Steve, His Images, His Protocol, and a Facebook Group Community and Other Resources for Chronic Illness Solutions

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People who have an interest in, or self-identify with, conditions identified 'from A to Z' (due to being formally diagnosed or not) will perhaps want to learn about a man named Steve, who I encountered on Facebook in the summer of 2014.  Let me forewarn you: this information resonates with people more or less, and those who fall on the 'more' side have typically had significant health ramifications with self or loved ones and have usually run the gamut of mainstream, organized medicine and they're looking for solutions 'outside the box'. Often, they've run the gamut outside the box, and things helped, or they helped for a while, and they either reverted to having problems or just still aren't as well as they wish to be and believe they can be. 

Editing in April 17, 2016 - A woman in Steve's group states what restaurant (chain) she works at and has a photo of her hand which has what look like paper cuts but between joints, not at the tips.  Someone else said she doesn't work, sometimes isn't even out of bed and preparing food or doing anything and will have marks like that which have appeared 'from nowhere'.  

Steve's answer: "It's been referred to as a mite furrow, the mite cuts across the skin and goes deeper as the furrow extends, at end of furrow should be a mite. My pic shows a mite which is associated with morgs, lyme, other diseases, it comes from our oceans, it is a farmer of microbes normally found in ocean sediments."

Steve's photo: ©2016 Steve Beddingfield


From April 9, 2016: Steve makes this great summary statement: 


All water needs to checked microscopically, RO helps but doesn't remove the core pathogen. Ive explained this to ____ U. Researchers, so they know about water issues. Why is nothing being done to provide potable water to everyone? It may not be currently possible.  Security is responding acoordingly, we too must accept the realities of this pathogen, we cannot focus upon the actions of others, our responsibility is to ourselves, our loved ones which listen, those around us that suffer and ask for help, time is not on our side, wasting any could cost many lives. This pathogenic pocess can now be found by me in all forms of life, it injects it's genetics laterally, takes on the role of soldiers within a trojan horse. What we have been observing as normal species are not normal, lichens on trees are normally on trees but when observed microscopically show thepathogens hidden deep within their normal structure. Mold shows the same genetic changes or worse, it's not fungi, it's a "polymorph", Of sorts, looks the same but has subtle differences. Moss shows these genetic changes, yet doesn't show stress but instead it can be viewed as improved, almost neon like in appearance, it has replaced grass in most lawns here, but trees are dying rapidly from the parasitization, the parasites in lichens enter into the phloem where liquids are present, mycelial like growth, or more like rhizoids grow beneath the bark, tree dies from a lack of nutrients, with the parasite observed inside locust trees, i can see that a section dies out, then above this section tree dies, decomposes, breaks off, this is a danger in the forest. Only a few species seem to not be affected, slick bark trees are holding their own.


There is, in 2015, a new one page version of THE PROTOCOL, which should only be used after you've thoroughly learned all about the things you'd be taking and gotten into his group where you can be assisted by whatever people are there at the time facilitating the group process.  If you wish to have me guide you through the learning, please contact me (on Facebook, Mardy Ross is easy to find, send me a message don't just put in a friend request.  Email me, phone me.... that's on the ABOUT TAB, or at the blog tab, the pinned post is about my being Mardy Poppins.  Let me pop into your computer or phone or home and help guide you a bit.  

 © 2016 Steve's Images, Steve Beddingfield

 You will see, further down, a 2015 version of this image which was created by a gal who was assisting Steve in 2015 with getting things pulled together so that others could learn in an easier manner.  You'll see further down how there was, in April of 2015, a parting of the ways.  I called it "the divorce", further down.  

If you're going to 'get into this information', I suggest you understand the history of how this has and is still evolving, get a sense of who Steve is and what he's about.  This is NOT information like you'll find at most websites where it's built upon what comes out of organizations who have funding to a signficant level.  It's what we've got to go on.  I personally felt it was relevant enough to create a topic about.  

Editing in May 23, 2016, what I've also added at the thread on Lumigrate titled about THE Stuff: 

RE-editing again about two months later, May 23, 2016, to make this more apparent about where I encountered this information, and what the consensus is among people I know online who have also studied with 'the teacher', Steve Beddingfield.  I don't know a person who got into "Steve's Images" on Facebook who wasn't perplexed by Steve's behavior if you talked to them privately.

I was in the group for eight months before Steve made time to talk to me individually by phone, and he gave me a lot of time over the next few months to learn the information and include it at Lumigrate.  I don't know a person who I've communicated with privately, the ones perplexed by the overall about Steve, who is NOT VERY APPRECIATIVE of the opportunity they had when finding him and his information to learn.  Many kept a distance, lurking in his Facebook group to keep up on any new developments.  

I chose to keep giving input in the group while he was replacing the 'leaders' who were to 'divorce' in April of 2015, leaving a gap in competence with advisement in my opinon.  If I'm having content on Lumigrate, I want people to be able to be properly supported if they're needing help.  So I'm going to say this loud and clear at this point in the topic, adding in up near the top so it cannot be missed.  Contact me if you find this information and want to learn more about it.  There are too many wonky things that occur in Steve's Images to ONLY go there to learn.  I'm not saying don't go there, just don't go there without having someone who understands the history and wonky-ness also guiding you.  

There was another 'housecleaning' this year, this time May (2016) which apparently stemmed from Steve's learning of a group of us who'd moved on and were discussing many other things related to strategies to reverse symptoms in addition to using reishi and fenbendazole potentially, which is what his protocol is 'based in'.  Considering the length and depth of interaction I had with Steve, it would seem appropriate to contact me privately if he learned of something that he thought was inappropriate on my part, or offensive.  

But that is not how it was handled, what occurred was unfriending, removing from Steve's Images group, so now if anyone going there from Lumigrate is in the group, I'm not able to see the threads and shore up anything that's not said accurately.  He has had one administrator who took a lead early on after finding the group, allegedly after finding Lumigrate's coverage of it, who has had enough time now that she's providing accurate advise consistently.  

But this type of unprofessional, unkind, immature behavior is NOT what I want YOUsers of Lumigrate to be exposed to! It's up to YOU, go there if you wish, but I would prefer people not get into the 'spin cycle' that everyone I've mentored so far through his group have had go on.  Just trying to figure out why he doesn't answer questions directly, makes it more confusing than it needs to be -- there's not a person who doesn't wonder 'what is up with this' and thing 'something isn't adding up'.  Having said that, I remind of what I'd said, above: Everyone who's learning the information has been appreciative of it, when they move on, sometimes in disgust with the behaviors and quandries.  

This is not an indictment of anyone helping Steve, but of Steve for not having people really knowledgeable about things before admins are allowed to give advise.  This latest admin was giving better advise with each week in the group than I would have been giving with that amount of time.  This is not the easiest information to learn enough to teach others and guide others with questions.  However, there appears to have been lack of wisdom of what she found out by being included in another group and relating that to Steve.  He somehow had the impression that I had the group he learned of -- I'm not even an administrator nor a very robust contributor.  That or he knew the truth and lied and told someone to defame my character and knew otherwise. A previous administrator, who was running his group when I tuned in, has had similar behaviors in the last six months that are just not things you encounter when dealing with professionals who have their heads and ethics straight.  Hence my concern for YOUsers of Lumigrate.  

I had verbalized recently in Steve's Images that I was about to drop back out of participation so much, so this is not an upsetting thing to me for my sake, aside from I would have liked to have kept up on new developments.  However, when Steve said something to the extend of why I'd put 'crap' like info about chemtrails on my website, I would answer that.  When he stated that the 'shooter at Sandy Hook' was an example of someone with certain issues, I suggested saying 'alleged shooter', because of the numbers of people who believe it's a false flag event.  This has to make one wonder if Steve is part of disinformation dissemination on the part of a program or not.  

So find me on Facebook (Mardy Ross, very easy to find), go to the About tab and look at other contact information that's updated there, or the blog tab, the pinned blog about Mardy Poppins is also updated.  (The Contact Us I have been able to change once in the past but now cannot see how to update, so it's not necessarily correct, I hope in the future to solve that and maybe the contact us will be correct, but at the time of this edit it is not.) 


Lumigrate's cornerstone and foundation is about YOU, the consumer, taking it upon yourself to get educated, decide what you think is right, take responsibility for that, and then taking action.  Therefore I've created other topics on Lumigrate since this one (which I'm editing on May 5, 2016 in this area) which utilize what you can learn here on this thread. But I make it very clear it's upon YOU to learn this enough to be safe with it, to know how to get support and assistance from him and his group (or me, but I work selectively and on a limited basis with criteria to be met).  If I did not take the step to include what Steve was teaching, I felt my YOUsers would be missing something that potentially could be the next best thing for them in their journey back towards wellness.  And I've taken it upon myself to do that process before trying the protocol.  I had the information on Lumigrate before I tried it, though.

 I gave my input when I got underway to Steve and his helpers, and what you see today with the 2016 version of the protocol has my input taken into consideration plus the input and experiences of many others.  I was incredibly impressed with the symptoms I recognized as symptoms reversing, and things I'd not even thought of as connected to my long term problems (such as things on my skin) reversing as well. "I thought those were age spots", in other words.  No, Steve'll have a different take on many, many things.  AND that take will be different as HE keeps progressing in his knowledge and experience. 


From April 18, 2016, a relative new member had one of the best all around summaries I've seen, and in a succinct way.  "

I'm very sorry to hear how much you've suffered (groupmate name, removed). I went down the phycho diagnosis too and just weened off anti anxiety drugs, it took me a year smile emoticon I think most of us have a concoction of bacteria/viruses/parasites/metals which then cause deficiencies and it's hardly ever a single bug that knocks us down. I trust this protocol can help, without asking what exactly it's targeting, I hope it can decrease the load of invaders and strengthen the body!"  
What the writer, immediately above ^, had been referring to was this from a very long-term follower of Steve's who'd given a summary statement of his history, and his understanding / opinion.  "We have to consider that the Morgellons parasite is not lyme, but rather feeds off/ depends on borrelia bacteria. I've felt the organism triggered by (facial ping and shed) the cough of those with a common cold enough times to be sure of the effect. I now can barely catch a cold, or get sick from suspect food, but I couldn't when I was fully morged out. Here's a similar concept proven in whipworm research:"
and then also: "My lyme symptoms preceded my Morg symptoms by 7 years. To me the symptoms feel distinct, and I feel like I can distinguish between the two with some confidence. The first episode presented with super swollen lymph nodes, sore joints, jaw pain, rage, insomnia, hives with pale round centers. These symptoms followed a history of 2 dozen tick bites and working and playing every day in the woods of (a state on the East Coast of the USA). Diagnosis was anxiety disorder, Rx was SSRI and lorazepam PRN instead of antibiotics, lol. The second initiated with some arthritis and brain fog, but within a week or two it morphed to pure fiber, goo, and bizarre artifact production, plus 40 other symptoms that weren't all that Lymey (body producing electricity, screaming tinnitus, mutant hair production, etc). If I were to guess, the Lyme came from a bugbite lifestyle, the Morgs came from my well water. Igenex testing supports my suspicion - barely Lymey but definitely went through a borrelia infection at some point."
And there's a VERY NEW person on the thread, who is being very appropriate in comments, seeking input, and I lent a hand in 'my way', which in this instance was to usher the conversation along when a consumer isn't yet understanding why their nationalized health care, or insurance-based medicine -- mainstream, organized medicine -- isn't helping them, why they're getting very bad advise and being harmed by it in many cases, as the statement, above so clearly shows.  Often, these people talk about the tests that are available in some areas via privately paying providers who practice 'outside the box', and they're held up on not understanding why what works isn't being provided via 'the system' where they live.  It takes a lot of study.  It's worth it, though.  (And Steve Beddingfield was on this thread with his point of view that testing is giving money to things that are unnecessary for the patient, and feeding the industry that's harming overall .... just learn what he teaches, do what he suggests, is his mantra.  Naturally, it's up to YOU, the consumer, to do your homework on all this, decide what's right for you, and then do it.  There are many opinions -- this topic presents many, in a blow by blow way, in order to streamline your learning if this is of interest to you.  But this is a very long topic, a compilation at this point of over fifteen months of highlights I've collected.  
From April 21, 2016 -- Someone shared a story into his group about spraying over parts of the Pacific Northwest -- cities -- which I've seen on Facebook this week more than any other single thing (because I have a lot of chemtrail / geoengineering / real world politics aware FB friends).  Naturally, the majority of people know that the left behind evidence of these sprays have been analyzed by many people and they contain dozens of things, primarily some heavy metals we know are not good to get inside of us.  But Steve's theory, which he implies is based on information he has of an insider nature perhaps, is that what's taking down the environment --- plants, trees, people, other animals, bees, marine life --- is what he's found to be the core of his research findings and mesage.  The spraying done is the lesser of the evils, so to speak, buying time for more solutions, too.    This is his summary about that, which was well written today: "The ocean has given us algae that is full of new genes, this algae was likely locked into the Antarctic ice that melted, which continues to melt. Marine microbes precipitate secondary metals after decomposing iron. These same microbes precipitate heavy metals at bottom of ocean, huge mountains of metals form there."    (I'd add that I'd have written it as 'partially or greatly locked ....' and not imply all algae was once in the Antarctic because I think there are other sources.  Sometimes Steve cuts corners when he writes, or he's being elusive and wanting to be vague.)    (And then think about that could be mined, by those who would know about it.  The repercussions of THE Stuff is immense once you get to understanding it after studying.) (It is thought the BP issue around Alabama and Louisiana in recent years had to do with NOT what we were lead to believe....)(Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just tellin' ya, there's an alternative theory and information out there to support it if you want to look into it more.....) 


It is not for everyone. It does not have to be for YOU. It might be that someone you're learning on behalf of ... self, loved one -- including pets and other larger animals -- plants ..... are too far down a road of disease and treating things in a certain way to have it make sense to go down this road.  

It might be that portions of it will be what's right for someone/something --- such as cleaning up and providing only pure water and products using pure water.  It might mean that someone is going to benefit from red reishi which is a mainstay of the information below, but going into the FtsZ inhibitor aspect is too much.  YOU have to THOROUGHLY LEARN THIS, and then 'go from there'.  You know how to get ahold of me (About Tab is updated as is the pinned topmost blog at the blog tab) if you're wanting someone to assist you.  I will direct you to others or in the direction to find them if I'm not the right person to do that, in my opinion. 

One long-time follower who credits Steve as likely going down in history in the future as an eccentric, brilliant lay researcher who made a huge contribution to the fund of knowledge people will have available to them, and solutions to problems, said this: "I thank Steve and the good Lord in heaven for the life I lead now with a couple minor symptoms. But the protocol is just an early success in fighting Morgs; I'd still argue that there is a stage of the organism that isn't getting hit by fenben. I suspect it returns when conditions are ripe to hatch, not just reinfection..." and "I think it's important that sufferers aren't presented unrealistic expectations of 100% cure. Wymore and Savely have collectively treated well over a thousand morgies. They say only a few are completely symptom-free, and that it took many years of drugs and lifestyle changes to achieve."  

I post this information to show people the value of STUDY, and what I provide is just a suggestion of places to get started or continue.  There are so many facets out there to delve into, it's critical a person use their judgment in using their resources of time and energy (and money) in a sensible way.  Sometimes they have trouble with that because, catch 22, the brain's wiggy.  I can sometimes assist with that, so perhaps inquire (again, my info is on the About Tab, updated as I go along needing to update things as things change.) 

This information is so 'leading edge' that I was the first person to put it on the Internet, in such a direct way, Steve has said, aside from what Steve put in his Facebook group, of course, and on a WordPress site I found later but he'd not posted about until later in 2015.  

In July of 2015 the Search bar at Lumigrate stopped working at a time other 'truther' websites were actually not available on the Internet, being manipulated by those who control 'our Internet'.  Don't have any false beliefs that it's not 'regulated' and 'free'.  We're being allowed (or not) to see or say things. Some of the photographs that were showing and had been allowed in Steve's Facebook group later ended up as ?s below, and I HAVE LEFT THEM AS A REMINDER of this and how it's being disclosed to us in various ways, likely including Steve and his group being a component to reach the Facebook and Internet more sophisticated learners trying to figure out solutions for complex chronic conditions.  

So there, I've said THAT and gotten THAT out of the way.  I encourage YOUsers to proceed and interact, but to do so with these things in mind, learned, and under your belt.  It's a very tricky world out there right now.... and if you want to come through things with as little angst and pain or problems as possible, it's worth the investment of time to learn what's going on in the running of the world at this time.  

What I would term "THE Stuff", being connected to human health, will come out in mainstream sources and other websites, naturally, but due to the way I was going about things to create content on Lumigrate that was innovative, and to the best of my ability to ascertain, truthful, I encountered it and was first website to host it, apparently.

Not that everything else I've put on Lumigrate hasn't been truthful, it was just not the underlying root cause, and when you see the model of medicine for functional medicine we're following (the onion model represents it), I was simply pushing on to find the innovation, and the truth about what the root is.  If it can be found.  This potentially is 'it'.

I edit this topic to top load the more important things, the newer things, and mid November 2015, Steve had this well-written statement which I wanted to put here: 

There is healing and compassion within this group, it'll take some time for you to overcome years of an infestation growing within your body, but it can be done, I'll never ever forget the the day when my life was returned to me, it was worth all the struggles, the hard work and failed trials, but my success can and will be your success, just as it's supposed to be. For those of you seeking knowledge about this single disease syndrome, which is in reality, all diseases, you're once again, in the right place.

IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE A MICROSCOPE THAT TAKES PICTURES AND IS USED VIA THE COMPUTER, as of MID NOVEMBER 2015, this is what Steve Beddingfield suggested to me when I inquired on behalf of a supporter of my work who was wanting to learn at the level of having microscopes involved.  

Handheld digital USB microscope cameras are the best for examination of samples, Dino Lite, Celestron, other supply these. $150.00 for decent, $500.00 for great pics, vids, you'll need soft touch capture switch for camera, 30 fps with video, make certain it can interface with laptop and that laptop an control functions.

0x to 500x is enough mag, any more isn't needed and is a pain to use. 200x is plenty and makes for best viewing, extra shrouds are nice, check the number and type of LED lights.

Editing this AGAIN in mid March 2016, I'll note this thread was exactly at 21, 500 reads just now as I came into edit NEW information in.  Just as what I had on Lumigrate before from local, regional, national and international experts on health and what overall is available to know and teach and learn, what Steve and his group have going on has changed too.  In summary, it went from a focus on 'cyanobacteria' (2014) to 'giant sulphur bacteria' (early 2015), to 'slime mold' (late 2015) and now in early 2016 the focus has changed again.  

Some resources about 'slime mold': were-weirdo-ediacarans-really-lichens-fungi-and-slime-molds,  Slime_moldscientists-discover-slime-molds-in-southern-african-desert

March 18, 2016 Steve Beddinfield posted: " "Mold" in homes isn't mold, it isn't a fungi, it's an algae, micro algae, it has water mold genes, but it is algae, a protist, only appears as mold during reproductive stage. A Deadly poison.  .... Micro algae, phtoplankton, the causitive agent of Morgellon's disease, Lyme disease, hundreds of other disease syndroms."  Then he posted this photograph.  

Steve Beddingfield's photo.

Then someone posted photographs they'd apparently taken and then said this:

"I joined all these groups because everyone has different information and there's lots to learn from; however the mold that people are talking about is different from those molds . The "flood mold" is an algae that is extremely dangerous.  It's an extremist fungi I think --  part animal and part plant --  but is it is deadly and it sticks to the bottom of the cement in the house and all underneath the house, too."

Immediately following that, someone else commented: "Microsporidous is both a protozoa/parasite and mold/fungi that is highly contagious. Dr. Louis Weiss Bronx in New York has written tons of information on this. I went to see him. Very nice man, his wife has terminal cancer I believe. He even looked at my samples for me. They were skin cells, hair and he/we did see actual insects but believe they were just environmental contaminants ( I didn't dare tell him them came from me; I wasn't getting locked up)."

The person who commented, above (beginning with "I joined..." returned and said "I'm not sure, but I think actually it's two different kinds of algae. I'm sure there are many different species -- ones from the bottom of the ocean which is sediment from saltwater --  that's the dangerous one. I don't know about from freshwater, that could be different -- you're probably in the safe zone?" ..... my diagnosis is chemical sensitivity and mycotoxicosis. I do not use any other chemicals than ammonia --  it dissipates in a matter of seconds.

I wear a mask and a hazmat suit. My doctors suggest using it with cold water and 2 cups in the laundry to kill the mold and neutralize mycotoxins . Sometimes I still smell it when it comes out of the dryer, but at least I can wear it..... I also use a natural sign oil product called "Benefit". I like it a lot for cleaning it's called Decon 30, but I believe it creates mycotoxins as it kills the mold. And I certainly would never go near black mold. In fact, I don't go near any mold, I'm always dealing with spores' toxins. I have used the peroxide too, in a fogger in the house; it help clear the air but in the long run it didn't work for everything. Eventually we left the house and everything in it."

Steve gave a brief summary of cleaners: "Mean Green cleaner is one of the best, so is Purple Power cleaner. Pine oil, fenben spray, peppermint oil, others."  (Please refer to the Search bar at Lumigrate, put in those words or search on cleaning, laundry -- there's a whole separate, condensed and easy to understand topic from all the information discussed about this in 2015). 

Then someone asks about Thieves essential oil (which is a mix of oils made and distributed by the Young Living MLM company).  Steve said he needed more info from people who'd used it, and one of his old-time mainstay followers who has contributed a LOT to his information over the time I've been around, moreso in 2015 perhaps, chimed in with a good amount: 

"Yes it's good I diffuse it but I add tea tee too it's stong antifungal / antibacterial. 
I am better mentally when diffusing in bedroom while sleeping. It has no heat involved, and kills pathogens in the air. 
I sprayed algae in the toilet with it and it melted them away, but I rotate: thieves plus tea tree for few days the thieves and clove or oregano or lavender as I don't want them to get used to something ! I also spray these bastards with activated MMS from time to time. But I don't mix MMS with oils ever, as you use this or that (not this AND that together). They don't seem to like eucalyptus or cinnamon EOs either."

This topic overall is like an archive, too, and there are OTHER TOPICS AT LUMIGRATE THAT I CREATED AFTER THIS ONE WHERE I'VE ASSIMILATED (aka 'digested') the information and made it more 'applied', functional, and integrated with other information.  I've had someone who took a leadership position in Steve's Images, who found her way there from finding this topic on the Internet, not realize there was MUCH MORE that was EASIER and SHORTER and APPLIED, than this 'warehouse' of info.   This topic was where I was placing the highlights from the time I started 'covering this story', and so there's a lot to plow through, below, if you're wanting all the highlights.  It shows how he will later say something differently than he did before, how this was an evolution.  

Then on the 18th of March he posted a video about protozoa: Protozoa

And to round things out and bring them around to the ever-important bees,  ..... sick-bees-part-13-simple-microscopy-of-nosema 


Hence, I put things up at the top that are new and the more important things, as well as links to the subsequent topics I created at Lumigrate utilizing what I learned from intensively studying in Steve's Images (after passively seeing what was going on in my Facebook feed but not 'getting it' what he was 'onto' at that time, and was distracted with the busy-ness of my life at that time which was not allowing the 'head space' to dig in like others were at that time and study.  They helped interpret, they gave Steve feedback, and things progressed, and I have all those whose footsteps were there before mine, beside mine and over mine to thank. So there's some introduction to help you understand this topic's complexities.    

I strongly suggest anyone finding this topic take the following link -- it'll link you back here if you want, and other places.  It's the more 'introduction' topic, or "applied" -- an overview without much detail and so many, many photographs as follow, mostly from Steve Beddingfield's microscope.  Highlights from here are there.

I created this initial thread to 'warehouse' the unfolding of much information that came out in late 2014 and early 2015, through the summer as well -- putting it here to be the 'trove', or 'tomb', or 'cache'.  

Then, after digesting all this information provided at this thread, I made the more applicable topic about THE Stuff: 101. It's presented with more 'application' of what we can possibly or can be DOING right now, without having gone through the whole learning process -- just to get started with reducing the load we're getting from THE Stuff.

Also, I want to top load this important development from late summer / early fall of 2015. Please contact me if you're interested in being connected to more information / resources about what is provided here. Splintering of people is common, as we've always seen in friendship circles, professional groups, etc., it's part of life. "Creative differences" the PR people spin it for those in the entertainment industry ....

It was no exception with the work of Steve Beddingfield and his followers. While Steve is wanting to attract people to his group so they can get more information and be part of things, some of the others had other ideas, so they started other groups OR focused on their walls and posting for their FB friends to see there.

You'll learn that PosterGal was a major and significant part of the process in that group in the timeframe so much information went 'forwards', taking Steve and everyone else with it. That's when I tuned into the group.  I've stayed in contact with PosterGal and what she's gone on with and asked her for a statement, as she appreciates the path she got on with Steve's work as it was a leap and bound of new thinking for her, and then she diverged into other things and now has this statement: 

In light of what I am learning and discovered myself, and my own mini trial group, I can no longer in good conscience back fenben and reishi alone (reishi does not decompose fast enough and is not a prokinetic) without the addition of a prokinetic (peppermint or Iberogast) or a toxin neutralizer at least. I am not saying fenben is not good, maybe just too good in light of the other factors, and unless everyone takes those other factors into account as there is evidence, 100% of patients relapsed on rifixamin ALONE and rifaximin essentially is half benzimidazole, it's why it stays in the intestine and works in the first place. If Dr. Pimentel (SIBO ground breaker in S. California) recognized the importance and changed course in his subsequent patients and treatment modalities, everyone else should consider doing so too. The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which he will be talking about soon and the SRBS are too important of a factor in playing into paralysis (of the intestines), and Pimentel knows it. I now know it, and my own mini trial group knows it. You can not let this bacteria sit and rot in the small intestine, period --  and not take into account the migrating motor complex (paralysis).


So in essence, I keep following the work of Steve Beddingfield and adding in anything of significance that is new onto this thread.  The other topic, which I'm linking to here about THE Stuff will have anything really major of his AND REFLECT the OTHER PATHS and people who I encountered in his group when it was exploding at the end of 2014 and the start of 2015. 

I'm in the position of providing highlights of the information to YOUsers of Lumigrate and being trusted by those on FB who have gotten to know me and my work and are generous to include me in their groups. And they're operating secretively sometimes so I cannot therefore divulge more here than I do YET I want to make people aware of the major points, such as looking to other forms of fenbendazole.  These people still, usually, participate in certain threads in Steve's group, such as this, from someone leading the way on the 'fishben':

"You can get the Fishben on Amazon. It's by Thomas labs. It comes in packets of 250 mg. and can be dissolved in food or liquid. 250 mg is similar to the 2.5 ml of the Safeguard, but I feel it is a bit stronger than the Safeguard, so I would start slowly and work up. For me, no weight gain and no spare tire around the middle from it as I had with the Safeguard."   The goat fenbendazole (Safeguard) and the horse paste contain parabens and other undesirable inactive ingredients, in their opinion, which have been found to cause estrogenic effects in some. The Fishben powder by Thomas Labs is 99% pure fenbendazole with the remaining 1% being cellulose. Or bulk orders can be made to obtain 100% fenbendazole. Either of these versions can be used."

When I'd asked for a synopsis to share on my website this is what one member wrote: (And I thanked them there, and will do so here too). " ... for those who don't want the goat or horse Fenben due to the parabens, we use the powder form -- fishben. We were ordering it from Thomas Labs, but that's kind of expensive. I found a place called Fishman Labs where they sell it in bulk for significantly cheaper. (someone else in the group, name removed) offered to coordinate the group buy, so about 10 of us split a kilo of it. The Thomas Labs fishben powder has a tiny bit of cellulose in it, and it comes in packets of 250mg. The bulk powder doesn't contain cellulose, and you have to dose it yourself."

Someone went on to talk about how they were figuring the dose with their newly-arrived Fishman Labs product: "I tried the bulk powder today. Took 1/2 teasp. I added it to applesauce and noticed that it didn't dissolve as well as the fishben powder. I added 2 drops of DMSO and it seemed to dissolve after that." Someone else said they were using olive oil to dissolve it.  I followed up on the conversation threads for the days after and they worked more things through, and it's a good example of how this goes, today --- the take charge person who are figuring things out, not reliant upon 'providers' to lead the way.  

"The Fishben packet of 250 mg measures about 1/2 tsp plus 1/8th. But the pure fenben powder appears to be much different based on discussions with others in another thread. Some think that 1/8th tsp of the powder is 250 mg...."  

The group leader said the previous statement, a group member followed with:

" I'm following what you're saying, but then again they are both nearly pure fenben powder, so ....... ? I guess there must be a significant difference in density because of particle size. The fishben packet type maybe was more granular. I'd better look into it."

Ultimately, the cutting edge of health care today is THIS -- people who have the motivation to help them selves and their loved ones with arduous hours of research, trying things, connecting with others on the Internet and in person instead of doing other things one might rather be doing if 'well' or healthier.  Getting feedback, changing things, finding others to 'follow', 'collaborate with', and in my case and many others', provide at websites aimed and getting the word out. So this is how I've gone about this aspect in the forums at Lumigrate.  

One of the things Steve has said in summary (November 2015) is a good snippet: "

Fenbendazole and reishi know their job, they do it well. Skin lesions are a bummer, the rhizoids found within the lesions extend down deep into our soft tissues and in and into our bones, this makes it difficult to destroy the life forms involved."     So, enter the information, in depth if you look through all of it on this topic and the ones I link to.  I have tried to put the more pertinent things coming along new with time up at the top, so people wanting an overview get that with as little time as is possible. 

So this is how it goes. And goes. People are really working at this, because they're finding the results so promising and good.  

There is also continuing to emerge, interesting links.  This one from November 7, 2015, posted by Steve Beddingfield himself, from a 1981 report (Link:     ) 


Visceral Larva migrans (VLM) is a parasite, which produces a disease by nematode species. Specific hosts are certain mammals. After penetrating the human organism, these parasites never mature to adult worms but can produce a lot of various symptoms which are dependent on the kind of manifestation. Perilous illnesses are described. The incidence is undoubtedly more than is realized. A new microprecipitation test has proved to be highly specific for the diagnosis.

An effective nontoxic treatment in human medicine--exept for mebendazole--was not known until now. We report about the illness of a patient with all typical laboratory findings and clinical signs. The application of Fenbendazole for the first time in humans showed to be highly effective against this ubiquitous illness.

I just love the word ubiquitous, and recalled fondly learning of it and how to use it correctly in 1984.  I'm not sure it's being used exactly correctly here, but I still love the use of the word here.  

I frequently listen to the radio shows done on OneRadioNetwork and there was an 'old doctor' with fifty years experience who has written over 40 books and currently has a focus on nutrition and intestinal health. Naturally, I listened to see if it was a resource I'd link to from Lumigrate.  I liked a LOT of what he was saying -- he was talking about people taking charge today more than ever before because the health care system that's mainstream in the U.S. (and beyond) is volume based medicine now, and it's not serving people who have the wherewithall to be proactive. So they're doing differently, basically like this topic is set up to demonstrate. BREAK GROUND.  Find pieces to the puzzle. Put them together with other puzzle-figure-outers. 


It's very helpful for people to be connected with these outstanding groups with good (but very different) leadership. Contact me if you're wanting support in your moving forward with education or taking action. I just updated this the last several days and contacted someone who prefers to learn in person, 1:1 and get the highlights verbally, they take notes of what to study on Lumigrate and then they go from there until our next visit together (which sometimes can be by phone but that dilutes for them so we do less often an in person.  And they progress. Slowly. They'd do better if I checked to see if they got their homework done, grins. ~ Mardy

Editing this in mid August, to show how this information is evolving -- the video, below with the pictures of the trees is an example of someone 'noticing' in a neighboring state to Steve's. This statement from a group member reinforces my opening paragraph, about this being something some embrace, others reject, and everyone's there or somewhere in between. 

"I hate 'it' and the illness it causes everyone, but I sure love learning about it! Thanks Steve. I wish I could explain it to my family without them thinking I'm nuts, lol. I'll always be there for them though, of course. And forget about my doctor that's driving me crazy and having me do another set of the exact same lab work he's done 3 times already! sigh. Talk about confused, lol. The only one not confused here is Steve." 

I've worked very hard to not be confused by this, and there are many very diligent people who communed in Steve's group and other places among themselves or other places to study together and process. It's important, and Steve's response to the above statement shows why .... and why it's important to study things enough to understand everything. This is made difficult when our brains and other body parts are malfunctioning from the various things that are whittling away at our wellness and giving us illness symptoms. 

"Sulfur and hydrogen sulfide are not the same; H2S is toxic, destructive to cells, bones and organs. Sulfur is a part of who we are; actually H2S is also part of our cellular makeup, but not in large amounts. HYDROSULPHURIC ACID is causing us harm, some species of bacteria produce this acid and some worms carry these acid-secreting bacteria as symbiots."

Editing this in August (as I have regularly ever since creating it, to update it) and being able to look back and explain my process of discovery of this information, and why I took the leap to put it on Lumigrate before I normally would have with something this 'unproven', I today appreciate the process that unfolded that lead to my doing so. I can see by the things that are happening in my own environment around the Grand Valley of western Colorado that it is playing out the way Steve had forseen, at least I had found the information relatively soon and brought it to Lumigrate's YOUsers and was also able to 'talk it up' to those I encounter, and provide the suggestion to study this topic.  

'Substantiation' that I saw of what Steve was putting in his group in 2014 (and early 2015) came from a handfull or so of people who really rolled up their sleeves, collectively contributing with many others who were adding into the process and created what amassed in the group page. Literally ON Christmas Day, in the afternoon my time, in the evening her time, the woman I call here "PosterGal" pitched a fit.

Not only did it seem odd that someone was having a fit about the medical establishment on the holy day (she'd just related it was a holy day for her on Christmas Eve), it stood out in my feed because most everyone on Christmas is occupied with something other than Facebook. I've learned to stay tuned because it is the most profoundly unwell who are often on Facebook on the holiday -- either they're housebound OR they are such unwell families, behaviorally, they opt to not participate in family gatherings. 

PosterGal found 'the patent trail' at that point in time, to the extent that she processed what that meant to her -- that the Lyme literate "layer" out there, the other 'system' of doctors and providers out there of all these expensive treatments 'we' have been throwing money at, hoping to be saved from the pain, fatigue, and impending demise and death, ultimately, had to know about this.  Essentially "If we figured it out, they certainly have or could have."  

When I saw the direction the patent trail she laid out pointed to, for chemicals similar to the fenbendazole which is a key portion of Steve's overall protocol for treating people and pets and other things, I had a strong feeling my big Christmas Present of 2014 was the front row seat I had to seeing history in the making.  I had a confluence of happenings that allowed me to be seeing this 'stand out' in my Facebook, on my computer. No on my phone, or tablet, but on one of the two original monitors that have been along for the whole ride from before we even had Lumigrate as a name for the website.  

Fast forward to my editing this on July 16, 2015 because someone in the group had somehow found a summary statement by Steve when asking for a concise overview 'that a five year old would understand'.  These people who typically have gotten the sickest soonest due to their genetics and how toxins are handled by the body among other things, are typically highly intelligent and also realize that their cognition has been affected because this stuff affects the brain.  It ended up being one of the funniest conversations I've seen in the almost YEAR that I've been included in Steve's group.  

The woman found this quote from Steve, edited and slighly modified by me to make it more understandable and readable: 

"This group covers bartonella, Lyme, and many more syndromes.  That's because it's all the same disease; variations occur due to symbiots being manifested from different areas, different storms that brought us microbes from the HABs (hazardous algae blooms), the salt marshes, the hydrothermal vents, but it's all from the ocean originally.

Some came here, such as GSB (giant sulphur bacteria) and took up terrestrial symbionts, like babesia and bartonella, but this protocol fits all of them due to GSB being the synergistic base pathogen that carries all of them to our bodies. The other (places people learn - "sites") don't understand "this disease", nor how to properly treat it; we here in this group understand this GSB disease."


Maryd's Note: Symbiotic means you're inter-dependent and help each other out, basically.  Syngergistic means the sum of the parts adds up to more than if you'd do arithmetic to add it up. 1+1 = greater than 2, in other words. 

A long-standing group member from another western country, who is very much desiring to come to America and into the area near where Steve is -- which he believes to have been remediated so far moreso than other areas -- added this, which clarifies how the mainstream, organized, allopathic medical system has taken things into groups of symptoms and parts of the body affected and labeled them as 'disorders', 'diseases', 'conditions': "The alive GSB is the creator, growing sulphur bacteria (affecting) our system paths of life.  The symptoms that occur determine the name of a disease and of the diseases, which are renamed from time to time." 

And here's a resource that's a wonderful website, and a link to a topic from 2012 about thiomargarita:  I think it helps to weave in some of these resources Steve shares to have people study from, as with the site at this link, the people writing there have the kind of credentials we're 'used to' as experts. 

Sometime in early August (2015) a group member added a photo of a mushroom, taken by a FB friend who had seen a very 'ugly' mushroom when on a walk --- could it be those of us learning this and talking about it are helping others to see things they'd not otherwise 'notice' and have concerns about? I know it's happened around me. This was Steve's response about the mushroom: "As with "mold", some species of fungi have received genes from the marine bacteria. This is due to the marine bacteria performing lateral gene transfer upon these species of fungi."

"Humans" affected. "Mold" affected. "Mushrooms (fungi)" affected -- the quotes are to remind us that what that organism is, no longer is what it was identified and called in the past. 

In early August, 2015, Steve had continued not only integrating what he was learning, he was getting better at relating it and had posted this, with the following link:

"In one way or another, every landform and creature on Earth reflects the presence

of the oceans. Understanding the Earth’s oceans is essential to our understanding
of human history, the origin of life, weather and climate, medicines,
the health of the environment, energy sources, and much more.

Reports from the National Academies provide in-depth analysis and useful advice for policymakers
and the general public on topics ranging from exploring the ocean’s
incredible biodiversity and resources, to reducing threats to human safety from
toxic algal blooms, contaminants, and coastal storms. This series is intended to
help readers interpret information about the state of our oceans and better understand
the role of ocean science.

At the link, which took a long time for the PDF to load for me, you'll find a very schnazzy 32 page document titled Ocean Exploration, Highlights of National Academies Reports. Should I be impressed that they don't have the proper punctuation on Academies? (shouldn't it be Academies'?) Yes, that impressed upon me that even at 'that level' our system is so goofed up, our brains that are doing the proofing and preparations are so goofy that even the most highly esteemed places are missing things; or I'm not right, but I'm the first to admit my brain's always been goofy from 'this stuff in all us, affecting all things'.  

Steve then elaborated in comment: 

Slowly but surely all of these questions will be answered, for now, everyone needs to read, think, ponder, search your own mind for some of these answers for we are now opening the proper doors. It wasn't the Moon that needed exploration, it was our oceans that we needed to visit, for therein lies all the answers to all of our questions.   Hurricanes sucked up the sediment, threw it on us, there were Osedax worms and many other marine based life forms in the sediment, these organisms are now on land, in most water sources, all mammals now have them in their bodies, insects have been greatly infested, birds, snakes, you name it, they suffer from these organisms. This has been going on for quite some time, pollution and phosphorus from fertilizer and herbicides have helped the microbes to propagate rapidly.
........ (breathe, pause)
........ (again)
........ (and again....)  
I encourage a PAUSE here. A REREADING. A putting on of the thinking cap if YOU are wanting to delve into this further.  OR a turning back, a going on to something else. This is a lot to digest, it is a paradigm shift, if it is accurate or near to accurate, it is a game changer for everything from how our homes are designed and what we clean with, to what we eat, our vehicles, how we get around, what we wear --- masks, gloves, hazmat suits ---. Where we live, as well. How we get our foods and nutrition to reduce our exposures, how we address the exposures we cannot avoid.

This is not for the lazy. This is not for those who have given their power over to 'daddy'/ the System. This IS for those who are in this thing (life on Earth) to take the reality of our situation(s) and go forward every day and create our life. Since people become fatigued and often have various symptoms of pain, along with the cognitive symptoms, it can be slow going to learn.  One MUST take this on in a fashion where you look at the study as though it's a class you're signing up for, in a program that is going to take a while but reward you with a better life.  I just heard someone talking about the portion of people who are wanting their children to go to higher education so that eventually -- yes, it said eventually --- they'll 'be able to afford life'.  This is pretty much the same thing, an investment in time and energy that takes commitment.  Thankfully it takes no money to study it at Lumigrate, and the protocol that is provided is extremely economical by comparison.  Some countries have more trouble obtaining the items than others, but since Lumigrate has always been niched about the US (and beyond), as I've put it, we're fortunate that Codex is leaving American's for the last, likely because they know it's going to be to their strategic advantage to have the rest of the western world having had the things restricted and prohibited prior to our learning of it.  

Think about strategy and if YOU were going to get Codex implemented what YOUR strategy would be.  (It helped me to have been part of strategizing how to go about getting fluoride information to the public in my local community in 2012 in light of there are four water treatment entities in town. There was a way to go about it that would work to our advantage and we saved the hardest one for last in the strategy.  The group got distracted when the big 'news event' happened in December of that year involving a shooter, gun issues etc. and that was the end of the road for our activism. But I value the experience I got and Safe Water is Great (SWIG) is still on the back burner and not niched about fluoride, we knew then that water was going to be a growing issue of concern. 

We are here at the most challenging of times. We need our spiritual foundation and framework to be part of things, as well as our minds.  Body, mind, spirit medicine = 'integrative medicine' and that's ALWAYS what Lumigrate has been about, as well as 'functional medicine' (getting to the underlying cause and putting efforts there as well as what needs to be done minimally for 'symptom management'. 

Here's a journey of highlights and my weavings integrating other information and my perspectives into what goes on in Steve's Images.  I hope you go on from here and are grate-full for having had the information available. I am. Thanks to all who contribute to the group, and to Steve for also sharing with me privately some information that has helped me better know 'what to do with this'. So that I can help YOU, the public, the Internet seekers and YOUsers of  ~ Gratefully, Mardy


 MOLD / "Mold"

Mold was something that was clearly meant to hit the mainstream, organized 'system' that influences mainstream people in 2015, with Dr. Oz in April, Suzanne Somers in May and Bulletproof's Dave Aspey in June with the release of 'Moldy' the movie/documentary.  I'm going to put "mold" in "quotes" here to make a point; you'll find by taking in the information presented at this topic, that what we've thought was mold is not exactly what we thought it was. Same with Lyme. Same with a LOT of things.  So when we put "Lyme" or "whatever" in quotes, we are reminding people that you're needing to look through the NEW lense presented with the research I suggest be considered, provided by Steve Beddingfield originally.  

Here's what Steve Beddingfield adds to the mix: "Mold now has bacterial genetics, like the moss, it's now an invasive, alpha species that brings new organisms to the soil, to us. ...." (Someone makes a comment about the ____ hitting the fan, to which Steve says" "Shit has already hit the fan, the ocean slung it into the fan "clouds", so it's everywhere, even in the desert. But I have a plan! Stand My Ground."

And then the next day this comment: "There's no preparing for this event, only acceptance of it, it will shape much of our near future for us. Water will be the biggest concern, but how will it affect the crops growing? GSB performs lateral gene transfer, just as with the mushrooms we see outside (that are unusual recently), our crop species will accept the new genes, change the plants forever. GSB alone might not be a bad thing in some ways, but its gang of symbiots seem to always follow it wherever it goes. They do the most harm, possibly.  Time is about to tell the whole story."

So hold on for a ride, if you ... YOU!... choose to get into this information. I see this as where his head is 'at' currently based on his research. This topic, which I modify ongoing, by the way, will have the tools (information-based, Facebook group and it's leader as well as knowing as with anything I can be working directly with people to assist them with their information and how to put it into action in their home, office, car, 'life' (using my background when an occupational therapist, before that I worked in health education at a major University....).

Worms / "Worms"

New Roundworm May Be Connected With CFS / Lyme . We know our dogs and cats and horses and everything else get worms, why is it so hard for people in the US (and beyond / the western world, etc.) to think about our having worms? We know people in other parts of the world do. Think about that for a while before you go on, maybe. Truly, that time might be a good investment in getting you underway faster and slower, sooner than later, with less effort than more, with less money than more. 

And since this heading blends CFS with Lyme, the next section will be about Lyme.  Some today are calling it autism in kids and adult autism in adults, it being chronic fatigue in general.  Another pause might be in order for the reader at this point. 

This was a resource provided by a very active-of-late group member on September 25, exactly three months from today it will be Christmas and a year since I 'tuned in' to what a very active, processing, researching member provided which had me know I was seeing something of significance.




































































February 16, 2014


























Neil Nathan MD is working with Dr. Klapow on looking into the connection between Vk and MCS.

By Neil Nathan MD

 Dr. Lawrence Klapow discovered a “new” roundworm, or nematode, approximately 15 years ago. As with many ground-breaking discoveries, the scientific community has been slow to accept or embrace his findings, despite the fact that he was able to complete a double-blinded study in which patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome were found to harbor this nematode in a surprisingly high percentage of cases. To be more specific, of 40 patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Varestrongylus klapowii (which we will now refer to as Vk) was found in over 60% of them, while not found in any of 20 controls.

This alone should stimulate researchers to delve into this area with great excitement. Unfortunately, this has not yet occurred.

While describing his findings to us at a GMA staff meeting several months ago, Dr. Klapow reminded us that the Vk worm is similar to several other nematodes that are capable of making an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. Dr. Gordon and I looked over at each other at that moment, simultaneously struck by the possibility that this would explain one of the unusual phenomena faced by patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)—–namely, the rapidity with which those patients react to chemicals or scents that set off their symptoms.

Let me explain. When a patient with MCS is exposed to an offending chemical, or scent, they will usually react almost instantly. This means that within seconds of exposure, they will experience extreme fatigue, cognitive impairment, or neurological events (spasms, tics, dystonias, even seizure-like activity).

What has made this difficult to understand is that we have been viewing MCS as a form of allergy; however, no allergic reaction, even an anaphylactic reaction (e.g eating shrimp and breaking into hives or having trouble breathing) occurs that fast. Those reactions take at least 5-15 minutes to manifest. So why do MCS patients react so instantaneously?

Dr. Klapow’s suggestion, once understood, is that perhaps it is this nematodeVk, which lives primarily in the sinus and lung tissues, that is reacting to these chemical stimuli, producing acetylcholinesterase, which, in effect acts as a kind of neurotoxin or nerve poison, producing these effects.

Intrigued by this idea, we have embarked in a research project to study this possibility.

We started by asking as many of our MCS patients as possible, if they would allow us to wash out their sinuses and allow Dr. Klapow to analyze this material for the presence of the Vk worm. As of this date (7/14/12) we have looked at 33 patients, and 30 of them have clear evidence of the Vk worm.  We have looked at 5 controls, only one of whom is positive for the worm.

The first question appears to be answered: do patients with MCS have the Vk worm present?  Over 90% of them do. (The three patients who tested negative are being re-tested now as well.)

