posting them as notes on Facebook.!/note.php?note_id=394546698848&comments  read more »

Answered Prayers

Mardy has suggested that I post here several times, but life has been keeping me busy. 7 years ago when I found the answers I had been praying for, I was elated and felt called to pay it forward so I became a wellness consultant (and have expanded that to include certififed weight loss coach.) When you manage to recover from fibro, chronic fatigue, and depression without meds, it gives you a passion to share it with others. Over the years I have helped many people, but finances always seem to get in the way.  read more »

Lumigrate and Lent; Inspiration from People Dealing with Pain

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Every day I wake up like anyone maybe does, thinking about what I have in front of that day.  Today is an important spiritual day for many in the world, as "The Season of Lent" began, as I was grateful to see it referred to by Alice in a new post today in the Forums / Spirituality.  Alice lives where Mardi Gras originated in the USA and she wrote the most wonderful piece about it.  Alice and I go way back probably about six months when we'd connected on facebook and she had started utilizing Lumigrate and our videos, which got us 'chatting' on facebook one day.&nbsp  read more »

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