"Lumigrate" -- What Does it Mean ... and What IS it?"

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"Lumigrate" is an amalgam of the words "luminous" and "integrate" surrounding the shift in health and medicine desired by consumers for more traditional/holistic components to be brought back into health care along with the previously dominant allopathy/modern medicine.  In the new millennium, the majority of people in the United States will state on surveys they want 'alternative' medicine as part of their health care.  By people and providers learning more about integrative medicine, health care costs can be lowered  read more »

Lumigrate's Collaborative Care Model

Lumigrate Collaborate Care ModelLumigrate's content is intended to help YOU become the most empowered person in the key, central position in the center of your health care team.    read more »

Mardy Ross, OTR and Founding Executive Director, Lumigrate

Mardy Ross, Executive Director

Mardy Ross, Executive DirectorMardy Ross created and founded Lumigrate in 2008, with Lumigrate.com launching onto the Internet on March 27, 2009. The 'cornerstone' of Lumigrate is the YOU! Model, created in 2007 with a collaborative colleague also with military medicine in his background (Ph.D. psychologist savvy about chronic pain and illness and 'neuropsychology', Chris Young in Grand Junction, Colorado).    read more »

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