  • Does this worm make acetylcholinesterase?  We are working with several research groups and have sent them specimens for analysis. We hope to know this shortly.
  •  Do MCS patients have an increased level of acetylcholinesterase when exposed to a chemical that we know provokes a response in them? Several of our courageous patients have volunteered to check out this possibility and we are working with several labs to provide this information for us.
  • Does this mean that treating a patient who has this worm might help to cure them of MCS? We do not know yet, but we are looking into this possibility with great interest.

We will keep you abreast of this exciting research being done at GMA, as it unfolds.

This study is closed to new participants. If you are interested in possibly being included in the future, send your information to Susan.We are sorry, but most GMA studies, including this one, are open only to GMA patients.

Another substatiating resource about roundworms and CFS (and etc.) is at this link:



The conversation highlights that ensued in Steve's Images surrounding this link or the posting by the woman who was having an 'aha moment' about worms (she'd been talking about tonsils and facial symptoms) leads me to post what Steve had to say: 

"When one is treating for this worm / bacteria combo, they must keep in mind that expulsion of these organisms means they will be leaving from body openings, or they will create their own opening, depends somewhat upon where they have chosen to collect themselves, it's surgery during this time of treatment, which is very risky, it could open up a can of worms, but spitting out a few pounds of them might be nice.

(Name removed, referring to the woman who posted), the Reishi extract can be placed in a dropper, then place a couple of drops onto the tonsils. Corticosteroid drops would also be of benefit for you.

It's refreshing for many of us to watch the manner in which you handle this disease, in many ways I can see that your struggle is huge, but you seem to handle it all with such dignity and grace! Other sufferers relate to you, your posts are a blessing for them; it's your ability to put this nightmare into a proper perspective with your words that so many of us need."

 I'd found what she said was extremely humorous, too, she was talking about how she'd end up with the worm being named after her maybe and it just really showed how much she was studying, thinking, learning, teaching, and feeling and how horrendous it is to think about these interlopers doing this to her, and calling upon sense of humor.  (Note: Steve uses the word 'sufferer' a lot, I have always maintained on Lumigrate and in my work overall to reserve that word for situations when we're focusing for a while on the reality of the suffering that people with chronic conditions experience because the mind game of it is going to be that when you say that, you become that .... if one wishes to believe that line of reasoning. Refer to other forums on Lumigrate about the mind/body for more). 


Lyme and Company

Steve Beddingfield frequently cites the number 300+ for the medical conditions that in his paradigm, using his lens of looking at things, becomes one disease he says, though I don't know about using the word disease, perhaps dis-order / disorder is more accurate and less confusing. Mincing words at some point, which some do and then you lose them because they're hung up on if it's a disease by the definition they think of for disease.  Dis-ease it is, certainly.  

Anyway, at the following link you will find the following article and list of medical conditions as they call it, things that mainstream, organized powers that be have created categories for and put where they put them in various specialties, divided them up with the providers who see people from the head down and then those who see people only to do with their behaviors or their mouths and teeth.   I perhaps help make my point here about how to see this whole-istically or not. 

I looked at the list for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome because it is such an up-and-coming, major 'new' defined and funded by the system / recognized by the system condition.  It's not on here, and it is something that a majority of young people today appear to me and others to have symptoms of and they're being missed diagnosed, underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed and mistreated in some cases. So I'm going to run with the 365 number cited here because I like that it shows there's at least one for every day of the year.  

And in bold I am going to point out to people to please read the part about every mental health condition the DSM has ....




































































March 16, 2015 

























A Disease Frequently Misdiagnosed


Katrina Tang, M.D., HMD, founder and Director of Research at the Sierra Integrative Medicine Clinic in Reno, Nevada, states that Lyme disease eludes many doctors because of its ability to mimic many other diseases. According to an informal study conducted by the American Lyme disease Alliance (ALDA), most patients diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are actually suffering from Lyme disease. In a study of 31 patients diagnosed with CFS, 28 patients, or 90.3%, were found to be ill as a result of Lyme.

Dr. Paul Fink, past president of the American Psychiatric Association, has acknowledged that Lyme disease can contribute to every psychiatric disorder in the Diagnostic Symptoms Manual IV (DSM-IV). This manual is used to diagnose psychiatric conditions such as attention deficit disorder (ADD), antisocial personality, panic attacks, anorexia nervosa, autism and Aspergers syndrome (a form of autism) to name a few.

List of Conditions

The following 365 medical conditions are linked to Lyme disease (Borreliosis) either by cause or association. The list only includes medical conditions appearing in articles published in a medical journal. Click on the condition to view information on the article.


Abdominal pseudo-eventration
Abdominal wall weakness
Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (ACA)
Acute Acral Ischemia
Acute conduction disorders
Acute coronary syndrome
Acute exogenous psychosis
Acute febrile illness
Acute hemiparesis
Acute ischaemic pontine stroke
Acute meningitis
Acute myelo-meningo-radiculitis
Acute myelitis
Acute pediatric monoarticular arthritis
Acute peripheral facial palsy
Acute perimyocarditis
Acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy (APMPPE)
Acute pyogenic arthritis
Acute reversible diffuse conduction system disease
Acute septic arthritis
Acute severe encephalitis
Acute transitory auriculoventricular block
Acute transverse myelitis
Acute urinary retention
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

Allergic conditions
Allergic conjunctivitis
Alzheimer’s Disease
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS – Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
Anorexia nervosa
Anterior optic neuropathy
Antepartum fever
Asymmetrical hearing loss
Ataxic sensory neuropathy
Atraumatic spontaneous hemarthrosis
Atrioventricular block
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Back pain without radiculitis
Bannwarth’s Syndrome
Behcet’s disease
Bell’s Palsy
Benign cutaneous lymphocytoma
Benign lymphocytic infiltration (Jessner-Kanof)
Bilateral acute confluent disseminated choroiditis
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome
Bilateral facial nerve palsy
Bilateral follicular conjunctivitis
Bilateral keratitis
Bilateral papilloedema
Bilateral retrobulbar optic neuritis
Biphasic meningoencephalitis
Bipolar Disorder
Brain Tumor
Brainstem tumor
Brown recluse spider bite
Brown-Sequard syndrome


Cardiac apoptosis
Cardiac Disease
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Catatonic syndrome
Cauda equina syndrome
Central vestibular syndrome
Cerebellar ataxia
Cerebral atrophy
Cerebro-vascular disease
Cervical facet syndrome
Cheilitis granulomatosa
Chiasmal optic neuritis
Chronic encephalomyelitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic muscle weakness
Chronic urticaria
Cerebellar ataxia
Cogan’s syndrome
Complete flaccid paraplegia
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Concomitant neuroretinitis
Conduction disorder
Conus medullaris syndrome
Coronary aneurysm
Cortical blindness
Cranial Neuritis
Cranial polyneuritis
Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma
Cutaneous marginal-zone B-cell lymphoma
Cutaneous marginal zone lymphoma (SALT)


Demyelinating disorders
Diaphragmatic paralysis
Diffuse fasciitis
Dilated cardiomyopathy
Disseminated choroiditis
Dorsal epiduritis


Endogenous paranoid-hallucinatory syndrome
Eosinophilic fasciitis (Shulman syndrome)
Epileptic crises
Epstein Barr
Erythema chronicum migrans
Exanthema (local and generalized)
Extrapyramidal disorders


Facial diplegia
Fascicular tachycardia
Fatal adult respiratory distress syndrome
Fetal death
Focal nodular myositis
Frontotemporal atrophy


Generalised motor neuron disease
Geniculate neuralgia
Giant cell arteritis
Granuloma annulare
Guillain-Barré Syndrome


HLA-B27 negative sacroiliitis
Hallucinations (Painful)
Headaches (severe)
Hearing loss
Heart block
Hemophagocytic syndrome
Hepatic disorders
Herniated discs
Holmes-Adie syndrome
Horner’s syndrome
Human necrotizing splenitis



Idiopathic atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini (IAPP)
Idiopathic facial paralysis
Infarction pain
Impaired Brainstem response
Infantile sclero-atrophic lichen
Infectious Mononucleosis
Infiltrating lymphadenosis benigna cutis
Inflammatory cerebrospinal fluid syndrome
Inflammatory choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM)
Internuclear ophthalmoplegia
Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis
Intracerebral haemorrhage
Intracranial aneurysm
Intracranial hypertension
Intracranial mass lesions
Intrauterine growth retardation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Isolated acute myocarditis
Isolated lymphadenopathy
Isolated neuritis of the sciatic nerve
Isolated oculomotor nerve paralysis
Isolated posterior cord syndrome


Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis




Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy
Left sided sudden hemiparesis
Leukemic meningeosis
Lichen sclerosus
Livedo racemosa
Lofgren’s syndrome
Lumboabdominal pain
Lymphadenosis benigna cutis
Lymphocytoma cutis
Lymphocytic meningitis
Lumboradicular syndrome


Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome
Memory impairment
Meningeal lymphoma
Mesangioproliferative IgA-nephritis
Monolateral chorioretinitis
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome (MAS)
Morning glory syndrome
Motor neuron syndrome
Motoric disturbations
Multiple mononeuropathy
Multiple mononeuropathy and inflammatory syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Musical hallucinations
Myofascial pain syndrome


Necrotizing granulomatous hepatitis
Neonatal respiratory distress
Nodular panniculitis
Normal-pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)
Oculomotor paralysis

Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome
Nodular fasciitis
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma


Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Ocular flutter
Optic atrophy
Optic disk edema
Orbital myositis
Organic mood syndrome
Optic nerve lesion
Otoneurological Disorders


Paralysis of abdominal muscles
Paralytic strabismus
Paraneoplastic polyneuropathy
Pars plana vitrectopy
Parry-Romberg syndrome
Parsonage and Turner syndrome
Patellar tendon rupture
Peripheral facial palsy
Peripheral neuropathy
Peripheral vascular disorder

Persistent atrioventricular block
Pigment epitheliitis
Pityriasis rosea
Pleural effusion
Polymyalgia rheumatica
Polyneuritis cranialis
Polysymptomatic autoimmune disorder
Popliteal cyst
Posterior scleritis
Postganglionic Horner syndrome
Primary lymphoma of the nervous system
Primary effusion lymphoma
Presenile dementia
Progressive cerebral infarction
Progressive facial hemiatrophy (Parry-Romberg syndrome)
Progressive stroke
Progressive supranuclear paralysis
Prolonged pyrexia
Propriospinal myoclonus
Pseudo-sepsis of the hip
Pseudo tumor Cerebrae
Pseudoneoplastic weight loss
Psychosomatic disorders


Ramsay Hunt syndrome (pleocytosis)
Raynaud’s syndrome
Recurrent paralysis

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Reiter’s Syndrome
Respiratory failure
Restless legs syndrome
Retinal pigment epithelium detachment
Retinal vasculitis
Reversible dementia
Rheumatic Fever
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Ruptured Baker cysts
Ruptured synovial cysts


Sacro-iliitis infection
SAPHO syndrome
Schoenlein-Henoch purpura
Secondary syphilis
Seizure Disorders
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Septal panniculitis
Septic arthritis
Seventh nerve paralysis
Sick sinus syndrome
Silent thalamic lesion
Somatic delusions
Spontaneous brain hemorrhage
Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Stiff-man syndrome
Still’s disease
Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis
Subacute multiple-site osteomyelitis
Subacute organic psychosyndrome
Subacute multiple-site osteomyelitis
Subacute presenile dementia
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Sudden deafness
Sudden hemiparesis

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Sudeck’s atrophy

Symmetric Polyarthritis


Temporal arteritis
Temporomandibular joint syndrome
Thrombocytopenic purpura

Tourette’s syndrome

Transient Ischemic Attack
Transient left ventricular dysfunction
Transient synovitis
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Trigeminal palsy


Unilateral interstitial keratitis
Unilateral papillitis


Vasculitic neuropathy
Vasculitic mononeuritis multiplex
Ventricular asystole
Vestibular neuronitis
Vitreous clouding
Vomiting (persistent)



Vocations / Occupations and Some History

It took me until the middle of July to get Steve's attention off of other things and onto answering my questions for a little 'interview' about him.  In my background, I've had many vocations. Remember, 'vocation' is how one earns money for living, 'occupation' is what occupies your time.  So right now I'm sitting at a keyboard at a computer writing on my website, which is my vocation -- being a health information concierge and helping people apply information they learn to their DAILY ACTIVITIES.

I just performed another occupation, making something to drink. My degree is in occupational therapy, but I have not worked at the vocation of occupational therapist since I left insurance-based medicine in 2008. But I use my experiences and knowledge and apply it to new situations in my new 'life's work'. Much of what I know, however, comes from my life-long health issues and how I've navigated and learned and applied (or bungled) things.  

Steve's story is similar. Steve is a mechanic, and that was his vocation in the past, he was and is, he says, certified in the kind of vehicle I have, Toyota. He was mid 50s when his health failed; he was extremely ill. He related to me that he prayed and things unfolded for him. He found a child's microscope and started looking at what was coming out of the lesions in his skin. He self-studied and then also went for a while to college/university but the amount of information that could help his research for the time put in was not a good trade off.  He's one who fortunately can pick up information from reading better than most.  His personal history is actually a very interesting one, hopefully to be related by someone in full someday.  For now, for this topic, I'll leave it at that.  I don't know why I thought he had a professional background in microscopic photography, I thought he'd told me that at one point and so if you read that in any of my writings or I've told you that, I today stand corrected on that (July 15, 2015).  

This is perhaps a good point to pause and ask readers to do the same and think about who YOU trust today for information.  Steve is concerned that because he's without formal credentials and professional, vocational experience for the research he's doing that it's going to deter people from taking him seriously.  I think about George Clooney's character in O' Brother..... and the term 'bona fide'.  I suspect that people who have a formal science background for whatever reason might find a lot to be critical of with Steve's work and teachings, and know this to be the case because the first person who told me they were taking livestock worming medicine ended up in his group and then left and I asked why --- it just drove the person batty to see his methodology. That person thanked me for the way I broke the information down and provided it so they got a different perspective of it and they rejoined the group and sometimes contributed to conversations ... for a while.

That's how it goes, people come and go, go and come, some stay all the time and hold down the fort and everyone gets to know them.  I'll likely go away someday too, but for now, I feel it's like going to school -- it's a top priority of mine and I go first thing almost every morning. I hope this plants a seed in someone reading who might not have thought about the commitment and prioritization it takes to be a proactive, successful medical consumer reversing chronic conditions or maintaining wellness level if with a condition that could progress. 

We cannot be concerned with things that are beyond our control. If someone is going to think the work is valid or not is their reality to be determined.  I, as a provider of information, can, however, suggest to people that they put some TIME and ENERGY onto thinking about how they allow people or information into their circle to influence them.  

My father was a guy who literally "judged" everyone by their intelligence and their education.  He was hyper analytical. I inherited some of that, thankfully buffered somehow. He was also with a good number of symptoms of "this stuff we all have" that today is called "autism" in more extreme cases. Yes, it's my opinion and I elaborate in this topic why and how, that we ALL (virtually) have symptoms today, unless we had non-mainstream parents and perhaps grandparents. 

He had a real adoration for the government and the System, and so he would not do anything that wasn't approved of and coming from The System.  So he'd not take a supplement that provided more than the FDA amounts, for instance.  Despite having ample funds, he would not spend money to go out of his insurance and to an MD that spun off from his doctor's office who was advising people from a more functional medicine standpoint.  So I got to see what happens from being that way. He also didn't consume alcohol except rarely and no more than one beverage, and he followed whatever diet he thought he should follow as closely as he had the capacity to. Meaning as he was getting goofy in the brain he wasn't able to learn as well and catch everything and mistakes would occur, but when he was middle aged and became aware of his hypoglycemia it was simply right then an adherence to how he was trained to eat and drink.  

So I could do all the homework and legwork and get things lined up and then suggest something to him, only to have the idea shot down. Politely, always. In the mean time, he went from a robust looking man at age 55 when I was a teenager, 180 pounds, almost six feet tall, to 130 pounds and about five foot three, with a shuffling gait and a host of problems.  With a medical doctor at that medical practice who somehow did not 'notice', or did not 'address' the symptoms. The whole system that supported him had to compensate.  It was affecting everyone.  He finally was diagnosed, another horrendous story for another topic thread (which I've provided in the end of life / 'home stretch' forum), and passed in 2010.

Five year later, almost I'm sitting here wondering 'what would he have done had he known of Steve's research'.  He was the kind of guy, maybe we'd have gotten out the hoarded away kiddie microscope that was in his house my whole entire life, and we'd have gotten underway and collaborated. I suspect he would have helped fund Steve's research, at the very least. Because --- Steve is / was a mechanic, and my dad had the utmost of respect for mechanics.  His father, my 'grandpa', was one, for the Mack truck company, going into management at some point. My father was a mechanic in the military, initially. He had a respect for what it takes to be a mechanic -- a good one.  

Don't we ALL if we have cars? Haven't we all had the opportunity to find some gem of a mechanic who we rely on for helping us solve the problem of one of our most important vessels in our lives, our automobile? So WHY wouldn't we really respect Steve Beddingfield for having SHIFTED (pun intended perhaps) from working as a mechanic to working as a researcher on what's affecting our ultimate vessel? Since he's in North Carolina and I'm in Colorado, I have only spoken by phone on a few occasions with Steve, as well as being an active member in his Facebook group and being one who he communicates with privately in messages there.

Everyone has to be scrutinous of who is who anymore -- we have rashes of scientists and doctors and researchers dying in strange ways and disappearing. We have internet trolls and shills, paid to disrupt the reputations and thoughts of people via their online work. That's their 'vocation', if they're paid, then there are a lot who follow the 'leader' and just behave that way and aren't being paid or part of the programs.  I do my best to 'vet' people, and as time goes on at Lumigrate I've hopefully honed that skill because I'm also evolving as a spiritual, mental, bodily be-ing. But I ask YOUsers to do your own work always on this front as well.  

The Mind Game of Chronic Unwellness / Pain

I don't look at this as a 'battle', but that's long been my point with this chronic disease stuff. I'm more of one to liken the situation we have with health challenges to a 'friendly game of tennis or chess' where we realize we're going to be with this stuff our entire lives, so we have to be okay with coexisting with it and just out-do it! We can't 'irradicate' these things, but we can limit our exposures and reduce the negatives adding to the equation. We can't follow a desired diet perfectly, but we can do as much as we do, and that's going to add to the positives in the equation. In 2007 when I was kicking the 'can' around with ideas about a website to educate people about what I'd found was helpful for fibromyalgia, I came up with 'fibromyalgia as your friend'. Allopathic medicine teaches us to 'fight'; holistic medicine such as homeopathy teaches us to 'go with'. Think about it. 

Steve, in the conversation I'm relating here, goes on within a few comments to be sharing his methods for healing the lesions people with Morgellons experience from the topical aspect -- his protocol addresses things from the inside out too. "I don't see any toothpaste on your lesions, so put some on, leave it on to dry up the lesion. It has to stay on the sore spot.  It'll form a scab, dry up, after a few days, no lesions. Forget the makeup; toilet paper must remain on or the lesion will grow huge, spread and make many more."  The voice of experience: Steve Beddingfield.

I think many people have had Morgellon's symptoms and haven't realized it's 'Morgellons' / Morg / MD.  I'll now take it a step further and say it's same as I say here about 'autism' -- we all have it, whether we know it or not.  And we certainly have not been aware, typically, of the bacteria his research has focused on in 2015. Even the 2014 focus on cyanobacteria was new to most of us. So this is a lot of information, I encourage you taking the time to look it over.  

Preface Over - Let's Get Going

Let me start with what might be called a summary statement from Steve Beddingfield: "Imagine this scenario: we are sickened by one of the largest bacteria known, it replicates at least 100 times faster than other bacteria, carries many endo and ectopic things along with it. It is capable of storing more memory than a Google server. Our butts are in deep trouble." That's the way Steve rolls. His way of running a group appeals to some more than others, and it would seem that many in the group tolerate what's not to their liking because the information is innovative, and proving to benefit increasing numbers of people. 

This is what "JellyBean" had to say after finding her way to the information:  

I am enthralled and obsessed with all of this! My laundry isn't cleaned or folded, my house is a mess, bills are piled high, no groceries, my car hasn't been washed this year, my grass is a foot high, and I just can't seem to stop reading all I can get my hands on. Wish I could afford a helper. Poop snooper is a full time job too. lol

It is for me, an awakening. I have been judged, by most everyone, about my sickness/es; run the gammit of wrong diagnoses for too many years, none of them able to be validated. Am even CDC + for Lyme disease, but it doesn't matter. I have never had a lazy bone in my body. I've always said "you rest, you rust." I so long for a body that fits my adventurous mind. This is my life-altering hope for all hope, if it be His will, it will be. Believe.

Then the woman I refer to as "PosterGal", an admin who I'll elaborate about elsewhere, responded with this: I know where of you speak, having spent the better part of a year working to wrap my own mind around it. It is a glorious new day for science and humanity, but just from personal experience don't forget to see the forest for the trees. I see "admin." in your future, lol. 

I created this topic in early January 2015 in order to 'hold a place' on the Internet for the information to be found AND document what goes on as a very successful 'tight group' studying a new emerging theory gets their feet under them and starts taking off. This might be a surprising process for you, or you might have seen this in the past in other circles where a protocol is developed or underway and growing.  This is how so many improvements have come to the forefront in recent years and decades, due to the Internet.  This one, I sensed, was going to be special.  It already was, and is.  

I am continually editing this to make it easier and better for the next person to find it, or for others to come back to and utilize.  In late May (2015) the group's leadership underwent a big change and I'm just so grateful that I followed my intuition and dedicated time, carving it out of other things I was planning to focus on and 'needing to do', so that I was along for that ride.  I'm sure it'll morph into something equally intriguing and helpful, but different.  That's what change is all about and right now we all have a LOT of change we're having to deal with.  Some may be less aware than others. 

Mainstream sources are increasingly providing stories about what 'this stuff is all about', which serves to legitimize what is presented here.  Reuters had a story in May about the very cold waters' bacteria 'not far from vents coming up from under the surface of the Earth' but not quite saying that's where the bacteria were from -- how relient they are! So mainstream is starting to put out a LOT of dots about this, and some of us get to connect them sooner than later and then gently ripple effect the information. Those who are capable of learning and changing and doing the WORK that is entailed to reduce the load of toxins will be able to do that IF they become aware, then educated, then proactive.  Others won't have that opportunity. So I'm very pleased I did my part. 

Here's something Steve said on June 3, 2015 related to stains that appear in someone's toilet bowl very rapidly after cleaning the bowl, and the person was inquiring if this was from the bacteria.

 "Definitely in the water, The Great Lakes are yukky with the algae blooms, these bodies of water run underground streams and most wells east of the Missippi river draw from these aquifers, off the bottom too, and this is where the algae settles, releasing its toxic fermentation, all oxygen is depleted, then the GSB is delivered to us to use and drink, via these underground aquifers."

That might help you see, even if you don't live in that part of the world, how this works and how this applies to YOU. Here's more....

From June 4 and 5, 2015, after I pressed him for a synopsis:

"Giant Sulphur Bacteria, GSB for short, is able to parasitize algae that it comes in contact with, much like it does with mold, so a new problem maker arises, moss is now invasive. Cyano is a part of the algal blooms, yet GSB is the main organism being found in local blooms, no cyano is present in any freshwater samples tested for species diversity, only GSB. This puts pressure upon statements about CYANO being part of the pathogen equation. Is the problem strictly GSB? Most likely, YES!

More info is needed, maybe. Cylindrospermopsis is almost impossible for scientists to diffirentiate from Thioploca species or perhaps also, Beggiatoa species. I'm thinking that this mistake is made most of the time with analysis of water and the blooms affecting water. Many secondary species are marine life forms, but not all are CYANO or dinoflagellates, some are even terrestrial species, but GSB is the main pathogen, as its proliferation goes unchecked by traditional means of treatment and filtration."

From studying geoengineering after waking up about that in 2013, mid year, I came to realize by year's end that there was a clever plan of how to bring the population of the world up to speed about the issue in a controlled way.  I believe the same is true about this information.  

Without further elaboration, here's a link to what I referred to, above; I'd like to introduce this right off the bat -- so you'll have that as a foundation before going on to learn more about Steve Beddingfield and his theory, group, protocol, etc. "Jelly Bean" posted it today. The title: "Deep-sea microbes called missing link for complex cellular life".  I might take it a step further for the YOUsers reading this and say '... microbes are missing link for complex chronic conditions we all have symptoms of in life'.  

Many people think of 'well' vs. 'sick' as having aches or calling in sick from work and they often don't see mood, attention, learning, skin or other issues as symptoms. Dandruf. Everyone has something.  Remember, don't 'compare' to what you think is 'normal' now because everyone has symptoms, nobody (ultimately, realistically) is totally well, so what do you have to compare to? Compare wellness to what the ideal would be if one had a perfect diet and nothing was loading them down from the environment.  The reason for that is to be able to better see how things covered in this very important topic at Lumigrate related to YOU, so you might then go from there and become more proactive.

A man with a microscope, named Steve Beddingfield, with abilities doing microscopic photography PLUS  a group of experienced chronic illness 'sufferers', who are now devoted followers and literally 'supporters' of him and his protocol, some of whom contribute daily to the group process on Facebook after stepping up to the plate when being 'sold' / convinced, one by one, about what he professes. I got Steve's permission to take the only photo I could find of him on his Facebook and put it into this topic at Lumigrate. (Edited in 5/24/2015) He had made it his profile picture on January 1, 2013. Remarks focused around how much improved he looked.  I like this because he appears 'normal' for his apparent age here, and people who know what to look for as symptoms to do with the skin and Morgellon's Disease might suspect there are visible signs remaining of the outward, dermal symptoms of his condition, his disease, your disease, my disease, the disease (dis-ease) we all have within us. 

July 3, 2015 I am transferring into this topic two of the photos Steve posted today, and what he had said:

©2015 Steve Beddingfield

"September 2009. Worms do this to us; half worm, half bacteria." ~~ Steve Beddingfield, July 3, 2015


 ©2015 Steve Beddingfield


.... My daughter was five months pregnant when I became sickened. I found the picture I took of the "falling star" that fell upon his bed while it was being monitored. My older, adopted son was assisting me and heard it hit the baby's mattress. Mine is a bacteria / worm combination. Just when things were looking up with the research, a dang worm's presence was found; seems winning is difficult these days.

© 2015 Steve Beddingfield
"Giant Sulphur Bacteria strands. From his yard, a leaf that fell, a river birch tree. These strands are hollow, facilitating the uptake of oxygen for oxidation of hydrogen sulfide found at the bottom of ocean. Sediment area is anoxic, tubles are needed for reaching up into oxygen-bearing region of water. "The little fluorescent sparkles that reflect like little diamonds, or somethin', those are pieces of sulphur." he said when interviewing him by phone mid August and going over these. 
The question becomes what is occurring within these tubules once they are on dry land? More pics and information about this will be placed in an article I will write and will be shared here in this group. Fenben stops the growth of these microtubles." ~~ Steve Beddingfield, June 25, 2015


From the start, I want to bring in the premise up front -- the various symptoms of unwellness of mind, body, spirit and people have been having increasingly both in how many people are unwell and how unwell that can be is much different than we've been lead to believe typically.  It's actually very easy once you can 'make the shift' but making the shift can be difficult, and for some impossible.

The shift lands you seeing things the way Steve came to see them after years of thinking, researching, and looking at what came out of sores in his arms, and what was in the environment.  Because of his unique history with microscopes, he came up with something that's getting a lot of followers in 2015, about a year after he started a group on Facebook.  Only about 50-60 people in the group have been there longer than I. 

Sometimes, though, it's something you see or hear that's similar to YOUR symptom or symptoms that gets a person 'on the hook'.  As Steve had more time with the group and his information he was posting different things so I'm now going in and adding them and changing the format of this topic a great deal.  

One Must Look Again at "Dust" and "Lint" 

I realized the more I've talked about this information to people, it all boils down to cleaning differently --- your water, your body, your laundry, your inside of house and garage, outside of house and gutters and landscaping. 

Editing this on September 24, 2015, there had just been 4,000 reads of this topic as I'm adding in here because I like to keep showing the new input that comes to Steve's Images.  A woman said this: 

"I'm having to clean up the result of "flying dust" today. I'm finally well enough to clean.There are toxic dust bunnies everywhere and no, those are not cobwebs. They like to hide. I'm armed with gloves and a mask and playing Elmer Fudd... Waskally...... dust.... bunnies! They will NEVER have the chance to form again."

Someone asked for pictures and she said sorry, she'd gotten most of everything cleaned up but had a little more to do and would post if she came across anything. Then this:


"These were behind a cased Far Infrared portable sauna I never got to use.... yet." (She included a photo that looks like what has been shown in other photos and I've included those below, it's too time consuming to get the involvement of all the people taking pictures to get their okay and etc.). "This is the last wall to get to for cleaning. I found much bigger colonies than this that lined the whole wall behind and the back of a big pocket organizer. I've been capturing them with damp paper towels misted with clear ammonia 50/50. A scientist (Dr. William Croft) said clear ammonia will subdue toxins and micotoxins. Regardless, after these colonies are removed, this article will be completely wiped down again and set in the sun for the rest of the day. This is war." 

Inspired yet? For the record, I was editing this after doffing (means "taking off", I'm an old occupational therapist at heart with terminology still) nalgene gloves and a dust mask and having worked in long pants and long shirt that can be put into the washer and cleaned properly. Ideally I'd have put on something to protect my eyes. I'd used the shop vac to clean up the area of the garage that is most used, something I do regularly because it reduces what gets on you, on the dog, into the house, cars, etc.  It was trash day, so I wanted to get that done and empty the canister into a bag and give it to the trash professionals.  I can't help but think there is so much we need to be doing to treat what we dispose of.  Some spray what they dispose of thoroughly, some burn things like dryer lint (though it is said it is sometimes resistant to burning depending upon the ratio of lint to 'Stuff'/bacteria material). 


TREES Showing People What's Going On

Here's something that I think is good to put up front: What Steve's photographed on TREES.


                                                  ©2015 Steve Beddingfield "Perhaps a reverse lichen" - it's a bacteria from the ocean that got with the moss on the ground, and entered the moss. When it meets on the tree, it forms a lichen that needs to be examined further to see which ..... it's usually three species that makes a lichen. You should see what comes with these things...."

"I'm cookin' a log one day in my wood stove, and out of the log when it got really hot, out comes something with a black goop with scaffolding inside it -- we're watching the beginnings of life here, we have to keep this in mind." "It's here to eat Earth, it's a mutualistic relationship...."



                         ©2015 Steve Beddingfield "From Base of Tree" - "this is where it's first taking on the heaviness of the GSB. It's hard to tell here, the green is chlorophyl and the white is sulphur bacteria, and one is dominant for a while until it gets up higher, but this is the horizontal gene transfer here. It can go further down into the tree or into the next organism on the outside of the tree. The polypores -- the immune system of the tree -- is battling with it here. I have pictures with what goes on with the battle, it's just wonderful -- it's real interesting, Mardy, and good work, too.... "

Someone asks for clarification on how a 'reverse lichen' would be defined. "I remember the discussion about them being a symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae, but haven't read beyond that", she said. Steve answers: 

"With two species coming together to form a new species, each assumes a position, a role; this role can be reversed by GSB, but a form is still created between the two species."

EDITING MID AUGUST, 2015 -- A group member provided this link to a YouTube by a South Carolina woman, which I think is worth the five minutes to watch.  

Steve commented: "Bacteria! bacteria involved..... I've been screaming this for quite a while, seems others are also alarmed. Anderson, SC, where the video was shot is only 45 minutes from (where I'm at in North Carolina), it's right beside Lake Hartwell, a huge lake. I have many pics of the lichens and their new symbiotic partner, GSB. Pics are of the pathogenic process as it develops upon the trees."


Red, yellow, green -- I see chlorophyl bacteria -- they get the name for that through it's from photosynthesis not chemosynthesis that this exists.  I can find these same spheres on the outside of trees, it could be precipitating gold or some metal there, we don't know.  The one on the right is a little more of a pure culture maybe, because the one on the right has perhaps taken on mold. This would produce the super mold right here. The mold is just the carrier for the GSB, you know. It had to enter other stuff to carry it as a hitchhiker or interloper you call it. As you can see it's put 

© 2015 Steve Beddingfield. Tiny spheres of sulphur bacteria and green cloraphyl bacteria perhaps to be green. It's being oxydized with something, the transfer genetically of other material. Dark, burgundy is likely anamox, the red that's on the outside of the worms, that's what scientists call it -- I don't know it... anarobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria -- there's more to it than that. If you get any of that red on you, it'll restart the process.  Sample was from Steve's skin sample earlier in 2014. "You get this stuff on you, I can't live in a bubble, I am out there livin' and researching".  

Right ... There's bacteria and it's oxydizing something.. the white could be oxydizing and going to black but usually it's dark going to light colors. It's hypersaturated down in the depths, and when it's oxydized it changes colors.  The dark might be chloraphyl bacteria and the white -- it's hard to separate the bacteria and the worm, because in the sediment there's both. It's all about survival strategy and mutualism, and creating life forms to take it forward. 


© 2015 Steve Beddingfield  Algal or mold symbiot; algae as Trojan horse for Giant Sulphur Bacteria to hide inside. It's not easy to figure out which is which. The process is difficult and it moves and high speed so I can go to sleep and miss the separation. The massive nutrients and high temperatures they're used to, they move at high speed. So research can be done at super high speed. We retrieve stuff from these vents and instead of it taking months we see what is going on in days.  From dog poop, 2015. 


  • Both are part of our chronic disease, one has an algal symbiot, obviously its the green one in pic. Algae can be a Trojan horse for GSB (giant sulphur bacteria) to hide inside. 
    (An astute group member comments: "GSB began to seize for their own interests!" 
  • Another group member: Am I understanding that both clumps are GSB, but that the clump on the left has an algal symbiot pretty much covering the whole thing, and the clump on the right is beginning to grow an algal symbiot? By all means, tell me if I am straying, LOL ! I told y'all I have a lot of mediocre public school science (non) education to make up for.  Also, I thought the cyanobacteria played into algal growths - is that a factor here at all ?
  • Steve Beddingfield: Cyanobacteria holds algae, so it could be that GSB takes up both at the same time, it certainly does this to other organisms, such as hydrilla, Eurasian milfoil, bryophytes, lichens. GSB is a lithotroph, which means a eukaryote can take up a prokaryote as an endosymbiotic partner. GSB as a prokaryotic symbiot is able to leave the algal partner and remanifest itself without its lithotrophic symbiot.


   GSB and a water plant, likely milfoil or hydrilla. Both invasive species, milfoil is currently a big problem around The Great Lakes. The reason they're so invasive is the GSB is donating genetics so it's more alpha than it would be. It can withstand more dehydration. The fungi now, for instance, needs much less to grow. The species that can hold it back from taking over then are at a disadvantage.  

© 2015 Steve Beddingfield


  GSB and a water plant, likely milfoil or hydrilla, which have been made more invasive and aggressive because of horizontal gene transfer as performed by GSB.    © 2015 Steve Beddingfield


© 2015 Steve Beddingfield: "100X, GSB is the white crystally looking things grown in my tiny laboratory. Note the glitter-like flakes of sulfite or sulfide mixed with bacteria. There will be some sort of organism that will grow from the ball object -- this is like the creation of the egg, which came first the chicken or the egg -- this is the egg, the egg came first. Is it making it's own polymerase, it sure looks like it." "It's a whole bunch of bacteria and it's getting ready to manifest this as fertilized eggs is what I see, he said. I know if you get one of those things on you, it's going to grow."  The cobalt blue aspect of Portugese Man of War and that type of thing from the ocean are then where Steve spins off the discussion from there. Zuids are a real big part of all this. This is just my opinion, I'm just someone here by myself looking around and figurin' things out ...."



© 2015 Steve Beddingfield: "GSB at 4X, GSB Taken With Cell Phone Cam; Grown on Dog Poop" (from a 'sick dog', he'd said later). 


Then July 3, 2015 this:

Here's the spores of GSB, the pink spheres are the same thing that was on top of ..... these have pulled out something else and they're pinkish orange. They're taking up materials they can turn into ___ (three letters) for energy. That's half clam or urchin that got it's genes in with it already.  The sphere lands on something and starts breaking it down.  It's also using carbon transport mechanims. The filaments are hollow inside and things are moving back and forth. And it's taking that dark object in the background and breaking it down. hey are performng lateral gene transfer.       These replicate by budding, just like yeast, where they have a daughter cell.  

                                                                                      © 2015 Steve Beddingfield


Does THAT get your attention?  I hope so.  Please consider taking the TIME and making this a priority to pour over what is presented at this topic on Lumigrate.  It has a lot of facets, it will take time to digest, so go away, come back, go on, keep at it.  Digest.  Form opinions.  Decide what YOU think, and then, as always, be proactive/ take action if you so desire. 



 When I got my "head in the game", Summer 2013, When This Occurred.

 My ankle, August 5, 2013 (did not 'go to the doctor, but I took a photo and sent it to an MD advisor on my YOU! team in 2013 who asked if it hurt or itched and thought it appeared to be shingles but it only itched like a mosquito bite 'level' and aside from the pain that was more in the tendon under, it wasn't 'painful' like what people with shingles I've known or heard of relate.  I'd been wearing jean-style pants that had gotten wet as I walked around in the overly watered grass and took photos of the massive chemtrails the night of 7/31/2013.  I knew I'd gotten a lot of mosquito bites that night and a day or two later realized I was itching the ankle and looked down and saw this. ... not mosquito bites.

I then communicated with a life-long local man to the area I was living who was middle aged and said every time he would ride bike out in the desert he'd get something like this, that summer (2013).  Not that I'm saying these are 'this or that', I'm just providing them as something that might spur people's thinking caps.  I know someone in Colorado who shortly after this had something appear on their neck and they went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as shingles and medication for shingles was prescribed. Symptoms reversed.  But my symptoms reversed too and I didn't do anything. So for what it's worth.... 

These photos, which I transferred here as soon as I saw them, 'resonated' with me --- I was reminded of something 'baffling' that occurred on my right ankle in early August of 2013, shortly after our first massive 'spray day' of geoengineering aircraft.  We had hundreds or maybe thousands, not just dozens. 

For the past month, it's been in the news, increasingly, that singer Jonie Mitchell was in ICU in Los Angeles, California.  She is known in the chronic illness community for having the Morgellons form of 'this stuff we all have'. It always helps when there's a recognizeable 'name' to 'go with a condition' that few people have heard of, such as Morgellons Disease (MD it is abbreviated).  

There is information about Morgellons in the Forums at Lumigrate from when I first learned of it in 2013, as part of my endeavors learning about geoengineering (weather modification, geo/world engineering takes many forms, there are many reasons for the program and it has much to do with what's causing problems on Earth. Again, what people see in their skin is less or more, and everyone has it -- we might just not realize we have it!  I remember hearing the first guy I saw on a YouTube video saying everyone has the stuff in them for causing Morgellons, that was in the fall of 2013 and I was still wondering about what had happened with my ankle (which had healed up, and it had made the underlying tendon very sore, as if I'd had a strain or sprain).

Later, as I'll elaborate here and elsewhere, Steve Beddingfield would say that cycstic acne is cyanobacteria, and in that he and the group conversed a lot about swimming holes, rivers, and I have not seen 'Morgellons patients' in Colorado in my years (that knew to say that was a symptom they had, at least), I had an 'aha moment' and realized that the cycstic acne that onset with me at age 20 and 3 months was perhaps tied to an urban quarry in Fort Collins filled with water that was used as a swimming hole which I went to once or twice.  

I recall thinking that there could be contaminants and I wasn't comfortable with swimming there.  If I remember correctly my future husband (also future ex husband within five years due to his drastic changes in behavior which I attributed to a close sibling dying that same year) was the connection to people who knew of the swimming hole and he wasn't a swimmer so between my gut and his fear of water, we didn't go back.  I've tried to confirm my timeline and my friends don't recall any such swimming hole so I'm pretty sure I'm right. Maybe I need to 'detective' my case and others' cases more than is necessary, but I do like to give good examples for the Lumigrate YOUsers.   

There's a whole subject unto itself with geoengineering which I encourage people study enough to understand it and have their opinions and to also then related facts to others (and carefully saying what's your opinion). The way I presented it on Lumigrate was very much like everything else --- YOU take responsibility for learning and then TAKING ACTION/Proactivity.  In the case of what Steve Beddingfield presents, taking action goes beyond the protocol for what you put into and onto your body, it includes how you clean your home other environments, and what you do to help the soils and plants around your home or where you have influence. 

This was a big undertaking for one layman. As he sought out people on Facebook, he got a circle of 'followers'. Some have taken it upon themselves to help produce documents that are in the Files that are the highlight information for this rather complex yet simple protocol.  Complex because it's making people re-think a LOT of things, and simple because, well, you'll see.  I hope I help to make it simple if you read from the top down on this topic. 

 I thought as an example I'd add in here something he put today (updating this April 3) relative to a conversation about probiotic use in dogs, yeast, etc. to demonstrate: 

"(First name of gal in conversation), yeast often gets misidentified.  It's cyanobacteria, and it looks like yeast, may even take up yeast genetics."  

(Mardy's note: "misidentified" had been written by him misid'd, which is part of the difficulty I had initially in Steve's Images was the shortcuts of keystrokes many people made, making it less easy to read. It is understandable, particularly when he's focusing on something he introduced and spelled out in the beginning, like giant sulphur bacteria, which then everyone starts abbreviating as GSB. Many of these people had long ago gotten into other protocols that use things that were abbreviated as well.

So what I transfer to put on Lumigrate I have attempted to make easier to read and take out that 'barrier' to learning so if people even get this under their belt before going into the group (if they're taking people as they do have to manage the size, so that is now a factor as well.  But I talked with Steve and have said here that anyone who cannot get into the group if they wish or just want to initially get ahold of me, I can hope to address that. Am I always going to be available? Maybe not.  But I will respond to any contact about this that I am aware of it, and as soon as possible. 

When the content is difficult as it is, then that makes it more difficult and will take more time to 'get up to speed'. I'm trying to prepare people for what they will encounter should they opt to ask to become a member of the group.  I hope this helps, and I hope that anything I've observed and comment on will serve to help the group leaders should they read it and want to take it into consideration for how to make things easier overall.  Just my opinions, naturally. For what it's worth.)

Many are aware of 'algae blooms' happening and being increasingly in the news.  Here's a synopsis of what you have in store: "The algae release Cyanobacteria which create a toxin, microcystin. Microcystin is a powerful toxin that can cause liver damage.  

(Source: -- which is a blog at the website of a US-made water distiller.  I have no information about this particular company, but I do know that one of the less expensive distillers made in China was said to have such poor grade stainless steel that it was rusting inside on a review I read when looking a bit into distillers for the home for someone I was helping in their home with how to apply the concepts presented at Lumigrate they wish to incorporate).  

So what you're going to find here is a LOT about cyanobacteria -- and water. And air. And soil.  And the interplay with other things.  Flat out, science is involved, but hopefully this will be presented in a way you can make sense of it enough.  People in the group repeatedly tell 'newbies' that they had to read things for months before they started figuring things out really, and looking at Steve's (and others) photographs.  He asks people to not post photographs so much in this group, he has another group page for that which he tells people about. 

With their permission and awareness, I'm providing highlights at Lumigrate, and you'll see in the 'ground rules' that I provide here so you know how Steve's Images operates, they say 'this is Steve's classroom'; I might venture to say he's the teacher and they are the student teachers who I've actually witnessed getting more capable with explaining things, supporting, being tough when needed, as this group does NOT run the way that a lot of groups on Facebook run. So people were coming into the group thinking this is like any other 'classroom' and finding out they have a teacher like my mother was.  

My mother taught at our local elementary school and wanted things kept to the basics that she wanted people to focus upon.  Steve (and his assistants) are doing their work in the way they find best for them as a team, but there are differences once you get to know the players.  So it's a group system in progress, know that going in. 

This is the best place to interject this on April 11, 2015: from the woman referred to as PosterGal, who I started interviewing last weekend for a NEW topic about this potentially history-making group and protocol / information.  Naturally, I'd started with Steve the end of the week before that, and he was helping a friend change a tire and then things got out of whack, he apologized and I was fine because there'd been a car crash and escape of the people at fault just after I'd communicated with him so I was with a slipped schedule too.

I turned to the initial woman who'd helped me the most and continues to as she has the same form of 'this stuff' as I have, moreso than PosterGal, and she was enjoying spring vacation so would be back to the computer more later.  THEN I proceeded to the other gal that's a leader who I'd formed a bond with one day just messaging and  got some information to use from her .. and mostly saw that there's a lot of 'spirit' in the group.  They have a sense this is a calling and very special and they put in way more time than they'd prefer because they feel the importance.  I'd done the same thing, this came to my attention at probably THE most busy time I've had in a long time.  But I made time to cover it as I felt it was ... what I needed to do. 

So here's the update from PosterGal, speaking for the group leadership: 

Due to our explosive growth recently and the amount of time it takes to teach the proper foundations and truth about 'our disease' as well as treatment this group will now be capped at 1750. We would kindly ask members not on the protocol or not interested in the protocol to leave the group. It was always our intention to a.) teach properly and b.) have a mini clinical trial.

This is proving impossible with those throwing in variables, those in other groups continuing down the wrong paths but coming back here to tell us what other people said or just the terminal lurkers waiting to see if this works or is just another 'disease group' to belong to. Due to the catastrophic impact the wrong treatments are having on our society at large, the continued destruction of our planet by those who are not aware of HABS or don't believe they are the primary cause of disease or source of chronic infection it is imperative that we teach properly, be effective in our outreach and effective in creating awareness.

We are not waiting for the white horse to save us but take our responsibility seriously in not wanting to add to internet pollution and the devastation caused by those who continue to throw out the word 'infection' but do not understand the type or nature of the 'infection' they are dealing with.

We hope that when this is taught properly the devastation can then be mitigated to a degree and new science and understanding can see its long over due genesis and awakening. It is long past time. This group is now capped at our present number of about 1750, we will weed as we see appropriate and perhaps lower the numbers further. No new members will be accepted.

Then people started commenting and saying 'Please don't get rid of me, this is where I'm at in this process', essentially.  And PosterGal said the following things, which I'm running together into one additional post here.  

If you are in, you are in, right? We just want you to learn properly about the nature of cyanobacteria, how the wrong treatments tipped you into a disease state and how to go about creating real change, that's all. And of course we want to hear. (Relative to someone asking about where to look to learn about cyanobacteria, she responds with the following: 

Google, there is tons of info out there. Learn the toxins associated with it. Learn how it reacts to threats. Learn from those working on solving the water treatment problems. Learn how it has been affecting us for 200 years now due to it's explosive growth. Learn the evolutionary ties that are key to solving this chronic disease. Learn endosymbiosis. 

We know those interested and those not, don't worry. Nobody is getting kicked out yet. Gotta go. Y'all might not see me much until Mon. or later. Daughter's birthday party. (Which is the first PosterGal's been well enough to throw for her child, and she's a married-to-the-father mom, who is her business partner and he'd had to bear the burden of so much more with the workload not only for their business but their home work as she had been with vision impairments and significant physical impairments commensurate with what people often experience with what gets diagnosed in conventional labeling of things as MS/multiple sclerosis.)

SO IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED IN THE PROTOCOL WHILE THEY ARE NOT TAKING NEW MEMBERS, CONTACT ME ON FACEBOOK or via the other means you find at the home page of Lumigrate on the About me topic .. and I'll go from there.  I have spoken with Steve about this and between them and me, I'm sure we'll be able to accommodate whatever people find their way to us due to this topic.  Thank you in advance. 

ALSO, a group mate, Terry Hamil, did this work on the protocol and posted it to his blogsite (PDF link), with these words (and Steve was appreciative and said it showed his dedication to this information and process to help people learn of it)(problem is people need places to go for asking questions and shepherding...). 


Steve's protocol formatted as a 2 column, double sided 8.5x5.5 PDF and accessible to everyone outside the walled gates of Facebook (aka the Internet).






So let me also tell you this --- you can venture into other groups on Facebook and find people who are not fans of Steve, his research and teaching methods, and the protocol he's created to reverse symptoms of everything from A to Z. Some say it reminds them of historical figures who had a group of women blindly following the men off a proverbial cliff. Others say they just can't believe what he has come up with and what they profess --- that Lyme isn't what we were lead to believe Lyme was.  This means people have to accept that what they've thought was reality might not be, and with their very damaged brains fueled with the importance of finding solutions to what ails them, they sometimes are not the most healthy of people emotionally, mentally and physicially.  This has been the difficulty I've encountered helping guide people to information since 2007, first live and then on the Internet. 

I spent a great deal of time observing the group's information and interactions in the later part of 2014. You'll notice that the "Files" section, if you chose to go and are accepted into the group, had nothing in them before the end of October 2014.  I remember seeing in my 'feed' on Facebook, new threads Steve would start with new photos, and paying attention and not really seeing how anything was connecting to anything else.  But then, just before the end of the year, I saw a woman posting link after link after link about fenbendazole, clearly angry at the medical and science community.  Nobody that's as sick for as long as the chronically ill who have taken things upon themselves to study and find ways to reverse symptoms is unaware of the corruption and having that 'aha moment' at this stage of the game, I thought to myself.  What's up? So I tuned in. 

What I came to believe is that  it's possible they've found 'the major root cause' of our declining wellness levels with everything from A to Z.  What convinced me was when one of the group members did her homework around Christmastime and uncovered a trail of patents for chemicals of similar molecular structure to the patented chemical, fenbendazole, used in Steve's Protocol .

Fenbendazole, more readily referred to as 'fenben', is marketed for use in livestock, and is sold now even in WalMart. Other groups and individuals were promoting the use of 'fenben',  but Steve had bundled it with other things based on his research over the years, such as red reishi mushroom and an emphasis on cleaning the environment that your body is exposed to -- water, air, surfaces (which influence air).  Since this tends to be the 'holdup' to people wrapping their heads around the information of the protocol --- veterinary medicine available over the counter -- I'm going to include this one abstract summary 'right up front'; you'll see much more about fenbendazole below. 

Benzimidazole: A short review of their antimicrobial activities

Namrata Singh, Annamalai Pandurangan, Kavita Rana, Preeti Anand, Arsad Ahamad, Amit Kumar Tiwari


Benzimidazole is the heterocyclic compound formed from benzene and imidazole ring containing nitrogen, oxygen sulphor and its derivatives are of wide interest because of their diverse biological activity and clinical applications, they are remarkably effective compounds both with respect to their inhibitory activity and their favourable selectivity ratio.

Reported nucleus is a constituent of vitamin-B12. Benzimidazoles are regarded as a promising class of bioactive heterocyclic compounds that exhibit a range of biological activities like anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer activity, numerous anti-oxidant, anti-parasitic, anti-helmintics, anti-proliferative, anti-HIV, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, anti-neoplastic, proton pump inhibitor and anti-trichinellosis.

Benzimidazoles exhibit significant activity as potential antitumor agents, smooth muscle cell proliferation inhibitors, a treatment for intestinal cystitis, and in diverse area of chemistry. Some of the important benzimidazole derivatives have been reported as thyroid receptor agonist gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor antagonists, non-nucleoside HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors and interestingly alkynylbenzimidazoles as modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors.

The imidazole core is a common moiety in a large number of natural products and pharmacologically active compounds. The synthesis of novel benzimidazole derivatives remains a main focus of medicinal research. This comprehensive overview summarizes the chemistry of different derivative of substituted benzimidazole along with their anti-microbial activity containing anti-malarial anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral activities.

International Current Pharmaceutical Journal 2012, 1(5): 119-127

benzimidazoles; anti-malarial; anti-fungal; anti-bacterial; anti-viral
Full Text: PDF
Benzimidazole: A short review of their antimicrobial activities | Singh | International Current...
Benzimidazole: A short review of their antimicrobial activities

Benzimidazole: A short review of their antimicrobial activities


 Furthermore, a little comment that is made by one of the main 'tutor/leaders' in the group breaks it down in a conversation this way; 

...what makes benzimidazoles work as anti microbials and anti tumorals, etc. targeting 'conserved mechanism' is also the reason it works against viral replication and is a completely different approach to anti viral drug development. One that works.


I have posted patents on here on many viruses, cytomegalovirus was one of the first that benzimidazoles have shown to be effective against along with influenza. That patent list now includes EBV, HPV, Hep A B and C. I have much more on viruses and benzimidazoles, but only recently began to read them. I did not think it would be relying on ftsz like algae, plants and bacteria do, but I have only found that somehow most are also relying on conserved mechanisms.           I'll pass on more as I learn how and why and exactly what conserved mechanisms. I have much more on this. The research is there, it has opened new doors in drug development and is very exciting to know there is already tons of research out there in such a short time.

The red reishi component of the protocol, at the time I was 'tuning in' early in 2015, was being related to the group's leading lady educator, who it turned out was 'growing into her new shoes'/role, as being simply an immune system modulator, meaning if yours was hypo it would rev it up, if it was hyper it would bring it down. She was showing people her process in that she had focused on the fenbendazole initially, gleaned and absorbed and had the 'aha' about that, and then went on to the next thing.  Taking a BUNCH of members with her 'on her coat tails' so to speak. 

Then people were looking more into the reishi aspect and overall medicinal mushrooms OR the patent on something to use in agriculture which is from mushrooms, which will be able to replace toxic chemicals such as produced by Monsanto, DuPonte, etc.  There was a share of a topic about Paul Stamets and that patent he'd gotten. I'd just called his company, Host Defense, and spoke with them because it was a brand available at a store I regard highly for quality but the brand was not one that the protocol or leaders were 'talking up' and guiding people to.  Essentially, perhaps, Steve had tried some brands and told people what he liked best and that is what was being offered as suggestions.  I wanted to provide Lumigrate's YOUsers a little different dimension on the mushrooms because of my regard for the way Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage finds products and scrutinizes, backed up by what I learned and had as customer support when I called the number they offer PLUS the information online they directed me to.  Which I direct YOU to. 

In early 2015, that aspect of the information available in the group grew, due to the contributions of the women who were clearly respectful of this being Steve's information, but working hard to create supportive documents and information in order to help educate others. I've interviewed a few of them, and Steve, and will continue to interview some of the administrators/ assistants in the group and bring the information to this topic at Lumigrate.

This has reminded me of the man who figured out about what he called Educational Kinesiology, which later was branded with the more-known Brain Gym.  He was found by women who were able to take the information he saw and spoke to educate, and turn it into readable information for being sold to the public and used in trainings, and now is on the Internet in various ways (for free or otherwise).  The information is, as of this updating in early April, more complete and a new learner set out yesterday to study after contacting me looking for where to turn with their health crash -- someone I'd gotten to know from Facebook last year and had started advising a bit about where to look for education. It was neat to get the messages after where she was sharing her thought process about what she was learning and re-thinking her health history and considering how cyanobacteria theory would fit with that.   

I want to emphasize, there's the emphasis on CLEAN WATER, and beyond that, of ozonating water and dry items that would carry a lot of these 'interlopers' with them.  Flour, for example. The ozone machines can remove a lot of things from water and therefore help to clean the water, but it also can be consumed just after ozonation and the oxygenated water molecules then have the influence on the things in the mouth and digestive tract from there. 

Here's a comment from one of the "et al.'s" as I call them, the women who became administrators and extensions of the teaching of Steve's information as they progressed over time to understand and be able to advise. They're known on Facebook as 'admins' but in this group, they are something else.  Really unique people that I've so-far spoken with to 'interview', and they're such a great 'team' together and really solid feeling to me.  This gal's particularly into teamwork, agreeing to be interviewed but requesting nothing be written up until they all agree that is okay but I will say that a common theme they each independently brought up to me individually in the interviews focused on their spiritual angle of their work with this.  But the they also know this type of of 'data' information:

"Unless your filter goes down to .015 micron, you're not getting it out of your water. 


Distiller and R/O alone don't always either. The top two ways to get rid of cyano in your water is 1. Ozone 2. UV light. The main function of the ozone generator is to purify your pre-filtered or pre-processed water. (And secondly to clean food items) If you choose to use it to do active ozone water treatments that is your choice. A big part of the protocol is to decrease the amount of pathogens you take in. You can hopefully do this by treating your water and food items. "

Later another one of the et al.'s had specified that if a person ozonates water that has minerals in it, they oxidize.  "Let's not be drinking rust, people" she said (and that would be just the iron oxidized).  But they're having to do a lot of hand-holding in conversations because they're so new they didn't get all the questions together that people typically have related to these components of the protocol and I forsee they will have better information to put out (which I can then put on Lumigrate as they're not being proprietary at all, they want this information to reach YOU / people!).  So for now, I weave it into this topic thread for those who are using this as a resource for learning. 

The last component of Steve's Protocol is about magnesium (to keep the exiting of feces going, as a main side effect from the fenbendazole's actions in the gut with the interlopers is people can become sluggish or stoppish with their elimination, which is naturally very important to not have happen as the toxins just get reabsorbed into the body in the colon).  

AND then a little about vitamin D was part of what Steve was initially presenting, as it's an important part of the immune system functioning properly and overall wellness. However, that has dropped off from the focus as time went on and they were collectively getting the information pulled together to present to people with more ease for the newcomers and the old timers shepherding them. But you'll see it included in what I provide below directly from their protocol information.  

I'd long covered vitamin D at Lumigrate and it alone has been a tricky thing to advise people about relative to their education -- they tend to not hear that "it's really a hormone not a vitamin" and it's important people THINK ABOUT it was named the wrong way in the past before things were known that are more accurate.  

So, perhaps think about how this translates to the situation with this information and things that you've believed to be the reality / truth and now the shift in thinking has to occur.  Relearning. So I've left the Vitamin D information in here for this reason.  Think about how we typically know today about vitamin D's rampant deficiencies that have gone hand in hand with the rates of illness going up across the board in things 'from A to Z' --- with 'this stuff' that is what we all have. But remember when it was you became aware of vitamin D deficiency.  

For me it was 2008/9 that the medical doctor whose clinic I'd helped get off the ground was learning about it relative to chronic pain and complex conditions so was testing those patients and finding it being 'epidemic'. So he started suggesting to the patients coming to him for other things (as he got into esthetics -- Botox, laser skin care and body sculpting), and they, too, frequently had low vitamin D levels.  One patient was a man who worked outside all day in sunny western Colorado even ... who should have been able to be making plenty of D from the sun exposure.  

My next provider was more extensively versed in chronic conditions (longer experience in that niche) and I was tested and despite taking ample amounts in capsules, was deficient.  I was educated at that time about the uptake from the mucosa versus the intestines and added a drop form to my regimen and finally had my D levels right where the experts told me they should be.  But then along comes new information about D and you're back to having to study more about it to find out what YOU believe to be the right answer. 

Steve had a tendency which I have seen shift in the time I've been observing and participating, as he was new to having people learning from him, perhaps, to tell people what to do.  Just take my advise and do as I say and just do it and don't delay was the basic message.  I obviously wouldn't jive with this approach, if you know the Lumigrate YOU model is based on YOU doing the work to LEARN enought about WHY to consider doing something or NOT, then forming your opinion and THEN take action. The women helping him who had done the protocol or portions of it and were having good results so far were a good balance in my opinion. Without their leadership in the group that he was clearly facilitating, I'd not have been creating this topic and suggesting people go to the group for support.  

Sometimes I've seen them not handle things the way I would, and then come back to this topic and modify it so that the YOUsers going to the website are going to have had my preparation and input.  I was nipped diplomatically by an admin who was perhaps with too little time and energy at that moment for the influx of new people who were needing to be 'shaped up' with the information presented as they do. I had tried to ask a question publicly that would help those who felt nipped at to see what the information was they were trying to relate, because I was seeing that there was misunderstanding about what a Herxheimer / 'Herx' reaction was versus a healing crisis.  So there are a LOT of fundamental concepts that everyone has to study and ideally 'get on the same page' together in order for this to operate smoothly. 

Some of the nicest, most intelligent, funniest women I've seen on Facebook were leaders in the group by the time it was winter 2014 and New Years 2015. And Steve can be very humorous too! They were a wealth of information and support to people, myself included, and I had a sense that this was something worth covering at Lumigrate. So here it is. For what it's worth.  YOU do the work as they did, as I did, and decide for yourself, but at least I've made it easier for YOUsers of Lumigrate to get the basic information and concepts via this topic thread. 

Caution: It's best to get your heads wrapping around that you're going to be expected there, similar to with Lumigrate's 'overlapping conditions' concepts here, to just see us as all having the SAME thing (basically).  Stop identifying with that you have autism (pediatric or adult), or addiction, of Alzheimers ... or allergies to foods with those being totally different than cancer which is different than dystonia which is different than fibromyalgia or OCD, Parkinsons or ........ Zebra disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is known as 'the zebras' due to each one having unique 'stripes' but they're all basically the same thing (an equine animal with stripes).   

They're helping 'the ripple effect' to occur using their talents which included putting together information for the masses that have heard about the group (some here at Lumigrate or from me live), and shepherding people's questions, then providing support and guidance is what this topic is all about.

There were about 500 people in the group in the fall of 2014 when I was invited by Steve to join, there are currently (Early April 2015) about 1,600. I noticed that the number of reads of this topic  were going up exponentially with 1,000 reads in the last month, making this on track to be our most highly read topic on Lumigrate of all time.  Therefore, I will be 'tending to it' for updates. 

It is a composite that has yielded a uniquely interesting and helpful group on Facebook for those having an interest in the environment and 'environmental illness' OR 'environmental wellness' as I like to present it as at Lumigrate; what's making people and animals and all things be well or NOT.  

Much of the information I create in recent years has been put into the 'environmental wellness / illness' forum at Lumigrate, so please look to that area as well if you're so inclined. 

The photograph below, taken by Steve, is an example he sent me on 3/3/15 to show YOUsers of Lumigrate what I mean about his abilities with photographing microscopic things, and  for now I will leave it up to the imagination what this might be.  Perhaps you'll find "Steves Images" on Facebook a place you're welcome and will find information and support.

There's a new trend, it seems, where laypeople with an interest and gifts for looking at geo sciences, health sciences, etc. come up with things that advance our functional knowledge by leaps and bounds.  Naturally, there is also the risk that what a professional or amateur comes up with will lead to digression --- I can attest to many medical doctors I've paid with insurance and copayments or with 100% pay out of pocket given me advise that I acted upon which was harmful to me.  Ultimately it was I who chose to take the action that was suggested.  Did I change to getting information from other providers? Yes.  Did I 'blame them' for any problems that resulted?  Maybe initially --- some of them were such huge lapses of judgment and knowledge for someone with the qualifications they stated having that it was actually unbelievably bad they had offered the advise that I took.  Hence, many years later, I'm inclined to think that it's best to do a LOT more research than you would likely wish to do in an ideal world, and decide for yourself what you're going to act upon.  

As I've related, above, with the Steve's Images group, I put in a lot of time after encountering Steve at a Lyme page at Facebook to get to know the leadership in the group (all women), and to watch the group's content consistently.  At Christmas and New Years 2014/2015 I felt there was something I simply could not miss covering at Lumigrate related to what they were producing for information in the 'fund of knowledge' on Facebook and the Internet in general, AND I started doing my work to prepare to create the topic you see here.

I have updated the information on this topic when I was aware they were updating information in the group, but I am sure I was not catching everything --- they have a team effort there --  many hands grabbing oars now and creating wonderful content.  So I'm going to simply provide the essentails and highlights here in this topic and  encourage people to go to the group if interested; as you see, I give the links, below.

They'll likely keep adding things and I'll not transfer them all here, this is intended as another resource for them to send people to if it helps them learn the information, particularly while they get grouped up on their information and leadership for assisting learners. 

I hope to know of significant updates and be adding the highlights here for the Lumigrate YOUsers.  I cover so many different aspects about mind, body, spirit ... functional medicine .... biological medicine .... My intentions with my topics and links are to help guide the YOUsers to resources I think are likely good for them to consider studying in depth AND might otherwise not find! Steve's Images is certainly that!


The daughter cell from the picture, above. It has the genetics of yeast in it.   © 2015 Steve Beddingfield 


One of the group leaders created this in early March (2015) and it's a wonderful overview of what the group 'is about', the expectations and etc.  They might update these, naturally, so please refer to the group if you're going to the group.  I'm just providing this information here for our YOUsers at Lumigrate in order to connect more people to what might be THE information that someone is seeking.  


This is a group to share the research of Steve Beddingfield. Steve’s work is based on his own recovery, his microscopic images and his unrelenting research into the root cause of disease. Steve provides this information along with other known research to help people understand the true mechanism and driver behind chronic disease with remedies that can heal us and leave behind the contemporary idea of single germ warfare. That driver, he has discovered, is cyanobacteria from Hazardous Algae Blooms (HABS) as activated by a fungal component. We are working on updating the files, please take the time to read what has been gathered in the FILES section, search existing posts, and read the comments already logged. Steve has put together a protocol based on seven years of research and experience helping sufferers of algal poisoning.

This group has three main purposes:
1. Sharing scientific research on the root cause of chronic disease, illnesses and disorders.
2. Offering information on protocol options for recovery.
3. Supporting basic questions and concerns of those actively engaged in healing using this protocol as described in the FILES.

We welcome all who want to learn and share this valuable information to help themselves and others.

Basic Ground Rules

1.This is Steve’s classroom: Approach this group as if you were in one. He likes to teach what he has discovered with the hopes that we can heal and in turn, help others. We are all guests here. Steve and fellow researchers or experienced group members may answer questions and help guide people to a new understanding. Try to be patient with yourselves and the group. It isn’t always easy to comprehend.

2. This is not a “kitchen sink” approach: This group is not an open forum free for all. If you aren’t familiar with the protocol, please refrain from giving out extraneous advice or theories. Sometimes what we think might be helpful may not be once we understand the root cause of disease and why this protocol is recommended over others. It is ok to make thoughtful and kind suggestions but be aware it might not fit with this model of healing. Sometimes we all learn new things by taking a risk though, so use your discretion. But keep in mind we like to keep things as simple as possible.

3. Steve’s photos: These are a big part of his research. You won’t always get an immediate explanation, but it is relevant to his theory. Please do not share personal photos unless you have Steve’s permission. Send him your photos in private message and he will post if appropriate. We want to make sure the page stays clear and on point for learning. There is another page for sharing amateur microscopic photos called ‘Small Stuff Microscopy’ on Facebook. Steve and other members are a part of thas group. Please join if interested, even if you don’t have a scope.

4. The nature of the disease: You may see and hear about symptoms and expulsions from the body you have never seen or heard of before. Not all on the protocol experience the same path to recovery, nor do we all have the same exact symptoms with the same pathogenic triggers. Please be sensitive to other members about the validity of their claims and experiences. One of the gifts of this discovery is that it has given valid scientific explanations to many who have been branded crazy for the horrors they have endured for years on end. Many of us were not believed that we were sick at all or were damaged by treatments that were meant to heal or help. We try to keep a supportive attitude towards members stories and remember we are all on the same side here to provide a safe place for learning and healing.

5. Google more: Do your own research and bring back what you find. New articles and research that support this theory (or seem related) are always helpful and encouraged as they are great teaching tools.

6. Read the files more than once: This is a great way to reabsorb information. Some of the links are VERY scientific, revisiting them every once in while can’t hurt.

7. Open your mind: Steve’s research turns everything upside down and on its head, so to speak. Many of us are attached to our labels and diagnosis, our co-infections and our genetic defects. Most of this matters little here. You may experience anger, disbelief, confusion, hostility, loneliness or just feel a little lost at times. Sometimes it is harder to unlearn than it is to learn. We have been taught and told many things that now seem to be simply not true. In order to heal we may have to do some extra research or have a lot of faith, or both. We are our own healers. Please be kind to yourself during this process. This information is offered freely. You can choose to believe or not believe. And it is your choice what you do with the information provided.

Thank you for being here.

- Be kind. No Profanity. No Soliciting, including petitions or fundraising.
- Members who block an admin forfeit the privilege of participation.
- You can be removed anytime if your behavior is deemed hostile or troll-like.
- Posts can be removed if they get off topic, seem confusing to the basic theory or get too argumentative.

DISCLAIMER: Members of Steve’s Images are not qualified to diagnose, treat, or offer medical advice in place of your own research, and/or that of your practitioner. Members must be 18 years or older.

 MARDY'S NOTE: I think I'd like to change that to YOU decide what YOU are going to do after YOU spend the TIME and ENERGY (no MONEY involved learning here BUT then if you get into DOING things with the water, ozonator, reishi, fenben there's $ involved BUT not NEARLY as much as what we've all spend on other things we looked forward to helping us if we 'put our resources into it'.  Again, The Lumigrate YOU! Model --- 


AND then "The Onion Analogy" graphic:





                                                                                                                           © 2012 Lumigrate


What is the protocol? Here it is, prepared into this wonderful graphic by the woman I call PosterGal, who is one of the group leaders.  She's the reason I 'tuned in' at Christmastime 2014, because she was bombarding the group with new links and insights / interpretations of the links that were essentially her due diligence after using elements of the protocol with her self and family (human and pets) and seeing remarkable changes consistent with what others before her, also in the leadership realm of the group, had reported.  

This was provided by Mary to me directly in mid March (2015) as the most current version:

As well as this more 'written out' version:


WHY I Took Notice and Wanted to Include This Info: What the People Said!

Here's a smattering of what I was reading in the Steve's Images group, which made me take note AND take action in providing it at Lumigrate:  

Feb 15, I'm going to include something new that was posted in Steve's Images earlier today and I got the permission of the woman who wrote it to anonymously post what she said here: 


In October I was scared to try fenben. I read and asked questions for three months before I cautiously swallowed my first ml....but I had a Hashimotos incurable diagnosis haunting my young body, threatening my dreams and zapping my energy from four kids, fur babies and spouse....I had done other detoxing protocols and just came off one that made me quite uncomfortable but produced unequivocal evidence of mind boggling infestation. How is it possible that otherwise fit and healthy young woman can have hundreds of feet of toxic foreign material hiding out?! It had to go.

After a week of the lowest doses of fenben I felt things happening....some I recognized from other protocols....the gas, GI rumbles, the horrid smells, the night sweats....the skin crawling, the rashes....I gradually upped my doses of fenben and reishi. My acupuncturist asked me if I was pushing my body too hard. I said no. I'm ready to take my body back.

On my 5th month of healing using primarily this protocol, all I can say is THANK YOU! My thinking is clear. My skin is clear. My GI is functioning like a teenager again. I sleep hard and dream in technicolor. I have ZERO negative symptoms. My fatigue is normal for a hardworking mother. I just completed a three day ski clinic with a world champion skier. I'm on a retreat with my husband of twenty years. I feel like I'm at least 10, maybe 15 years younger than I actually am.

But most important for anyone here, the biggest lesson I'm learning is that we are responsible fully for our own attitudes and energy. What ever you believe will be true for you. I believed I could support my body in clearing itself of all intruders and toxicity and with the help of this simple, inexpensive protocol I have.

Now my focus is on connecting to my highest energy and spirit. I've neglected all my spiritual practices while under the weight of illness. I let all of that go and embrace the amazing power of the body to heal. Look at Reishi....mother natures immune system. Invite her to support you and your body in doing what is needed. Breathe and trust.

Be well!






 Then in the evening the next day, I found this on the thread which I think was worth transferring here and the writer, a woman from the PNW of the US, gave me permission: 

I've been doing this since the 15th of November and I can tell you my gut is fine. Lol. I've also been taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. And not sure if you've seen the crazy pics I've posted here before, black and sometimes brown slime, worms of all sizes, other stuff that looks like white spaghetti floating in a way resembling algae or seaweed. Weird. Anyhow I haven't seen all that nightmarish gunk in over two weeks. Thank God, thank Steve, thank Mary and thank you Reishi and Fenbendazole .

February 23, a science-minded person I know of via FB fairly well challenged Steve a bit in the group.  This is someone who also has the symptoms of Morgellons.   Basicaly the science-minded woman/gal with the Morg form was saying that where she's not connecting with the information is things that he'll identify as something and in her mind they're not what he's identified them to be.  

A leader in the group among the handful of women who have been very much part of the success, so far, of the group, offered this response: "I can understand your frustration. I did my best to eat healthy and remained sick, while my hubs ate McD's and was very unaffected by it.                                                                                                                                                                                             I have Ehler's Danlos (EDS, which is a connective tissues disorder most likely brought on by epigenetics - environmental causes screwing up our genes. I reacted poorly to vaccines as a child, had near life-long neuro problems, and consequently had a child that suffered from autism.  Steve's protocol has cleared up almost all of my lingering health issues.                                                                                                                                                                                               The best part though is that my son no longer has any signs of autism. Fenben has given my son his life back. We still have EDS but are managing a hell of a lot better now. When we started, there wasn't even a protocol written up. I researched everything about fenben. I listened to the group about cyanobacteria and investigated that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I already knew from a liver cleanse that I was infested with monsters. Steve identified the red roll ups as Bryophyte and I investigated that. I ordered the fenben. I stared at the bottle for a few weeks and then tested it out on my dogs. My dogs improved greatly! I then tried it on myself and I improved.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Check the files (in Steve's Images group on FB) for my son's OAT results. His first test is horrible and I was told that my then-15 year old had the energy of an old man at the end of his life. Yeah, that bad! One year later, his second OAT (after a little over a month on fenben) improved dramatically."

The Potency of Facebook by 2014

It seemed like in 2014 I somehow found my way on Facebook to be connected with some particularly interesting groups with people who had done tons of work, were very dedicated, supportive and sincere.  I think that last part might be the most refreshing of the qualities.  I had spoken with someone today about complex chronic illness, inflammation and pain, and they were particularly interested in this aspect because they had formal education in science that had lead them to looking into a lot of the same things that I was bringing into our on-the-fly discussion.  

That's sometimes how it goes with being into this type of consumer education, you think you're going to go for a walk in the afternoon warmth in our 'January thaw' and instead you encounter someone that makes you think that the timing of how we came to meet and talk was clearly one of the important things of the day.  The numbers of people who are aware that conventional medicine is not solving issues in many cases continues to grow and it's just a new thing to learn how to connect with resources to help.  So I'm glad to help. 

I thought I'd create a topic at Lumigrate early in 2015 and credit Steve and his work, get the protocol mirrored here so it's in another place on the Internet, and then build supportive information that I'd want YOUsers of Lumigrate to be able to find IN ADDITION TO going to his Facebook group page and looking at the Files link and all the other resources and using that for a source of support and if there are any questions.  They're the experienced ones, I'm a messenger and "newbie" for this particular information.  (Some in the group have been opposed to the term "newbie" but I personally like it.)   

But it's fascinating and I would imagine after people have had a chance to participate in the group there might be even more people who are going to be giving this stuff a whirl. I have a sense this might just be 'wellness history in the making'!

And I had a front row ground level seat to it, so wanted to help our YOUsers who find Lumigrate in the various ways be able to have the opportunity to see it unfold as well, and consider if it's something they want to look further into, discuss with their team YOU!, and go from there. 

As I understand and remember 'his story', Steve became ill at some point --- the manifestations vary in symptoms, but generally we're all with the same underlying causes for the various illnesses, is the premise of what he came to understand and profess: which parallels what occurred with many people who looked at the symptoms of the various 'labels' assigned by mainstream medicine. MS. Morgellons. Fibromyalgia. Chronic Fatigue. "The Overlapping Conditions" was coined somewhere along the lines (On Lumigrate, look for Fibromyalgia Network as the FM nonprofit resource we suggest becasue of their use of the overlapping model among other things (such as not taking funding aside from membership money).   

He had the Morgellons symptoms with skin lesions -- I've been shocked at some photos where it shows how many lesions he'd had in one part of his body, I think it was a forarm or something.  Anyway, the right equipment, skills, and mostly brains and interest in being a medical detective lead Steve to get onto something that a lot of long-term researchers due to having chronic illness .. and kids with chronic illenss ... have gotten into and are supporting. Some are admins with him on the group it appears, but I actually didn't ever become aware of who admins were --- it just was a very peaceful, no drama group from everything I saw. There are currently about 800 people, I don't recall how many there were when I joined in the late summer or fall of 2014, but I've seen a lot of people saying "I'm new here, help me figure this out please" and there are always people who swoop gently in and help. 

This is a 2009 report from an organization focusing on the complex chronic conditions.  This link will take you to where you can clock on the link for a PDF, where they start out shooting from the hip explaining how one researcher studying cyanobacteria in the US died of autoimmune, her lab partner died of liver cancer; pfeisteria was named after her. A pioneer in cyano and HABS. Worth the read to see pathways affected and more. wink emoticon

I shared this link ^ on Facebook and STRONGLY advised anyone who eats, drinks and breathes to go and read this, it's very well done! 24 pages... From 2009 .. it's one of those that makes you think 'where have I been? This was out in 2009, why did it take five or so years to reach my eyes? Well, I wanted it to reach YOU so here it is! 

Preface to Acting Upon The Protocol

Some observations and thoughts from me or others who have studied, researched, experienced this with self or children longer than I, before you get into the protocol's information.  My initial impression with Steve's 'method' was to not ease into it. Start as much of the protocol at once as you could afford to do or had time to obtain the things, energy, etc. That did not appeal to my sense of things.  It would seem like that's like throwing three balls up in the air and once and starting to juggle.  So where to start became the question.  

I wanted to see what was discussed in the group from those doing some or all of the protocol.  It was clear right away that this was going to have much to do with the elimination pathway of the colon.  So I asked the local colon hydrotherapist who I have a connection to for many years now if she'd heard of anyone in Grand Junction, Western Colorado area coming to her talking about fenben or red reishi and algae / cyanobacteria.  She had not. 

I figure this might be when her business really gets another level of busy, if word gets around about this and people start trying it.  I met Janelle Marin after she'd presented at the integrative medicine center way back in 2009 I believe it was. She was brand new, and working for someone who had started a new colon hydrotherapy business in Grand Junction, which she now owns.  I saw that she was just super talented as a speaker and clearly intelligent, centered, and I really liked her.  

But I wasn't quite ready for something as 'far out of the box' as colon hydrotherapy to be on Lumigrate or associated with our local networking group I started in 2009 at the request of a high-up-MD in the conventional medicine organizations around here so that they can meet the people to be referring to.  

The insurance-based providers basically network at the hospital on who to refer to, so they don't know of the various types of providers let alone which ones they'd want to recommend.  So this is finally the time when I feel it's important to bring colon hydrotherapy into the content at Lumigrate. 

Because the fenben has quite an effect on the intestines and colon and people's major difficulty with this protocol is elimination from the GI tract.  Not 'herxing' and 'detoxing / flu-like symptoms' like I'd learned about almost a decade ago when first learing from Dr Lepisto, the local naturopathic doctor (who was in the first layer of provider experts on Lumigrate in 2008-2010), about detoxification.  

I wasn't able to do chelations under his guidance until I had some things straightened out with my organs used in expelling toxins, and I had work to do on both my kidney health and my intestinal/ colon health.  And in 2007 I did successfully get a lot of mercury and other heavy metals chelated and out of my body before feeling like I literally hit a wall and was with the fatigue and fog and flu-like symptoms associated with not having detoxification pathways opened up enough for what you were needing to detoxify.  

I only, on my own, in 2014 learned about pyroluria, and then MTHFR gene mutation and methylation issues from there, and the importance those who educate on that facet present about supplementation and in particulare the form of folate in a supplement (and in the diet you'll get a form that is okay/good, it's the folic acid added to the vast majority of supplements that can really mess you up IF you're one of the MANY people today with the MTHFR gene mutations, per the experts in this new, emerging field 'outside the box' of health care.  

This must be done with a person having a team around them to help them with the process and issues that might come up.  That can mean a naturopath 'remotely' or who you can see face to face. That might include a colon hydrotherapist as well or you might start there.  The group for Steve's Images reinforces the mineral that can loosen up your stool when you take more than your tolerance for it, one of the forms of magnesium.  

I know that Dr Lepisto had been a big proponent of psylium, and not the kind with the artificial flavors and colors that is sold by BigBusiness at a big price, it can be obtained very inexpensively in health food stores or websites.  Naturally some people insist on organics on everything and others do not so you need to be making those decisions as well.  Dr Lepisto had said (and this was in our detox and cleanse video and powerpoint of his from 2008/9 when we launched) that 10% of people are allergic to psyllium, same as people can react/ be sensitive / allergic to anything.  So all the things that go into 'gut health' need to be considered.  Fermented foods, probiotics, and on and on.  

Steve says probiotics make your stools get bound up and I don't know that is correct necessarily, I think the probiotics aid in making the biosphere in the gut better and that leads to a more cohesive stool.  But for the short time on this protocol, he ends up saying in his group (and not in the protocol, hence my concerns about this protocol not being complete enough and people need to go to the group for added information and support) that people shouldn't take probiotic.  These are things people have to look into, think about and talk to their desired and selected health care professionals about. 

This is what someone has suggested, and it resonated for me with what I was thinking from the beginning about starting the balls to juggle one at a time or two at a time and then adding in... Distilled water (bottled) using ozonater (which will get out any toxins from the plastic bottle) and RRM (red Reishi mushrooms) to start, then add fenben in 1 month.  

I inquired with this person (who is very knowledgeable and one of the major and experienced 'mentors' in the group) about supplementing for pyroluria / pyrrole disorder, KPU, whichever term one wishes to use.  I feel some people need it simple and they want to buy the least number of things and have the least 'process', so Dr Klinghardt's "Core" supplement has all the stuff in the right balance for people who have pyroluria (which, again, is complicated to learn about and safely address so get nutritional advisors and I have topics on Lumigrate that provide those, use the Search bar ... ).  

Or a person can add the right amounts of what he puts in a little pill or capsule into water.  Hydroxy cobalamine, P5P, D3, plus K2 ....  and then zinc (which has to be taken separately, listen to Klinghart's information or read what I've transcribed from the interview's pertinent information.  It's readable and you can then skim over what's typed out and then find the minutes into the video you want to go watch / listen.  




I edited the protocol to make it easier to read, visually, for imparied brains and on a couple of words.  

Example, whomever prepared it used "traditional" instead of "conventional" medicine in a sentence where he/she clearly meant conventional / allopathic, a common mistake even with medical providers. Traditional medicine is what we had long ago, traditionally handed down through the generations. But most people don't understand what "allopathic" is, so I used the more-known 'conventional', though that just means what most people are doing now, so that's obviously changing and then I really took to the use of the words 'organized, mainstream' because that's what the allopathic system is, it's organized, mainstreamed to the masses. 

I knew what was meant, and figured the least I could do when taking something he has said information is for sharing is to make a version of it that would be available to utilize by him or others which has the slight improvements that I could offer.  If they are considered that, naturally.  

Thanks to Steve and those who have helped him with his group's resources with the 'fund of knowledge' we have available to us and for his generosity of wanting the information to reach out where it may. (i.e.:
no problem, use what you want, get the information out there to help people ...) Thanks to all who have made Lumigrate possible and being found by increasing numbers of people.... like the protocol here -- it's slow going but it is growing all the time. 

FOR HISTORY'S SAKE .. IF people want to compare and see the trail of how things progressed, here's "Steve’s Images – The (Original) Protocol" (which preceeded what is above).  

-- so YOUsers at Lumigrate can see how these activists / researchers / educators have been going about things from the time I 'tuned in', to current (and current will naturally be at the Steve's Images group page, I'm just transferring highlights to this thread at Lumigrate. 

SEE THE LATEST PROTOCOL VERSION AT THE LINK IMMEDIATELY ABOVE THE LINE ^, this original is just for reference and seeing how things evolved and show that it's going to be still evolving and people adapting it for themeselves IF they study and chose to do this. 

On Facebook:

This is a group for healing chronic illness of all kinds. Everyone is different but this protocol seems to help everyone. Go slow. Be patient. Listen to your body. Ask questions and for help from other members who are on this journey with you.

Steve is working hard in the field photographing, in the labs growing and enlarging microscopic specimens and cataloging various aspects of the cyanobacterial world and its bedfellows. This is a slightly divergent take on traditional disease theory but one he is supporting with documented evidence. Some of that evidence is shared in this group and we will add links to supporting research as we find it.

For now, this is the basic protocol that is helping a diverse number of people feel better. Many of these people have tried MANY other treatments and protocols before arriving here. This is NOT to replace the advice and care of your regular physician or care givers. This information should be used with wisdom and discretion.

1. 1ml of fenbendazole per 50 pounds, increasing with tolerance based on personal observation and discretion.

Dose every day for 4-8 weeks, taking a break for a few days or week as needed. Then dose a week on and a week off up to six months. If you are particularly sick, you may not want to take a break at all. This is up to you. But be prepared to dose for up to six months to really see and notice the benefits. Many need to go slower or may go faster. Dosing and pacing varies. Some large men take 2-6x this dosage with no problems. Go up if you do not notice any detox symptoms or back down if uncomfortable. Learn to listen to your body.

Expect to see and feel many symptoms of detox including but not limited to foul smelling stool, parasites, black tarry, mossy or unusual stool, cramping, gas, pain due to gas or blockages from material being expelled, eruptions on the skin, headaches, tinnitus, etc…most symptoms disappear within days or weeks with periodic flares as healing progresses. Over time, symptoms are noticeably relieved, including the original symptoms of disease.

Mardy's Note: In my experiences personally consulting with naturopathic doctor after a medical doctor who was proposing chelating heavy metals via IV chelation (which is fairly aggressive), I found it beneficial to heed the advise of the ND related to getting the routes of detoxification 'in order' before detoxing, even if it's not with any type of chelator and it's the detox and cleanse that has to do with consuming a certain diet for three weeks, plus lifestyle changes during that time.  

(Example, it tends to create a spiritual connectedness after a while but initially can make people be rather grumbly in mood and behaviors can show it.)  The intestines and elimination of waste is at the top of that list.  I'd highly recommend people look into that aspect of things (and we have information on Lumigrate as well as the many sources out there to consult in person or online for learning).  

Joining in the group and learning for a while beforehand is one way to go about it as there are a variety of experienced voices joining Steve there with mentoring people.  I noticed a lot were using the Calm brand magnesium that I've seen become maybe the most popular single product at the health food store, chiropractors offices, etc.  

I learned of it when I went out of town and had troubles sleeping and went to a chiropractor's office I saw on my walk the next day; it turned out it was the office of the DC that I'd seen on local TV when I wasn't sleeping, talking about fluoride in the area's water supply and his efforts to get the practice changed. Ironical, right?

And that was the end of 2012 when I was, since May, focused about fluoride and created information at Lumigrate about safe water and fluoride with the help of a couple savvy medical experts -- holistic DDS and a DC.  That was what they suggested I purchase from them. I had always typically taken magnesium in my mix of supplements and also attempted to eat a solid diet for getting good nutrition for nutrients, including minerals, but some of us have bodies that are using and needing so much more.  

Typically those who would be wanting to undertake a protocol like this one would be in similar situation, and with the usual GI issues, frequently diagnosed or falling within the symptoms of a diagnosis of IBS.  Hence my interjecting this comment here. This is an extremely important part of the protocol, so have that understood. Several people I know have not yet worked on their intestinal health enough to be having good elimination, so that might be a starting point to consider for people with non ideal elimination. 



“Fenbenadazole treats infection by binding to tubulin proteins in the parasite, thereby blocking the protein from forming micro tubules within the cells of the parasite. This damages the integrity of the cells and interferes with the transport function. Fenbenadazole is safe for use in mammals due to its affinity for parasitic tubules rather than those of host animals.

Fenbendazole is a benzimidazole anthelmintic, that has broad spectrum, and a wide safety margin. It binds to 3-tubulin astructural protein that blocks polymerization of tubulin into microtubules, which damages the integrity and the transport function of cells in parasites. The reason behind the wide safety margin is due to its affinity to the parasitic tubules rather than mammals.

The drug is minimally absorbed after it is given orally. It is metabolized to the active compound oxfendazole sulfoxide and sulfone. Fenbendazole is excreted in the feces and urine.”

Most pet stores supply fenbendazole. Safeguard, Panacur 10% suspension solution liquid or paste is used by most.

From a group member in May 2015: Since DMSO is in the liquid carrier in the goat fenben, I thought this was a very interesting article on all the great benefits of using DMSO.…/…/dmso-the-real-miracle-solution/

The discussion went on about the BBB (blood brain barrier); apparently the DMSO does carry / transport the fenbendazole across the BBB (but please remember what % stays in the intestines versus how much gets beyond the intestines, per the information provided). 

Providing a lot of information here for people to utilize and figure out what they wish to figure. 

Adding in by Mardy -- 

(Note, livestock stores too, and people had found it at WalMart in a bottle that has a wrapping around it to show it had not been opened / tampered with, which is different than what you'll get from most other suppliers. Some believed this indicated awareness that humans were taking it, I thought it might just be that WalMart dictated that be done to the bottles they purchased for sale to reduce the hassles of people returning things.) 

Converter -- drops, teaspoon fractions, etc.:

AND I see over and over the same questions and maybe if you look at the protocol at Steve's Images document in the Files at Facebook you'll see he's realized everyone's needing more instructions on this protocol that is at the protocol.  In extensive time reviewing all the comment threads of significance for about a month's time, here are some highlights that his groupmates who are experienced or he had answered: 

Question about taking them at what time of day -- Steve says it does not matter.  

Taking it with food or not, he says does not matter. He does not clarify that you mix it with anything --- milk, water, juice.  When talking about giving it to pets people were putting it in their wet or dry food. Someone who started taking fenben relatively recently but who is very experienced with the Lyme, mold, chronic illness treatment palate said that having something with fat in it was what she was figuring as it would slow the way it got into the gut.  I saw that repeated by that person months later (as I'm periodically revising this to make it improved as the group's process is yielding improved information all the time.)

Other important points were to have your gut working so you can eliminate things, many people do enemas (usually coffee is mentioned) and eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and things with fiber is also mentioned. These are standard things for doing any type of cleanse and always good to be reminded of. 

Next onto the mushrooms, so another question was whether to take them at the same time or separately, again Steve said it didn't matter, others said they took them spaced apart with fenben first and mushrooms second. Then many seemed to be starting on the fenben before the mushrooms but there seemed to be a variety of reasons for that, some was affording only one and picking fenben for starters. Some were wanting to get one thing underway and get those symptoms underway and down the path a ways before adding the other. 


2. 1-2 teaspoons of liquid or powder pure Red Reishi (Ganoderma) extract daily. Use indefinitely or as you feel better. There are no known side effects of red reishi. It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. (Mardy's Note: I found otherwise, about side effects known, so have thus included that here for YOUsers). 

Half Hill Farm extract:

Aloha Medicinals GanoUltra:

“Regular consumption of red Reishi can enhance our body's immune system and improve blood circulation, thus improving better health conditions. Generally, Reishi is recommended as an adaptogen, immune modulator, and a general tonic. Red Reishi is also used to help treat anxiety, high blood pressure, hepatitis, bronchitis, insomnia, and asthma.”

Many in this group have found red resishi to be a critical component in helping relieve the body of the massive cyanobacterial masses housed in biofilms and mucosal linings throughout the body.

 Note added by Mardy: Naturally, always be looking into the information about side effects of things and consider if things people suggest are for you, this is YOU in the driver's seat of deciding what you're doing and not.  This is what WebMD had (pointed out by a member of the group when looking through):


Web Md :High doses of reishi mushroom might slow blood clotting. Taking reishi mushroom along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.

Reishi mushroom extract is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately for up to one year.

**Reishi mushroom is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in a powdered form for more than one month. Use of powdered reishi mushroom has been associated with toxic effects on the liver.

Reishi mushroom can also cause other side effects including dryness of the mouth, throat, and nasal area along with itchiness, stomach upset, nosebleed, and bloody stools. Drinking reishi wine can cause a rash. Breathing in reishi spores can trigger allergies.

Special Precautions & Warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking reishi mushroom if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Bleeding disorder: High doses of reishi mushroom might increase the risk of bleeding in some people with certain bleeding disorders.

Low blood pressure: Reishi mushroom seems to be able to lower blood pressure. There is a concern that it might make low blood pressure worse and could interfere with treatment. If your blood pressure is too low, it is best to avoid reishi mushroom.

A clotting disorder called thrombocytopenia: High doses of reishi mushroom might increase the risk of bleeding in people with thrombocytopenia. If you have this condition, do not use reishi mushroom.

Surgery: High doses of reishi mushroom might increase the risk of bleeding in some people if used before or during surgery. Stop using reishi mushroom at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.






 ADDING on 2/25/15 -- please see the information at the following link (which is comment #3, below if you want to just scroll). as I did my due diligence to call the brand of reishi product I found at the store that I often use to sort it out for me and provide good brands according to their standards.  

The above information from WedMD was something I took to heart more than most, perhaps because of my symptoms of POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), and knowing I have been tested twice about a decade or less ago and had a 9 or 7 minute clotting time.  My mother died at age 62 of a massive brain bleed and also had similar symptoms to mine and likely was with a milder case of what I have -- it tends to just get worse every generation the genes go along if it's epigenetic changes.  

Reishi does, per the customer service person answering my call, have an effect on blood vessels so can be contraindicated for some people.  I read her the above information that was at the WebMD site back when I added that into this thread, and she was going to then be looking at the topic at Lumigrate and learning more of what 'this is all about' here!

3. Vitamin D3 – supporting the immune functions with natural or vitamin D3 supplements has been very useful for many using this protocol. Some are using many times the recommended daily dose to support the cellular functions needed during this detox/healing protocol. Get a high potency liquid if you can.

Mardy's note: Look into what the source of the D3 is, it can be from sheep lanolin and they can be treated with toxins that could get into the product a person intakes. I'm aware that vegans take D2. And many promote the use of the sun, I know that we have information from Dr Stephanie Seneff about that in things I've linked to from forum topics. She'd focused on sulfur and vitamin D in interviews, and I have stated that I can forsee her shifting some of her recommendations if she were to learn of what Steve has been saying and she found it worthy of embracing due to validity. As with everything, look into things before doing and do what you think is best.  Be lined out with your guide inside of you and use that resource as well. 

4. Eat a whole foods organic diet as much as possible. There are no specific recommendations except that dairy and sugar seems to lure the parasites out when taking fenbendazole. Ice cream has been used successfully by many but use your own discretion about milk and sugar if you have food sensitivities. Over time, food sensitivities do seem to diminish for some people. It is not necessary to eat dairy to see results and improvements.

5. Purify or ozonate your water. Some in our group are finding relief from symptoms just by ozonating their water sources. So many of the cyanobacterias are in our air, water and soils. If you can find a way to ozonate your water, consider doing so. There is ongoing discussion about other water treatment options. The key is finding a system that filters out the smallest particles (0.2 or smaller? – need to confirm)

NOTE FROM MARDY, 3/27 (1,611 reads prior to my adding this comment: In researching this aspect more, it turns out that water with minerals will have the minerals OXIDATED without being removed, so that's something to be aware of and I'd say take strongly into account.  Here's a link to something about water treatment that I was provided by one of the more experienced in the group who'd done their homework, as I suggest we all do! (It sure helps when someone gives you some pointers though, so I hope you appreciate these at Lumgrate to ease your process).

This is a model that is currently being used with great result by some members:

This is what you'll find at this ^ link: 

A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator


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  • Functional Timer with 15 settings for different applications
  • Two 36" polyurethane tubes for ozonating
  • One fine white diffuser stone and One coarse grey diffuser stone
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wall-Mountable
  • Options for Voltage: 110V US, 220V EU, 220V UK, 220V AU

2 new from $69.99 8 used from $55.90 


Hints about Ozone: Stay out of the area where the Ozone generator is running and use good ventilation. Ozone will damage lung and eye tissue. Be careful. Many people use the generator in the garage or outside. I simply stay out of the kitchen, run a fan, and open the door and windows when running the generator. Less Ozone will escape into the air with the stone attachment submerged in water but still some does escape as is evident by the Ozone smell.

Ozone will not remove: nitrates (typical when water is contaminated by fertilizer run off), sodium, sulfates, total dissolved solids, chlorides, and fluoride. These contaminants can be removed by reverse osmosis or distillation. 

6. Treating discomfort: if you find yourself terribly uncomfortable internally or externally, slow down your dosing. Take a break if necessary. Drink plenty of water to help the body rid itself of the algal masses that will come.

7. If possible, reduce the overall stresses in your life. Find a way to relax, meditate, find support among friends or family, reach out to others seeking healing. Let go of the toxic habits, foods, people or ideas, if you can. Boosting the immune system is increasingly important as we discover the build up of antagonists in our tissues and lives. Look at your work, your relationships, your mindset, your emotions. Be gentle with yourself and all of those around you. As you begin to feel better, many dysfunctional or negative dynamics will resolve or seem more manageable or even disappear entirely. Healing on all levels is available to you now.

 8. Share your journey with others so that the healing may continue. Many are surprised that such a simple protocol can work so well. Many of us are working to understand the mechanics of this, but the bottom line is that it is helping people where conventional medicine and many other alternative approaches have not.

Steve’s goal is to keep this protocol as inexpensive and accessible as possible. Health and healing is a human right and we hope that you find it here.

Warm blessings




Harmful Algae:


From the World Health Organization:

From the US Environmental Protection Agency:

From the CDC:

“Algal Bloom Associated Disease Outbreaks Among Fresh Water Lakes”

 “Harmful Algal Blooms: HABs”

 “Massive Red Tides Threaten Florida Beaches”


History of Panacur (alternate name for Fenbendazole) Panacur is a manufacturer's name for a composition containing fenbendazole as its active ingredient. Fenbendazole is also the active ingredient in other lesser known anti-parasitics such as Fencur.

Fenbendazole is a synthetic chemical with a long history. The origin group that fenbendazole belongs to was developed for treatment of parasitic diseases in cattle. The first member of this group was Tiabendazole and the second member was oxfendazole. Both drugs were highly toxic and had a narrower spectral of activity than the present day derivative, fenbendazole.

In cattle, fenbendazole has a broad spectrum of activity against most nematodes including lung nematodes, oxyurids, strongyloides and some flatworms (like moniezia). In cattle, Panacur works in almost all groups of parasites, excluding trematodes (flukes), and has a very high margin of safety (up to 5000 times in cattle). Panacur is the most popular drug using fenbendazole as it's active ingredient. In cattle this drug is effective against adult stages of parasites, migrating larvae, and eggs (ovocide activity).

Panacur is effective against lung nematodes in mammals. Panacur is neither effective against worms outside the gastrointestinal tract nor inactive larvae in tissues.. This is actually an advantage as a drug which kills active and inactive larvae throughout the body may cause toxic shock to the animal due to large amount of dead material that the body must filter out at once.

Toxic shock due to system overload from dead parasite bodies is common in drugs such as Droncit and Ivermectin. Panacur is the drug of choice for gravid females. Panacur blocks metabolism of carbohydrates in nematodes. Essentially, the nematode can eat food, but cannot absorb the nutrients. Though it is eating, the worm starves to death. Panacur does not have the same effect on birds or mammals. This is the reason for the margin of safety.

The length of time that it takes for Panacur to start killing parasites depends on the location of the parasite. For oxyurids in the hind gut you can see effect of treatment within a day or two. For ascarids in stomach, though, the effect may never be seen as the bodies may be harmlessly digested. No side effects are known within the safety dosage.

An indirect effect may occur when there is a large number of parasites and the dead bodies cause the aforementioned toxic shock to the chameleon. Toxic shock may manifest itself as a lowering of activity and an appearance of depression. The flood of dead bodies can also limit the chameleon's peristaltic activity (the gut pushing food through) by the sheer bulk of the bodies of dead nematodes blocking the intestines.

Unexpected Antitumorigenic Effect of Fenbendazole when Combined with Supplementary Vitamins:

Fenbendazole as a potential Anti Cancer Drug:

JHU Researchers Stumble Across a Drug that May Help Brain Cancer Patients:

Benzimidazoles are Ftsz inhibitors. Ftsz is a cell division protein found in nearly all bacteria, plants and algae. It is a highly conserved protein encoded in their genomes 3.5 billion years ago that they consider essential for all life functions; it is not found in humans.

Once that protein is bound by an Ftsz inhibitor, they can do nothing --  they slowly starve and die. That being said, by the direct decomposition of bacteria, fungi etc., they produce hydrogen sulfide gas and other protein by products which must be neutralized safely as if they are in the small intestine (which they are). The small intestine is not able to properly detox them, the body tries in myriads of ways, small amounts of oxygen in the blood, dumping to the liver etc., but it is not effective or enough. It is this primary dysfunction that causes gut paralysis and the inability to clear bacteria from where it is not normally present in large numbers, the small intestine.

And these specific toxins are geno toxins that lead to myriads of diseases by innate immune suppression and geno toxicity. Disabling advanced pathogenic bacteria (such as sulfate reducing bacteria) is not enough, and disabling advanced pathogenic bacteria by the wrong treatments is a disaster in the making.

Sulfate reducing bacteria and and a few others eventually out compete other bacteria in the environment and the small intestine. Ftsz inhibitors are now considered by government. and pharma to be one of the top safe and effective means of controlling antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the majority of antibiotics will likely soon be history as they should be.

"Poster Gal", August 18, 2015


Health Benefits and Side Effects of Lingzhi (Ganoderma):

 “The lingzhi mushroom, also known as 'reishi mushroom' (translating as supernatural mushroom) is a categorical term for many mushrooms within the Ganoderma genus. The term lingzhi is usually used to refer to Ganoderma Lucidum and Ganoderma Tsugae. G. Lucidum, which are used as a natural medication in East Asia and now across the globe. Its use in medicine dates back to over 2,000 years ago, which puts it as one of the oldest mushrooms to ever have been used medicinally.

There are many health benefits associated with lingzhi, and no known side effects, which makes it a highly popular alternative remedy. Lingzhi contains ganoderic acids which are similar in composition to steroid hormones. They also contain polysaccharides such as beta-glucan and coumarin as well as alkaloids.

As with many ancient medicines, there is some scientific research to back up the traditional usage of lingzhi. Here we will look at what some of those might be.

Anti Cancer…Testosterone…Blood thinning...Liver health…Anti Bacterial…Vasodilation…

Be careful if you have low blood pressure…be sure to monitor it if you choose to use Ganoderma.


Here are some of the known health benefits of reishi:


Ganoderma in Cancer Treatments:


Studies Show Reishi Fights Cancer and Diabetes:


How Reishi Combats Aging:


Anti Tumoric Effects of Reishi:


Reishi helps this and so do benzimidazoles. Remember, you are inflamed because your body is doing this all day long. A good overview of elements involved in the immune system.



Ozone on bacteria, mold, viruses

Ozone and Ozonated Water as a Therapy for Cancer:



The Solution to a Wide Range of Health Problems:

The Importance of Vitamin D receptors:

Further Information to Support and Progress

People then ask about ozone and air, here's what PosterGal posted as a link for a product for knocking down/out the things out of the air with ozone, same as with water -- ozone kills mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.:

From my interview time on the phone with Steve Beddingfield, here's a link I chose to put here based on his recommendation to know of and let others know of the work of Jessie McNichol at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  He's also involved with the symbiotic relathionships of fungus and bacteria. Mosses. Briophites.  He looks at oil seeps, coal seeps.  "This bacteria goes into anything it wants to" and to his knowledge, nobody was 'out there' in the information stream on the Internet, at least, applying this informtion to chronic illness in humans.  So if that is the case, Lumigrate was the first to put it on the overall Internet on a website, beyond naturally what Steve created on the Internet on Facebook.  

Here's the link to something from the Woods Hole website that I liked, but you might find other things if you do some more researching on your own. (Edited in April 30, 2015 by Mardy)


  • From one group researcher / mother / person with some lingering problems resolved in weeks not months : Paul Cox's research directly points to high BMAA levels (toxic amino acid from cyanobacteria) and neurodegenerative diseases.

     I healed my son's autism with fenben. Yes the word healed is accurate and I have labs to back it up. We started Nov 23. He still has some health issues but that will take time as it's only been two months. 

  • Cured the last bit of my depression. Fenben has changed my world honestly.
    Another group researcher / mother / person with health problems said this:  And sometimes I have to go back and read, but if I remember correctly, he did show it was the cyano that inserted the amino acid in the wrong place (or the wrong amino acid, can't exactly remember wrong place or wrong amino acid) that eventually misfolded the proteins.  This turned the science world upside down with his findings because they were stunned to find protein formation was not how they previously assumed, and in every bio book being taught.
    And it is the misfolded proteins that are a core component of what is going on in ALS among other diseases. That is an extremely important finding that most are ignoring right now because it doesn't fit their paradigm of disease. Just another new finding that does not fit their paradigm of disease and makes their foundations, and therefore 90% of what is out there, absolute garbage. Very important, and the whole world needs to know that and why Paul Cox truly deserves more recognition.


Adding on Sat, Jan 10, 2015:  

I figured that as I saw gems in the threads at the FB page I'd bring them here and try to assemble them in an order that will provide supplementation to the reading here for what is above.  I'd wondered this myself, and it was asked today because someone's products just arrived in the mail and they wondered if it mattered what time of day they took them and together or apart.... 

Steve said 'take them right away quit procrastinating' which was funny.  She said the whole family had taken it and they were not procrastingating but she got to figuring it might be good to ask and it might matter. Steve said it didn't. Another gal said she took both in the morning about 10 minutes apart.  But this is one that I thought was worth placing here: "Listen to your body. We are all different. Experiment with time. Your time is yours alone. Excited to see us all learn from each other, but we must remember we all respond in our own individual ways. The fun thing about this protocol is that it's easy. We make it hard. Hardest part was your journey here....relax. We must start this with knowledge that it's being taken care of now. God bless us all......"


One of the gals who posts a lot of links and starts new threads in STEVE'S IMAGES on Facebook has a good sense of humor about things in recent days joking about "The solution to your problems coming to you from ('the system/ organized medical / industrial complex") for $9 at Tractor Supply".  Or sometimes I think she mentions WalMart or else someone else had found that they were now carrying fenbendazole at WalMart but with a wrap around the cap such as one would see with products intended for human consumptiion. 

Seeing this type of supportive information recently in Steve's Images group on Facebook is when I starting thinking this was going to be information that I'd put on Lumigrate -- clearly 'the system' that runs the world in general was seeing what was going on with things, they thought.  I commented that Codex might be partly the cause as I know it is very specific about packaging and many other things and is wreaking havoc on the outside the box service and products industry related to things people can do and take for their wellness. (Please look at our search bar for Agenda 21, Common Core, and Codex ... I have sprinkled information about all three around Lumigrate in the last year). 

She's been 'on fire' in a funny and upbeat way this first week of 2015 and over New Years, and today she'd posted a link to a website about new patents and it was about fenbendazole, and she joked about how this was coming to Tractor Supply for $9 ...  the joke being it's already on shelves where livestock products are sold, or on the Internet, but now those who make things for humans are getting in on the action to develop products for human animals, aka people.  Here's the link: AND this is what you'll find at the link as an overview .. there is a 64 page PDF that can be downloaded: 

 Benzimidazole derivatives as pi3 kinase inhibitors

This invention relates to the use of benzimidazole derivatives for the modulation, notably the inhibition of the activity or function of the phosphoinositide 3′ OH kinase family (hereinafter PI3 kinases), suitably, PI3Kα, PI3Kδ, PI3Kβ, and/or PI3Kγ. Suitably, the present invention relates to the use of benzimidazoles in the treatment of one or more disease states selected from: autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, allergy, asthma, pancreatitis, multiorgan failure, kidney diseases, platelet aggregation, cancer, sperm motility, transplantation rejection, graft rejection and lung injuries. More suitably, the present invention relates to PI3Kβ selective benzimidazoles compounds for treating cancer.
Related Terms: Allergy, Asthma, Autoimmune, Autoimmune Disorders, Benzimidazole, Cardiovascular,  Cardiovascular Disease, Elective, Graft, Kidney, Kidney Diseases, Kidney Disease, Kinase, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Organ Failure, Pi3 Kinase Inhibitor, Pancreatitis,  Plateley, Platelet Aggregation, Rejection, Sperm, Sperm Motility, Transplant, Vascular, Vascular Diseases, Autoimmune Disorder, Diseases, Degenerative Disease, Immune Disorder, Inflammatory Disease, Neurodegenerative Disease, Vascular Disease, Benzimidazole Derivatives, Imidazole Derivatives, Inhibitor, Kinase Inhibitor, Modulation 


She had also posted this:

"This is good, thanks (names a Lyme activist, I believe is who she is referring to, who is also in this group). Explains microtubules and polymerization in a way you don't have to be a damn brainiac to get it. "

and a bit of what you'll find at the link:


What They (Big Pharma) Don't Want You to Know -- Mebendazole --- Inexpensive Cancer Cure.

by Gary Vey

Good News!

Ordinarily, an article like this might not appeal to someone with a minimal interest in biology. But this article is about cancer. That's something that we will all experience, either personally or with someone close to us.

I'm not going to bore you with statistics or preach about unhealthy lifestyles or genetics. The fact is that we all get cancer in our lifetime -- probably many times. Our bodies usually defend against the cancerous cells and they are destroyed before they can do any damage. Unfortunately, for some people, the battle isn't so easy and the outcome unclear.

But wait... there is good news. It's a medicine that seems too good to be true, yet it is. And get this -- it costs just a couple of dollars and its in most every local pharmacy. It's anti-cancer success has been well documented in journals (which I will show you) -- even with cancers that are unresponsive to other chemotherapy. While it kills cancer cells it poses no harm to the normal cells and has little or no side effects. It's called mebendazole and "Big Pharma" hopes you will never hear about it.

Mebendazole (MBZ)


If you have ever cared for young children then you are probably familiar with this medicine under the name of Vermox, Ovex, Antiox, and Pripsen. It is usually prescribed to treat pinworms, roundworms, whip worms and hookworms -- organisms that find an unwelcome home in our intestines. For some time now, scientists have known how it works, but the method of death meted out to the targeted parasites was of little interest to them. But that has since changed.

How it works...

This next part gets a little technical. I'll try to explain things in a general way. I'm by no means a scientist or biologists but I'll share with you what I have learned.

One of the misconceptions that people have about a cell is that it contains a nucleus, a cell wall and everything inside (cytoplasm) kind of sloshes around in a liquid or gel. In fact, the inside of a cell contains a kind of scaffold made of micro-tubules, also called spindles, that have the ability to assemble and disassemble quicky. This network of rigid micro-tubules inside the cell gives it shape, structure and also has the ability to transfer organelles and various molecules to different parts within the cell, functioning like a railway system. But its most vital function is cell division.

You will easily understand the role of spindles by viewing this short animation.

.... GO on the link and see the information there, that's a good snippet to show you why I am suggesting you do! .... 

 Adding on 4/8/2015 -- 1880 or so people have now found this topic.  Here's a new resource she added today in the group -- bolding added by me to aid readers in the highlight info:  From this source (Int'l Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Chemistry:



Ramanpreet Walia1*, Md. Hedaitullah1, Syeda Farha Naaz1, Khalid Iqbal1 and HS. Lamba2

1HIMT College of Pharmacy, Gr Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

2H R Institute of pharmaceutical Sciences, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

*Corresponding Author:


Benzimidazole derivatives play important role in medical field with so many Pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial, antiviral, antidiabetic and anticancer activity. The potency of these clinically useful drugs in treatment of microbial infections and other activities encouraged the development of some more potent and significant compounds. Benzimidazoles are remarkably effective compounds, extensive biochemical and pharmacological studies have confirmed that these molecules are effective against various strains of microorganisms. This review is summarized to know about the chemistry of different derivatives of substituted benzimidazoles along with their pharmacological activities.


Benzimidazole is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound. It is an important pharmacophore and a privileged structure in medicinal chemistry. This compound is bicyclic in nature which consists of the fusion of benzene and imidazole. Nowadays is a moiety of choice which possesses many pharmacological properties. The most prominent benzimidazole compound in nature is N-ribosyl-dimethylbenzimidazole, which serves as an axial ligand for cobalt in vitamin B12.1 [1]


 Someone in June 2015 posted a link when finding a Chinese pharmaceutical firm that is manufacturing and selling a tablet form:   This was in response to what Steve had just posted, which was: 

"CDC doesn't allow license to be issued for companies such as Merck to dispense fenbendazole in any form for humans to combat a non specific disease. Recognition of our disease is crucial to the need for fenben to be available by pill form, until CDC recognizes us and millions more suffering with GSB disease, albeight under different syndrome names, no license will be issued. CDC is the problem, but then Homeland Security is their boss. So it may never ever happen. Instead, the deaths, pain and suffering will continue." (June 9, 2015, Steve Beddingfield)

Poster Gal again (in early 2015) with:


  • Every patent I post has benzimidazole as one of the effective compounds. Fenbendazole is a benzimidazole. They often add things to the core in order to file a new patent as they can't refile the original as they are not the owners of the original but that does not mean the original is not effective.
    They would have to show efficacy to get it approved as a drug. That depends on the FDA. That means one will be waiting until hell freezes over. Nothing to understand, one mechanism = all disease, the innate immune system where it all begins and ends no matter the tumbling block of failure. You have no innate immune system due to immuno suppression caused by cyano.
    Even the so-called genetic disorders -- genes turn on, genes turn off. Cyano as a creator of life is capable of such. Epigenetics. The manifestations of disease are many, but the root is always the same. They know this. We know they know this on paper. They continue to delude with labels. It's time to stop letting them get away with it and stop playing their game and filling their pockets. And that is why I am showing how can one drug be effective against so many..... because it's true.
    That is the lightbulb one needs to go off in one's head.
    ... we know they know this on paper, there is another group working on the prosecution of this crime and it's ensuing cover ups. That is not our focus in this group, most of us are just well aware of it. Yes, it helps to understand that, in order to be on the right path, the drug must work across the spectrum of all disease.

Then in the spring, as she was preparing to wrap things up in terms of helping with the group and go on her way back to vocational work due to her recovery progressing so well, and to pursue her own work on this subject, she provided this list of things related to patents.!divAbstract



I would imagine her work is going to center around doing the thought and development of digesting this and writing it up in a way that is understandable to people.  And perhaps having a new vocation come from this. 

 Adding in, October 24, 2015 -- Almost exactly 10 months since the 'fit' I saw pitched on Christmas Day when the implications of the fenbendazole-like patent trail hit her, I spent a lot of time this week attempting to foster a working relationship to provide people finding Lumigrate a good 'connection' to that continuation she went on to do, just as I'd suggested. I got approval for things, I created drafts, I asked for modifications to some things on her website so I could send people there for her to connect with them and have them there. Fits happened again, but this time directed at me, my intentions and we agreed that what we both wanted was for people to find the information in conjunction with what was presented a year ago now that it's progressed. And so that is the end of the road.

I respect whole heartedly the efforts and appreciate the contribution to my learning that I benefitted from because of her keen ability for research and piecing things together. And I hope that Lumigrate helps a lot of people find the information they're seeking on the front of what's causing chronic conditions and what to look intothat I'd not link to or use content from her website and so if there was something here that's now not, that is why. 

So I was thinking the same thing when I first saw this as others were, so when I checked back a couple of days later I found that people had asked the questions, they'be been answered .... others had said 'the pieces start to come together'...  Here's some of the comment thread, because this might save people a step if I can record this the first time it is out there, it's my experience that in these groups eventually everything comes up again over time as new people are always joining and then the highlights need to be gone over again.  Or sometimes people don't absorb everything the first time.  I just spoke to a nutrition educator who says people come sometimes 3x to his seminars on the same topic because it's so much of a learning curve for them. 

The parts of the conversation that was directly about the difference in the chemicals: 

What is the difference between this and albendazole? Ta (which means thanks in advance, I presume)

Why don't we take this instead of fenben since it's for humans? Isn't it easily accessed online? .. and.. Just to clarify ... is mebendazole the same as fenbendazole? 

Someone tags Steve in and indicates HERE for him to see where there is an important question being asked. He responds: "Fenbendazole is number 1, the best product. Merck knows this."

Then the next comment is from a woman who is also thanked later for the explanation given -- elaboration I might call it: "Albendazole has much harsher side effects then Fenbendazole ...i have a very sensitive liver and i ran in to problems after 10 days of Albendazole and i would not take it again personally . For this very reason i was really nervous starting the Fenbendazole but i am taking Fenben almost two months now with great results and no liver issues . I have found it more effective at getting rid of a broader range of parasites then either Albendazole or mebendazole ( which i have also taken ) but also safe and gentle on the liver and body , Steve is right !"

Then the next comment is someone asking the difference between the two chemicals, they maybe were writing at the same time and didn't see that they posted just after the question had been answered. But it was funny as they said 'Hi, I'm a lurker ... ' ... some people are just not so inclined to ever comment unless they have a big question.  Anyway, that made me laugh.  Someone new comes into the conversation and adds this:

"....there are big differences not the least of which you can't get mebendazole in the US....have to use foreign online pharm or go to us it's called vermox but Drs will only give you 1-3 pills....useless. I did 1-2 pills for 6 days each month for 7 months....never really noticed improvements....3 months on fenben I have...... no it's near impossible to get online....Nobel drugs went offline (I used them to get mine)....massive media smear campaigns about getting from India or Thailand....your doctor won't RX enough..."


Then the next comment was someone thanking the elaborator and I then added on 'ditto that' and let the lurker know I appreciated the comment and it made me laugh.  I thought this covered a lot of the questions people would have... the FAQs so to speak .. and so I thought I'd put the overview highlights here for YOUsers benefit. 

Other portions of the conversation were more about supplements to help the body with the process of using these things and this is an example:

Person 1: I'm doing the fenbendazole, animal version of this. Starting phase 2 tomorrow. Yay! 8'weeks! I created a new post about my experience just minutes ago,,waiting for admin to approve.

Person 2: Asks about taking mag 07.

Person 1: Not sure never used mag 07. Zinc is good and a natural organic food based non synthetic multivitamin and natural organic vit C.

Person 2: I take food based vit c. What kind do you like? I just ran out of zinc! And I feel like I have the flu and I was at the supplement store today. Haha

Person 1: Says she likes vitC powder as you can add it to juice, etc. (and I might add control the dose up and down in small increments) AND gives the link at Amazon to the C powder. 

Person 2: Says that's what she takes and asks what zinc.... 

Person 1 shows what zinc they take which is a lozenge, chewable. Then adds: Here's my multivitamin. I like them so much I chew them.  Which is Garden of Life my kind Organics Men's Once Daily, 60c Organic Tablet. 

See what a nice group this is at this time? I hope it stays this way, it's seeming to run really effectively. Thanks again to all and hope this was helpful. 


Credit Where Credit is Due on Facebook --- To the Good, and the Bad (and so be forewarned and consider your alies carefully.  Maybe think about all the western television shows and movies, thriller mysteries, complex stories with people who are not who they put themselves out there to be). Mostly CREDIT to those who are genuninely doing such amazingly helpful work on getting the word out, connecting with others privately and in groups and on other Internet places! 

This wonderful poster I'm referring to was, over the New Year timeframe when I'd look at what was up in the group, seeming to be processing at a level that was making her angry at the system. So, having only come into this group in the later half of 2014,  I had thought she was one of these people who got into this in 2014 and was a really fast researcher (which I'm not I have so many visual / brain issues -- life long learning disabilities now layered with the deterioration of time having only partway addressed the underlying symptoms and causes and not having gotten to the furthest down part of the root of the matter, until recent weeks, months, and years).

In messaging with someone else in the group that I had established a little bit of a relationship with late last year in order to get some fast answers to questions I had about mold near the end of 2014 in order to get that onto Lumigrate for YOUsers, to thank them again for helping me individually AND for all they do to facilitate the great group helping as she and others do, it turns out these two gals go way back collaborating in many places on the Internet.

They end up providing really nice comment thread facilitation in Steve's Images.  They both had posted in comments right next to each other and were so kind to someone who was seeking support, when other places they can be out there joking and being --- well --- ticked off! It's so frustrating to see in your own life and then helping others, what all people have gone through whether you know what the real underlying causes are or not.  

When you get into something that you think is a real solution, and you know how hard you've worked to get to the bottom of it AND you know how much everyone's suffering and has suffered, died prematurely, etc., we all will have those moments! And those who extend themselves to help others who are finding their way to these solutions are constantly taken through the process but thankfully when people who are researching this much find this type of information, they've not newbies at this stuff .... they also can be in more 'support groups' that aren't so much education and solve things groups.  

I've always been inclined to be on the later side of things, and finding others who are into the supportive.  If someone is needing a lot of support I will suggest they take a look at why they are needing so much external support --- everyone needs some, it's not that I don't recognize that, but sometimes there's a need as a therapist of the occupational type as my background entails, to look at that as a symptom.  Has someone taken your locus of control away? That does frequently happen in families of origin in people who develop in higher rates the complex chronic, overlapping conditions.  

I will also say that there might be some traps set up in groups that end up not addressing the underlying causes, and it keeps people from going further on solving the problems.  The system funds 700,000  people, one article said, to disrupt things on the Internet in the western world. That includes social media and I have had enough experiences personally on Facebook to be reasonably assured it is prudent to forewarn people that many of the nice people that appear to be wanting to help people and be activists are being funded in one way or another by the system and they then have the ability to keep people away from the truthful information.  And then there are others who are truly clean of that and sincere.  Just keep your radar up and your thinking caps on! 

At any rate, I give full credit here to those who are setting these things up for me to provide with relatively little effort at Lumigrate.  I'll not name names aside from Steve but I do give credit and will let them know how it's a springboard for me that will benefit YOUsers of Lumigrate. To ALL who spend time, energy and in some cases money helping others learn --- and you're sincere and not being paid by someone to be acting like you're in the fight to help people solve these complex issues by helping with education -- I recognize you as well.  

It was, if I recall, one of these advocates whose group I encountered Steve in, and put in a (rare) Friend Request to him and then he told me about his group.  Nobody comes to me and says 'Mardy, Mardy, look at this awesome group" typically -- I'm finding my way with it just like anyone who wants to use Facebook as a tool. And if it seems to fit for Lumigrate, resonates for me you might say, and it checks out as legitimate enough to take up space here, my time creating it, and energy, then you'll I add the information for YOUsers.  

At the end of 2014 there was a whole dustup going about new policies at FB and people started talking about going to other social media sites, and my impression of it ended up being that 1) this could be a ploy to break up what is getting to be a VERY strong tool for people to connect about these real issues about the world and what we can do to change it, whether it be about health issues or environmental issues, financial issues, etc.  So I stated on my wall I was going to stay put on Facebook and that I suggested people if they were freaking out about what might be used from FB create a new profile and put the old one to rest.  

I fortunately had fairly good education about what Facebook was all about from the very beginning -- I learned more about it as I went on and adjusted what I do on Facebook and people say my FB page is really boring because I don't post much anymore about me and what I'm doing in my life.  But FB is a great tool for getting people to remember that Lumigrate exists, it's a resource, and for me to learn more and find GRATE things to bring to YOU, the YOUser. So when you think abou the team you have around you ... our YOU model ... maybe think about the virtual and the in person. Here's the You model: 


AND here's the old full barrel syndrome model which I believe was created by the fabulous full-time assistant I had from 2 months into this chapter of my professional career to 2 months after Lumigrate and the videos and photos were all taken, edited, and the website created. We didn't use this version in the video by Dr Lepisto of Full Barrel Syndrome as we'd found a graphics artist to draw it going off of this perhaps. She and I had many overlaps and one was that we had very high standards for how things looked compared to how we envisioned they should look on a website we were taking very seriously and wanted others to do as well.  

This shows how things can progress ... as in move forward ... because today I'd create this to have 'parasites' and 'waterborn toxins' to reflect what is being communicated with this information at this topic.  Perhaps as an exercise to deepen your understanding, draw a full barrel syndrome graphic of your own and what you think has contributed to your level of illness/wellness and then what you can do for eliminating / reducing the toxic load.  

AND then in 2012 I had the elevator model drawn up that Dr Spurlock, who was a content provider from 2009 to 2012 or maybe a little in 2013, had shown me in person when we met for the second time when he was in Utah for a conference (the first time was same conference time but 2010). 


And here I can see that we were wise to that we needed to leave things to the imagination of people as to what ALL that can be that is loading, and make room for the providers to learn new things, for scientists to uncover new evidence, etc. But I think I'd make that big one front and center "cyanobacteria and parasites" or something if I had it to do over again today! Hence, my signoff --- Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! -- applies maybe as much to THIS topic as it does to ANY topic at Lumigrate! ~ Mardy


FURTHER adding on, and these gems posted by the same person are not being posted by me here in this thread in the same order they provided them .... I'm shuffling them to an order I think will make the most sense to anyone that may be a newcomer ... starting at the basic and adding on with complexities.... 

" ............. but whoop here it is, I think you can sort out the details. Wink, wink."

In other words, connect the dots. 


Another one ... same indy Internet researcher/ consumer:


And then in April, I'm adding on this one posted by another one of the initial primary women of the group who shared this link that helps show the interplay of virus and bacteria in water.


bringing pertinent things here for YOUsers of Lumigrate. With my thanks to PosterGal.

SIBO - Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth


"You can't keep your head out of your plate of spaghetti after eating due to 'wheat coma', you have SIBO.

You can't take an aspirin anymore without feeling like you are going to die, you have SIBO.

You can't drink a beer without getting sloshed, you have SIBO.

Your cartilage is dissolving, your bones look like Swiss cheese, you have SIBO.

You look 18 months pregnant, with skinny legs and arms, you have SIBO.

Or you look thinner than a NY model, you have SIBO.

Or you gained 200 lbs. for no reason and suddenly have more acne than when a teenager, you have SIBO.

You fly into a rage over Sesame Street (Barney is a different story), you have SIBO.

You can't think your way out of a wet paper bag, you have SIBO.

You're depressed, anxious, irritable for no apparent reason, you have SIBO.

You can't move your ass if Big Foot was chasing you, you have SIBO.

The most ambition you've had in five years was to say 'forget it' after your great idea, you have SIBO.

You are more bendy than Gumby, you have SIBO."

The highlights below stemmed from my simply following up with updates from my experiences and that now includes working with people with pets and I'd remembered her story initially was glowing with what the protocol did to help her dogs.  She said she had one who couldn't tolerate the paste and she couldn't afford the liquid any more so she looked into the pellets that are used in zoos with a lot of animals.  That is what she uses now, she puts the amount she feels right for their size/weight in their food.  

We eventually went on to talk about people: Someone had asked about being diabetic, having non alcoholic liver disease ... "Yep, goes with territory. Liver's overwhelmed with trying. Associated condition with SIBO. Have easy- to- digest foods. Taking berberine or fenben can be done. Peppermint oil to help motility and the SIBO recipe to neutralize deadly hydrogen sulfide gas as you are taking the rest.

Sulfate-reducing bacteria causes diarrhea; methane-reducing bacteria, constipation. The methane eventually out-competes the sulfate-reducing, most have a combination until one out-competes. The constipated people take longer, but it still all works."

Berberine. An FtsZ inhibitor, like fenbendazole. PosterGal said she found patents and abstracts indicating they use things along these lines in bio-remediation of this bacteria.  MGO2 is what Milk of Magnesia is.

It creates a slow release oxygen when mixed with water. Works better and lasts longer than ozone or peroxide; reducing the numbers of the bacteria and neutralizes the deadly gas. (We'd discussed how the gas is basically like cyanide, hence people are dying currently from ingesting or being exposed to things such as a can of a drink they used to consume as a pick me up due to the caffeine and sugar in it, or taking a tablet such as aspirin, or being on a golf course that had been treated like in the past without deadly consequence, with chemicals.) "The recipe does this due to its direct decomposition.....".  She went on to say: 

If one cannot afford berberine, there is the SIBO recipe. BUT cannot be used for pets due to the zinc.  Mardy's note on abbreviations.  IBS = irritable bowel syndrome.  SIBO - small intestine bacterial overgrowth 

It works by neutralizing hydrogen sulfide gas, a byproduct of sulfate reducing bacteria which is released in the intestines of those suffering from SIBO, colitis, IBS and other chronic inflammatory bowel diseases.

Recipe: 1/16 teaspoon of zinc oxide plus 1/2 teaspoon of milk of magnesia plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water taken twice a day.

Some immediate relief of ulcerative colitis should be experienced. The dose is not a perfect one, but it seems twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime is helpful.

If the remedy causes somewhat of a diarrhea or laxative effect, then one might reduce the milk of magnesium and baking soda by 1/2. "I am have a good feedback on this one, although there simply is not enough feedback I would like to receive from this remedy."

"I believe the remedy should be taken only 4 days out of a week, which should be generally be sufficient."

"And autism, we all know by now how their guts are destroyed. And in the majority of chronic disease patients the gut is gone. Gone. All I know is that it has helped me tremendously in every way, pain, fatigue, bloat, brain fog etc. Tremendously. One of the best finds ever. And the dose is so low on all it should not affect anyone in a negative way, kids, reduce doses to half. Any nausea it is likely the zinc, cut back on that. I will not go without it now." 

I make a big bottle at a time, multiply dose x 8 cups in the bottle, I get mine, and then (the family member get theirs) including spouse .... so he does not turn in to me as he is getting the 8 months preggers bloat by evening now. And wheat coma. 

Very few people have a true MTHFR according to Dr. Mark Pimental. In most an inability to detox is actually SIBO. From a resource:

"In the body, HS must be detoxified by oxidation. While HS can be produced in large quantities by sulfate-reducing bacteria in the colon, it is normally rapidly metabolized by a specialized detoxification system in the colonic mucosa. More proximal sites of the gastrointestinal tract, including the small intestines, are much less efficient at detoxifying the gas. If the detoxification system were to be overwhelmed, HS would escape the gut to enter the portal vein. In the portal vein, a small amount of HS is detoxified by oxygen bound to hemoglobin. The majority would then enter the liver."  

Here's a video link of a June 2015 interview at a SIBO conference of Dr Pimental:   7 minutes, 39 seconds and TERRIBLE sound quality, so it's hard to hear perhaps. I suggest watching. Here's all they say at YouTube: Published on Jun 11, 2015

Dr Mark Pimentel MD and Dr Allison Siebecker ND 
interviewed by SIBO Test Director Dr Nirala Jacobi ND at the second annual Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) Symposium at the SIBO Center in Portland, Oregon. Recorded 8 June 2015.


Another video that was offered to me at YouTube (with really GOOD sound, visual aids/ graphics) was this one which I liked the sound on and information, and the way the doctor conducted himself on YouTube's comments that were left for him.  He talks about Dr. Lynch (Ben Lynch) who is someone I'd covered on the MTHFR information at Lumigrate. 

The cause of all the high folic acid .... "folic acid" is called "folate" in the literature .. it's a byproduct of the bacteria in the intestine. He explains it very well. Here's the words and then the link to find it at YouTube


Published on Sep 9, 2014

The health of the body depends on the health of the gut. Small Instestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a growing problem in our society. Not only does SIBO cause pain, bloating, gas and other digestive issues, it also leads to malabsorption and malnutrition. In fact, SIBO can lead to serious methylation issues - it causes increased blood levels of folic acid and decreased levels of B12 and other important vitamins. If you would like help with your digestion to optimize your methylation and detoxification pathways, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email Website


Links for where "The SIBO Recipe" originated:

May we all learn as much as PosterGal and be making the improvements in our wellness level and helping those in our homes and lives do the same, as she is. She has returned to her vocation and doing work in the previous normal amount of time, she reported. That's GRATE news! She'd said she returned 'to work' and I corrected her, pointing out she'd been working, doing the research to help thousands get over the hump of Steve's research and on their way. Indirectly it ended up being thousands, at the time they had 1,000+ in the group but many were not active really.  "The ripple effect" occurred by my taking the time to grab and weave a lot of highlights at this topic, and over 6,000 people have benefitted to date on this topic thread, alone.

Thank you, PosterGal ~ GrateFULLY, Mardy

Going on About SIBO -- Showing How Word Spreads in a FB Group and Communities Which Are Connected

PosterGal, who left the group in the spring, had gotten many followers as her personal FB friend, so we all can see what she posts, which I was fortunate to be, at least until the time of this updating on October 24, 2015. Many who were very active in that timeframe became quiet in Steve's group and now post only very occasionally if at all.  New leadership emerged when "the et al.s", as I called them, quieted. Clearly there are likely secret groups, I might know of some, not others. The new leading helper, also a woman, so I'll call her the "Leading Lady" here, had this to add on a recent thread I'm going to bring the highlights of along with because it's really great information provided by her, Steve, others.

"I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you, but some people on the forum are also trying to work on gut issues, which may effect the external skin issues. 

Leading Lady: There's an easy and affordable do-it-yourself recipe to treat SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). The ingredients neutralize the hydrochloric acid in the gut:

1/2 tsp milk of magnesia, 
1/16 tsp zinc oxide powder, and
1/4 tsp baking soda

Mix with 8 oz of clean water, and take first thing in the morning and right before bed on an empty stomach, four days a week.

I'll try to find the link to the full article and post it here.  (Mardy's Note: I did that, the link's the one above to ted dot earth ..... etc.) 


The conversation, which I've constructed to be above and below, was in response to a video posted by a woman who said that she's experienced similar, and this is what she related (and the video link --- note, they try to get you to share it by making you wait TWO Minutes to view it, so find something to do for two minutes unless you want to share it sight unseen.... : I do encourage viewing it.

This was a symptom I'd had and did not realize it was a symptoms of anything ..... a former esthetician struggled with extracting them sometimes, and I remember back to my teens using the still ever-present 'pimple popper' gadget from the drug store cosmetics tools are to rid my skin of this type of thing. NOTHING like what you'll read is going on for some people such as the woman who brought this video to Steve's Images group (as you'll see, below). 

"This is very similar to what I am experiencing. I have thousands of white stuff (which I believe to be parasites) coming from my skin. They range in size from very tiny to the size of a tic tac. Some are soft, while others are very hard. I spend hours every day rubbing my face. They are coming out all over the right side of my face & scalp, even places where there are no sores or lesions. I have hard bumps under my skin. When I break them open, massive amounts of white matter pour out. There is no end to it. There are areas on my face that look fine (not the least bit sore), but if I rub it, this stuff pours. Is anyone else experiencing this?"

 "I've been on the protocol for the last 6 weeks. Prior to that, I was taking several parasitic drugs (albenza, ivermectin, praziquantel & fenben).  I continue to take ivermectin/praz once a month on the full moon.
I am trying to determine if these
 things coming out of my face are parasites or fungus. I do not have itching, but I have burning, stinging & tremendous amount of pain, which comes & goes. It is never-ending. They keep pouring out of my face. Some are as large as tic tacs, other are very small."


STEVE: Bacteria. Hydrosulphuric acid burns, causes pain.

Woman Posting/Central to Conversation: So you don't think it is fungal or parasitic, it's the hydrosulphuric acid coming from the bacteria? 

I have a lot of movement on the right side of my face & ear,  a pulsating/throbbing & also a flutter (like butterfly wings on the side my ears. It drives me crazy. I am also very sensitive to EMF, being on the computer to type this is killing me.
I have several holes now on the right side of my face (the largest almost the size of a quarter). Globs of mucous, slime & white matter poured out of my face in February when I applied a horse de-wormer paste on my face. 
I have no hair growing anymore on the right side along my ear. My scalp is crusty & I have MASSIVE amounts of these white things coming out of my scalp.

I have been treating for Morgellons for two years now.  This explosion in my face has been going on since February. It is driving me crazy, it is never ending -- the more I rub, they just keep coming.  I've been to several doctors who all say they have no idea what it is. I do not mention the M word to them, but I explain that I have had Lyme for a long time & have been treating for parasites.

Leading Lady: (Depending upon how long you've been on this protocol) -- If you're at a dose that you can handle, I recommend slowly increasing to tolerance little by little. Fenben and reishi. Some folks who have been on the protocol for a while are taking more than the 3ml adult dose. In your case, increasing the dose may be necessary to reach the next level of healing.

I'm so sorry you're suffering this way. My best advice is to take as much as you can handle, with caution, while making sure that you're moving your bowels every day. The more the better.

Also, are you drinking active ozone water every day and ozonating ALL water meant for drinking and cooking?

Woman Posting: I have increased the fenben where I take the full dose every day.....however, I can't do that with the reishi.....I have to go very slowly.....I have been in the worse pain I have ever been in my much stuff coming out of my is all very hard like gravel, course salt....I am also experiencing INTENSE electrical pain that is unbearable. I am unable to get on the computer much due to my EMF sensitivity, plus the fact that I am just too sick.

I have been using distilled water & adding minerals to it.
I thought I would have seen improvement by now...I do have a day or two that it will slow down, but then it picks back up harder than ever.

Someone said she was praying for her, she thanked the woman and said she can use them. Then Leading Lady posted what I lead off with relative to the SIBO recipe and suggesting she also look into that direction. 

One of the group's long-standing active members, who has just been through homelessness in her country in Europe, where some of the things we can purchase are not obtainable if I followed the story correctly, posted this: 

mix of apple, lime & lemon juice after shower
allow to dry

when itch just rub
with dry flat hands
no nails

THEN she said 
The base of this disease is the gsb invasion. Which can be treated with the right base. (End of quoting highlights of the conversation....)

It takes a while to study this, interact with people about it, and wrap head around it, but I hope that the highlights I provide at Lumigrate allow people to do this as much on their own and finding their way to those who can assist them. A reminder, the contact us at Lumigrate is currently not corrected and I cannot figure out how to do so (as of mid to late 2015); the About information or the top / pinned blog about me as Mardy Poppins AND the information about me in the forum titled about our forum writers are correct (at this time). I'm easily findable on Facebook. I work with people selectively to connect them to those who can be of assistance to them, so that's a possibility. 

Learning, and therefore progress, takes a while.  About a full year after the split in Steve's Images, I saw in a SIBO group that Steve Beddingfield had posted a new topic thread, challenging everyone (8,000+ members there) to start merging what they have learned so far about SIBO with what he believes is the underlying player or players, in chronic conditions and the gut.  His summary statement: 

"In order for bacteria to flourish within a specific enviroment (small intestine), it is most likely a genus which prefers (originates from) an area which is similar to the biome of our small intestines, the question then becomes, which genus of bacteria prefers the microbiome found within our small intestines?

If bacteria are found to be migrating from the large intestine to the small intestine, then the genus of bacteria found there would be easy to identify, understand, but if an invasive pathogenic bacteria is taking over the SI, an area which is supposedly sterile, then it too would be easily found, identified.

How can such tiny bacteria form such huge mats, blockages, within the SI? Have these bacteria been proven as the causitive agent for overgrowth of large materials (mats) found (exiting) from the large intestine?

Mat forming bacteria are not usually pathogenic to humans, nor to any other species, many species in marine enviroments feed upon these mat forming bacteria, mammals showing these bacteria within the SI certainly is a puzzle for medical providers, perhaps a Marine biologist could possibly shed some light upon the mat forming bacteria now found in our SI's."

Someone makes a very novice comment about her symptoms and antibiotics not working on her, so it must be something else besides bacteria.  (Oh, how it concerns me the level of overall science ability people have, it hinders them from safely figuring out navigating their learning and doing for their wellness recovery / reversal of illness).  Steve's response: 

"Before anyone is prescribed abxs for a specific disease syndrome, the causitive agent (bacteria) has to be id'd and the science about the bacteria must be understood, otherwise it becomes a form of abx roulettte, plus the actual id, unless substantiated through microscropy, might not even be a bacteria, then the possibility of damage due to improper application of abxs exists."

Someone suggests he look at one of the known experts' websites, and says there's a conference coming up on SIBO... Steve's response: "My subscription to Nature is going to be renewed next year, provided next year arrives.


Then someone calls him out, tagging his name, and writes: "what do you want to tell? Cyanobacteria is the root of every disease? That's not likely to be true. Methane producing and hydrogen producing bacteria are not limited to Cyanobacteria."  Steve's response: 

"You did not read about prochlorococcus, it's the primary cause of hydrogen in gut and breath, it is a component of algae, cyanobacteria, it's the toxic portion that does the harm, toxic blue green algae. Prochlorococcus is not bacteria, it's a chlorophyll which is highly evolved for purpose of facilitating low light photosynthesis; it also produces hydrogen gas, Archae are the smymbiots of prochlorococcus.  Mark Pimentel, author of SIBO journals and the source for this group's info, as stated above by admin, agrees with my research, plus his new findings were first reported by me."

He provides a photo and this: "Toxic blue green algae from a fecal sample provided by a person with major gut issues."


                       © 2016 Steve Beddingfield



           Symbiotic matting, 100X, © 2016 Steve Beddingfield

AND then, he posts a link to his Facebook group (

Someone comes along and talks about the breath test and a top GI doctor she's going to and he considers the breath test a 'gold standard'.  Steve's response: 

The GI is not a microbioligist, but I'm betting that he would like to speak to me, treating for a symptom such as hydrogen gas breath is a leap of faith.  To claim this test as a gold standard is presumptous on his part. With any procedure to be awarded that level of confidence, the science must be properly understood.  Microbial decomposition is happening inside us, the gas is released by our guts, but it is not the cause, it's merely a symptom.

Microbes ... bacteria are "social microbes", intelligent and symbiotic, this social action allows for those micro organisms to function as if they were one single organism.  Unless one treats for this microbial mutualism and their pathogenic process, you will not overcome / overwhelm this set of microbes.

Decomposition is an action by microbes which is for recomposition of other forms. These forms are intelligent, fast replicating, and difficult to treat unless you understand the actions performed by these microbes while they are inside of our small intestine.

Their actions create new life forms inside us, they are extremeophilic, thermophilic, and hard to destroy, as we know so little about these microoorganisms. Picture is a stool specimen which has been dehydrated, cultured, resulting growth is, I believe, a marine sponge.


                                     © 2016 Steve Beddingfield

SIBO is focused on as well at comment #23, below. The link to go there rather than scroll: 

Steve's original information he posted at a WordPress site specifically under the Morgellons label:





















































































# SG75 Safe Guard Wormer for goats or horses, goat dewormer is the best bargain, 3mls per day, with the horse paste, turn down the threaded dialer to prevent any from coming out, then back out two turns for a proper amt. or  Jeffers online store.  Animal feed and seed supply houses also have these supplies as do “Tractor Supply chain stores”.

I started with the safeguard Fenbendazole 10% paste,orally.
The Fenbendazole was taken daily for 6 weeks, then every other day for 6 months, then I switched to 5 days on, three weeks off for another 6 mths, this was kept up until the fibers no longer appeared in the stool specimens.

certain foods help with the expulsion of so many different species of bugs and fungi. Keeping the bowel loose is also a must during this time. Sauerkraut and pineapple provide bulk and a cleansing effect. Ice cream and other bowel softeners will need to be used. Others have added in coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil in order to loosen the bowel or otherwise the huge plug cannot leave. Enemas are utilized by some, especially those with large plugs that refuse to come out. Fresh grapefruit sections make for lots of ugly things to come out while also taking the dewormers. The bowel must flow and 10 times per day wouldn’t be too many.

After 6-8 weeks of fenbendazole each day, one can take a week or 10 day break,  catch up on eating and regaining of strength,  some keep going with the DW’s.

Pyrantel Pamoate and Equimax dewormers need to be mixed together prior to use. After mixing the can be sucked back up into the tubes for future use. Be certain to mark the tubes as mixed. This mix is to be the same dosage for most, but some may become nauseous and require a lower dosage; This stuff is strong and will chase lots of the mess out of the body, keep loose with bowels during this time. Do not become dehydrated, use juices, especially those high in citric acid.

M artifacts will also try to leave through the skin and bowels, other organs,such as the tongue, eyes, urine, sinuses and feet will also see the mess exit there.

Tinactin antifungal liquid in a spray can or a cream is excellent for the skin issues, take the Tinactin, mix equal parts hydrocortisone creme, Fenben paste and Gel toothpaste, Aim or Colgate, get the type with zinc if it’s available.  Stir up the mix and apply a thin layer, allow to dry, apply another layer, leave dry for 24 hrs and rinse off afterwards, then reapply, keep doing the drying and rinsing off after 24hrs.

. Never touch a dry lesion, fingers are our enemy. get in the shower if one must pick at the areas.

If a sufferer feels pricks and crawling, then they can safely assume that their clothes are contaminated. They can be washed with borax, which is also in Oxyclean, Pinesol disinfectant cleaner, and regular detergent are to be used all at the same time. Double the dry level and time. Shirts and socks need to be turned inside out before drying.

The Tinactin liquid spray and or cream will stop the skin crawlies and pricks, so will the toothpaste. Colgate brand Optic White is much better than any other skin application including other toothpastes but it burns a bit, the cool mint feels great on most lesions. If too hot then bathe and soak the lesions prior to applying, especially with weeping lesions..

I spray hair with the Tinactin liquid spray or place the cream there, it makes a great multi purpose hair gel.

The kidneys can get stressed during this time of deworming due mainly to so much acidic and toxic mess coming down and out of the body. At times the urine looked like dark gear oil and smelled just as bad. The black fibers can be seen at the bottom of the commode.

Those with tender and or swollen thyroids will quickly notice an improvement with their thyroid gland, no more swelling nor tenderness.

I’ve learned to keep a supply of probiotics on hand, due to the cleansing out of so many of the good things inside my body, while eliminating bad things.

Keep lots of citric juices cold, and on hand.

Most sufferers have obstructed bowels, butter pecan ice cream and then grapefruit sections behind it will loosen up the bowels, Psyllium or Metamucial are both great products to help with the constipation. The stool must be kept loose during treatments, if unable to loosen the stools, contact me for more suggestions. Juices work great!


It has always been my intention to provide a historical approach to the goings-on in Steve's Images group on Facebook, and the work of Steve Beddingfield. I was unaware of this resource for the first six months I was actively studying and providing the information here, because it was simply never brought up that I saw. There was a protocol version in the Files at the group that I believe one of the then-administrators had provided, which was then updated and upgraded and I was reflecting those in this topic.  So in late September 2015 I am adding this into the information provided on this thread. 

It's been my privilege to be seeing this, I think, history-making, ground breaking work of Steve Beddingfield and the way that collaborations with those in his group or who he otherwise communes with have ushered his work along.  I hope it serves to inspire many people who are thinking they're not with the education, qualifications, background, intelligence, drive, etc. to solve their health problems and / or go on to also help others to be proactive.  And I hope all who are involved continue to pursue the efforts to help themselves and be doing what they're going to be inspired by while on Earth, and be collectively 'the ripple effect'! Look how far you've come, Steve Beddingfield! Kudos!

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy

 13,000 reads of the topic as of editing on October 24, 2015 -- just about exactly 10 months from the day I realized the importance of this information I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours compiling here --- copying photos, uploading them and then downloading them, getting information to clarify things when needed in order to provide here a written record of highlights for YOUsers finding this helpful to work with and perhaps some finding the information by Searching on the Internet and benefitting. Please, if you feel you've benefitted, let me know .... About Us has my current and updated contact info as does the pinned Mardy Poppins is me post at the Blog tab.  (Contact us I need to figure out how to update currently so might not be correct when you read this, or it might -- Facebook is an excellent way too, I'm easy to find there. ) 


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Linking to Route to Mold Topic in the Environ Ill/Well Forum

 Since there were about 60 or more reads of this in the first week it was on Lumigrate, I wanted to keep working on this type of information and finding supportive information about this.  I created a new comment that I added on today to the main mold topic and this is the link to that comment at that thread:

What I found was an absolutely phenomenal and easy to read and 'enjoyable' topic that was created for the end of year topic provided by Elle who is the mother who created a website when their child was diagnosed with ADHD so they could share in what they found.  She included information about Cyanobacteria and titles her lovely year end wrap up and looking forward to 2015 "Red Tides in the Body".  But overall the article 'fit' best being added onto the mold topic which is in the environmental wellness/ illness forum as opposed to this forum which is about connectivity that comes from Facebook, the Internet and activism.  

Once in the forum for environmental wellness / environmental illness, click to the link to see the whole forum as there are MANY topics in that forum that are the most recent and significant with a focus on things to do with environmental illness / chronic illness from these exposures.  Here's another link for a topic there, for example which is about the integration of the many factors and components of wellness/ illness:

Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! ~ Mardy

Editing this July 15, 2015 where we'd had about exactly 5,000 reads at the six month mark, and continue with a pace of between 50 and 100 reads per day, I'm continuing to embellish. EDITING LABOR DAY 2015 (September 7, 2015) the topic is just shy of 10,000 reads now, so it's more than trippling in numbers of reads since July 15. "Exponential" .... I like it! Thanks to those who are helping get the word out one way or another, about this important work.  

Steve Beddingfield just made this striking statement when someone offered the preserved body of their cat to him, suspecting they had 'mold' illness.  " "MOLD" is not mold, not fungi -- its bacteria; Thioploca, for the filament id, Thiothrix for another, Thioulvum, Beggiatoa, Archaebacteria, all exude enzymes. Polymerase is super abundant, it is same as PCR enzymes, therefore cloning is made easy and rapid, Things move rapidly at hydrothermal vents. 

And so we continue on with this evolving thread at Lumigrate.....


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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NEW Draft of the Protocol PLUS More Guidelines & Supportive Info

275 people saw this thread before the current updated version of the protocol was done and so I added it ASAP here to a comment.  For now, you can see in the top of this thead where there's the link to get to Steve's Images group on Facebook and you can also see the original protocol and how much this one is expanded and encompasses so many things I was hoping to find initially.   So.. here it is... 

This is the main protocol: Keep it simple.  

1. Fenbendazole: (Safeguard, Panacur, same ingredient, different names possibly per country)

Equine Paste or Liquid for Goats. 1 ml. per 50 lbs. body weight. Or squeeze

into a capsule after eyeing up initial dose if using paste. Dosage is usually

once per day. Proceed at your comfort level and convenience. No one can

judge your level of infection. Average time to see major improvement is 4

months. Available at: Amazon, Tractor Supply, Agway, Feed Store, WalMart, etc.

Paste is approx. $10, Liquid is approx. $20.

Fenbendazole is a benzimidazole anthelmintic, that has broad spectrum,

and a wide safety margin. It binds to 3-tubulin astructural protein that blocks polymerization

of tubulin into microtubules, which damages the integrity and the transport

function of cells in parasites. The reason behind the wide safety margin

is due to its affinity to the parasitic tubules rather than mammals.

The drug is minimally absorbed after it is given orally. It is metabolized to the active

compound oxfendazole sulfoxide and sulfone.

Fenbendazole is excreted in the feces and urine. Formula C15H13N3O2S


2. Reishi Capsules or Tincture. Most here are using Half Hill Farms tincture

or Aloha Brand Capsules. As per dosage on label. Proceed at your comfort

level, less or more.


3. Clean Water. Spring water, as verified by microscopy to be free of cyanobacteria

or ‘organisms’. Most here are ozonating. Distilled and cold temperature holds ozone best. Food grade

peroxide is an option after boiling, but it must remain in the water for at least 12 hours to neutralize

toxins. Both ozone and food grade peroxide will dissipate leaving you with just pure water free

of pathogens. Both use a form of oxygen to clean water. A2Z on Amazon is a popular choice,

approx. $70.

Clean Food. Washing or ozonating fruits and veggies as per directions on

your unit or with food grade peroxide at minimum. Ozonating other foods, such as flour, is optional;

place dry ingredients in cannister or bag, insert airstone, time depends on your unit, must follow

directions as per your unit. All ozonators are different. We can not give more than general

instructions for ozonators, you must follow directions for your unit.


4. Optional: For lesions, toothpaste with peroxide and baking soda. Apply to

lesion, let dry, do not touch. See Steve for further options on lesions such as

zinc or cortisone.


5. For the home:

Borax or OxyClean for clothes washing or cleaning.

Turn inside out to dry on high heat. Pine Sol for cleaning.

That’s it, no real need to add anything further.

You must keep the bowels moving. Some suggestions,

fruit juice, citric acid, ice cream.

Ozonated Magesium, Mag 07 is a popular brand or ozonated Natural

Calm, as it seems to work very well and gives additional support. How you do that is up to you. Fat

increases the ability of Fenbendazole to do it’s job. If you begin to notice fewer bowel movements

you may want to back off until the bowels move again. You may want to just start with Reishi, as it

is more gentle. Dosage is day or night, empty of full stomach for both, whichever is best or most

convenient for you. Proceed only at your comfort level.


Further information about our group and the nature of chronic disease and symbiosis or

‘fungal’ synergy’ with links for further reading. The term ‘fungus’ is used but we believe

one of the most pathogenic organisms is cyanobacteria. It is a true misnomer to use the

term fungus, we must demand that the dangers of cyanobacteria in our water be

recognized. We must acknowledge that some true pathogenic algae has been misidentified

as Candida. We use the term fungal or fungus until all of these pathogenic cyanobacteria

are identified and for ease of understanding.


This is the quintessential root of your 'label'. Or as close as I can find in published literature

that is fairly easy to grasp for the average person. If I could find more to add that is easy

to grasp and understand I would, but that is very difficult. And to my knowledge, no one

quite understands the synergy but the root is becoming established science more by the

day.... ust not recognized by the medical establishment to the extent it must be for everyone's

sake. We will also set out to prove the synergy of pathogens and ‘fungi’ and the role that

plays in chonic disease.



And a quote from the "queen of Lyme crime". And another quote. OspA can and does

occur in NATURE. They likely don't even know the number of pathogens/organisms that

are able to induce this. Some have not even been identified (but you

should know they have been and are seeking to reclassify spirochetes into the family of

cyanobacteria after DNA analysis).


You may likely never trace the source, or you may. If it is in your water and I think we've

shown, it is, why keep adding to it? If in your food, the same. If passed generationally,

we should be told. If it contaminated vaccines, and it very well could have, whether

intentionally or unintentionally, the average person can never uncover (but a few know

enough to guess or know and they are not being truthful -- but that is their crime) and not

the focus of this site, albeit a VERY IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle.

I think we've also shown how one safe drug (fenbendazole, benzimidazole class) works

across the myriad of 'labels' by reversing the root of your 'label' --  in addition, Steve to

my knowledge never denied or disagreed to the underlying immune dysfunction or how

these pathogens use the same mechanism to evade the immune system.

And I cannot paste all the 'labels' from one source (or all the known

pathogens that can cause this) but the treatments (benzimidazoles) also include autoimmune,

heart disease, cancer in addition to anti parasite, anti viral, anti fungal, anti microbial,

anti tumoral. Now that is simply the truth. The truth.


A brief quote from the queen of Lyme Crime Kathleen Dickson.

December 16 at 8:08am (2014)(on Facebook)

Kathleen Dickson: Not necessarily from Lyme, right, could be some other toxic exposure, but the chronicity comes from being unable to reverse fungal antigen tolerance.

Kathleen Dickson: Whatever is a TLR2/1-agonist. Could be spirochetes shedding Osps, could be contaminated vaccines, could be a moldy home... What makes it irreversible is the fungal antigens, such as OspA.

Kathleen Dickson: Not necessarily from Lyme, right, could be some other toxic exposure, but the chronicity comes from being unable to reverse fungal antigen tolerance.


We've also proven the danger and increasing occurence of HABS around the world which

appeared to increase in the 1850's at the end of the end of the mini ice age. And

while this is known to WHO, (the increasing number of pathogens in

water), the sciences, even the Veterinary Manuals and animal doctors for decades now,

known algal/fungal/cyanobacterial pathogens or toxins are barely on the radar of the

medical establishment and right up there in denial along with vaccines

and chronic Lyme. We are simply questioning if the chronicity is occuring due to chronic

exposure (as some here say) or an inability to reverse due to lack of proper treatment

or improper treatment. That is all.


And we are trying to bring awareness to how our 'labels'

are also affecting not only humans and animals, as well as insects but trees and plants

as well (see for yourself the dying trees affected by 'fungi/algae' if you don't believe it).

We are also bringing to light just what the wrong treatment might do (abx, chemo, steroids,

immuno suppressors) if one does have this as it could be unhelpful in the least and

dangerous at most.


Included are some links to the dangers of abx and their role in chronic disease and the

inability to keep up with mutations. This includes natural abx. As well as chemical warfare

in the environment in the fight against ‘fungus’. Benzimidazoles do not work like abx (antibiotics).

They are not a kiling machine. They harmlessly disable by working on a core mechanism

of replication. The tubulin-like protein FtsZ is a bacterial division protein which is

also required in plant and algae organelles. Benzimidazoles (Fenbendazole) may

disrupt this protein formation.


Our only agenda is truth and an end to labels when we believe the root is one (the

mechanism of chronic disease) and to draw attention to increasing environmental exposure,

as well as past environmental exposure that has largely been ignored. We as a group

will always be thankful and grateful to Steve Beddingfield for helping us to look

under our nose and as when he helped himself, he chose also to help others in

spreading the word about these safe effective treatments as well as to others who

are doing their best to expose and explain the ‘fungal synergy’ in chronic disease.

We hope to do our part.


Also, we are hoping to draw attention to safe effective treatments that address the synergy

of chronic disease and are readily available, inexpensive and effective.

See patents on benizimidazole, class of drugs which were originally used as an

environmental fungicide and algicide, the core chemical structure which is a derivative

of Vitamin B12, and are proven to be safe and effective against a wide range of conditions.

Some of the first azoles were thiaminidazoles (spelling?) which go back as far as the



Now on to our collected evidence for benzimidazoles, the proof of ‘fungal synergy’ as

shown now only in known fungal pathogens such as Candida, some other aquatic

organisms and viruses and the role of symbiosis in pathogenicity and infectivity, ‘it takes

two’ (or three if you count toxins as a major component) in this synergy.


Benzimidazole: A short review of their antimicrobial activities

Namrata Singh, Annamalai Pandurangan, Kavita Rana, Preeti Anand, Arsad Ahamad,

Amit Kumar Tiwari


Benzimidazole is the heterocyclic compound formed from benzene and

imidazole ring containing nitrogen, oxygen sulphor and its derivatives are of

wide interest because of their diverse biological activity and clinical applications,

they are remarkably effective compounds both with respect to their inhibitory

activity and their favourable selectivity ratio. Reported nucleus is a constituent

of vitamin-B12. Benzimidazoles are regarded as a promising class of bioactive

heterocyclic compounds that exhibit a range of biological activities like antimicrobial,

anti-viral, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer activity, numerous anti-oxidant,

anti-parasitic, anti-helmintics, anti-proliferative, anti-HIV, anti-convulsant, antiinflammatory,

anti-hypertensive, anti-neoplastic, proton pump inhibitor and

anti-trichinellosis. Benzimidazoles exhibit significant activity as potential

antitumor agents, smooth muscle cell proliferation inhibitors, a treatment for

intestinal cystitis, and in diverse area of chemistry. Some of the important

benzimidazole derivatives have been reported as thyroid receptor agonist

gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor antagonists, non-nucleoside HIV-

1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors and interestingly alkynylbenzimidazoles as

modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors. The imidazole core is a

common moiety in a large number of natural products and pharmacologically

active compounds. The synthesis of novel benzimidazole derivatives remains

a main focus of medicinal research. This comprehensive overview summarizes

the chemistry of different derivative of substituted benzimidazole along with

their anti-microbial activity containing anti-malarial anti-fungal, anti-bacterial,

anti-viral activities.


International Current Pharmaceutical Journal 2012, 1(5): 119-127


benzimidazoles; anti-malarial; anti-fungal; anti-bacterial; anti-viral, anti tumoral

Full Text: PDF

Also, found by PosterGal and posted in February 2015:                                                 


Now on to our contention with articles, that without ‘fungal synergy’ no pathogen is

particularly harmful on it’s own and that ‘fungus’ plays a major part in infectivity and

virulence. It takes two to tango.

It is not just our contention but that of Lynn Margulis, who alluded that a spirochete was

not infective on it’s own and proved that spirochetes drop DNA in relation to the host but

was never able to finish her work due to her death.


Paul Cox, his work on toxins, evironmental exposure, protein formation in the role of ALS

and more. Alan Barbour, who could not figure out why bovine serum made Borrelia

more or less pathogenic and infective. And many others working in symbiotic evolution

and disease.


First infectivity and replication from UGA in malaria.

Athens, Ga. - Long ago, when life on Earth was in its infancy, a group of small single-celled algae

propelled themselves through the vast prehistoric ocean by beating whip like tails called flagella. It's a

relatively unremarkable tale, except that now, more than 800 million years later, these organisms have

evolved into parasites that threaten human health, and their algal past in the ocean may be the key to

stopping them.

The organisms are called apicomplexa, but people know them better as the parasites that cause malaria

and toxoplasmosis, serious diseases that infect millions of people every year, particularly in the developing


Now, researchers at the University of Georgia have discovered how an important structure inside these

parasitic cells, which evolved from the algal ancestor millions of years ago, allows the cells to replicate

and spread inside their hosts. Their research may soon lead to new therapies to halt these deadly

pathogens before they cause disease.

In order to survive, the parasitic apicomplexa must invade an animal or human and force its way

into the cells of its host. Once inside the host cell, the parasite begins to replicate into numerous

daughter cells that in turn create additional copies, spreading the infection throughout the body.

In their study, published Dec. 11 in PLoS Biology, the researchers demonstrate that, during the process

of replication, the parasite cell loads genetic material into its daughter cells via a strand of fiber that

connects the two. By altering the genes for the components of the fiber in the laboratory, the researchers

discovered that they could prevent parasite replication, making the parasite essentially harmless.

"These altered parasites can initially infect cells, but once we turn off the fiber genes, they

cannot create new daughter cells and spread," said Maria Francia, lead author and doctoral

candidate in the department of cellular biology. "Since it cannot replicate, the parasite eventually

dies without causing serious harm."

This replication fiber appears to have evolved from the flagellum that ancient algae used to



"This was a surprising finding," said Boris Striepen, a Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator

in UGA's Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases. "These parasites no longer use flagella

to swim, but they have apparently repurposed this machinery to now organize the assembly of an

invasive cell."

During evolution, flagella have been reengineered to serve numerous different functions in animals,

including the sensors that allow us to see and smell. This study suggests that in these parasites structures

used to invade host cells may be also derived from flagella.

Current treatments for diseases like malaria are threatened by the parasite becoming resistant to the

drugs, so the need for new therapies is always pressing.

This algae-based connective fiber may serve as a promising target for anti-parasitic drug

development, said Striepen, who is also a cellular biologist in the Franklin College of Arts and

Sciences. He cautions, however, that more work must be done to learn how to manipulate or

destroy the fiber in parasites that have infected humans or animals.


But both Striepen and Francia argue that scientists do well to pay close attention to the evolutionary

history of the organisms they study.

"It is extremely important to understand the evolution of different organisms, but especially the evolution

of pathogens," Striepen said. "The analysis of their evolution produces important opportunities to develop

treatments, but it also helps us understand the basic structure of the pathogens that we must fight."


UGA Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases

The University of Georgia Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases draws on a strong foundation

of parasitology, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics to develop

medical and public health interventions for at-risk populations. Established in 1998, the center promotes

international biomedical research and educational programs at UGA and throughout Georgia to address

the parasitic and other tropical diseases that continue to threaten the health of people throughout the

world. For more information about the center, see


Alan Barbour among other authors in the infectivity and virulence of Borrelia.

In conclusion, our data suggest that variations in BSK medium formulations have

significant effects on the infectivity and pathogenicity of B. burgdorferi clinical

isolates. The attenuated pathogenicity of B. burgdorferi variants cultured in BSK-H

medium is not due to the loss of plasmids. Further studies are in progress to compare

the differences in levels of gene expression and in the protein profiles of variants of B.

burgdorferi clinical isolates grown in various BSK media.


BSK media is bovine serum. Steve and we have shown that cows are increasingly

infected with ‘pathogenic fungus’. Bovine serum is also used to culture many

vaccines including MMR.


I do believe they recognized this phenomenon much earlier as I have earlier


Schwan, T. G., W. Burgdorfer, and C. F. Garon. 1988. Changes in infectivity and plasmid

profile of the Lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, as a result of in vitro cultivation.

Infect. Immun. 56:1831-1836.

A plasmid is a small molecule within a cell that is physically separated from a chromosomal DNA and

can replicate independently. They are most commonly found in as small, circular, double-stranded DNA

molecules; however, plasmids are sometimes present archea and eukarotiuc organisms. In nature,

plasmids often carry genes that may benefit the survival of the organism, for example antibiotic resistance.  

While the chromosomes are big and contain all the essential information for living (an adequate analogy

is the hard-drive of a computer), plasmids usually are very small and contain additional information (in

this analogy, plasmids are the USB flash drives). Artificial plasmids are widely used as in vectors and

molecular cloning , serving to drive the replication of sequences within host organisms.

Plasmids are considered replicons, a unit of DNA capable of replicating autonomously within a suitable

host. However, plasmids, like viruses , are not considered by some to be a form of life . Plasmids can

be transmitted from one bacterium to another (even of another species) via three main mechanisms:

transformation ,transduction, and conjugation . This host-to-host transfer of genetic material is called ,

horizontal gene transfer and plasmids can be considered part of the transduction and conjugation. Unlike

viruses (which encase their genetic material in a protective protein coat called a capsid ), plasmids are

"naked" DNA and do not encode genes necessary to encase the genetic material for transfer to a new

host. However, some classes of plasmids encode the conjugated sex pilus necessary for their own

transfer. The size of the plasmid varies from 1 to over 1,000 kbp , and the number of identical plasmids

in a single cell can range anywhere from one to thousands under some circumstances.


Bacterium, fungus team up to cause virulent tooth decay

in toddlers.

Early childhood caries, a highly aggressive and painful form of tooth decay that

frequently occurs in preschool children, especially from backgrounds of poverty,

may result from a nefarious partnership between a bacterium and a fungus, according

to a paper published ahead of print in the journal Infection and Immunity.

The resulting tooth decay can be so severe that treatment frequently requires surgery -- in the operating

room, says corresponding author Hyun (Michel) Koo of the University of Pennsylvania.

"Our data will certainly open the way to test agents to prevent this disease, and even more intriguing,

the possibility of preventing children from acquiring this infection," says Koo.

In the study the investigators showed that infection by S. mutans and C. albicans together doubled the

number of cavities, and boosted their severity several-fold in rats.

Koo, of U. Penn's School of Dental Medicine, has spent 15 years studying how microbes construct the

biofilms, also known as plaque, that have plagued teeth since H. sapiens invented agriculture, bringing

large quantities of starch into the diet. (Caries are common in Neolithic skeletons, but virtually absent

from our Paleolithic ancestors.)

PLoS Pathog. 2010 Apr; 6(4): e1000886.

Published online 2010 Apr 29. doi:†

PMCID: PMC2861711


Candida albicans Interactions with Bacteria in the Context of Human

Health and Disease

and *

Hiten D. Madhani, Editor

This article has been other articles in PMC.

Humans are colonized by diverse populations of bacteria and fungi when in a healthy

state and in the settings of disease, and the interactions between these microbial

populations can be beneficial or detrimental to the host . Among these microbial

populations, Candida albicans is the fungus most commonly detected in association

with humans , and numerous studies have described C. albicans interactions with

its bacterial neighbors . Here, with a focus on C. albicans, we provide examples of

how bacterial-fungal interactions can influence human health. In addition, we

highlight studies that give insight into the molecular mechanisms that govern the

physical associations, interspecies communication, and changes in microbial behavior

and survival that occur when bacteria and fungi occupy the same sites.


Viruses con bacteria into working for them


January 26, 2012


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Researchers have discovered that certain photosynthetic ocean bacteria need to beware of

viruses bearing gifts. These viruses are really con artists carrying genetic material taken from

their previous bacterial hosts that tricks the new host into using its own machinery to activate

the genes, a process never before documented in any virus-bacteria relationship. The con occurs

when a grifter virus injects its DNA into a bacterium living in a phosphorus-starved region of

the ocean.PMCID: PMC2861711



A few additional articles on why antibiotics are harmful, we are not against the use of abx just contend that they may be harmful when synergy or the true cause of our disease is not recognized.

Our contention mirrors that of the CDC among others in the treatment of ‘LYME disease’. We also contend that some anti fungals may be harmful, and that anti virals in and of themselves are not effective in treating ‘fungal synergy’.


A few more articles on:

Candida misidentified as algae and emerging fungal infections such as protothecosis.

And algaemia. As well as evidence of cyanobacteria and pathogen rise in the water in

North America and Europe.


Quick quote:

Scientists at Arizona State University tell us that antibiotic use is known to almost completely

inhibit excretion of mercury in rats due to alteration of gut flora,3 and even with the known

fact that antibiotics are creating powerful resistant bacterial strains does not stop doctors

from using them to their hearts and pharmaceutical companies content.


The Impact of Antibiotics on The Gut Lining

The following is excerpted from the book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. In the chapter titled

"What Can Damage Gut Flora?," Campbell-McBride considers the impact of antibiotics, drugs

such as contraceptive pills and steroids, diet, environmental toxins, and more. She devotes two

pages to the impact of antibiotics. This excerpt is taken from p. 34 and 35.


In this group we have very widely used Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Flucloxacillin and all other

antibiotics with Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, while promoting the growth of the pathogenic

Proteus family, Streptococci and Staphylococci. This particular group of antibiotics allow bacteria

normally found only in the bowel to move up to the intestines, which predisposes the person to

development of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and other digestive disorders.



Unusual Fungal and Pseudofungal Infections of Humans

Author Affiliations

Departments of Pathology

Medicine, College of Medicine

Department of Epidemiology, College of Public Health, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

The spectrum of mycotic disease continues to expand well beyond the familiar entities of candidiasis and aspergillosis (, ). The field of medical mycology has become a challenging study of infections caused by a wide and taxonomically diverse array of opportunistic fungi.


Multicentre Etest evaluation of in vitro activity of

conventional antifungal drugs against European

bovine mastitis Prototheca spp. isolates


Objectives Bovine mammary protothecosis is a serious pathology that entails

high economic losses in the dairy industry. The disease, the frequency of which

has recently been increasing worldwide, is caused by unicellular, achlorophyllous,

yeast-like algae of two species: Prototheca zopfii and Prototheca blaschkeae.

The objective of this study was to investigate the in vitro activity of a panel of

conventional antifungal drugs against Prototheca spp. isolates.

Fatal Algaemia in Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

, , , , , , , and

This article has been other articles in PMC.

To the Editor: Prototheca species are achlorophyllic lower algae, ubiquitous in nature,

which can cause human infections, particularly in immunocompromised patients ().

Human protothecosis is mostly caused by P. wickerhamii and P. zopfii. Although

such infections are infrequent, they can manifest themselves clinically as cutaneous

lesions, olecranon bursitis, and, even more rarely, as disseminated or systemic infections

(). These infections occur in severely immunocompromised patients, such as persons

with AIDS, or patients undergoing extensive treatment, such as cancer treatment or

organ transplantation (ñ). We describe a fatal case of P. wickerhamii algaemia in a

patient with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.


Human Protothecosis (See site for additional articles as we have many, also a

new species was identified in 2010 by a Japanese researcher, this was misidentified

as Candida up until 1964. It is found world wide, they claim there are only 164

known cases).

Human Protothecosis


Human protothecosis is a rare infection caused by members of the genus Prototheca. Prototheca

species are generally considered to be achlorophyllic algae and are ubiquitous in nature. The

occurrence of protothecosis can be local or disseminated and acute or chronic, with the latter

being more common. Diseases have been classified as (i) cutaneous lesions, (ii) olecranon

bursitis, or (iii) disseminated or systemic manifestations. Infections can occur in both

immunocompetent and immunosuppressed patients, although more severe and disseminated

infections tend to occur in immunocompromised individuals.


And finally, we contend that this pathogenisis and chronic disease has been

a widespread problem due to harmful cyanobacteria and harmful algal blooms

around the world for over a century. There are many documents by WHO on

this increasing worldwide problem that we strongly suggest that you investigate.

We find daily evidence of harmful cyanobacteria such as aeromonas, those

that cause protothecosis, as well as the most well known harmful cynabacterial

organisms. We include many in our files.

Charts from WHO and US/EPA documents on water quality.

Our desire and mission is to help as many

as possible recover, spread awareness and

lovingly support each other and as many

efforts as possible to restore balance to

ourselves and our planet.


Thank you Steve

Beddingfield and others who help shine

the light in a world of that often seems

full of darkness



From Steve on January 4.

"Blaming chronic disease syndromes on ticks and mold needs to cease. Neither one causes the issues which now concerns a large part of the world's population. Misinformation has been placed among us for long enough. The proper explanation is here and available for discussion. Continuing to speak about mold and ticks as the cause is counterproductive.

 The biotoxin pathway from

Some of the blame for not clearly articulating this point is mine. A new document is being written, one that hopefully puts cyanobacteria into its proper position as the major cause of bad health and major diseases."

(And as of March 19, 2015 there was not a new document from Steve that I'm aware of. If I see it happen, I'll bring it here.)

MORE ABOUT MOLD / Foods and mold and mycotoxins





The Top-10 MYCO-Toxic Foods

By David A. Holland, M.D.

1. Alcoholic beverages
Alcohol is the mycotoxin of the Saccharomyces yeast--brewer's yeast. Other mycotoxins besides alcohol can also be introduced into these beverages through the use of mold-contaminated grains and fruits. Producers often use grains that are too contaminated with fungi and mycotoxins to be used for table foods, so the risk is higher that you are consuming more than just alcohol in your beverage (Council for Agricultural Science and technology. Mycotoxins: Economic and Health Risks. Task Force Report Number 116. CAST. Ames, IA. Nov 1989). Before you drink for the health of your heart, consider the other possible risks of drinking. There are safer ways of consuming antioxidants.

2. Corn 
Corn is "universally contaminated" with fumonisin and other fungal toxins such as aflatoxin, zearalenone and ochratoxin (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology. Mycotoxins: Risks in Plant, Animal and Human Systems. Task Force Report No. 139. Ames, IA. Jan 2003). Fumonisin and aflatoxin are known for their cancer-causing effects, while zearalenone and ochratoxin cause estrogenic and kidney-related problems, respectively. Just as corn is universally contaminated with mycotoxins, our food supply seems to be universally contaminated with corn--it's everywhere! A typical chicken nugget at a fast food restaurant consists of a nugget of corn-fed chicken that is covered by a corn-based batter that is sweetened with corn syrup!

3. Wheat 
Not only is wheat often contaminated with mycotoxins, but so are the products made from wheat, like breads, cereals, pasta, etc. Pasta may be the least-"offensive" form of grains since certain water-soluble mycotoxins, such as deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin), are partially removed and discarded when you toss out the boiling water that you cooked the pasta in. Unfortunately, traces of the more harmful, heat-stable and fat-soluble mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin, remain in the grain. Regarding breads--it probably doesn't matter if it's organic, inorganic, sprouted, blessed or not--if it came from a grain that has been stored for months in a silo, it stands the chance of being contaminated with fungi and mycotoxins.

4. Barley 
Similar to other grains that can be damaged by drought, floods and harvesting and storage processes, barley is equally susceptible to contamination by mycotoxin-producing fungi. Barley is used in the production of various cereals and alcoholic beverages.

5. Sugar (sugar cane and sugar beets) 
Not only are sugar cane and sugar beets often contaminated with fungi and their associated fungi, but they, like the other grains, fuel the growth of fungi. Fungi need carbohydrates--sugars--to thrive.

6. Sorghum 
Sorghum is used in a variety of grain-based products intended for both humans and animals. It is also used in the production of alcoholic beverages.

7. Peanuts 
A 1993 study demonstrated 24 different types of fungi that colonized the inside of the peanuts used in the report (Costantini, A. Etiology and Prevention of Atherosclerosis. Fungalbionics Series.1998/99). And this was after the exterior of the peanut was sterilized! So, when you choose to eat peanuts, not only are you potentially eating these molds, but also their mycotoxins. Incidentally, in the same study the examiners found 23 different fungi on the inside of corn kernels. That said, if you choose to plant your own garden in an attempt to avoid mycotoxin contamination of corn or peanuts, it does you no good if the seed (kernel) used to plant your garden is already riddled with mold.

8. Rye 
The same goes for rye as for wheat and other grains. In addition, when we use wheat and rye to make bread, we add two other products that compound our fungal concerns: sugar and yeast!

9. Cottonseed 
Cottonseed is typically found in the oil form (cottonseed oil), but is also used in the grain form for many animal foods. Many studies show that cottonseed is highly and often contaminated with mycotoxins.

10. Hard Cheeses 
Here's a hint: if you see mold growing throughout your cheese, no matter what you paid for it, there's a pretty good chance that there's a mycotoxin not far from the mold. It is estimated that each fungus on Earth produces up to three different mycotoxins. The total number of mycotoxins known to date numbers in the thousands.
On the other hand, some cheeses, such as Gouda cheese, are made with yogurt-type cultures, like Lactobacillus, and not fungi (Costantini, 1998/99). These cheeses are a much healthier alternative, fungally speaking.

Naturally, with this list coming from a group that opposes eating food that is merely contaminated with fungi, we'd certainly oppose eating the fungus itself! That would include common table mushrooms and so-called myco-protein food products.

Other foods that could potentially make our list are rice, oats and beans, given that these too are sources of carbohydrates. And occasionally food inspectors will come across a batch of mold-contaminated rice or oats. However, all other things being equal, these crops are generally more resistant to fungal contamination (CAST 1989).

*Diseases caused by fungi and their mycotoxins (Costantini, A. et al. The Garden of Eden Longevity Diet. Fungalbionics Series. 1998):
Alcoholic cirrhosis 
Anorexia Nervosa 
Balkan Nephropathy 
Biliary cirrhosis 
Crohn's disease 
Cushing's disease 

Dystrophy, Muscular 
Familial Mediterranean Fever 
Heart failure 
Hyperactivity Syndrome 
Hyperlipidemia (high lipids) 
IgA Nephropathy 
Inflammatory bowel disease

Kidney stones 
Leukocytoclastic vasculitis 
Mollaret's meningitis 
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy

Nephritis (kidney inflammation) 
Precocious puberty 
Pulmonary Hypertension 
Raynaud's Syndrome/disease 
Reye's syndrome 
Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Shoulder-hand syndrome 
Thrombocytopenic purpura (low platelets) 






Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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The Fungus Among-us and MORE About Reishi (and Mushrooms) and...

For those who like scientific papers, here's a link to one from researchers in Taiwan in 2009 that demonstrates how the information's been getting looked at related to these Asian medicinal mushrooms.   What the first page holds in store, so you see if it's a link you wish to take: 


Ganoderma lucidum, an oriental medicinal mushroom,

has been widely used in Asia to promote health and

longevity. LZ-8 is a protein derived from the fungus G.

lucidum and has immunomodulatory capacities. In this

study, we investigated the immune modulatory effects

of rLZ-8 on human monocyte-derived DCs. Treatment

of DC with rLZ-8 resulted in the enhanced cell-surface

expression of CD80, CD86, CD83, and HLA-DR, as well

as the enhanced production of IL-12 p40, IL-10, and IL-

23, and the capacity for endocytosis was suppressed

in DCs. In addition, treatment of DCs with rLZ-8 resulted

in an enhanced, naı¨ve T cell-stimulatory capacity

and increased, naı¨ve T cell secretion of IFN- and IL-10.

Neutralization with antibodies against TLR4 inhibited

the rLZ-8-induced production of IL-12 p40 and IL-10 in

DCs. rLZ-8 can stimulate TLR4 or TLR4/MD2-transfected

HEK293 cells to produce IL-8. These results

suggested an important role for TLR4 in signaling DCs

upon incubation with rLZ-8. Further study showed that

rLZ-8 was able to augment IKK, NF-B activity, and also

IB and MAPK phosphorylation. Further, inhibition of

NF-B by helenalin prevented the effects of rLZ-8 in the

expression of CD80, CD86, CD83, and HLA-DR and

production of IL-12 p40 and IL-10 in various degrees. To

confirm the in vitro data, we investigated the effect of

rLZ-8 further on antigen-specific antibody and cytokine

production in BALB/c mice. Immunization with OVA/

rLZ-8 showed that the anti-OVA IgG2a, IFN-, and IL-2

were increased significantly compared with OVA alone

in BALB/c mice. In conclusion, our experiments demonstrated

that rLZ-8 can effectively promote the activation

and maturation of immature DCs, preferring a Th1

response, suggesting that rLZ-8 may possess a potential

effect in regulating immune responses. J. Leukoc.

Biol. 86: 877–889; 2009.


Ganoderma lucidum, a popular medicinal mushroom, has been

widely used in traditional Chinese medicine in many Asian countries

during the past two millennia. G. lucidum has been reported

to be effective in modulating immune functions and inhibiting

tumor growth and allergic disease [1] and in the treatment of

chronic hepatopathy, hypertension, and hyperglycemia [2]. The

PS-G is a branched (1–6)--D-glucan moiety. Studies have demonstrated

the antineoplastic action of G. lucidum and attributed it

to the activated host immune response [3, 4].

G. lucidum polysaccharide and triterperoid were regarded as

the major bioactive substances until a new family of fungal immunomodulatory

protein, LZ-8, was isolated and purified from

the mycelia of G. lucidum in 1989 [5, 6]. The native form of

LZ-8 is a noncovalently linked homodimer with an apparent

molecular weight of 24 kDa. Each polypeptide consists of 110

aa residues with an acetylated N terminus and a molecular

mass of 12 kDa. In this study, LZ-8 exerted its hemagglutination

activity on SRBCs. No aggregation was observed between

human RBCs in the presence of LZ-8, and it could function as

a potent suppressor of BSA-induced anaphylaxis in CFW mice

in vitro. Moreover, mitogenic activity has also been reported

[7]. DCs are one of the major professional APCs, whose primary

function is to capture, process, and present antigens to


Everyone knows I've been a big fan of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage; from the start of Lumigrate, there's been a link from the products area in the videos section because at the time, the company had a website where people could order via the website; due to Codex, I was told by their corporate management person I spoke with in 2009, they were rebranding to 'Natural Grocers' and away from their previous name 'Vitamin Cottage' due to the changes in what will result if and when Codex comes to fruition.  (We can hope that we get that progression reversed and with every person who wakes up and then learns enough to be proactive about Agenda 21, Codex, Common Core, etc., the closer we are to bringing down 'the system' we've operated under, some say, for all of modern human history.)  

Everything changes, it seems, and it is now a company that has stockholders, with the family members having the majority of shares. So it's been a company in transition. They continue to provide some of the better products and services I've seen so far in the business of getting food and other products to people who are conscious and conscientious about their health. 

Naturally, I wanted to check out what they sold in terms of reishi and I had to ask for help to find the area, there weren't a lot of options.  The only organic option was brand name Host Defense, and so I bought a bottle of their reishi extract.  Here's their website link:

I took the time to call the company and talk with them when I wanted clarification about any contraindications about reishi.  I spoke with a very knowledgeable and interested woman named Sarah, who actually processes the orders from Natural Grocers' stores for their product.  I naturally told her about Lumigrate and about the protocol that utilizes red reishi mushroom, which this topic thread is about.  Maybe before she's had a chance to look at Lumigrate, I'll have gotten this comment roughed in.  

She suggested I have people become aware of, which is for Fungi Perfecti -- this is what you'll find at the 'about':


An Introduction to Fungi Perfecti

Fungi Perfecti (fun ji' per fect' i)

The unofficial name for the Subdivision hosting what we call mushrooms. Mushrooms are fleshy fungi that reproduce through the sexual matings of germinated spores.

Fungi Perfecti, LLC is a family-owned business dedicated to promoting the cultivation of high quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. In business since 1980, we have been instrumental in developing new technologies and markets for gourmet mushrooms throughout the world.

We keenly sense that fungi will play a pivotal role in new industries of the 21st century. Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms will continue to appeal to organic gardeners, commercial cultivators, researchers, nutritionists, and ecological managers. Indeed, we forsee a quantum leap in their popularity when the public realizes that these fungi:

  • enhance the immune system.

  • lower cholesterol levels.

  • represent a pesticide-free alternative to the traditional white button mushroom.

  • are instrumental in the recycling of wood and agricultural byproducts.

  • can easily be grown by everyone—outdoors in your garden or yard (Mycological Landscaping)—or indoors within greenhouses, solaria, or controlled environments.

Through our in-depth classes and information networks, we encourage the establishment of a constellation of independent, organically minded growers whose collective consciousness will define this emerging industry well into the next century. We hope you will join us in this endeavor. The future is ours.



You'll see some videos at the website, and Sarah said there are many at YouTube. 

Sarah also suggested that I look for Host Defense's founder/owner Paul Stamets articles / blogs at Huffington Post. So here's a link to something I'll pick from what's at Huffington Post about red reishi to get YOUsers of Lumigrate started in that direction, but you might want to read the other topics he's provided there: , which concludes with:

"Although the trends are promising and reishi mushrooms exhibit a number of interesting medicinal properties, modern scientific techniques have yet to affirm its traditional "panacea polypore" status. For now we can state that reishi use is generally safe and has high antioxidant value. While we cannot yet state that reishi mushrooms extend the disease-free period of cancer patients, reishi remains as an excellent candidate for augmenting chemotherapy, according to some cancer researchers. Since funding of clinical studies is either industry-based or from grants -- few and far between -- the jury is still out on the usefulness of reishi, the "mushroom of immortality," for extending life. That said, I for one, join our ancestors in being drawn to this mushroom and regularly ingest it in many forms."

(bolding added by me/Mardy because it's important people understand or are reminded often about the funding 'game' that has a lot of things without a lot of study.  Dr Stephanie Seneff has even included that in something I've recently posted on Lumigrate, even transcribing the words so they're readable for those who would prefer to read or have reinforcement.  The example she used was if there's one paper about liver function in goldfish related to glyphosate and that's all you have to go on, that's a lot more than zero, but then that is what the mainstream uses to be critical of her research methods.  She had to create convincing circumstantial evidence to come up with her theories of how the dots connect, how the cascade happens that takes people and other things down.)

I REALLY LIKE what I've seen and heard from the staff and founder/owner of Host Defense, so I'm giving YOUsers this comment and hope that it offers things to aid in your homework / research about reishi. And if you have questions and find it helpful to connect with a human being and ask, I suggest you call! I'm glad I did, and that I randomly got Sarah.  You can tell when you have found employees who feel they are working for someone who is authentic, ethical, and top-shelf; that's what I got, in part, from my time on the phone discussing their company, my company, the whole thing about using reishi as part of a protocol some clever people have figured out and then promoted to the point I am now on board and covering it here.    Even if people only take portions of the protocol and study and change say, water quality for their drinking and use on and in foods, and/or reishi and maybe don't want to venture into the fenbendazole for now or for ever, it's at least ALL information here for people to consider looking further into. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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3/3/15 The Protocol on One Page WITH Photographs

I also updated the main thread topic, above, with this information AFTER I'd tacked this on here on 3/3, so if you've caught it up top, you can skip this comment from 3/3/15.... 

Perhaps the graphic analogy of "the onion" would be applicable here -- I saw a lot of talk about root cause and then the layers out from there in the Steve's Images group and added this graphic in a comment: 


                                                                                                                      © Lumigrate 2012


800 reads of this topic had occurred in the 8 weeks since I'd created the topic in early January 2015 when I'd felt it the best thing to do for YOUsers to create a topic about this relatively new protocol from a relatively old guy (complimenting him on his getting better with age!), and the group he created which is very unique and functional and clearly making change in the world without profit motive, only wishing to help people in similar situations find the healing and reversal of symptoms they have found for themselves and others they have influence with via this protocol. 


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Pets: The Start of Info at Steve's Images About Fenbendazole


©2015 Steve Beddingfield

            From 21 Year Old Bernie The Cat. Strands of "The Stuff", as seen in what comes out from the intestinal tract. From Steve's lab, sample of dog poop, without magnification: 

It was in the group's conversation in late March that people need to check about the type of BIRD they might want to be dosing with fenbendazole, as it's contraindicated in some breeds. So reminding here, as always, to do your homework about all things and contraindictions. 

By April I have encountered a woman I was educating about what's in the water, who 'related' to the information because someone she knows personally and well lives in an area of Florida where there have been cyanobacteria / algae problems for a while now ... and the person's dog had gotten ill, they thought from it just getting on it's feet and fur and then into them the various ways.  I love examples where something that has occurred with a pet or livestock animal then helps a person see the application of the information to their situation -- in this case it was an avid gardener with irrigation water they're 'always in during the summer' and so they were somewhat 'tuned in' about the information I was introducing them to. 

A standard for me as an OT student and ever after at my desk at work whether more recently at home / home office as a consultant on education routes OR as an occupational therapist in the various places I worked over the years is the Merck Manual.  I am such a fan I have a topic in the Lumigrate Bookshelf forum about the Merck manual that's geared for people that's not as professional, which I found at my local Kroger grocery store's book section. 

So it was naturally something I liked seeing PosterGal present in Steve's Images today (April 19, 2015, as I edit this in) the Merck online veterinary resource on algae poisoning.  Here's the link:

Not only does this topic, naturally, describe symptoms and treatments for algal poisoning in veterinary medicine applications, it has good information about cyanobacteria and treatment of water.  Here's an excerpt, which is how the topic wraps up/ends: 


Water treatment techniques can be highly effective to remove both cyanobacterial cells and cyanotoxins (especially microcystins) with the appropriate technology. Most cyanotoxins remain intracellular, unless the cells are lysed or damaged from age or stress from water conditions or chemical treatment. The one exception is cylindrospermopsin, which is actively secreted from even healthy cells. This makes it possible to remove cells and cyanotoxins (especially microcystins) by coagulation and filtration in a conventional treatment plant.

Treatment of water containing cyanobacterial cells with oxidants such as chlorine or ozone, while killing cells, will result in the release of free cyanotoxin. Therefore, the practice of prechlorination or preozonation is not recommended without a subsequent step to remove dissolved cyanotoxins.



Microcystins are readily oxidized by a range of oxidants, including ozone and chlorine. Adequate contact time and pH control are needed to achieve optimal removal of these compounds, which is more difficult in the presence of whole cells.

Microcystins, anatoxin-a, cylindrospermopsin, and some saxitoxins are also adsorbed from solution by both granular activated carbon and, less efficiently, by powdered activated carbon. The effectiveness of the process should be determined by monitoring cyanotoxin in the product water.



Fenbendazole dosage is 2 mils daily of liquid or 2 grams of paste, generally. (if your dog is unusually large or small you can use the same formula used for humans 1ml per 50 lbs) 
Reishi dosage is 1/2 capsule of Aloha Medicinals Gano Ultra daily, 2caps for big dogs.

November 9, 2015 He was saying this for a case of dog that was a small dog: 

Mix fenbendazole liquid for goats (Safeguard brand) with 50 parts of water, spray 4 times each day, give dog 3mls daily internally for 3 weeks and your dog will be growing new hair and feeling much better.  After three weeks stop the daily internal dosing and give every three days, spray coat twice daily until sheen has returned to dog's coat, this works.

I've fixed hundreds if not thousands of dogs, plus I now advise vets on this, a lot of vets have taken this treatment protocol and passed it on to other vets.  Fenben is now the number one choice of vets nationwide.

Fenbendazole dosage is 1/2 ml daily of liquid only. 
Reishi dosage is 1/2 cap daily (same brand mentioned above).

November 9, 2015 Steve was saying this about a cat: 

Give cats 2 Mls of liquid fenbendazole daily for 2 weeks, then once a week. Mix fenben 50 to 1 in a spray bottle, spray coat twice each day.

Dogs get the same treatment. This works great.

Treat animals 4-7 days per week keeping a close eye on changes in behavior or signs of recovery/healing. Take any breaks you think necessary.

MARDY's NOTE: I've been relating this information as a running history of things because I want people to see how the information changes as time changes / goes on.  This, as I say many places, is not the usual source of information most people turn to, but this is a source that was having his share of successes (and problems) and so I have felt that Lumigrate's YOU concept of YOU doing the work and figuring out what YOU need to do is going to allow a good foundation for people to go on and consider what Steve Beddingfield presents. 

Maintenance doses are the same amount formulated for your pet only less often, most do once or twice weekly to keep pets healthy. Some even go to once a month. Use your discretion.

Spray with fenbendazole liquid diluted down to a 50 to one ratio (using safe water, naturally), is what Steve also recommends; I/Mardy feel that it's going to work better to spray on a cloth or disposable cloth-like paper-type towel and wipe the animal that wouldn't appreciate a spraying. 

Treating pets as we treat ourselves ensures we are eliminating sources of reinfection for both parties. wink emoticon

*Only use fenbendazole on pets, other types can be harmful.

We will be making a permanent file once I fill in more details. I wanted to get this out since we are getting an unusually high amount of questions on pets. There are other members using reishi products that they love. I can't guarantee that they have been tested for purity but if any of you feel confident to share what you are using, post below and we will add some to the file. smile emoticon

Any experiences treating animals with this protocol are encouraged here as well.

In the spring there was an exodus of admins from Steve's group, some stayed as members, others did not. The new admin who is now Steve's 'right hand woman' had this to say on August 6, 2016: 


"The dosing for dogs is (She later said she went off top of head and my version was correct). Can mix with food and give with some "good" fat, like olive or coconut oil, for example. The dose for the reishi is 1 capsule a day.

Keep their bowels moving. Some pet owners give their dogs/cats some organic pumpkin from a can. It helps move things along."
I wanted to add, I'd think that a good fat would be grass fed, organic (or along those lines) butter. Think about what a dog's long lost relatives would have been consuming and that's what their bodies are going to be set up to do well with ... a good lard (again from a well-raised animal, however and that's particularly important where their fats for consumption are concerned). 


In May, someone in the group added this: "Both dogs treated with fenben at 1 ml per 5#'s of a 10% paste mixed in a bit of goat yogurt. They gobbled up the mixture with no hesitation. It really is not bad tasting stuff.  This is from a veterinarian's website, for dosing."

From mid March, Steve had said this: Vet treatments are now centered around fenben. My friend's vet talked to me about my procedures being utilized for the tmt of algae infestation, he agreed with my beliefs about HABs killing and torturing animals, mostly pets. Wild animals are wandering about acting weird, going to the highways too often.

Parvovirus is to be Vxd for, rabies too. (vaccinated abbreviation); you can't play with these two killers.

Heart worms can be prevented by fenben if started early on in a pet's life. If pet has heartworms at adult stage of worms, go with vet procedures.

Some collies and a couple of other breeds cannot tolerate Ivermectin -- instant death, check breed interactions first. Parvo is my worst fear for my (dogs). I'll re-treat mine today, as he got into a fight with a huge ground hog, looked bad afterwards, the GH got his licks in.

Mardy's Note: Consider approaching your veterinarian about the information you're learning about from Steve's Images/ Protocol and involve them if you feel that would be of benefit to you and your veterinarian (and your pet you're the guardian for). Discussing something with a variety of people will help process the information.  As with anything, consider printing something to take or if you're emailing with them, email a link.

In order to provide YOUsers with more supportive information, here's a link I found in Searching 'cyanobacteria, dogs'.  I knew there were cases in California recently where a lake was posted forewarning people about not getting in the water but the owners didn't keep their pets from getting in.  In this topic at the following link, Annabelle was a dog that jumped from a boat near the shoreline, wanting to swim in and thankfully had a veterinarian who pieced together what to do to turn the symptoms around when in liver failure shortly thereafter. 

The closing of the article: "“We are increasingly aware that many dogs and other pets are exposed to these toxins every year, and that the blooms are likely increasing,” says Kudela. And new findings on the chronic impacts of cyanotoxin poisoning have him worried. “We know that even low-level exposure results in decreased reproduction in fish, and probably promotes cancer in mammals, such as dogs and humans.”"

Interjecting this on May 27, 2015 and hot off the press from what's being conversed about in Steve's group today.  A woman who experiences a lot of stinging sensations, all over her body, and Steve had a conversation volley that I thought was very insightful AND he posted a picture.

Steve: GSB spores do the biting and stinging, they're the tiny dark particles we see everywhere. Kitty.Kitty!

Woman: Reports she lives in a tiny house, and the cats don't stay in her room, one roams the house where it sleeps and the other sleeps in one spot. She asks if what she's seeing and experiencing is 'coming from' the cats. She had the cats before she had 'drug damage' (many in the group talk about 'floxing' but I'm not certain what this particular woman's patented medication history is), and had no issues such as this very annoying symptom. She says they are both getting fenben and reishi. She said "I still dont know anyone in any Morgellon's site that their entire body, every pore, stings like it is the entire skin all at once.. it is insane. ..... I feel like blowin out my brains. at this point. I am worn out.

She reports that she just had gone and cleaned under the bed she sleeps in, which has hardwood floors. She'd done the same thing yesterday and already there were tons of red and blue fibers again, and sparkles. "everything that is coming out of my skin..... cleaning, washing (seems) useless.  She relates that she went to another part of the house where she doesn't live and took a sample under the bed and only found a few red and blue fibers "but NOTHING like under my bed, which I clean daily."

Steve: Treat them, never allow on your bed or anything clothwise which contacts your body. You and cats didn't make each other sick, you're just keeping each other sick. Wipe down cat fur with a damp cloth which contains some fenben on the cloth. Do this for your cats twice each day. I know many sufferers who are experiencing this biting sting.

I also have many pics of the sulphur bacteria spores which cause this."

 ©2015 Steve Beddingfield  "Giant Sulphur Bacteria Spore"

    In June, someone asked him if bartonella was causing their three year long, incessant, electrical stinging-feeling all over the body.  Steve's answer: "GSB is the issue, Bart was picked by GSB.  All came with your cat. Keep cat wiped down with a wet cloth containing fenben."


Parasitipedia dot net has nice information and naturally their requisite caution placed prominently to dissuade humans from using veterinary products.  This is one of the better overviews I've seen about this type of medication, however. I'll bring you and excerpt, below, and naturally here's the LINK TO TAKE and go to the source as they're a good resource for studying what YOU think about this 'stuff'.       AND what you'll find just for 'starters' if you take the link:


What are benzimidazoles?

 albendazoleBenzimidazoles are a chemical class of compounds with broad anthelmintic activity that are vastly used on livestock and pets to control all kinds of parasitic worms (helminths). Some veterinary benzimidazoles are also used as anthelmintics in human medicines. Other benzimidazoles are also used in agriculture to control parasitic helminths of plants, or as fungicides. In fact, benzimidazoles were already used as plant fungicides before their development as veterinary anthelmintics.

The first veterinary benzimidazoles introduced in the 1960's (e.g. thiabendazole, parbendazole, oxibendazole) were highly effective against adults and larvae of most gastrointestinal roundworms (nematodes) of livestock. In the 1970's newer benzimidazoles such as albendazolefenbendazolemebendazole and oxfendazole were introduced that are also effective against non-gastrointestinal roundworms (in the lungs, kidneys, skin, etc., depending on compound and dose) as well as against tapeworms (cestodes). Albendazole is also effective against adult liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica).

triclabendazole is a special case: it is not effective against roundworms or tapeworms, but controls all larval and adult stages of various parasitic liver flukes (trematodes).

Closely related with the benzimidazoles are the so-called pro-benzimidazoles febantelnetobimin andthiophanate. These compounds are pro-drugs because once in the organism of the host they are transformed into the active benzimidazole, mainly in the liver. Febantel is transformed into fenbendazole, and netobimin into albendazole. Pro-benzimidazoles have the advantage of being more soluble in water. This makes it easier to formulate them and they are also better absorbed in the host's body. 

Benzimidazoles and pro-benzimidazoles are veteran anthelmintics, i.e., they have lost patent protection long ago and are available as generics manufactured by numerous chemical companies (typically in China, India, Israel, Brazil, etc.).  (same link as above, to encourage taking it).  


So if you're interested, take the links I've set up.  I've come in and edited in NEW information because of the closure of Steve's Images in midApril 2015 due to the explosive growth they had and needing to get a group of people effective in their knowledge and application of the information and create other groups they can facilitate in order to create 'the ripple effect'.

Editing AGAIN mid July, the group's leadership 'split' or were no longer admins and mostly do not comment now but remain to stay up on what new might be presented there. He then started letting people back into the group and it is at this time approaching 2,000 members. A few experienced ones post things I transfer to this overall thread. One recently was from a woman with Morgellons and a dog, who said her dog took only a few servings of the fenbendazole to heal up, they'd gotten the outward skin symptoms after the owner/human guardian did. She said she put it on bread that was considered a desirable treat by the dog. I believe she was using the goat / sheep version not the dog version; there is a dog/ canine version. 

Naturally, seek out advisors who are qualified to help you.  Remember that the run of the mill medical professionals in human and veterinary medicine today are very brainwashed, brain dead, or otherwise simply BEHIND where YOU might be with what YOU know and can figure out. Use your senses, think like a dog and about how dogs and cats and horses and others we can learn from show us the way with their intutiveness sometimes. But do get advise from those YOU feel are the right fit for YOU at this point in time. Unfortunately, Steve's group does not have the dimensionality of advisors it used to have, it's 'Steve's classroom' and he's the teacher and not a lot of people feel like commenting like in the past. Fortunately I grabbed those highlights and transferred them HERE for YOU on this very long thread. 

Thanks again to all in the group who have contributed to creating and facilitating the information there, and their desire to have people finding it and being 'grate' with my having these topics at Lumigrate. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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On Rebuilding the Gut

When observing what the overall / gestalt of the conversations are at Steve's Images, I try to bring the major topics here to this thread.  Yesterday it was focused about the gut after the offending 'intestinal interlopers', as I affectionately call them, have been 'run out of town on a rail', so to speak.  Naturally, we've had a lot of content at Lumigrate about The Ever-Important Gut since day #1, and there's even a whole FORUM about the gut ... so I hope this thread continues to be a resource for people who are looking to restore their well-being, whether or not they do the total Steve's Protocol or not.

The Overall Gut Forum at Lumigrate link:


I found an interview that was recorded yesterday about colostrum to be something to add onto Lumigrate, and went back to tack it onto the 2009 topic at Lumigrate about colds and flu and things to do to help your immune system OR to remedy things if one becomes symptomatic of cold or flu.  Here's the link to that comment on that thread. 

I'd had an ethics question about colostrum that was answered on this interview is why I opted to put it on Lumigrate. (If we take away that first milk after a cow calves then what do the calves get to drink?)

Fecal Transplants

I first heard of fecal transplants in my car when having made a wrong turn to get to "Blues Under the Bridge" in Colorado Springs in 2013. I thought it was "meant to be" that I'd ended up driving around finding my way to the festival and hearing that interview.  

Since then, it's something I've seen here and there in discussions and had people mention to me that they're thinking they'll need to do in order to restore their health and well-being level once done with the various protocols they're using to reverse symptoms.  However, whenever I ask people what they've done about their gut health, they inevitably have MUCH MORE THEY COULD DO to help their gut without having 'someone fix them'.  So in listening to this interview with Mike, who you can read about, below, I was pleased to hear his list of things to do with WORK and LIFESTYLE that he recommends for people to do in order to keep the wellness of the gut biosphere correct. 

April 21, 2015, I'm editing in a supportive link that was posted by PosterGal in the Steve's Images group this morning, with Steve having commented that this is his favorite blog and the guy's a genius.  What was there had to do with a historical case of fecal transplant using a turkey baster which had to do with someone studying indigenous people who were hunter/gatherers -- and stating that the hospital procedures of such things are successful for "C-Dif", but ultimately there's much about what we presume typically that is perhaps erroneous thinking.  It's a very interesting blog and one I'd not have found AND the topic dovetailed so perfectly on this comment I'd created about fecal transplants that I wanted to weave it in for YOUsers studying this thread, either using it as a resource for themselves or potentially at some point as a group leader of some sort wanting resources, a provider, etc. .... I do think there's much about this information from Steve et al. and his research and protocol that is going to create a lot of interest in the future!

Recently, I'd placed information at Lumigrate about the gut health of newborns being predictive of if a child will develop autism or not, so this is a really key thing to know about your child or self.  And naturally, you'd not want to be using the feces of babies that are the ones that would be inclined to develop autism.  So it seems there's a little more to getting quality "baby poop" than what I heard on the following podcast. 

You might think fecal transplants are 'way out there', but it turns out they're being written about a lot. I found this article in The New Yorker to be very interesting, informative and ENTERTAINING (from December 2014.) Here's the link:

The New England Journal of Medicine, reported on a study, as you'll see in the above-linked to article in The New Yorker, relative to fecal transplant's efficacy compared to vancomycin with a certain disorder (C. Diff).  The procedure is being performed at conventional hospitals by conventional doctors ... at a charge of $5,000, per the discussion at OneRadioNetwork.  Here's the link to OneRadioNetwork and Patrick Timpone, which have become frequent fliers/links from my topics on Lumigrate. 

"Doc" Mike Witort is one of the many lay people who have figured out things based on his own health crash in the past, and finding the way to wellness, then bringing what he knows for others.  This is not the first interviewee on OneRadioNetwork who is a bit further 'outside the lines' than some, doing things that can get them into legal troubles and perhaps not having enough baseline knowledge about things overall to be doing what they're doing.  HOWEVER, the idea of fecal transplant via homeopathic means makes some sense to me, and seems more sensible --- if it is valid -- than the mainstream medicine way to accomplish getting that beneficial bacteria 'like what we have at birth when healthy' into the gut. 

Baby Poo is very high in oxygen, Mike says. His history is that he'd had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and went about finding a solution having to do with oxygen.  Emotional, mental, physical, nutritional, spiritual stress, etc. leads to the mitochondria and all functions of the cell diminishing.  "Idiopathic" is what conventional medicine calls CFS/FM ... stretching, vibration therapy, meditation, nutrition ... are known to help the symptoms.  Patrick then inquires with Mike about his 2006 court/jail issued for fraud and practicing medicine without a license. He has a 26 count conspiracy charge against the State of Illinois he said.  SO this is what I call a 'rabel rouser'. 

Gentle stretching is what he has people doing, to solve the oxygen problem  -- hang off a bar like you'd do pulls up from for 6 to 8 seconds, several times a day.  We do everything with our hands, and the muscles of the hands and forearm develop very early on.  Exhale deeply, bring chin up as high as you can.  It opens the spinal cord area and allows the neurological system to function for healing.  Vibration therapy is good.  Hand held massagers / vibrators are good, and put them on certain points and articulating areas.  The wrists, hips, ankles, etc.  

Here's the overview you'll find at the link of this podcast of Mike Witort, who goes by 'Doc' by the way.  (I can see where people get these pet names but I found it interesting at his website how much he was specifying he's not a doctor, and as this topic is 'all about', the laypeople out there putting in their time to become quasi or actual providers based upon their personal experiences with 'this disorder stuff' has some good resources AND naturally there must be caution used same as when dealing with 'pedigreed' medical professionals. It lengthens the tissues and allows for healing. 

Oxidating stress, emotional stress, family stress,  ......... and religious stress.  It causes the 'integrative body' to collapse on itself due to lowering oxygen in the tissues.  Which gets you into 'fibromyalgia' symptoms.  He states that the neurologists in Chicago received information from him and they started diagnosing other things such as 'lupus' .... He was going by 'Doc Mike' and apparently still does, and was getting known in his area for curing people who had fibromyalgia. 

Patrick talks about doing yoga, and how if you do therapeutic yoga you'll never have problems.  In regular yoga the stretches is too long, and the body sends messages to the muscles to prevent you from doing as long as you might wish.  The confusion in the body is what is elliminated by doing 'therapeutic yoga'. 

He talks about the thousands of 'idiots' that run marathons to get a little tin plate. He goes into the way the body stops producing urine when running such distances.  "If it was up to me, you'd never see ... these destructive exercises".  Burst exercises for 10 seconds is something Patrick brings up, such as what he does on the rebounder. 

Then they go to an interview ad about sulfur ... relative to MSM versus their organic sulfur they sell.  (around 20 minutes). 

He's a visionary, Mike says.  He was very sick for many years and he wants to take it to the world for free.  He talks about the fecal therapy.  People paying thousands of dollars for fecal transplants... "they're wasting their money" Mike says.  They're running up the bill by testing the fecal matter.  Taking unadulterated baby poo, which has 05 ... 04 or quadrozone in adult fecal matter.  There's not the drag on the oxygen from 

1/2 t

cap the bottle, impact it for about 15 seconds, dump it out, put water in, over and over and 'succusses' / fractionates it the way that homeopathy works.  It ends up with the vibrational energy of the substance (which is what the premise of homeopathy is). 

wake up well dot org is where "Doc" Mike suggests people look for information.  They have three options now relative to the homeopathic fecal transplants.

People send their fecal matter to him and he does the process on it, which is what he calls "quadrozone". 

Second choice is to use his fecal matter -- and he's not had vaccines for a long time, etc so thinks he's with fairly good quality 'stuff'. 

Third choice is the 'penzone' (pen being 5 as in penta), and he has the unadulterated baby poo.  When babies are born the first few months their poo is like mustard, he describes it... runny and no smell to it.  He has a quantity of it from three mothers, one of which is related to a bigwig in the homeopathic society in the US. And others are sending them baby poo from their brand new babies, he relates. 

When you go to Washington DC, you see evidence 

They're curing C-Diff with this .. which is antibiotic poisoning, basically.  When you get this homeopathic mix to the people, they're done in one treatment.  They can get it into the body rectally, via esophageal tube where it's deposited to the stomach where it goes into the intestines. As soon as it gets to the intestines the person isn't sick anymore. 

He names a doctor/researcher at the University of Chicago that spoke with him about fecal transplants, which they're using the adult fecal material which is 'adulterated', who substantiates the importance of fecal transplants.

Homeoprofilaxis was brought up about immunizations, and the recent guest Patrick has.

The FDA has labeled poop as a drug, Mike says.  In NC there is a 100,000 fine if you give fecal material to people without a license.  There are websites that are out there that are set up to dissuade people from thinking this is legitimate.  Urine therapy is another topic he brings up that's similar.   

A caller speaks of her cancer in 2013, cleansing and juicing and not doing 

To testify about the fecal transfer, she did a testimonial about the effects she had as a result.  Dramatic swelling before her dx of cancer.  On the first day she had 5 bowel movements.  She'd had troubles sleeping for about 10 years and had not great results with melatonin and didn't have good REM sleep.  One night after the fecal transfer she slept deeply and woke up the next morning and having the five bowel movements was amazing.  The joint pain went away on the 2nd day plus good BMs.  Day 3, her cravings / addiction for sugar went away.  She then had control of what she was eating.  "It just went away".  4th day there would be knots and muscle pain in the muscles which went away. She goes on to related days 5 and 6.  Again, I suggest you go and listen to the podcast. Hot flashes on day #6 were gone.  Day 7 she got energy again and had been an athlete when young but had hated working out because she didn't recover and would have to sleep.  She had no soreness, no tightness after working out on day #7.  On the left side where she had the cancer (with radical mastectomy and removal of lymph nodes) which had always been swollen, she now has no swelling.  

Mike then explains how these

The U of Chicago doctor he referred to before, Dr Ruben, Mike relates,  stated this is the ultimate probiotic.  Probiotics knock out free radicals.  Ozone is fleeting, your O3 .. the singulates bounce off and around looking for another singulate to bind to.  If we can get 300M Americans doing penzone, it will wipe out 800,000 doctors and 1,500 pharmaceutical companies, Mike said.

What the hospitals are using are quadrozone, and he uses the analogy of octane in gasoline fuel and how things run better with the higher octane.  People simply send him the processing fee and in a few days they get the product from him in the mail, he says.  

China's done this since the 4th century and it was called 'yellow soup', so he believes they were talking about baby 

1/2 t from the baby's fecal matter.  Use a wide mouthed bottle (such as Gatorade), and put 1/2 an ounce of distilled water ... good quality water is important (not tap water).  And you hit it against your leg, a counter, your hand .. it's called 'succussion' ... he does it 15x.  "Like doing a martini", Patrick says.  "Exactly" Mike says. 

Then to do this 10 times, you're going to get a pile of coins or stones and every time you do a cycle you move a coin/stone.  Take the cap off the bottle, do this in the bathroom so you can throw it in the toilet, or use a sink.  Toss it out and you'll see the 'mother tincture' in the bottom, just a little bit of what was in this first round of succussing.  

Add 1/2 an ounce of water to the bottle and repeat the succussion (moving the coin / stone to keep track of how many 'rounds' you've done).  Patrick states that what you're doing is the clean water is picking up the vibrations from the material ... and Mike corrects him that there is a little residue on the walls of the bottle. That's what you're 'impressing' the new water with. There's a video out there that shows this perfectly, he says, but with the copyright on it he might not be able to get it onto a DVD to send to people.  "This is the new medicine", Mike says.  The Scoop on Poop.  The Power of Poop.  So many resources he talks about.  

This cures, he states: 



mediteranian fever




burn injuries



liver disease


... all of the idiopathic and autoimmune syndromes 


.. the list is endless....

Patrick talks about how if you Google around, there are doctors and hospitals around the world that are charging $5,000 to do this.  And Mike says how they're wasting their money as they can do this at their house on their own. His charges if people use his poop products is about $30 he says but he thanks the caller about using her own baby's poop. 708/488-8887 is his # .. and it's all over wake up well dot org too. 

Then you keep the bottle and can fill it halfway with water and shake it and do that ongoing for maintenance.  

He calls himself a concierge doctor and for a one time charge of $49.95 he gives lifetime advise on whatever the person inquires about.  I really have a problem with him calling himself a concierge doctor at this point, what about another word like concierge health advisor or something...... 

How would fecal matter probiotic be different from what you can buy at the health food store?

As soon as you quit taking them, you'll revert back to how things were. 

With this 'ultimate probiotic', you get rid of inflammation and the free radicals

Take no refined sugars, exercise, prayer and meditation, lifestyle... all these things destroy the friendly bacteria.  The helpful bacteria we have in our gut is what keeps us sane, Mike says. 

Then they get another caller and they discuss urine therapy who doesn't know much about it he says and he wants to learn more from Doc Mike.  "Let's face it the pharmaceutical industry is dead and we're tired of this control over us and all it is doing is killing us", he said before they went on to an email question.

They talk about how fast Mike's response time was when Patrick sent it in.  Patrick said he's not felt anything from doing a few drops a day.  Mike says it was because Patrick was healthy and the immune system is subtle so if you move from 99 to 100% it's hard to sense.  But look at how fast his eye healed up was what Mike said (which was big news a week before as Patrick had to cancel a few days of shows/work).  

I'm a one man band here, but if I have to stay up 24 hours a day I'll do it, Mike says. 

Another caller said he's been on it a couple of days and has noticed changes. Like his body really rested for the first time in a long time. His libido was back.  They discuss that and how they've not heard the word 'boner' for a long time on the show.  He was only 37 years old.  Men also report that with the sulfur due to the oxygen. 

Probiotics and the oxygen -- 

When inflammation and free radicals are running rampant in the body they are oxygen consumers.  It's like taking a christmas tree and unscrewing the lights one by one.  When you go into fecal therapy, it's like screwing the bulbs in again, and it's like what you had when you were born.  

Stay under the radar, Patrick says.

"Spread the word, folks", Mike says after God bless Patrick and the listeners out there.  


Mike Witort

Homeopathic Fecal Implants from Breastfed, Unvaccinated Infants
Mike Witort conducts Oxygen Incentive Living-Integrative Therapy (OIL-IT) seminars nationally. A favorite on radio talk shows, “Doc” exposes what he calls the “2nd biggest lie in the world: Fibromyalgia: No Cause, No Cure.”
Mike treats and teaches others how to treat acute and chronic pain anywhere in the musculo-skeletal system. Examples include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, sports injuries, severe headaches, and repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, “mouse arm”, and tennis elbow.
His methods are disarmingly simple: he finds the dysfunctional fascia and muscles and pinpoints where to apply compression and active and passive stretching to “trigger point” areas of the body. He has developed Oil-It protocols nationally for industry healthcare and sports.

Mike Witort


Show Highlights:

-Mike tells us that he cured himself of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue; what are these conditions anyway?

-Getting more oxygen to your cells with gentle stretching

-Hear several testimonies from people who have worked with Mike and his fecal product

-Fecal matter has no harmful bacteria; Mike elaborates on using homeopathic amounts of fecal matter from breastfed, unvaccinated babies as a good probiotic; he tells us why this is better than store bought probiotics

and so much more!!


So let's get on to other things more basic.  Prebiotic, probiotic, fermented foods .... 

At the link, above to the 'gut forum' at Lumigrate, I want to be sure to draw YOUsers' attention to 'THE New Years 2013 topic' that I focused on from after the time the "New Years Resolutions" tend to wear off mid January, into February.  You'll see a complement of Lumigrate's experts from that era who I called upon to add information to the thread so we 1) got their reinforcement of the information, 2) the providers stayed up on what we were doing at Lumigrate for our YOUsers, and 3) they get the exposure to market themselves to help people, which was the 'trade' for taking the TIME to help our YOUsers.  

I wove all kinds of information from my perspective into the topic thread, such as EMF/'tapping' to break up the old things that kept people from being able to be more successful.  Or the 'ideal daily flowsheet' or 'game plan' that was the foundation of my work as an OT in the mainstream, insurance-based outpatient clinic in 2005-8, prior to starting Lumigrate.  There's a LOT that goes into changing what a person does for their lifestyle and making the change can be more or less difficult depending upon the person/ people involved. It's based on the book by Mark Hyman, MD titled The UltraMind Solution.  

Here's the link:


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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PosterGal's passionate summary, shared with permission

 Post with permission form "PosterGal".

"When I began seriously researching our 'disease' a little over a year ago, I quickly realized a few things; it was no big secret nor a lack of knowledge. When I saw they were curing animals such as horses, I knew the answer was out there. They understood our disease quite well. Before the term 'autism', our disease would have been called endotoxemia or chronic sepsis (an immune response to infection gone wrong).

I had never thought of cyanobacteria or chronic exposure until meeting Steve Beddingfield, but from my studies off the beaten paths into endotoxemia, I soon realized how important a conserved common algal mechanism (protein) was in treating all.  But before that, when I knew fenbendazole/benzimidazole was an anti parasitic, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral, anti tumoral, I knew it was at the least an important piece of the picture in fungal/synergy/symbiosis.

Anyone who knows the science knows synergy is symbiosis, it is not just two things hanging out in the same area, it implies interaction, a cascade. One can also just not say "fungus". "Pathogenic fungus" is quite different, it is not generic, just like algae is not generic.

Nor can one just say "toxin" when referring to endotoxin. And the last thing one can't deny is evolution, genetic stops, and the term Lynn Margulis herself used to describe symbiosis or our 'disease' -- 'commandeered' is the term she used to describe the 'highjacking' of our immune system.

In terms of evolution, symbiosis has stops, and that proof is out there too.  In the symbiotic world things seek ancestoral relatives, there are also divergent trees and some things remain conserved (since time began). It is a huge picture that would take several (college) degrees to even begin to understand. This was very important to the efficacy of benzimidazoles, and fenbendazole in particular, as to safety in mammals.

When you begin to get out of your hole of myopic thought (as in stop using the same keywords) you realize nothing about our condition is hopeless. Since that time I have found dozens upon dozens of patents including endtoxemia, chronic sepsis, borrelia (by name) and nearly every disease I could think of to search. (Note from Mardy: see the separate comment on this thread about the patent trail she produced after she wrote these words you're reading here.) 

I recognized the pathways, the mechanisms, the immune responses, the mechanisms of reversal and corrections in spite of alphabet soup (note from Mardy, she means the A to Z of 'labels' that conventional, organized medicine and science has given us which segments 'our disease' as she calls it into hundreds of specific conditions with their band-aid, symptom management medications or procedures and equipments that avoid treating the root cause).

I can only hope that by now you are convinced or at the least not afraid to try this protocol as it may well save your life. Below, just a few more of the chronic diseases treated by benzimidazoles and proven effective........

Good day, off to take care of things I never had the energy or strength to before and it is pure joy to have days to look forward to instead of mostly just wishing it was over. I will fight my battles on my knees if I have to, to convince those I love to give this a try, for me, because I truly love you and have worked my butt off to show in every way possible, there is HOPE! ................... Feel free to copy this post and share with the protocol" jpg. 

 Then in April 2015 there was this round of comments from PosterGal which further helped to clarify the information she is helping people to understand, worthy and helpful to those reading here: 

Your first and only guide to know you even would be on the right track is assurance a drug works across nearly every chronic disease and label. We know what they found regarding chronic disease and their labels are lies and always have been. It only stops when you no longer continue to be fooled by 'labels' and for God's sake don't demand another one be recognized because they will surely create another false assay to eliminate as many as possible to continue with their games.


That is the one thing I (was critical of with a known mold-focused former group member and one on FB promoting the mold aspect of chronic illness),  his insistence that the Tahoe incident be "the test case for defining our 'disease'"; as special as he thinks Tahoe was as an "epidemic", he is mistaken; it would allow the game to continue. The games must stop in my humble opinion.  Some have a penchant for ignoring that which does not fit in their little box or insisting it all began when they first noticed it or it affected them or their neighbors and familes in greater numbers. It always was a much bigger picture than our 'current epidemics' and labels.

A member comments they'd been diagnosed with a form of common cancer (in women) and had been a total 'conventional girl' when it came to medicine until that time, and then they went 'alternative' seeking. And thanked the people for the information provided in the group and specifically PosterGal on this thread as she was taking the lead at this point.  PosterGal's response was: "That is why I always say turn it all off and break free of the matrix that has psychologically trapped your mind for far too long. Silence. So you can reconnect with your true compass."

I think this is deserving of big letters, so I'm going to repeat it:

"That is why I always say turn it all off and break free of the matrix that has psychologically trapped your mind for far too long. Silence. So you can reconnect with your true compass."

Reading these wise words from PosterGal reminds me that even as far back as 2007 as an outpatient O.T. rather than the type of educational advisor teacher 'concierge' I am today, I was starting most of my complex chronic 'whatever' disordered patients with breathing and mindfulness exercise training on day #1. 


Benzimidazoles administered to any subject in need of inhibition or regulation of p38 kinase or in need of inhibition or regulation of p38 mediated cytokine production. In particular, the compounds may be administered to mammals. Such mammals can include, for example, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, mice, dogs, cats, primates such as chimpanzees, gorillas, rhesus monkeys, and, most preferably, humans.

Thus, the present invention provides methods of treating or reducing symptoms in a human or animal subject suffering from, for example,

rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, asthma, psoriasis, eczema, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, adult respiratory distress syndrome, chronic pulmonary inflammation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic heart failure, silicosis, endotoxemia, toxic shock syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, tuberculosis, atherosclerosis, neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, aneurism, stroke, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle degeneration, bone resorption diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, reperfusion injury, graft vs. host reaction, allograft rejections, sepsis, systemic cachexia, cachexia secondary to infection or malignancy, cachexia secondary to aquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), malaria, leprosy, infectious arthritis, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, glomerulonephritis, gout, psoriatic arthritis, Reiter's syndrome, traumatic arthritis, rubella arthritis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, acute synovitis, gouty arthritis, spondylitis, and non articular inflammatory conditions, for example, herniated/ruptured/prolapsed intervertebral disk syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, fibromyalgic syndrome and other inflammatory conditions associated with ligamentous sprain and regional musculoskeletal strain, pain, for example that associated with inflammation and/or trauma, osteopetrosis, restenosis, thrombosis, angiogenesis, cancer including breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer or prostatic cancer,

which comprises administering to said subject a therapeutically effective amount of a compound of formula (I) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof.

Compounds of formula (I): or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or solvates thereof, and their use as pharmaceuticals, particularly as p38 kinase inhibitors.
  • Totally safe, does not affect anything mammalian, in some OTC's already, water treatment as well as likely being sprayed on your fruits and vegetables in addition to industrial applications such as pretreatment of wood and rubber, textiles and leather as algicides/fungicides.

    By the way there are no federal minimum standards for cyanobacteria in our drinking water. It along with it synergistic partners such as methyl mercury, BMAA, like DDT bio accumultates/bio magnifies up the food chain as well as chronic exposure over time (sorry it's not mercury in vaccines causing the unGodly amounts in you).
    It affects children and pets faster and more acutely. Bio accumulations means even small amounts accumulate over time leading to chronic disease, so maybe you were good for 30 years but then BAM. And it has been an increasing environmental problem (spreading like a bad weed due to fertilizers) for well over 150 years, so to say I have it because Mom or Dad has it and blame genetics, not true either. It gets passed generationally.
    It has always been the cause of chronic disease, that is pathogen/fungal/cyano synergy and one underlying mechanism of failure and increasing (emergency levels) of chronic exposure.
    The parts not getting explained in fungal/synergy........ You can call our disease pathogen (as it matters not, not the driver and as many are capable of the same initial infectivity) cyano/fungal (cyano being the mother of all fungus, (virulence factors matter) (from which this protein is ancestorally generated) fungal (as fungi and other plant material) is often part of the symbiosis (but none true conserved mammalian), endotoxemia (as immuno suppressive toxins) 'threat reactions of organisms', that is; pathogen/cyano/fungal symbiosis endotoxin tolerance induced chronic immuno suppression.
    AND from one of the other regular PosterGals to support what was written, above (from her FB wall): 
     2014 Jun;14(3):155-65. doi: 10.1007/s40256-014-0063-6.

    Therapeutic potential of p38 MAP kinase inhibition in the management of cardiovascular disease.


    p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases (p38 MAPKs) are key signalling molecules that regulate cellular behavior in response to environmental stresses. They regulate pro-inflammatory cytokines and therefore p38 MAPKs are implicated in the pathogenesis of many inflammatory-driven conditions, including atherosclerosis. Therapeutic inhibition of p38 MAPKs to attenuate inflammation has been the focus of comprehensive research in the last 2 decades, following the discovery of p38α as the molecular target of pyrindinyl imidazole compounds, which suppress the cytokines tumor necrosis factor-α and interleukin-1. The potential of p38 MAPK inhibitors was initially explored within archetypal inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn's disease, but early studies demonstrated poor clinical efficacy and unacceptable side effects. Subsequent clinical trials evaluating different p38 MAPK inhibitor compounds in disease models such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and atherosclerosis have shown potential clinical efficacy. This review aims to provide succinct background information regarding the p38 MAPK signaling pathway, a focus of p38 MAPKs in disease, and a brief summary of relevant pre-clinical studies. An update of human clinical trial experience encompassing a clinically orientated approach, dedicated to cardiovascular disease follows. It provides a current perspective of the therapeutic potential of p38 MAPK inhibitors in the cardiovascular domain, including safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics.




Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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The Study of Bacteria and Other Microscopic Things, Then/Now


Going around Facebook recently has been something from Stanford about shape-shifting bacteria.  I saw it in my feed before it was again showing in the feed in Steve's Images, this time posted by one of the primary leading ladies of the group.  I'll provide the link, here:

Then someone commented and provided the following link which is from something from 2003 at Educate Yourself dot org, a webiste I've linked to before from Lumigrate for our YOUsers to become familiar with and utilize as a source of information if they feel it's something that fits for them.  It has a nice history about the way things went after the discovery of the microscope and pathogens, hence creating the 'allopathic model' of medicine that became our mainstream at the expense of the things we'd had prior to that.  The article even includes the important information about how what I call 'monkeybusiness' went on to make the 'other team' appear to the public to be inferior or problematic.

This is so important for everyone to understand about our history in order to see how it is we got to having the massive problems we have today AND to see how we can RAPIDLY reverse symptoms not only in ourselves but in our society by getting 'out with what was new' and finally utilizing what was discovered long ago and repressed by the powers that be (or some call them the powers that were since they see the power having shifted already so much).

Live and learn. Learn and live better!~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Colon Hydrotherapy

 A resource that was brought to the conversation at Steve's Images, by a colon hydrotherapist, is at the link, below.  The conversation was started by a longer-term member who's been on the protocol for many months, maybe even going on several seaons now, who was off the protocol this week and doing the protocol they do every year --- at a retreat center I believe, related to detoxing and cleansing. It was interesting to see what the person was having 'come out' this year.  They'd been having reversal of symptoms and good results, but did they get the visibly big yield in the toilet until this week? I'm not sure but I'm recalling that their story was, so far, without big things to talk about in terms of their visible results in the toilet. 

This is my concern with people learning about the protocol; that they'll have the wherewithall to handle the elimination via their digestive tract, urinary tract and the 'third kidney', the skin.  It would be ideal to believe everyone could do this all DIY but I believe the YOU! Model is going to be filled in for some people with helpful professional providers.  May we hope that everyone who needs and wants such assistance can obtain it.  One way or another.

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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The Important Patent Trail

This is continuing to be a process of those who are diligently working on developing the supportive information.  It's an interesting process to see unfold; new people come to the group and follow the instructions (sometimes with some reinforcement) and then ask questions. Which then shows where the needs are for further information to be developed for those going to Steve's Images for information and support.  

Forseeing the waves of people who are heading the way of the group (and seeing the read numbers at Lumigrate of this thread) .... starting with the ripple before I was asking to join, which was a small wave by the time I wrapped my head around what all they were presenting when 'poster gal' got into her research 'fit' in December.  

Which is what drew my attention to the importance and potential of what they were up to in that group at the holiday time.  I know I 'tuned in'.  And here we are THREE MONTHS LATER, with the 'patent trail' getting pulled together by "Poster Gal"  (and others but she has a real ability for digging for these things and now understands it a lot better).   Until she gets what she's putting together completed and I'm then able to provide it here (thanks to their generosity of wanting to get the word out), I am going to post the links and nutshells she posts and put them here -- for now --. 

As one group member related -- anytime you see a medical patent or study being posted (in the group) it is because therein is proof that fenbendazole/benzimizadole or red reishi treats/heals xyz disorder.  The proof list is LONG, and if non-sciencey moms can figure it out, there's no excuse for the for-profit medical community. (Which then make one think why that would be, and naturally many will think that this is more corruption, dishonestly, and for-profit motive by BigMedicine because they'd stand to make so much less money if they had a product they told the public about and sold to them that really was going to SOLVE the UNDERLYING problem.  Which naturally is what functional medicine such as Lumigrate, 'is about'.  Hence my including it for our YOUsers.   

Editing in on April 30, 2015 this question from a member and how Poster Gal responded, as this is important information and I've been waiting for this discussion to occur: 

I know there are a ton of patents for numerous uses of fenben .... I'm not an expert .... was wondering what the standard of proof is for obtaining a patent on a drug for human use? I don't believe human studies are required to get patents, is that correct? Are animal studies required or something less? I think it would be helpful to know just what exactly is required for someone to get a patent listed for a drug such as fenben so we can better understand what these patents mean. Thanks. 

Another member seconds it with these words: 

I have wondering about the very same thing ..the patents are fascinating but i would like to understand the full significance of them ? Does holding a patent on a drug to treat a certain illness indicate that it has already been proven to effectively treat that illness in clinical trials?

PosterGal's response:

Patents usually do show a certain level of research, and in the case of drugs, many do show human studies as verification of validity. If a drug company and they do care about having to eventually get it approved for clinical trial by the FDA, they have to show a lot, so most do. It is the FDA where all the bottlenecks occur, not the research, not the patents. I could find just as many abstracts as patents. There still would be a bottleneck.

If anyone is hoping to see fenben approved, outside of the one or two AIDS drugs where a similar drug is in clinical trials, they're going to be waiting 20-plus years. Just because of the FDA. The brain cancer one took eight years, and even then they could not use fenben (as per original finding), they had to use mebendazole due to the FDA. Anyone waiting for the FDA needs some more fizzy wizzy juice because they are certified lunatics, as they'll be dead.

Anyone waiting for anything good like a cure or the truth to come down this corrupted pike at the moment is certifiably insane. If they even thought you could see through the levels of corruption, their fear of the pitchforks is so great all you likely would get is the boot right now.

I can prove it with one little word, 'autism'. They know from Nixon days who is capable of blowing the lid right off the #$%ing can of worms and it's not AIDS groups, it's not cancer, and it certainly isn't Lyme. Who they fear the most -- autism Mom's. That's the group and the lid they fear the most.


This patent is one that provides the effect of Benzidiazoles on the gene PDE10 as linked to causation of Huntington's disease, OCD schizophrenia, etc. "Provided herein also are methods of treating disorders or diseases treatable by inhibition of PDE10, such as obesity, non-insulin dependent diabetes, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the like." Searching at this link for the type of medication -- benzimizadole -- will show you substantiating information.

More information about patents and neurodegenerative, prions, bi polar, autoimmune, etc. at this link

THE PATENTS (and the Tell-Tale Patent Trail!)

April 9, 2015 PosterGal completed the first draft of a document in the Files about THE PATENTS.  Here is it: 

1. Modes of action of anthelmintic drugs.

2. Mebendazole in Newly Diagnosed High-Grade Glioma Patients Receiving Temozolomide (original accidental discovery of brain tumor inhibition was fenbendazole treatment in mice)

• Brain Cancer

3. FENBENDAZOLE: Safety Summary for Veterinary Use (*while Fenbendazole is not used in human medicines, benzimidazole is a common pharmaceutical core compound)

4. Treatment of Cryptococcus neoformans infection.


What is claimed is:

1. A method of treatment of Cryptococcus neoformans infection which comprises administering to a patient in need thereof an effective amount of a benzimidazole compound selected from the group consisting of fenbendazole, albendazole, mebendazole, oxfendazole, parbendazole, cambendazole, flubendazole, ricobendazole and luxabendazole, or a prodrug thereof.


The present invention relates to the use of benzimidazole anthelmintics in the treatment of cryptococcal infection including meningitis in particular in AIDS patients, including individuals exhibiting HIV infection as well as auto-immune deficiency syndrome.

1. Cryptococcus neoformans is an encapsulated yeast that causes meningitis in AIDS patients. Currently recommended therapy includes amphotericin B+/-flucytosine. Toxicity is high and relapses are common. Benzimidazoles are a large group of drugs used clinically for helminth infections and agriculturally as antifungal agents. There exists a need for additional or better therapies for treatment of Cryptococcus neoformans.


1. Benzimidazoles fall into four groups on the basis of activity versus C. neoformans (Table 1 ). Fenbendazole is highly active.

 ..... (2, 3, 4 omitted here for brevity and most applicable)

5. Method for detecting toxic and non-toxic cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria produce a wide variety of bioactive compounds. Many of these are potent toxins which cause health problems for animals and humans when producer organisms occur in masses in lakes and water reservoirs (Sivonen and Jones, 1999). Most well known of the cyanobacterial toxins are the hepatotoxic heptapeptides, microcystins. The general structure of microcystins is cyc o(-D-Ala-X-D-MeAsp-Z-Adda-D-Glu-Mdha-), where X and Z are variable L-amino acids, D-MeAsp is D-eryt zro-β-methylaspartic acid, Mdha is N- methyldehydroalanine and Adda is 3-an ino-9-methoxy-2,6,8-trimethyl-10-phenyldeca-4,6- dienoic acid. More than 65 structurally different microcystins are known (Sivonen and Jones, 1999). Most common variants have L-leucine and L-arginine in the positions of X and Z, respectively, and demethylated forms are also frequently found. Toxicity of microcystins is caused by the inhibition of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A (MacKintosh et al., 1990).


6. Dermatology and growth of hair nails and skin

• hair loss

• topical treatment of fungal infections

• skin replacement or grafting

• wound healing

A method for promoting keratinization of the hair, nails, and skin on the body of an animal or human in which a therapeutic amount of a benzimidazole sufficient to cause keratinization is administered either systemically or directly to the site on the body at which keratinization is desired. The method is useful for the treatment of a wide variety of hair loss disorders in humans such as alopecia, is useful for the treatment of hair loss disorders in animals, is useful for enhancing the strength and length of fingernails and toenails in humans, and is useful for enhancing the strength and length of claws, horns, hooves and antlers in animals. The method is also useful for the topical treatment of fungal infections, for skin replacement or grafting, and for wound healing.

Fenbendazole has been described in European Patent Application Publication No. 090,368 to Ganley et al. for administration to animals to treat helminthiasis. Ganley et al. state that fenbendazole is non-teratogenic and non-carcinogenic and therefore safely used in animals at any stage of pregnancy. In addition, Ganley et al. claim that the drug has no adverse effect on fertility, and can be used at the time of conception in the female and the breeding male mammal and has no toxic or teratogenic effects on embryos or developing fetuses. Ganley et al. further describe fenbendazole as having a very high safety margin and is non-toxic to the humans who are administering the drug to animals. According to Ganley et al., oxfendazole and albendazole have substantially the same spectrum of activity as fenbendazole, but a lower therapeutic index. In addition, in avian species, fenbendazole fails to depress egg production or hatchability indices.


7. Effects of tubulin assembly inhibitors on cell division in prokaryotes in vivo

• E coli

• Cyanobacteria

The bacterial cell division protein FtsZ is a structural analogue of tubulin. Bacterial mutants in which the FtsZ gene is inactivated are unable to divide. Numerous inhibitors of tubulin assembly are known, some of which are used as fungicides. The strong structural homology between FtsZ and tubulin raises the possibility that some of these inhibitors could affect bacterial cell division. Here we report that the tubulin assembly inhibitors thiabendazole and 2-methylbenzimidazole cause cell elongation in Escherichia coli and cyanobacteria.

Here we report the effect of some tubulin assembly inhibitors, namely thiabendazole (TBZ) and 2-methylbenzimidazole (MBC) [12], on cell division in E. coli and in the cyanobacteria and Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803 in vivo. We show that the inhibitors have a significant effect on cell size, comparable to the effect of inactivation of the cyanobacterial Synechococcus sp. strain PCC 7942 ftsZ gene.

8. Benzimidazole-biologically attractive scaffold for protein kinase inhibitors

The reviews in the literature until now are focused only on the biological activities of benzimidazole viz., antiviral, anticancer and antifungal, but the present review focuses on the latest work, describing the inhibitor aspects and the potential of the benzimidazole ring.!divAbstract

9. Optimization of Phenyl-Substituted Benzimidazole Carboxamide Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors: Identification of (S)-2-(2-Fluoro-4-(pyrrolidin-2-yl)phenyl)-1H-benzimidazole-4-carboxamide (A-966492), a Highly Potent and Efficacious Inhibitor

• Melanoma

• Breast Cancer

We have developed a series of phenylpyrrolidine- and phenylpiperidine-substituted benzimidazole carboxamide poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors with excellent PARP enzyme potency as well as single-digit nanomolar cellular potency. These efforts led to the identification of (S)-2-(2-fluoro-4-(pyrrolidin-2-yl)phenyl)-1H-benzimidazole-4-carboxamide (22b, A-966492). Compound 22b displayed excellent potency against the PARP-1 enzyme with a Ki of 1 nM and an EC50 of 1 nM in a whole cell assay. In addition, 22b is orally bioavailable across multiple species, crosses the blood−brain barrier, and appears to distribute into tumor tissue. It also demonstrated good in vivo efficacy in a B16F10 subcutaneous murine melanoma model in combination with temozolomide and in an MX-1 breast cancer xenograft model both as a single agent and in combination with carboplatin.

10. Novel benzimidazole derivatives as expected anticancer agents.

Extensive Benzimidazole info on

Liver cancer PubMed

A series of 1-(1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)-3-(substituted)-2-propen-1-one and its 1-methyl analogues 2c-h were synthesized and cyclized with different reagents such as ethyl cyanoacetate, thiourea, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, guanidinium sulfate, methylhydrazine, phenylhydrazine and/or hydrogen peroxide in different reactions to produce pyridones 3a,b, pyrimidinethione 4a,b, isoxazole 5a,b, aminopyrimidine 6a,b, pyrazoline 7i-k and epoxy derivative 8, respectively. Acetohydrazide 10 reacted with formic acid, acetic anhydride, carbon disulfide and/or thiosemicarbazide to yield compounds 11-19. Also compound 21a,b was condensed with different monosaccharides to yield the corresponding N-glycoside Schiff's bases derivatives 22a-h, which upon treatment with acetic anhydride afforded 23a-h derivatives. The anticancer activity of some of the newly synthesized compounds was evaluated against HEPG2 (human liver carcinoma cell line) and PC12 (pheochromocytoma of the rat adrenal medulla) cells. Benzimidazole-2-isoxazole 5a derivative exhibited high potency against HEPG2 and PC12 cells.



April 12 (and after), PosterGal was focusing on finding a Trail of Research Paper Abstracts to support the theories presented by Steve's Images/Protocol.  I opted to include them in this comment area about patents for now. 

"There is good news and better news, even at the nano level wipes out cancer. No more driving highly adaptive bacteria such as cyanobacteria, the most successful organism on Earth further underground to becom more stealth, more virulent, more mutagenic or more deadly. 60 cancer cell lines, remarkable affinity to cancer cells.."   wink emoticon

Mol Divers. 2013 Aug;17(3):409-19. doi: 10.1007/s11030-013-9440-3. Epub 2013 Apr 13.


HIV, please note the safety of benzimidazoles in toxicology studies. Safe. Effective. Yet again.

From PosterGal on this: "I have many on HIV, I don't like perpetuating the myth that it's a virus so I restrain on posting them. It's a morphed cyano capable of stealth due to adaptive variation."


Leukemia --- benzi sulfone is fenbendazole basically, and they admit that what they added was not as potent as not adding at all and then they had to add two compounds to the core to say newer is better, not making sense but at any rate, leukemia: effective.


(Always fun to see how PosterGal spins in some commentary and so I include a bit of it here ~ Mardy)



Fenbendazole, lung cancer, nano and immuno level testing. Proven.  (As said by PosterGal, April 28/29, 2015)

J Biol Chem. 2012 Aug 31;287(36):30625-40. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M111.324228. Epub 2012 Jun 28.
Impairment of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway by methyl N-(6-phenylsulfanyl-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)carbamate leads to a potent cytotoxic effect in tumor cells: a novel antiproliferative agent with a potential therapeutic implication.
Dogra N1, Mukhopadhyay T.
Author information
In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest in proteasome inhibitors as a novel class of anticancer drugs. We report that fenbendazole (FZ) (methyl N-(6-phenylsulfanyl-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl)carbamate) exhibits a potent growth-inhibitory activity against cancer cell lines but not normal cells. We show here, using fluorogenic substrates, that FZ treatment leads to the inhibition of proteasomal activity in the cells. Succinyl-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-methylcoumarinamide (MCA), benzyloxycarbonyl-Leu-Leu-Glu-7-amido-4-MCA, and t-butoxycarbonyl-Gln-Ala-Arg-7-amido-4-MCA fluorescent derivatives were used to assess chymotrypsin-like, post-glutamyl peptidyl-hydrolyzing, and trypsin-like protease activities, respectively.

Non-small cell lung cancer cells transiently transfected with an expression plasmid encoding pd1EGFP and treated with FZ showed an accumulation of the green fluorescent protein in the cells due to an increase in its half-life. A number of apoptosis regulatory proteins that are normally degraded by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway like cyclins, p53, and IκBα were found to be accumulated in FZ-treated cells.

In addition, FZ induced distinct ER stress-associated genes like GRP78, GADD153, ATF3, IRE1α, and NOXA in these cells. Thus, treatment of human NSCLC cells with fenbendazole induced endoplasmic reticulum stress, reactive oxygen species production, decreased mitochondrial membrane potential, and cytochrome c release that eventually led to cancer cell death. This is the first report to demonstrate the inhibition of proteasome function and induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress/reactive oxygen species-dependent apoptosis in human lung cancer cell lines by fenbendazole, which may represent a new class of anticancer agents showing selective toxicity against cancer cells.

PMID: 22745125 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] PMCID: PMC3436308 Free PMC Article 

(Bolding and underline and breaks to make more readable and highlight some key points done by me/Mardy)



Benzimidazoles mitigating radiation induced DNA damage

.... Many more on neuro protective effects to come in patents and abstracts.

Radiat Res. 2013 Jun;179(6):647-62. doi: 10.1667/RR3246.1. Epub 2013 May 3. Research...

    PosterGal:  Either or both. You have to know the molecular formula to know if it was among the compounds tested. In some it is, in some it is not, but fenbendazole is among the safest and most effective as relatively new for one thing and proven to have the main component of what they deem it's key effectiveness, affinity to them, while not harming you.
    And they add a lot of stuff to the core, some or most not going to change the results of the effectiveness of the core. They add things like NSAIDS, or other pain killers, things that would not make a difference in one way or another aside from allowing them to file a new patent. To me, it's playing out the way we said, likely to be a generic the minute they ok so everybody wants to cash in no matter how; the pharma wars. 
  • Group Member: Excellent explanation! 

    I don't doubt at all that fenben is effective. I just wonder if the formula was tweaked for some of these studies in order to treat a specific disease or symptom. Just as long as I know that fenben is "proven to have the main component of what they deem its key effectiveness, affinity to them," as you say above, I'm reassured.
  • Poster Gal:   I care about ending the game, of them releasing some drug for every disease under a different name and continuing to fool the masses that we all still have 'our labels' and they are now curing 'all of them'.  BS -- it's one mechanism = all disease.  It's like chess, you have to stay one step ahead of your 'opponent' and I'm I'm being nice calling them that.  They will surely still be looking for a way to rob you blind and charge (a ton of money). 
  • Another group member: gold!!! I've been wondering how to word this exact question... Thank You... My mind wanted to ask but my gut expected exactly the explanation (PosterGal) gave , just worded a lot more eloquently 
  • PosterGalThey can not repatent fenbendazole, they can only relabel for another condition, they must change it in some way to file a new patent. Either way, we got em. Subterfuge, over. We are nothing if not methodical in reducing our opponents and leaving them in the dustbin of history where they belong. The pen is mightier than the sword.  Reducing them with truth I meant. I am determined and more confidant than ever I made the right choice because I find more mind blowing research nearly everyday in some form or another.
  • A third group member, also an admin now: 
    And we are so grateful for all of your findings!!!
    One of the others in this conversation then said: Agreed! All this research legitimizes the protocol, in addition to the wonderful testimonies people are sharing.



  • More from PosterGal (and others) relative to the significance of this in her opinion, and where to look from here going forwards.  A significant part of this is people coming to terms with what has occurred with each person who's been affected by 'this disease' as she calls it or 'this stuff' as I call it, made particularly challenging to process 'in light of'/when one shines their light of knowledge on this information and realize the research and patent trails indicate people have not had the opportunity to know of this before now, when looking to conventional and mainstream sources: 
    "They abdicated their responsibility a long time ago, hence "cover-your-ass medicine" instead of "healing". So they can just go the way of the dinosaur, their train has left the station. If we can figure it out, they should have, but refused to. They don't deserve another 40 years to get it right IMO, and whoever cares to can follow them off the cliff. I quit waiting because I don't have another 40 years."
    "It's why the CDC said no antibiotics for Lyme in the first place, they knew why back then. They knew in Tuskeegee." (look for the history of Lyme and there are topics at Lumigrate about the Lyme lies as they are called.  Look for information that would have the name Kathleen Dickson with it that I put in the forums relative to activists making substantial contributions to outing things. 
    .... "All my files are there for anyone to take, I gladly share all that I have found, if one thinks there is an opening (to educate medical providers), go for it, my efforts at educating doctors has been to see more close mindedness, not the opposite, but be my guest, by all means."
    .... and further comments on the thread from PosterGal: "... I take the equivalent of a capsule, not even close to animal 3 day dose equivalents, and in which only 2% or less (becomes) systemic. And I have NIH abstracts with plenty of human-only studies regarding the safety of this drug in plain English. Not a topic worth wasting time on anymore, not when we know the potential harm of what even herbs, vitamins let alone what CD or ..... turpentine groups are causing in regards to our chronic immune failures and endotoxemia in relation to this bacteria." (CD being an abbreviation for a treatment people have gravitated to for reversing chronic illness symptoms)

    An RN's Thoughts AND Steve's Commendations

    Supportive comment from a member I've connected with privately because they were another conventional medical provider (RN) and had made a lot of great contributions to the discussion.  At this point she interjected this gem: 

    All they would need to do is the drug calculation for themselves, really. I do these kind of drug calculations all the time on kiddos in the PACU. There's a reason why I am OK with giving my 4 y/o (son's) dose of FenBen: If the toxic dose of FenBen for pigs, a size most equal to my daughter's, is 125 mg/kg/day, that equals 2250 mg daily dose for my daughter (40 pounds). This means she would have to take **22.5 mL's** of the liquid goat dewormer DAILY to cause even reversible neutropenia (shown to be reversible EVERY TIME after a period of about 5 days).
    OK, ya ready for the kicker? Ya know how much she is taking via Steve's protocol as a daily dose??  **0.8 mL's**....Yes, you heard that correctly...she would have to take 28 TIMES HER CURRENT DAILY DOSE ON STEVE'S PROTOCOL TO DEVELOP THE SMALLEST & MOST REVERSIBLE LEVEL OF TOXICITY FOR ANOTHER MAMMAL OF COMPARABLE WEIGHT. I am SO O.K. with Steve's protocol...BEYOND O.K. with Steve's protocol...for my 4 year old daughter...& I'm an RN...who works in a recovery room in a trauma center every day. We're doing JUST FINE on the protocol.
    If you want to take mega doses of FenBen, then you might need to ask someone else about toxicity info, because Steve's protocol does not recommend taking mega doses. Maybe asking a vet or someone who owns animals what their animal's reactions were might be the closest info you can get. I chose to bypass other medications & dosages for myself & my family after hearing about seizures on Albenza, crazy die off symptoms on Ivermectin, etc, etc.
    There have been really sick people who have reported adverse effects on Steve's protocol, & they have A LOT of organisms in their bodies. That's why PosterGal has tirelessly worked to make it clear (using scientifically backed information every time), the difference between effects caused by medication toxicity & die off of organisms.
    MD's & other RN's at my work would freak if I told them what I'm doing to treat mold/Cyano/parasites. They already think I'm crazy enough coming to the conclusion that moldy residences are what started all of this.
    The system is so messed up, based in closed mindedness & dogma. But the "freaks" & "weirdos" like me, who actually believe in reading the science instead of Pharma fueled B.S. to heal, we are out there, & our numbers are growing.
    Science cannot be suppressed, the discovery will not stop no matter how much the elites try to suppress real healing based on honest science. Change is coming, what we are doing now is totally unsustainable & profit driven, I am sick of being a cog in the wheel. I am getting my Master's & finding a like minded MD with whom I can help people's healing/progression beginUntil then, I'm OK helping people recover after they break their bones in a motor vehicle accident, I guess.

    Then STEVE had this comment:
    (The RN group mate's) comments need placing in files, excellent perceptions by her, and by all of you, actually this entire thread impresses me, so do all of you. It's the fact that she is University driven, we cannot ever downplay the importance of universities for helping us in many ways. Universities fuel the mind, plus they have many hungry minds there that don't give a hoot about opinions, they want the facts! Education is critical for our cause. Thanks ladies for this thread, it shows your dedicated to the forward movement of our cause, which is nothing less than Healing a Planet full of sick people.





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Conversation Highlights that Help Pull The Pieces Together

Someone in Steve's Images asked a good question --- has this protocol helped someone with schizophrenia, so far as they know. The member of the group stated having a friend who had an adult son/daughter with schizophrenia symptoms and it was very hard to hear about the 'suffering'.  

I like the world 'suffer' to be reserved for this application, not being used in a sentence about 'so and so suffering from schizophrenia' because it's being used in place of 'has' or 'has symptoms of' or perhaps 'has diagnosed schizophrenia'; remembering how people suffer with the various symptoms from whatever chronic illness is important.

The conversation rapidly turned to the gut/brain connection.  Initially the conversation was about how what you consume in your diet ends up being seen as a symptom with brain function in many people who have chronic illnesses.  

The 'nail on the head' was hit, someone said, with 'toxin overload' being the real issue. 

I then interjected that the travel from the gut to the brain being via the nervous system is believed to be one way, and perhaps a significant pathway for how things travel from the gut to the brain, including toxins getting past the blood-brain barrier and into the brain, then affecting the biochemistry of the brain. 

Then the member that asked the original question brought this to the table: A great resource about Michael VanElzakker, PhD talking about the vagus nerve infection hypothesis.

Then another professional who is in the group, whose story begins with having a child who was diagnosed as autistic who took them into learning how to clean up the diet, restore the gut and in their case colon hydrotherapy was a key, which then took the mother (and family) in the direction of having a business related to restoring the gut in a multi-faceted approach, said this: "the BRAIN AND THE GUT BOTH HAVE 92 NERO-TRANSMITTERS, they are the first two cells that are divided when the egg and the sperm come together. whatever is going on in the GUT IS HAPPENING IN THE BRAIN, THE GUT FEEDS THE BRAIN."  
She later brings in the importance of moving lymph and suggests strongly 10 minutes of skin brushing (something I have on Lumigrate and have for a long time) and mini trampoline / rebounder. I know that Patrick Timpone's website and podcasts, OneRadioNetwork, promote the rebounder for lymph as a major tool for staying or becoming well (or better). 

One of the leaders/admins/longer-standing women in the group who takes the time to post often, but clearly is short on time so only posts the most important things and enters conversation to contribute her input selectively, stated that she's seen firsthand how pathogens directly affect the vagus nerve and it's especially difficult to witness in children. These mothers who have been through this with their children and now are coming out the other side having found the wealth of information Steve's provided, helped themselves and their kids and pets and other loved ones ..... their words are often sparse and you know the pain they've had, the hard work they've sustained, and the dedication they have today in helping others with this information they believe is THE REAL DEAL. 

She goes on to elaborate, after the starter of this thread asked for more explanation, to refer to Cort Johnson and Dr. Komaroff having worked to understand the impact of infection in the vagus nerve. Dr. Komaroff was convinced of vagus nerve theory by evidence showing vagus nerve infection can spark CNS inflammation in animals.

Read more: Tweeting the Stanford Symposium for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This was Dr. Montoya’s chance to highlight the...


The original thread starter then says she'd forgotten Dr K was working with MVE, and she remembered MVE's story to be he was doing the study on this on the side from his paid work, which was about something else so he didn't have a lot of time to devote to the vagus nerve.  Hopefully with more combined efforts of the two, more will come.  She said  "I know MVE believes it could be any pathogen infecting the vagus nerve so who knows, it could be cyano."

The "leader gal" then said her thoughts go to the idea that cyano-driven viruses are the most likely culprits. 

My thoughts go to how much I wish there was a mini group for these stand-out lay researchers to communicate with the professionals, I think it would by symbiotic, dynamite, innovative and plain 'cool'!  Those who are very busy and can be aided by having a very high-level Facebook place to share ideas, then take what they wish out to the rest of the people on Facebook they're working to ripple effect and influence. 

Then the conversation turned back to diet -- wheat, carbs, and sugars.  People were clarifying information about carbohydrates.  This reminded me that people are often not clear about what goes on in the body with carbohydrates being on a continuum of more or less glycemic (leading to sugar in the bloodstream) and the various theories about glycemic 'index' versus 'load', which I'd always preferred.  

Some people were learning from sources that say 'no raisins' and I've seen that too, in the Adrenal Fatigue 'bible' book that I think has some of the best information out there about why the medical establishment doesn't acknowledge certain conditions, such as adrenal fatigue; it just varies what people can have in their 'ideal diets' for whatever they've been trying to address as symptoms.  

But then the discussion clearly goes with the main PosterGal coming in and saying that in her and Steve's opinions, all the diet stuff has been a bunch of confusing, difficult stuff -- just fix the gut with the reishi and fenben AND reduce the new burdens coming from things by using the ozonator and using clean water. ... problem basically nipped 'in the bud'.

 One of the main Lyme circle (on Facebook) people posts about "doxy" and Steve appears to say (in his opinion, obviously) doxy is the wrong drug, fenben is correct, doxy almost killed him.  

The professional that focuses on the colon / gut (and food) said that food combinations are the key to be looking at with the gut. I think about my time with the Fit for Live Diet on this one --- here I am on one thread thinking about the adrenal fatigue diet and then the fit for life diet that I have followed seven and 25 years ago, respectively -- both of which helped at the time but then was it permanent? No, variables would change, something would load me and my lifestyle habits would shift and so then I'd go back 'downhill' again.  So I was keenly watching this thread and it was really making me think. 

The PosterGal then landed kind of hard, it sometimes surprises me when she gets forceful with her words and I believe the same has been said about me, I normally am accused of being too 'pussy footed' in how I work around topics to not get anyone riled up.  In order to make her writing more understandable I'm correct the punctuation but not changing the words at all. 

"Forget about expecting diet to cure your problem, tried them all, in time you'll be reacting to everything because it's also in the soil, therefore in the roots; good luck testing for cyano in the produce aisle, even the organic aisle unless they understand exactly what they must rid the soil of, which I doubt. Get rid of the driver --cyano -- and just eat healthy with little processed foods. Fenben heals the gut. (Books / diets focused on wheat) should be banned, (wheat's) not the root, (and) gluten free/food free diets (are) a panacea approach, akin to the LLMD's making money off Lyme. Save your money until the gut heals on fenben."

Steve then entered and said 


"Removing the cyanobacteria from a suffering body is never easy, but in order to live, it must come out. Cyanobacteria in the small intestine is stuck to the intestinal wall. Algal biofilm secretions are some of the best-adhering films known. Getting them to break down and leave requires reishi and fenbendazole to be taken daily. Once the plant materials are gone, it would be great to be able to understand and control the intake of proper foods."


PosterGal came back next, an hour later, saying  "I don't personally agree with perpetuating the 'new normal' when the elephant in the room has been ignored as a variable in the equation. I had IBD for 20 years, I eliminated and charted like a maniac, I now eat what I want, no problem."

Then a woman commented that she ate gluten on Friday night (48 hours earlier) and it 'about killed' her, and she's still feeling the effects.  "I hope with this protocol I can eat it with no problem in the future..just not right now." 

Poster Gal again: "The myths and straw men arguments stop here or there is no point in this site. All issues get resolved in the cascade of failure if one addresses the root, and the root is cyano and the cyano mechanism, all depend on it. I see no point incontinuing to add to the confusion that is already out there or in further lining the pockets of the opportunists regardless of their intentions of help. I'm talking about 'diet books', 'diet foods'."

PosterGal also said "People are confused enough, this site tries to eliminate most of that. I agree with Steve, you need little or nothing except the basics, save your money and get on with your life."

THEN someone asks the question on my mind at this point -- was the wheat/gluten the woman had organically grown, as she reacts to gluten that's non-organic.  The woman with the reaction this weekend states it was organic.  However, I'm thinking at this point about what I've provided at Lumigrate for our YOUsers about Stephanie Seneff's information she relayed in an interview about the testing of glyphosate in organic and nonorganic products --- glyphosate is just getting into everything, unfortunately.  (It's 'ubiquitous' I believe people have said, and I love that word but sometimes it's used not completely in accordance with it's definition, the popularized way to use it is how I learned it in 1985 ... it's everywhere but nowhere, essentially.) 

The poster gal then said she understands that gluten is going to continue to bother people up to when they're at a certain point of healing, and once they pass that point "you'll be saving about a trillion dollars worth of 'fads' that were total BS because nothing will cause you the problems".  "Mark my words" she said.  So I am, and hope she is right.  

However, it is so fundamental about what our bodies want for things to be given to them that they ideally run on -- good water, good food.  Yes, when healthy we don't have to watch everything so closely that we put into or onto our mouths, lungs, skin. But if we're not providing the safest things, the organs are having to work harder to detoxify and make things right.  With the amount of 'load' we get today even when we control what we can, our bodies have a burden with what we cannot control.  That's what I'd have said had I contributed to the thread.  

PosterGal comes back to say how "it's not from fillings, fluoride, candida, mercury and on and on and on. I call it internet pollution now, and turned off the tv and all of it." She then goes on to relate what she just ate ... cookies and Pepsi and was about to have a cinnamon roll. She reminds that she'd have been writhing in pain six months ago from that but now, 'no problemo'.  She can, however, occasionally tell by a burning sensation in toes, that an alkaloid toxin symptom of some fungus like ergot (see ergotism) has gotten into her system, usually brought on by cheap white flour product. 

Then it gets interesting and I wonder what'll be the end result of the comment from the professional gut guru who reminds of her perspective -- we are live cells and we should feed our body (and brain) live foods and water, since the body is made up so much of water and bacteria (which is overlapping, again, with Dr Seneff's information I've put at Lumigrate -- only 10% of the cells in our bodies are human cells, the rest are the other things like bacteria -- hence the glyphosate's working on the shikimate pathway that plants have, not human cells, BUT the gut bacteria DO have the shikimate pathway.  That's THE CRUX of why glyphosate affects the gut and then brain when it gets into people's mouths, stomachs, guts and then the effects go from there. 

Steve then appears, the next morning (this morning) and says his diet too often consists of what is readily available when he's hungry and he needs to practice keeping healthier snacks available.

Then someone new to the thread hits a home run, and that was when I said "I want to put this onto the Steve's Images thread at Lumigrate for the YOUsers to see this conversation".  Here's the comment: 

"... I am wondering the same. This bacterias come to us if we are already unhealthy, if we supply them with fertile ground- if we are malnourished, full of gluten, sugar and other thing that produce glue in our intestines. It's like I will get healthy so I can get vaccinated. No, I never want to get vaccinated or drink (cola) ....but I would like to stop worrying about food so much because I am so sensitive now. (PosterGal), I am very glad though that you are healing and not suffering anymore" 

Steve then said that his concern about food is that everything we now eat has the bad bacteria in them.  It is able to enter the roots and ends up in the veggies and fruits, which is "not good". He later says "Our foods are grown by mostly by BigAg operations, even small farms, they too overuse phosphorus, which accelerates growth (of the bacteria), especially growth of cyanobacteria. Glyphosates, such as Roundup by "Monstera", too, are used to kill off weeds, this is a huge issue, HUGE ISSUE. More info and pics coming, this mess needs correcting, farmers aren't concerned, not for the most part."

Then the afore-mentioned long standing leader who contributes selectively with pearls of wisdom contribues this:  "Treating the majority of foods ingested will go a long way to prevent taking in more pathogens and chemicals."

The gut guru professional then said that it all starts with the seed -- every life form is about the seed, the soil -- what kind of soil do you have as the environment in your gut, so to speak.  Organic crops make organic craps, she says.  Oh, that's a great saying that I'd never thought of! But that was AGAIN, much of what Dr Seneff was saying in interviews -- the manure and compost that people are using whether at home or professionally growing food for sale will have the factors in it from what the animal was fed. It's a very complex problem with a lot of facets to it, and EVERYONE is going to have to see glyphosate and other toxic chemicals as the core issue of what is causing our health problems and causing things in the environment to become this problematic, PLUS the interplay and symbiosis of it.  

Which I know Steve and his Images groupies see, also.  That's the beauty of this group, they have divergent thinking skills and then are helping people shift from convergent to divergent.  Even I am having my mind further opened OR at least more repetition and exposure to divergent thinking from studying the Steve's Images group as well as Stephanie Seneff's information. 

Long time pearl sharer says " Organic methods and seed are a great start, but cyano has no prejudice of course and lives in soil, water, and air."

Lions and tigers and bears .. oh my! it was famously sung in Oz, and now we have It lives in the soil and water and air, oh my!


It seemed to me that by April 2015 there was another wave of information being added by Steve via photographs, about GSB (giant sulphur bacteria).  This caused some confusion and gave opportunity to more learning, and reminders that this is a work in progress on Steve's part.  

I'd been studying the wokr of Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT, who talks a LOT about sulphur.  The only 'medicine I take', she'd said, is epsom salt baths. Then I'd turn to what Steve was teaching that day and there would be information about exposure from water that has increased amounts of cyanobacteria in it, among other things.  Now we have sulphur bacteria, a giant kind, what does THAT mean relative to consuming sulphur foods or supplementing sulphur through absorption via the skin or the intestinal tissues.  

Fortunately, there was something eventually to bring here for YOUsers to read.  

Steve Beddingfield: "Sulphur is critical for us as humans, it's one of our base elements. The problem is with bacteria that use sulfides as an energy source, these bacteria are inside us and doing damage. Not only them, they bring in many endosymbionts which replicate rapidly once inside us.

Sulphur cycling for these bacteria is poorly understood, there's speculation that the Calvin Cycle doesn't hold true with Thiomargarita-like bacteria, which is inside all of us. .... health is nothing more than our guts achieving a workable microbial balance, a perfect biome may not exist, with this protocol we attempt to achieve a biome within us that provides a level of acceptable health. If no protocol? Visit your local hospital and check a few patients, you'll see the advanced stages of this disease, for without this protocol, the mortician will receive a body that must be cremated due to the massive amounts of worms coming from inside the body. I've seen this with an ex employee of mine.

... We need sulphur in order to live, cells require it, this bacteria takes up sulphur in the form of sulfides, an interchange of sulfides to pyrite is the usual process. If our body provides sulfides for this bacteria to live, then how can we manipulate this process so that we win? Fenben and reishi interrupt this process, yet little is known about the bacteria and its sulphur processing. I'm learning a lot these days, it's an ongoing process each day."

... Taking up sulphur is fine, it replaces the sulphur lost to GSB, WHICH FINDS IT IN OUR CELLS, WHICH IT RUPTURES."

Garlic and garlic oil for this syndrome need to be right beneath reishi and fenben, which are number one and two. Use this garlic oil with saline and make a nasal spray. Watch what leaves!"

I can't help but think this is something that would be of interest to Dr Seneff, and what Steve shares makes sense to me, for what it's worth. Remember, consider the source, do your homework looking at what I provide and go off additionally if you're wanting to and wanting more. I hope this info on the sulphur aspect is helpful here for YOU/YOUsers. 



So we thankfully have information about what's causing 'the stuff' we all have and this is a protocol that apparently successfully deals with it. Along with things to clean the air and soil, the group keeps talking about more and more things that interrelate and it's a really wonderful place to be learning. Seeing the illness in the environment and what was healing it was a part of how Steve figured this out, apparently.  

Furthermore, they had a thread that got onto the topic of acne and cycstic acne was part of it -- Steve was talking  a lot over time over people swimming in water that had algae and I had been thinking about all the people who have water to swim in, but that was not the case for me BUT I had forgotten that in the summer of, I believe 1980, my future husband made friends with some people who knew of a swimming hole in an old quarry hole near the Poudre River in Fort Collins and we went there a few times.  I do remember and never forgot that July of 1980 I had massive cycstic acne suddenly start ONE DAY and it was just before one of my best friends got married and 'everyone' from our school was going to be there.  13 lesions I had and had never had one thing like that ever before. I was 2 months into being past a teen-ager and thought it ironic that acne started then.  

So I'm having to try and figure out for sure if that swimming hole time was before that. I'm not even positive I remember who we went with that showed us the place at first but I think I remember who it was and the timing that I remember is such that it would add up right that we'd done that just before that symptom started.  That symptom plagued me if I wasn't on birth control pills for decades, I have scarring from the acne in the form of discoloration.  

I wonder if that will end up looking different in the future, should I succeed in doing the protocol.  That is up to everyone to decide for themselves and I have realized that it's more important for me to inspire people to do their homework and DECIDE what is right for YOU than to tell people what I do as they sometimes skip the steps and just 'copycat'; the people who want answers fed to them without DOING THE WORK has got to stop! People have to put in the time to learn the information and be EMPOWERED with the details and then able to communicate it to themselves AND OTHERS. But I will say this; I'd not have spent this much time on a topic at Lumigrate if I didn't think this was something to consider doing. 

And at the very least, I appreciate that it's maybe connecting that big dot of 'why the big outbreak on my face in early July of 1980?'.  It was like having a puzzle almost all the way put together and having one piece missing. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy

Another statement from Steve:

It's hard to add in my beliefs to your life, it is for myself, I wish to reject my own beliefs at times. Too bad, for what we've found is not what we expected to find, yet it's here, and it's ours. Life as we have come to know it has been lost, the big shift is now here. Everything is different and must be adjusted to. But first you must see and accept the truth. Then and only then, can we develop the proper path forward.


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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2007 Research on Morgellons (from SUNY) : Cyanobacteria Cause


Current Morgellons research at a laboratory in Massachusetts shows that individuals affected by Morgellons disease have been in contact with soil and/or water containing cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), algae, aquatic fungi, water molds and lichen (algae and fungi). This assemblage of organisms, and associated bacterial populations, is common in soil and aquatic environments where cryptobiotic soils are present and/or in environments where nutrient rich conditions promote the development of algae blooms.


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Mainstream media covering algae virus maybe making us 'dumb'



"typically found in algae - but it has also been detected in the throats of healthy humans"

Read more:…/Is-algae-virus-making-DUMB-Pla… 
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Another version at ....



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Mainstream Media on Melting Glaciers Liberating Ancient Microbes

Think about this: microbes .. 'bugs' .. that have been locked away since before the human race allegedly was on Earth are now liberated and getting into the environment .. and thus into everything living on Earth.  Another piece to the puzzle -- and I'm thanking two of the group leaders in Steve's Images for 1) mentioning this and 2) sharing this particular link which I wanted to add onto this topic thread.

A small portion of what you'll find, bringing up some of the key issues:

Once thought to be too harsh and inhospitable to support any living thing, the ice sheets are now known to be a gigantic reservoir of microbial life. Altogether, the biomass of microbial cells in and beneath the ice sheet may amount to more than 1,000 times that of all the humans on Earth.

Internment in the ice amounts to an evolutionary strategy for microorganisms: preserving genetic blueprints by storing them in deep–freeze for a future re-entry, said John Priscu, a Montana State University professor and pioneer in the study of Antarctic microbiology. 

"It's a way of recycling genomes," he said. "You put something on the surface of the ice and a million years later it comes back out." 



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Genetically modifying cyanobacteria to make ethanol; patent

A woman in the Steve's Images group had posted this link and credited the woman I call here Poster Gal and saying she is the queen of patents -- apparently the woman found this link in something PosterGal had previously placed in the timeline (or that's how I was figuring it).  I thought it relevant enough to add on here.

AND by Searching on genetically modified cyanobacteria, there's MORE that is interesting and easier to read in terms of it being articles not patent verbage, such as this one that I found a good one to bring as an example:

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Steve Beddingfield's Photos and Words; Highlights

It takes time, if you're able to become a member of Steve's Images group on Facebook, to look through the photos that have been posted. I've taken the time to get to know Steve, and vice versa, and to have him understand what Lumigrate and I 'are about', and to get his permission to share his work on Lumigrate. This represents, below, a growing number of hours that I have spent selecting out what's best going to help people learn, and making it be "less is more".  I want YOUsers to be able to spend the least amount of time and energy WHILE getting a thorough education. I continue to go daily, sometimes more than once, to find anything new, see how it can fit into what I provide on Lumigrate, and continue my education.  I encourage those interested enough to find your way through the threads to the link to his group, or otherwise connect with him by name on Facebook. 

The first image he posted to the group if you look all the way back on the timeline there, is not a photograph he took, it's not even a photograph, it's an image it's a cartoon image added in the spring of 2014.  I noticed that just prior to when I encountered him in a Lyme group in August 2014, there were a lot of images in photos tab there, posted by someone else. I'm wondering if he was seeing people getting 'into it' and wanting to go out to find new recruits around Facebook.  I'm editing this in June of 2015 to work in something he just suggested to a member who was asking for input on a gadget to look at things in a magnified way, and take photos. This was what he suggested:  "The Maozua 5 mp. USB handheld , best deal out there, only $75.00, just released."  

You can see from this how Steve 'is'.  He's a "get it done" kind of guy, he keeps it as short as he can.  He admits his worst habit is interrupting people, which he regularly has done in my few and far between phone conversations.  He's a man with a mission and if you're trying to tell him something that YOU think is important for him to understand but he's not seeing it, he'll just interrupt and get the conversation where it's on what he wants it to be about at that moment.  He's gotten a lot done in a year, as a result, it appears. 

And this is why: From March 2015: 

       ©2015 Steve Beddingfield

           From Steve's mouth, "it looks like a tube-type worm to me" . The bacterial strands are the brown, probably osedax.

Prior to the woman I mentioned above, who'd added photos to the group just before I was included in the group, a woman from Colorado, who was the first person I heard about taking livestock worming medicine for Morgellon's who related to me what was exiting her body (so I didn't think it applied to me, and sounded pretty far out), had posted some photos and talked about the things exiting her scalp and then her belly skin.

Many talk about the glittery looking things on the skin, they call it "glitter" using the quotes as in the group, it is explained what that's coming from. You'll hopefully see from what I've put here of his work -- images and words, and excerpts of things Steve and the others discussed what they could be.  Does it have something to do with chemtrails, as many in the Morgellon's community believe? It's worth taking a couple of hours and looking through the photos and reading the comments. 

Here are some highlights, and I'm presenting them in a manner to show the progression of Steve's research. I believe that Steve was realizing in August that he had gotten something underway with his group and photos and that's why he was out and about where I 'met him' within a week.  

Later, I'd get to talk (via Facebook chat) with the woman I call PosterGal in this topic, and she had said when she started fenbendazole she had orangeish red colored flecks in what was coming out the end of her digestive elimination route. Yes, I know, Dr. Oz got everyone comfortable talking about 'poop', but I thought I'd say it a gentler way! 

She was one not to put under microscope, "a peek before flushing", she'd say. So I put those two things together and figured that might be common and worth transferring to this 'highlight reel' topic at Lumigrate.  

From August 8, 2014, Steve Beddingfield said this: When I first took the fenben, it looked like a tomato had invaded my body, not tomatoes, red algae. Didn't get the pics at that point but I quickly started collecting stool specimens and photoing them, some of my early work is frightening. I've not photod any of those specimens. Guess it's time to do so. Last week I took out a stool specimen from the alcohol storage, it was antlike creatures, yuk. 


Tomatoes from my gut garden! I'm pretty sure that's a bryozoate. Most likely it's anamox bacteria and sulphur bacteria and DNA of a bryozoan, so it's a cloned byozoan....". "There seems to be a lot of confusion overall with people about what's a fluke, what's an 'orange roll up', which are the byozoans."  he said.  "I think everyone has these in them, it's so massive in it's presence down at the hydrothermal vents, so they could be up in the salt marshes, I'll look into this more". 

© Steve Beddingfield 2014                   

  • Steve Beddingfield's photo.                              
    © Steve Beddingfield 2015    ----  June 2, 2015: Tube worm (triangular pink), if you break it apart, it will have GSB tubules/strands formed in it. I don't see the dark/brown as being sulphur bacteria, it could be eating the hydrogen sulifide produced by GSB. There might be four or more, up to eight, bacteria working here.  Dig this out of your arm and figure it out without the equiopment I need is difficult.  The anamox bacteria appears to be feeding it, it's the circulatory system, it becomes the hemaglobin and then the circulatory system. This is a tube worm that's not a tube yet, he said. The circulatory system is like ours with our skin, it's right beneath the surface. The dark mass in the center, I think is what turns into the cobalt blue fibers. Red fiber is GSB tubule covered with anamox on the outside, I think. White fibers are sulphur strands and the worm stuff, that forms the body.
    Cobalt blue is the digestive system. I think the blue is eating the hydrogen sulfide out of the cells. If you have ALS, MS, neurodegerative, etc. your brain is depleted of hydrogen sulfide in the cells, and I was told by an environmental scientist I talked to that they found dark fibers  in the thyroids of people post-mortem. Hydrogen sulfide is a necessary component, and they check that the cells are depleted of hydrogen sulfide. Dermatologists were finding them as well. But I could be wrong, I reserve the right to be ignorant.  Plucked from one of Steve's lesions. GSB makes the structure and secretes mucous that's sulphur with a bunch of things, so it's precipitating things and the anamox is on the outside of it, and the blue and white fiber are in the inside of the worm.  Amazing to watch them interact, grow, morph, present themselves. 60x magnification.

    This photo (below) was shared by Steve Beddingfield on November 27, 2014 in his Facebook group and then a month later a member found it and asked a question about what it was and then Steve posted more photos which you'll see.  You can basically see the layers of Steve's research this way, as he progressed in figuring out what he was looking at, then looking for more things to scope and figure (and photo and share). 
    "The white strands form the worm the blue strands become the digestive system, the red the circulatory system of the worm.  At this point nobody's identified this. I believe it's iron-reducing bacteria, because a lot of people are depleted in iron who have these conditions." 
    In thirty seconds, I can go into any home and have a picture of this, Steve said.
    On June 15, 2015 on a thread in his group he said this: "The cobalt blue part plays a very significant role." 
    On December 27, 2014, Steve Beddingfield posted this series (and words):
    No use of scope for this pic :

                                                   Steve Beddingfield's photo. 

    According to researchers, this is GSB, thioploca. There are about four or five types of sulphur oxydizing bacteria, thioploca is one of them.  Same as above, but at 40X:  


    Steve Beddingfield's photo.





  March 11, 2015, he posted this photo of a 100x magnification, asking for people to guess what the photo was....  .... and then he said:

 "It's amazing to me, just how scary my pics can be to some people, not you (name removed), but some have gotten upset over them, guess I can forget about ever selling them, can't give them away either, guess I'll just keep putting them here in SI for those brave few that'll view them. Send gloves! Plz?"

"For the brave few! That's one of the... the orange sphere is part bacteria and part animal life form --- worm, sea urchin, a lot of things, a jellyfish, but it's taking up the chloraphyl there -- wee where the strands are coming out. Those are hollow inside, and it's like a little factory inside making things work.  I think I grew that from a tree branch, I'm pretty sure that was a tree limb with lichen on it. I kept it wet, kept checkin' it, and that's what grew.  That's where it's finding the chloraphyl too, on the outside of environment." 

Steve Beddingfield's photo. 


All photos in this box © 2015 Steve Beddingfield

Steve said that he's not sure what this is, it usually turns out to be chloraphyl so maybe it's chloraphyl bacteria. It pulls out as green later. That may be what's forming the algae-type thing in the ponds and waters.  I'm pretty sure that's what's happening. I hate to be vague on things, and I'm still working on things. I can't do DNA analysis, I don'th have nucleatide probes, I don't know what they cost but it'll tell you what it is. You have to use specific needles to probe that. 

Thioploca growing on coffee -- they're a mat-forming bacteria, and all the little sea creatures around the vents feed around the mat and when they do, they take up the bacteria and the bacteria ... this is going on in our environment and is going on with the insects.  

This is where the sulphur bacteria/thioploca is growing on coffee. The dark filaments in the upper right that look like lace is where the bacteria filaments for the mat start. The major part of it is worm, there's so much worm DNA in the sediments.  I left coffee set out, it's a really good growing medium if it has a little sugar in it. It could have been in the ground coffee beans, the air, the water. You can leave tomato out in a sterile cup and it'll grow this out too. So where's it coming from? It would take specific tests to isolate where it comes from. 


© 2015 Steve Beddingfield. "GSB tubules with algae present, probably doing the gene transfer with the algae here." Steve verbalized.  



©2015, Steve Beddingfield. GSB/Giant Sulphur Bacteria Sheath (Which Extend Through Sediment to Sources of Nourishment) 


©2015 Steve Beddingfield "GSB Sheaths " I think it's taking of hydrogen sulfide and excreting elemental sulphur / sulfite. That's a good picture ..... "


© 2015 Steve Beddingfield From Steve's own fecal sample. Crab claw, bent crab, maybe yetti. The Woods Hole people have information about this.  You can see the pincher and hinge. Both parts don't move, one part is all that has not move like snippers for your bushes.  


©2015 Steve Beddingfield    "Lesion Evidence of Giant Bacteria", from one of Steve's lesions.  Iron-reducing bacteria, perhaps, based on the reddish color of it. As it reduces, it takes the life form of whatever it is reducing.  The GSB is doing the cloning through it's use of polymerase. Suddenly we have polymerase being precipitated in our body so it has to be a byproduct -- that's way over my head for today, but I'll figure it out though". 

Steve's explanation, when asked, on a thread started by a woman posting a picture of something that looked much like this but still on her body, said this: "Sulphur bacteria from extreme environments, geysers, hydrothermal vents, Karst caverns, meterorites; it's likely that some of it was sent here by Aliens which believe we need removal due to humans being worthless as good stewards of Earth's resources. No matter how and why, where from, it's here and it's on a roll! We best get our act together fast." 


©2015 Steve Beddingfield. "Thioploca, GSB" (the white strands) Ivory colored round things are worm eggs that are part bacteria. The scientists were said to say "OMG this is important but we don't know what this is". "This is huge, Mardy, I can hardly sleep at night I want to see more. 

"Cyanobacteria is likely present in contaminated slow moving bodies of surface water, I'm just not find much of it there. Some of my pics show cylindrosporum, yet only in a few. GSB is always present. Notice the super-fine needle-shaped end on this sheath of GSB, it's for penetrating deep down into the sediment where it's energy source exists, H2S. I'll find the quoted source shortly." Then "Mardy, I'm thinking the source was in the book The Prokaryotes, Volume One."  Then later, he suggests it would greatly help out his research efforts if he were to have a copy of this book sent to him, and how that would translate into helping others sooner than later. (See separate comment, below, about what was set up for people to PayPay or GoFund his accounts). 

Then he goes on to respond to the part of the thread that was about mercury and detoxification pathway issues --- you see, the group typically has a bunch of us who have learned all the other stuff out there about what causes complex chronic illness and it takes a lot of repetition on poor Steve's part to have us get into 'his' 'new' paradigm.  "(Group member, name removed), fenben and reishi take care of the heavy metal issue produced by GSB. Once GSB is gone, no new metals are added in and the others wash out with the GSB. It's too simple, cheap too."

GSB 60X, Lab Grown. Every one of these round things is a creature of some sort. I hate to call a fungal term to bacteria. It's part worm and part bacteria -- giant tube worms, little tube worms of osadex, jellyfish, spiders -- we just don't know what life forms are symbiotic with the bacteria. All of these are shaped the same, I go an inch over and those will all have a different shape. Whatever the multicellular organism is, the DNA code, it will clone it -- all of those are clones coming off of that, Mardy." 

Same specimen, 100X (GSB)

© 2015 Steve Beddingfield




© 2015 Steve Beddingfield

This might be wasp or ant DNA that long ago fell to the bottom of the ocean and it's been down there being cloned. Nobody's been able after peering over it has figured out what it was. It doesn't have eyeballs so I think it's from the bottom of the ocean. This was from inside the house when I was at my sickest. Seven years ago. One of my first pictures I took ... I found an abandoned child's microscope in an old mobile home below my house, when I was at my worst point in 2008 (when he was 55). "

"No eyes due to no light availability within its point of origin. I've read somewhere that things like this in these Forelegs have chambers filled with poisons like to catch things with for food. This was close to the size of a small ant. My first alarming photo; terrible quality, but my photography skills have possibly improved a tad since then." ~~ Steve Beddingfield, July 3, 2015 


November 15, 2015 -- Steve Beddingfield said: Worm in pic is able to penetrate bones, muscle tissue, softens the bones by destroying components within them. Calcium is depleted with the worms search for phosphorus. 

And portions of a story from a group member, as always (unless it's a person commercially in the group operating there for professional and not personal purposes) identifying information removed and pseudonym assigned if it helps.  



 NEW midAugust from Steve

pics to his group with typical cryptic or missing information. I moved them here and got on his list to go over this, which took a week to occur, not occurring at the days and times he had indicated he could, but I made time on a day I barely could. So it's drafty, but it's here. I hope you find it interesting. 

NUMBER 1 --- makes a snot worm, Osedax mucofloris. 60x mag of a sample found upon grasses in my yard.

Microtubules that are hollow inside. These tubules provide a secure pathway for the bacteria to travel from oxic to anoxic regions of the sidement at the hydrothermal vents in order to be able to oxidize sulfur to hydrogen sulfide. Some scientists will say it's picking up hydrogen sulfide and turning it into elemental sulphur, and I have no way of determining that. There are other bacteria living off of the hydrogen sulfide that excretes ammonium.  Nitrogen depletion in the ocean is occurring because both are depleting nitrogen in the exchange between the oxic and the anoxic.  This is where ATP (which is where you get energy).  In the tubules, one molecule is an electron acceptor and one is an electron donor. I'm thinking it's picking up elemental sulphur at the vents and it's being exchanged hydrogen sulfide.... and then anamox is the secondary oxidizer, and they both can be using nitrogen as oxidizer.  

Steve got this sample from something he obtained in his environment around North Carolina and grew in the lab.  "This is bacteria I cultured from someone or something related to chronic disease -- this is chronic disease.  The sulphur is the brilliant white spots. That's like elemental sulphur there, I don't know if it's taking it up or respiring it there. I need better equipment to be able to figure out more than that, I do pretty good with reading things like Harvard Smithsonian and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.  Oxford Journals is another favorite of Steve's. 

and the Chilean scientists that discovered all this, the thiomargarita, but I have difficulties translating his information.  The continental breaks with the hydrothermal vents are where they're coming from that he's into looking at.  



NUMBER 2 --- This is a very significant picture ...  very significant. Do you see the six points? This is what we're finding next to the red blood cells and replacing the red blood cells, actually.  Is it coming from here, is there a correlation? Each one of those little spores .... this could be snot worms on the end, sea squirts. That's a sulphur strand going out to that. If you look at that strand, that's two filaments running parallel and twisting a little. Those secrete out something that solifies --- is it calcifying? Is it crystalizing?  If this were a fungi it would be considere a "conidiophore".  Fungi have really strange names, but I love studying them! he says.  

Steve Beddingfield's photo.
Number 3  Bolding and purple and any underlining are only occurring due to font language I need to remove from this area ....... something I don't have time to look at now so you'll have to just keep that in mind reading this, for the time being. 
 What looks like the 'bloom' here is very significant. There are about 300 little spores and this is the "infective stage".  Those spores .. seeds whatever you'd want to call them, each one of those can become an infective particle. Stings like hell, like a jellyfish. Each one of those can produce a jellyfish or a portugese man of war; on this particular one, I'd think they might have the genetic propensity to turn into a PMOW which is a combination of four cooids.  PMOW is not a jellyfish, it is a combination of cooids", Steve says.  
"This is the link between prokariotic and   for the planet."  This is a prokariotic organism manifesting as eukaryotic and it's able to do that because the prokariotic organism is not a single prokariote, it is several, so it is a mutualistic relationship. This is showing a mutualistic relationship with eukariotic life forms.  If I'm correct, this relationship is what's known as lithotrophic action, such as the 'lithograph'.... But I need to study that some more, he says.  It's like the proverbial Trojan Horse.  They weren't talkin' about the spartans inside a damn wooden horse. 
GSB, the sympbiotic bacteria with these eukariots, is always the smart bacteria that, through lateral gene transfer, enters into --- like the jellyfish.  The jellyfish needs this, many species need this.   INTRODUCTION TO THE BEGINNINGS OF MARINE LIFE .... 
Steve Beddingfield's photo.
NUMBER 4 was removed, see note, below.
NUMBER 5. From ear sample. Microtubules. Excretions from where it had been eating the wax in my ear. The wax would be full of sulphur from the body and excreting hydrogen sulfide, which is easy to see, it's always brownish and sulphur is sparkly and clear. 


NUMBER 6. "I spit out this worm, it's an osedax."  There's a difference of the ones from the North Pole than the South, they evolved differently. Most of these are female and they'll have a bunch, like 150, males with giant long penis'.  That might be what is up above, a long penis. 

NUMBER 7. This is a clone of a larvae. I'm thinking this is a tube worm maybe. I hate to be non specific on this but I'm going to on this one right now because more things need to be worked out. You see the segments and the object sensors at the end and the bacteria is working in it and providing ATP or some other source of energy. The energy is being created as ATP because of the acid working inside this worm.  The hydrogen sulfide, I think, and not the sulphur, is powering it. There will be electron receptors and electron donors, I'll have to look into that and figure out which one's doing what on this particular worm.  Oxidation of sulfite transposing to hydrogen sulfide because there's no oxygen present. 
NUMBER 8.  Phosphorus is inside the whale bones, the osadex is after that -- this is in the journals.  Our agricultural practices feeds this process, you see. Hydrogen sulfide (aka hydrosulfuric acid) braeks down the calcium in the bone so that it can release lipids, fats, oils, phosphorus.   It needs to get through the calcium and the fats and lipids to get to the phosphorus. What is it doing with the phosphorus? What is the outcome when it takes up all these things? There's a lot to research here.  It's a major mystery, and it leads to a lot of things. 
Is phosphorus creating the ATP? What's the role of phosphorus here? That's where I'm at right now. ..... It seems to be precipitating things, and is it also using cobalt. Cobalt is dull and bubbly looking at first, but when it gets reduced it turns into that crystal dark blue form, and I see that a lot in with one of the bacteria, I think it's thioploca. So I think it's using the cobalt to break down something in the bone. Any second year college student could probably look into this too. 
NUMBER 9. Worms and bacteria cannot be separated by scientists, Steve said. If you read about thioploca you'll see they haven't gotten a pure culture yet. Has Steve gotten one? Maybe, but he's not sure.   Where did Number 9 go? I don't know, it's just not here when I came back an hour after getting off the phone to get these explanations. 


NUMBER 10. Osedax genus, bone eating snot worm.  If you squeezed that between two pieces of tissue, you'd see the tubules where the exchange went on to go from anoxic to oxic regions. You can see that other things have gotten into the act here, the blue fiber there has the genetic codes and determines the shape and that little brown fiber might be determining the shape, we need to do more.  This thing is excreting the H2S acid and what I've noticed is that pointy end will extend way down to the bone and that blue fiber will come down it's throat and pull the oils, lipids, fats, and pull that up into the worm.  This sample came from Steve's skin and bone. "I cut that out of my skin... it's too damn interestin' not to, Mardy."   60X magnification.  This is a cause of bone cancer, Steve surmises.  Some vocations and locations have rates of bone cancer which might show the correlation. Again, more study is needed. 

Steve Beddingfield's photo.


NUMBER 11. Bivalve from hydrothermal vent, found in tree, 40 ft up. 60X mag.  These sulfur strands on the outside help with temperature regulation and the bacteria is there to feed the organism.  The tube right in the center is what was in #4....which I removed as he wasn't sure what was in the photo and then when seeing this realized what was in #4 was likely a tube like what's below. Now, to find that photo at some point and add it in here ..... ('it's always something' comes to mind).  

Steve Beddingfield's photo.
NUMBER 12. Same thing as above, it's the back side. Sample taken from my lawn, 60X magnification.  A gift from hurricane Katrina, he'd suspect, "look at low pressure vortex behind a boat paddle, they'll go down 10 ft or more; imagine Katrina and it's vortexes. This created a suction effect, pulled crud from bottom up ..... "
He found in the lawn but he's found similar in the human body. When Katrina slung everything with the rain and heavy wind, the ground and trees and everything got saturated with it. It went into the ditches and ponds and lakes and finally returns back to the ocean.  However, along the way, we've become part of that self-replenishing system when we get these inside of us. And the dogs, cats and other living things. 


Steve: Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, Sandy and her flooding, even the Oklahoma tornado got in on this action. Clouds born from The Great Lakes, Baikal -- the big lake in Guatamala, all are covered with these bacteria mixed with algae and chlorophyll. Look at the west coast bloom, it's all GSB and algae, very little cyanobacteria is inside this bloom. Chlorophyll concentrations can be seen in the maps of the "glob", the hot water created by Fukishima, it's driving the GSB, while its EATING AND FUELING on the radiation in the water. We kill one monster but create another. I understand the dangers of radiation, but I'm concerned about the GSB bloom coming in to shore, what have we done to our planet? 


October 2015, second week of the month

One of the very regular, improving, yet 'afflicted' and 'affected', who I'll call "Seattle" here, due to her location in Seattle, Washington, posted this photo of a bug .....

.... and I saw it and thought 'Oh, I remember when we had a bunch of those around here" ('here' being CW Colorado, where the Colorado River goes through and just east of the Utah state line, the thriving medical metropolis between Denver and Salt Lake City of Grand Junction. Complete with an infectious disease specialist who I utilized in 2007, give or take a year on either side .... and liked very much.  I'd gotten the idea to consult with him on my ongoing kidney infection when it was a long delay to get into the urologist that was suggested to me, so I took one of his partners who was only a month out and then also got into the infectious disease doctor within a couple of weeks if I recall correctly). 


"Seattle": I guess the CDC has it listed now as a neglected tropical disease. They should be testing for it, if they cared! I'm forcing them to test for it. Lol. Bringing that smashed chuffer to the tropical dz doc Thursday. I hate this guy, but I'm already a patient, and he is gonna catch me on a fiery pms day. Should be fun!  This photo is taken on the window all of the black gooey mold and chaetomium was growing (shared previously in the group), behind a giant tropical tree I had (indoors) for 10 years. .....

Bugs terrify me. It's a cruel joke to those of us with Morgellons! .....

Their bite is painless. They don't give it to you through their mouth. They feed on our blood, then defecate soon after, and leave. We itch and rub the feces with T. cruzi into the wound.

 ... DE the place. Putty cracks. Buy pyrethrin spray..

NO MORE BUGS NEEDED FOR NOW! 3-Year Project has ended (2006-2009) Thank you Arizona for your overwhelming response!   STAY TUNED for FUTURE research projects!     Additional website information regarding Chagas Disease: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Pan American Health Organization…

 FDA approves first supplemental test for Chagas disease

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first test for use as an additional, more specific test on human serum or plasma specimens found to be positive for antibodies to Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi). T. cruzi causes Chagas disease, a serious and potentially fatal parasitic infection…
With an upcoming appointment with an infectious disease specialists, the bug after she'd taken a rag of some sort to it to kill or capture it (which she also photographed), she related her plan: 
"... now I know the name of the test. And have the bug in a jar. .... Can't wait. He will have to report it, the bug, regardless."
Steve Beddingfield then asked: have you isolated this bug from feces?
Seattle responded: "No, Steve, I haven't isolated any bugs from any feces, nor any feces from any bugs. I distain both.... But I have contained this one. I think it's a female. Unless that hole is an anus. Lolllllllll ANYWAY, I think these bugs could be vectors for other bacteria than just the protozoa T.cruzi. I'd like to force someone to study this, as soon as I get outta this straightjacket. Thank god for voice text." (I presume because she was doing this using her capability rather than typing it out on a keyboard). 
Then a bit later: "I just called the CDC, who told me my state health dept. would take the report. The lady at state health had never heard of it, and I explained that the CDC thinks they don't exist above Cali, and they won't unless we report it. She agreed wholehearted..." (and it went on with more detail I did not bring here). 
Later she had this to add (with my editing): "I seriously had to battle. We argued for a good 15 minutes, before I yelled at him to have some respect. I wasn't there for his opinion. .... I don't want actual help from these egomaniacs anymore, JUST FREE TESTS.  ..... He hates me so much .... as soon as he saw (it was me) again, he looked like he had seen his worst enemy! He was like, "WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU." I was like, "here's a bug ...... nice to see you again."
In the US, most cases (according to statistics available to her) are in Texas, California, Florida. 
GroupMate A: "These particular bugs were all over our property two years ago right before I got this I asked my gardener what they were he said Asian Beetles!? They were all over."
GroupMate B: "OMG! "Chunga's Revenge".....I know when i got the bad lesions around my left eye I discovered this on the net & the CDC actually has a page about it if I remember correctly."
"WiseWomanFromCalifornia" as I call her here, or just WiseWoman, then entered (a rarity anymore) and said: "I hope you have some good outcome with the labs. I've seen a lot of specimens go in with nothing as far as results come out. I have no doubt many specimens get dumped without investigation. These criminals are damn busy with the coverup."
Then people from the following cities or states chimed in they'd seen these bugs: 
Portland (Oregon) -- someone seconded that state saying they were bit by one in Portland
New York
"I live in California. I had no idea they were a danger. Yes I am new. I will keep reading so I don't ask repeat questions. Thank you for letting me in the group."
Someone comments that they think these are known as 'stink bugs'
Steve Beddingfield comments "Assassin bugs"
Seattle later clarified: "Stink bugs don't bite and aren't dangerous, don't have t. Cruzi in their feces, no threat. Different bug."
Some say that assassin bugs are the same thing to people on the east coast of the US as stink bugs..... Can you see how this can get confusing?
Another group member (I'll call WeighedIn)comments and says: "someone please clarify .... is a stink bug the same as the bug above? dangerous....both bugs? I got bit by something a few weeks ago, and been gradually getting very sick."  She goes on to post a couple of pictures of what she found in her house, to which Seattle says: "Can't say for sure, but they look similar... Girl I started vacuum regimine with the DE left along the walls for days, and put in window cracks, etc. We need to buy pyrethrin spray..." (diat. earth = DE)
Steve Beddingfield: "Can't find a bug that isn't infected, seems all of them are carrying the bacteria, especially the clones, they are nasty, a tiny ant bit me 5 times about a month ago, burned like acid, ant so tiny that it was hard to find."
A group member said this: "Seriously!? My PCP gave me such a hard time whenever I insisted on being tested for chagas after getting sick during a trip to Honduras, because supposedly (it is alleged) it is SUPER rare. I can't believe these things are in America and no one knows!"
Then "Ne'erDeLand Woman" said this: 
1. pcp giving rare disease patient hard time (NOT preventing infectious disease epidemic)
2. pcp knows it's in USA
one knows....can't believe because one KNOWS (that it's a lie)
stay in 1 KNOWing & one is okay.  (But), harbour double message = blocking functions (one becomes "a mess"); no action will follow -- that's what manipulation does. 
Steve Beddingfield: Part worm, part mutualistic bacteria species.
    •  acid worm, 60x mag.
hey can morph into a bug. 60x mag. gut sample.
Steve Beddingfield's photo.
But strange things grow alongside the bugs.
Steve Beddingfield's photo.
Dark streaks are external circulatory system, hemoglobin. Auto immune disease is due to this external system receivng growth stimuli whenever immune response tries to attack the worm, response actually feeds the hemoglobin of worms, makes them grow faster!
"Seattle" had gone into an excellent comparison of something she'd gotten from her face recently, with graphics she found on the Internet which I couldn't use due to them being potentially copyrighted. "These release acids too. Not.saying this I related, m.looks like many different things! Weird though, that I just got that sample from my face a few days ago, the structure stayed in my mind."
Then I'll just call this one WhatAboutBob added:
Bob Brockley's photo.
Another group member asks if the DE and other products used with remediation that Seattle is talking about helps and adds that they have to 'sneak' to do things around the house to make it healthier for themselves and others in the home because whomever they're living with is not on board with this information. To which Seattle (who had previously related their dyfunctional home of the past and highlights that had to do with how she got re-exposed by moving back in with someone who there'd been a breakup with when they had health problems (presumably perhaps before realizing what is the underlying causes of diseases and disorders) responds:
I hear you. All of this is inhumane, from every angle. We are mistreated and abused even by the only ones who pretend to care, the only ones we have left. Yes DE is super cheap, I buy in bulk at the farm store. Also borax and then vaccuum, but DE works...
Someone interjects about Borax: "Just so ya know their is two kinds of Borax (another group member) and myself researched and in our bath were suppose to use the borax that's not the detergent."
Separate About Sulphur 
Question put to Steve Beddingfield: "So the gsb converts sulfur to h2s? So in someone who has issues processing sulfur, would this be cause for increase in bacteria because there is an increase in sulfur available for them in the body? Does this issue in someone help this bacteria thrive? Just wondering if there is a connection here."
Someone added: "I would like the answer to this question also? I have been sulfur deficient all my life. Every new nutritionist or 'alternative' professional I have seen has told me this. I tried different forms of sulfur like MSM, elemental sulfur and flower of sulfurs but never saw any improvement but LOTS of gas!!! lol"
Steve Beddingfield: "Sulphur,or sulfite is turned into hydrogen sulfide, sulphuric acid, which is used for reducing Iron by the bacteria. Iron reduces to?
Caves are human-accessible, underground natural spaces that extend beyond areas where sunlight can…


Steve Beddingfield stated this when sharing this in February 2014, in his Facebook group (Steve's Images):  Someone knew something or the chemist would not have known what to relate the cure to.

Abstract: Eukaryotic cell division or cytokinesis has been a major target for anticancer drug discovery. After the huge success of paclitaxel and docetaxel, microtubule-stabilizing agents (MSAs) appear to have gained a premier status in the discovery of next-generation anticancer agents.

However, the drug resistance caused by MDR, point mutations, and overexpression of tubulin subtypes, etc., is a serious issue associated with these agents. Accordingly, the discovery and development of new-generation MSAs that can obviate various drug resistances has a significant meaning.

In sharp contrast, prokaryotic cell division has been largely unexploited for the discovery and development of antibacterial drugs. However, recent studies on the mechanism of bacterial cytokinesis revealed that the most abundant and highly conserved cell division protein, FtsZ, would be an excellent new target for the drug discovery of next-generation antibacterial agents that can circumvent drug-resistances to the commonly used drugs for tuberculosis, MRSA and other infections. This review describes an account of our research on these two fronts in drug discovery, targeting eukaryotic as well as prokaryotic cell division.…/article/pii/S0968089614001424

"Whoever was asking about Bartonella, yes it includes Bartonella, second link ." (below ... is the site) 

The tubulin-like protein FtsZ is a bacterial division protein which is also required in plant and algae organelles. Benzimidazole disrupts this protein formation.


The bacterial cell division protein FtsZ is a structural analogue of tubulin. Bacterial mutants in which the ftsZ gene is inactivated are unable to divide. Numerous inhibitors of tubulin assembly are known, some of which are used as fungicides. The strong structural homology between FtsZ and tubulin raises the possibility that some of these inhibitors could affect bacterial cell division.

Here we report that the tubulin assembly inhibitors thiabendazole and 2-methylbenzimidazole cause cell elongation in Escherichia coli and cyanobacteria.

Eukaryotic cell division or cytokinesis has been a major target for anticancer drug discovery. After the huge success of paclitaxel and docetaxel, microtubule-stabilizing agents (MSAs) appear to have gained a premier status in the discovery of next-generation anticancer agents. However, the drug resistance caused by MDR, point mutations, and overexpression of tubulin subtypes, etc., is a serious issue associated with these agents. 

Accordingly, the discovery and development of new-generation MSAs that can obviate various drug resistances has a significant meaning. In sharp contrast, prokaryotic cell division has been largely unexploited for the discovery and development of antibacterial drugs.

However, recent studies on the mechanism of bacterial cytokinesis revealed that the most abundant and highly conserved cell division protein, FtsZ, would be an excellent new target for the drug discovery of next-generation antibacterial agents that can circumvent drug-resistances to the commonly used drugs for tuberculosis, MRSA and other infections.

This review describes an account of our research on these two fronts in drug discovery, targeting eukaryotic as well as prokaryotic cell division.…/article/pii/S0968089614001424


To be continued ....... so check back to see how things evolve with Steve's Images' highlights! 


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Herx / Herxheimer, Fenbendazole Explained by PosterGal


.... a Herx is a trigger that does at least five things

  1. causes organisms to change form,
  2. causes organisms to become stealth and hide,
  3. causes organisms to replicate like crazy,
  4. and the toxins then cause innate immuno suppression.
  5. they also team up with other organisms in synergy but fenben prevents that too, as they can no longer transfer DNA either, so all harmful processes stop.

Once that happens your immune system no longer sees any threats, and "shuts down", so to speak. It can neither mount nor regulate in the correct manner. You become essentially like an AIDS patient.

Fenbendazole disables organisms in such a way they can not mount a triggered attack. It is anti microbial, anti viral, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti tumoral. The organism cannot eat, move, create energy, replicate, transfer DNA, reproduce, spew toxins. It simply dies from lack of energy.

Fenbendazole binds to a particular protein found only in bacteria, algae, and plant organelles and it is this protein on which they rely for their survival. It is not found in humans and why fenbendazole is only harmful to them (bacteria, algae, plant organelles).

Another conversation within the same week yielded this version from PosterGal to explain to someone else who was asking what dose of fenben, if they could take it for a while then add the reishi, etc.: "

Fenben does not cause a Herx but, as an anti microbial, anti fungal, anti viral, anti parasitic and anti tumoral, you must be prepared for the huge load of organisms which will choose their own points of exit be it the skin, the lungs, the intestines. It is for that reason you have to keep the bowels moving. See Herx vs. die off (info she provides in the files in the group) to learn the difference. You can start one at a time or all, up to you but reishi being a decomposer is going to help rid the mess by dissolving and liquefying it. Fenben does not cause a massive die off like abx but you likely have plant material, impaction, calcification and that takes time (to be affected by the components of the protocol and processed / eliminated by the body).

It all eventually moves into your waste systems and takes time, 4 months average to see marked improvement.

If you can recognize this as being creators of life, the world's most successful organism, not to mention preceding you by billions of years, they have more than one tool in their tool kit for their job of adaptation and continued survival. Going after their basic and most primitive and highly conserved (NIH, NASA) evolutionary mechanism for those processes makes the most sense, and that is what benzimidazoles do--  and fenbendazole does the best.

And reishi does that too, in addition to essentially replacing your failed immune system (very close to human immune system; you perhaps evolved together from my limited research on reishi to date, but I'm getting there). It decomposes things and it hunts down cyanobacteria with a vengeance and consumes it; according to Steve, it liquifies it.

It's been there for decades, too many people following the wrong crowd off a cliff and too many red herrings preventing you from looking under your nose at the primary source of infection, the water. Yes, cyanotoxins is a good place to start. Most cyanobacteria essentially attack the liver, intestines and kidneys first. It's the wrong treatments that cause the cascade into immuno suppression in addition to chronic exposure.


Related to what people often experience on the protocol ... a lot of things in the intestines that have been affected by the things in the protocol and the elimination is slow or not occurring.  Answer from PosterGal: 

Just need to exit some of the debris. People don't realize the sheer numbers of organisms they are dealing with as fenben is 4 anti's (anti-_____ ). Two known counts 1000 million in a ml. of organisms. 10,000 viruses in a gram of feces. In addition to the plant material, fungal and perhaps assorted parasites or cancer cells with a crappy liver, gut and kidneys and gall bladder. Impactions and calcifications too. Up the water perhaps, but be kind to your system and back off if need be for a day or two.

Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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More Cyanobacteria; ALS, Alzheimer, Dementia, Neurodegenerative

Toxic algal blooms on the rise, and this article specifies that it's been about 200 years that cyanobacteria has been on the rise in this article WHICH specifically mentions cyanobacteria AND Alzheimers... here's the link --- and a little highlight

"In the long term, preliminary research suggests that exposure to cyanobacteria is assorted with liver cancer or neurological diseases, like ALS and Alzheimer's. It’s a connection scientists are still looking into."…/toxic-algal-blooms-are-rise-now-scient…


Environmental Health Perspectives, in 2012, had a very informative and easy to understand, and short article about cyanobacteria and neurodegenerative disease.  Here's the link and the citation, from NCBI, NIH's site, which is put out in a way you cannot grab portions to cut and paste and present to people who might be more inclined to go to a source if they saw a bit of what the source has......

 Holtcamp, W. (2012). The Emerging Science of BMAA: Do Cyanobacteria Contribute to Neurodegenerative Disease? Environmental Health Perspectives,120(3), a110–a116. doi:10.1289/ehp.120-a110

SO... I looked for the author's name and keywords and where this was originally published and found it at this website, with portions of the information I think most interesting for application below (link: )

In the late 1990s ethnobotanist Paul Alan Cox visited the indigenous Chamorro people of Guam, sleuthing for cancer cures in the lush rainforest. He soon stumbled upon troubling facts that would change the trajectory of his career, leading to major clues in understanding Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS) and possibly other neurodegenerative diseases. Since that time, major breakthroughs in the fields of neurobiology, epidemiology, and ecology have led to an increased interest in an unlikely hypothesis: that β-methylamino-l-alanine (BMAA)—a cyanobacterial neurotoxin found in contaminated seafood and shellfish, drinking water supplies, and recreational waters—may be a major factor in these diseases. 


A Trail of Clues

The trail of clues began soon after U.S. forces recaptured Guam from the Japanese in 1944. A Navy neurologist noticed the Chamorro people succumbed to a strange neurodegenerative illness that caused paralysis, shaking, and dementia at 50–100 times the incidence of ALS worldwide.1,2 The illness was dubbed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis–parkinsonism/dementia complex (ALS-PDC), known locally as lytico-bodig. Since then, neurologists have converged on the island to crack the medical version of the world’s hardest math problem. Solving the mystery of this many-faceted illness, it was hoped, could unlock a deeper understanding of neurodegenerative diseases worldwide and possibly lead to a cure.




Only 5–10% of ALS, AD, and Parkinson disease (PD) cases are due to inherited genetic mutations, says Walter Bradley, an ALS expert and former chairman of neurologyat the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. “Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent looking for predisposing genes, but . . . there is really a need to concentrate much more on environmental toxicants,” Bradley says.


“Big Pharma has spent big money to come up with new medications targeted against the best mechanisms that the scientific community has tested,” says Deborah Mash, a neurologist at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and director of the Miami Brain Bank. Collaborating with Bradley, she replicated Cox’s brain study, finding BMAA in the brains of AD, PD, and ALS victims but not in controls.17 She also showed BMAA crosses the blood–brain barrier in rats. In these studies, they found that the molecule takes longer to get into the brain than into other organs, but once there, it gets trapped in proteins, forming a reservoir for slow release over time.18,19 

Once Cox realized that BMAA may be involved in multiple neurodegenerative diseases, he left Hawaii to establish the Institute for EthnoMedicine in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he was joined by Banack and later by James Metcalf, a cyanobacterial expert. While Banack got busy with lab work, Cox raised funds for the institute’s research and established a loose consortium of scientists around the world—epidemiologists, neurobiologists, and ecologists. They meet once a year to discuss research findings and directions for future research. 


Cox has spent the bulk of his research efforts focusing on ALS, in part for humanitarian reasons; ALS strikes healthy, predominantly middle-aged people seemingly at random, and, of the major neurodegenerative diseases, it has the least hope for treatment and survival (in clinical trials, the only FDA-approved treatment20 for ALS offered approximately 3 extra months of life, although improved treatment protocols may extend this time). 

ALS affects motor neurons, the longest cells in the body. Although mental capabilities stay intact, ALS paralyzes patients, often from the periphery inward, and most patients die within 3 years when they can no longer breathe or swallow. At any given time, an estimated 30,000 ALS cases exist in the United States21 (compared with 5.4 million AD patients22 and 500,000 PD patients23), but lifetime risk in this country is estimated at approximately 1 in 350 for men and 1 in 450 for women.24 Only 10% of cases are thought to be inherited (these are termed “familial ALS”), with 15–20% of these linked to mutation in the SOD1 

(superoxide dismutase) gene.25 The cause of the remaining 90% (termed “sporadic ALS”) remains unexplained.26 

PLEASE TAKE THE LINKS ABOVE AND READ THE ARTICLE IN ITs ENTIRITY IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE NEURODEGENERATIVE ASPECTS. They related interesting research on dolphins who were found dead, flying foxes, and it very much substantiates the information being related on this thread that essentially stems from the very independent research of lone wolf in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, Steve Beddingfield.  I think the history of Guam and cyanobacteria research and showing how things start as a little thread and then pick up from there and turn into more as in the case of Paul Cox's story, help to underscore how important it is for many to be on the same path, and for medical information consumers to be checking into many sources to form their conclusions.  The substantiation others in Steve's Images had done and shared in that Facebook group in 2014 and early 2015 is what allowed me to see this was something that would benefit the YOUsers who find Lumigrate, and those I speak with individually (or in groups) about various aspects of health information 'outside the box'. 



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Allergies and Asthma


PosterGal found this patent on April 16 (2015). ... downregulation of IgE (applications with allergies and asthma) --- How exciting is THAT? And applicable to what % of the population? 



And in June another member of the group posted this one, which is research in mice relative to fenbendazole and asthma (which she overviewed and stated that it seemed to imply it was affecting the immune system in a suppressive kind of way, but is it that it's doing something along the lines of what reishi does, which is 'modlulating'?)  Again, just collections of things to ease your looking and perhaps not seeing things that were highlights of work done by group members (and me to transfer it here for YOUsers).


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Derma / Skin, Scalp (and Nails) - Esthetics / Aesthetics

Let me lead off with something I saw as a comment when someone posted a video of one of the hair-like 'things' that Steve identifies as giant sulphur bacteria (GSB).  I want to share this at the top of this comment thread so that we are reminded of the people who have been struggling with these things, not acknowledged by mainstream sources, typically.  And there's a great tip in here I'd not thought of, using a lint roller to collect things from your skin and hair which are 'exiting' or have exited and are loitering on the body. 


I'm exactly the same (as two others who commented) , but cracked up at (woman #3)  when I read your statement above. I so understand the feelings behind it!! Love it. And (woman #4 in the comment thread), I use a lint roller so much, I should have added that to my list yesterday of survival tools.

I was running one one my face and hair last night. Just because I tried to dust a little in my mother's room. The dust comes back as fast as these black hairs. And, like you, I was so horrified and scared in the beginning. I would be frozen with fear and panic. But after years I still get very anxious and almost feel like I need to get out of my skin.
But I lost the fear that I was going to die from them since I never did. LOL, and your right we do have to use and keep humor. Another big survival tool!!! Big hugs to you all here and anyone else suffering with this other aspect of this.




From above, in the patent and research abstracts blockquote about a lot of various things, the portion that is about dermatology and hair, nails, skin (growth).  


6. Dermatology and growth of hair nails and skin

hair loss

• topical treatment of fungal infections

• skin replacement or grafting

• wound healing

A method for promoting keratinization of the hair, nails, and skin on the body of an animal or human in which a therapeutic amount of a benzimidazole sufficient to cause keratinization is administered either systemically or directly to the site on the body at which keratinization is desired. The method is useful for the treatment of a wide variety of hair loss disorders in humans such as alopecia, is useful for the treatment of hair loss disorders in animals, is useful for enhancing the strength and length of fingernails and toenails in humans, and is useful for enhancing the strength and length of claws, horns, hooves and antlers in animals. The method is also useful for the topical treatment of fungal infections, for skin replacement or grafting, and for wound healing.

Fenbendazole has been described in European Patent Application Publication No. 090,368 to Ganley et al. for administration to animals to treat helminthiasis. Ganley et al. state that fenbendazole is non-teratogenic and non-carcinogenic and therefore safely used in animals at any stage of pregnancy. In addition, Ganley et al. claim that the drug has no adverse effect on fertility, and can be used at the time of conception in the female and the breeding male mammal and has no toxic or teratogenic effects on embryos or developing fetuses. Ganley et al. further describe fenbendazole as having a very high safety margin and is non-toxic to the humans who are administering the drug to animals. According to Ganley et al., oxfendazole and albendazole have substantially the same spectrum of activity as fenbendazole, but a lower therapeutic index. In addition, in avian species, fenbendazole fails to depress egg production or hatchability indices.


Comb photo posted by woman "#1': 

 Also from same woman, hexagonal shaped GSB cloned nanoparticle (per Steve).   AND then on May 17, 2015 she'd posted these words, which just were so 'endearing': "Reluctant to scope poo sample but here it is, full of strange white fibres." and this photo:


Update on June 3, 2015 as I'd communicated with her about this sequence to get permission which made her perhaps tune in and less reluctantly perhaps, scope some poo, she saw NO FIBRES, and said she'd continue to look weekly at it by scope. She said she believes the protocol is helping her symptoms that she sees and feels more outwardly, in concert with the changes found with the reluctant poo scoping. Thanks again to those who help make Lumigrate's content unique, authentic, and potentially helpful to others who find it 'just right for where they're at'.  

This was posted by the woman on a thread that was started by another woman who found her glasses today (June 3, 2015) to have these all over them. She'd taken them off and they appeared clean the night before. Yet another woman related something I found very interesting, because I'd had my relatively new glasses 'treatment' start to fail on the upper areas in January. All of the sudden it just was cloudy looking and I thought it was just greasy and since I got them from an optical shop next to the healthy natural grocers where I get reverse osmosis water and a lot of my foods, supplements, hair products, makeup, etc., I just went in there to have them adjusted and the optician cleaned them and said 'your coating ... actually it's a 'treatment' ... is failing, have you been around any chemicals at work or anything?'  

Since I hadn't been, it would be covered by the guarantee to be re-done but they required me to have a new prescription, which is not necessary as the glasses' prescription was the first really perfect adaptation my brain likes to see through that I've had in a long time, and maybe the best EVER.  And in theory if you're finding the underlying CAUSE of a problem and treating it and it corrects / reverses, then your prescription will change at that time so why would one get a prescription when at this point in things?  Such a game, the conventional medical system.  That's why so many have fun abbreviating it as ConMed.  

I share this because of all the things that can be affected by GSB which we've not been realizing.  Is this actually what has occurred? I'm not sure, but this is what some people are thinking and I bring this cutting edge information to YOUsers because if it IS correct, YOU (and I) have a jump on the game.  

 Back to the comb and conversation highlights:

  • Steve: That's not biofilm (as the posting woman inquired), that's GSB in various stages of growth. 
    Woman #2: "That could have been my comb, before I shaved my head. I do feel like it is a film, of sorts, and only after many applications of a mixture of Dakin's, castor oil, genetian violet, hydrogen peroxide, and copper sulphate have slowed the fibers and broken up the film, my hair is much lighter now, all 1/4" of itsmile emoticon And the scalp less tight feeling.
  • Woman #1:  Woman #2 (name removed), I don't know whether to say I'm glad I'm not the only one with this or I'm really sorry for you. Like you, I have tried all sort of things on my hair in the past, but without any real improvement. Lemon juice helps to draw out the fibres but they still keep coming. I'm due for a hair cut and thought I would have it cut really short this time.
  • Steve: You are not alone, millions suffer now along with you, tomorrow it will be billions.
  • Steve Beddingfield:  GSB lives inside these sheaths which appear as hair. Not hair, it can bite your face, spread itself all over your head. Whack off the hair, treat the scalp with toothpaste, fenben or hydrocortisone cream by itself.  (Later, on June 3, he said this on a comment thread with members talking about the discomfort: "Crawling, biting must be addressed immediately, I suspect mites are able to pass on the GSB, just like ants pass it on.

    Toothpaste works better than anything else, so far. I carry tiny tubes in my pant's pocket. It saved my arms from certain amputation."  

    The next week, there was this gem from a regular in the group who's been experiencing a great deal of benefit from the protocol, but still has a lot of problems AND a great attitude and sense of humor that shows overall.  But she was seriously giving this information so here it is:

    Regular Colgate toothpaste with baking soda, peroxide and even flouride will dry up BODY lesions. For extra goopy or large lesions you can place a bit of toilet paper over the toothpaste to help keep the paste in place. Wear 24/7 and reapply if necessary.

    After bathing dry off completely before applying toothpaste. It can be applied in small layers. I use gauze pads to cover the especially large ones AFTER I've coated them with toothpaste and added a bit of tp. It's easier to have a tiny peice of toilet paper stuck to the skin than a larger gauze pad. Be careful removing anything applied to the lesion, as it can easily open and bleed again.

    Wet it first. Now, I haven't been using toothpaste on my (recently shaved) head because I seemed as if the toothpaste was making the stuff spread upwards and downwards. I'm using an off-protocol product right now and don't want to mention it until I verify that it works."

    In July, in a conversation where someone really working hard on their health, applying the information from Steve's group, and posting photos of her skin lesions taken when in her vehicle and what she saw in the vents of her vehicle was given this advise from Steve (which I threaded into the very beginning of this topic, too): 

    "I don't see any toothpaste on your lesions, so put some on, leave it on to dry up the lesion. It has to stay on the sore spot.  It'll form a scab, dry up, after a few days, no lesions. Forget the makeup; toilet paper must remain on or the lesion will grow huge, spread and make many more."  


  •  Thiothrix

  • Woman #1: One doctor I saw thought my trouble might be fungal and prescribed Betacap (a potent topical corticosteroid) but it didn't help.. I'll try covering my scalp with colgate toothpaste. Certainly I get biting sensations on my head, face and sometimes (and continued on)
  • Steve:  It's in our atmosphere, clouds, rain, runoff from trees to ocean, cycle repeats itself.


 What these people have been going through, and kudos to the way they're being proactive, learning, teaching, sharing --- there's so much good to see when you look for it.  I have gotten permission from "Woman #1" to use this photo and with the friendly interaction will likely do a closer job of keeping tabs on any updating she has about her condition. I hope it's a lot of progess, she's very nice. "As long as it's anyonymous and used for research" she said.  I said I'm into education.  Steve can have that research stuff, although I'm having a good time collecting samples with people to send to him. Maybe I have a little Nancy Drew in me. 

On June 9, there was a thread that a woman posted amazing photos of when she cut her hair off, months back. She related how she had a fear from childhood of being bald; now it doesn't bother her at all.  She had hair that was blond color with almost as much dark, which she described.  Steve contributed on the thread as people were learning from the photos, that "dark strands are sheaths of GSB. ONE HAIR MAY BE A THOUSAND OR MORE SPORES."  Here's what she's said: 

"The black hair, was like thorns coming out of my skin, November 2014. That's when lesions began. And then a woman's glory, her hair as the bible says.  I noticed my hair being cloned by black strong like-fishing wire. (She added an emoticon that was of an alien face, very cute, funny).  And my hair was coming out in handfuls. I ask my 90+ year old precious mother if I should cut it, and she, without hesitation, said "Yes, cut it".

I couldn't cut it fast enough, my hands were black from from cutting it. Being bald was a fear I had since I was a child. Now I don't mind at all. Monday morning brushing my teeth, I heard something hit the floor. It was my 3rd tooth I have lost since January. The root remains and no tooth ache. I lost 2 upper back and 1 lower bottom. I spent $$$$$ on my teeth, and they were pretty too."

In closing on this little section, closing with another photo taken by Woman #1, which she said was found on her clothing shortly after starting on fenbendazole. 

Another woman in the group posted photos that weren't as high quality but looked virtually the same, remarking about how it wasn't as good quality but looked similar. "My little cell phone cam and I do the best we can", she said. The substantiation and similarities and common understanding of those with Morgellon's who have this type of thing exiting from them is something I take as a gift and appreciate getting to learn from, and hope that the educational information I related on Lumigrate helps many people to have a better life on Earth because they'd found it. (And again, thank all involved, particularly those allowing me to use the photographs). 



Again, PosterGal with a patent having to do with the skin, nails, etc. AND a comment below from the thread

"Cyanobacteria produces lesions, blisters, boils, peeling, rough, dry, cracking, splitting, swelling, cut like, acne like, cyst like, jelly like, wart like eruptions of nearly every form. No diagnosis is possible without your own microscope or culture."


 "They use benzimidazoles in paper and fabric industry to rid the 'cyano', and if I remember, ink too because dyes and inks come from plants", she adds nearby/elsewhere.

Lumps Under/In the Skin

Steve Beddingfield: "These lumps are GSB, no infection inside, just the worm blood from tube worms. I have new pics of the contents (but he's not identified it yet, he stated)".  He then shared these photos: 

 Photos x2^ © 2015 Steve Beddingfield  Unnamed photos at this time (May 3, 2015); see info immediately above photos for as much information as is currently available. ~  

A Piece from My History and AHA Moment via This Information from Steve Beddingfield's Research

In the past month or so I had 'tuned in' when the conversation on a thread was about cystic acne; I have said this elsewhere on this thread, I believe and in more detail. Nutshell: I had childhood and tween and adolescent symptoms of 'this disease we all have' that includes learning disabilities, insomnia (likely sleep apnea), was always miserably cold and very skinny/could not gain weight, P.O.T.S / EDS and pyroluria symptoms the biggies as a teen but very minimal problems with the skin on my face (or anywhere) in terms of 'pimples'.

But then I turned 20 and 2 months later WHAM, 13 things that I later learned were what is called cystic acne in the organized medical system's way of labeling things, which I then saw Steve Beddingfield saying "cycstic acne is cyanobacteria".  Light bulb moment for me  !

I remembered where I was living when my then-fiance's friends (as I recall) showed us a swimming hole in an old quarry just barely north of downtown Fort Collins and that we spent July 4th 'partying' with them and ruining a watermellon (in my opinion) infusing it with a bottle of everclear alcohol, then the next weekend was a major wedding of a childhood friend marrying another of our high school classmates and here I was seeing 'everyone' from growing up and had this 'pizza face'. So I believe that just prior to the 13 lesions appearing, I was in that swimming hole.

Exactly one year later I would be required by the State of Colorado to get a license to be married officially and that required at the time women showing enough immunity to rubella OR proof of a vaccine if blood showed low immunity.  Mine showed low despite I'd sat next to someone with it as a child.  And within short time after the vaccine new symptoms to add to the now very long list of environmental illness symptoms crept in.  

Now we see from Steve's work and his theories which fits with what MIT's senior researcher Stephanie Seneff, MS, Ph.D has to say about interplay of mercury with things in the gut, that these interlopers in the body (and particularly the intestines) convert the mercury to methyl mercury which is when it gets past the blood-brain barrier and messes up the brain. BTW, aluminum does similarly with the kidneys per vaccine education advocates I follow (this is at Lumigrate just look for it). 

So as you can follow along here as I create this as this process is unfolding, he's talking out loud --- typing out loud to the students in the group and YOUsers of Lumigrate, I hope you are reminded of this being a process unfolding and how much people can figure out if they have that 'calling' and have the wherewithall to do so, as Steve does.  He wrote elsewhere that he and PosterGal are collaboring on writing this up in general in a way that will be entertaining and easier to learn.  I look forward to when that is completed.

In the mean time, this in-almost-real-time that I transfer the highlights of to this topic and the others related to his work and theories is hopefully allowing YOU to keep up with the information and do was you see fit based on what YOU can figure with your wherewithall and proactivity.  Naturally this is not goign to be for 'everyone' because nothing ever is.  

We each have our roles, we have the realities we are to create and live while on Earth and part of things in my view (naturally what YOU have as a spiritual belief system is how you will view things so be sure to tap into that as I have, I'm just showing the process and typing to share mine as example).  

May 4, 2015 - More has been going on in the group relative to scalp, hair, etc. and I'm bringing the highlights here to this 'highlight reel', so to speak. A group member said "Folks that have scalp issues. Pantene shampoo. I've used it for two days and the fibers will not stand up on my head anymore! Everything is laid down, something that hasn't happened in two years! I read something from a sufferer that said Pantene gave him his real hair back. It is working!"

Now, my mind flashes to the topical toxin aspect of this information, Pantene has chemicals in it that are very toxic, and I'd focused in forum information for the YOUsers of Lumigrate upon the information from Cancer Schmancer about reducing our toxic chemicals in order to lower the risk of having cancer develop.  It 'fits' with the "Load Theory" or "Full Barrel Syndrome" models (which you can find at Lumigrate).  But this is a paradigm shift that Steve Beddingfield's research presents (with all the supportive research that he and key followers have dug up and provided, which I've then picked from and provided at the topics on Lumigrate about 'this stuff'.  

The comment thread which occurred basically over night while I was doing other things, one of which was getting a good night's sleep, reflected what I'd expect educated health-seekers to be saying.  "My hairdresser told me to never use that kind of product as it coats the hair with something like plastic" and someone else saying "maybe short-term that's the best thing to do" (not their exact words, my version).  Steve commented that he'd gone out and obtained some Pantene to test. AGAIN, this is how this train is rollin'.  This is 'real time' research, and you have a front row seat to it if you're reading this at the time it's being added to, or you're looking at history in the making definitely.

Everything we do as we move forward in time is history when it's in the past. How BIG this is of a story, we will see.  I think it's the biggest story on our planet and I think that what Steve is doing is a significant contribution to helping people understand how to treat their hair to their homes.  With the problem with this being in our soils and getting into our foods that is another aspect -- grow your food, and TREAT YOUR SOILS, similar to treating your SCALP.  (I will be starting a new topic about soils to capture his tidbits on comments about remediation and neighborhood activism).   

Here's more from the conversation about hair, it shows some of the humor he brings to this very serious information, and how well this tight-knit group interacts. I'm juggling the order of the comments, omitting some, consolidating but this is basically what was related for YOUR information here at Lumigrate. 

I do Pantene & every 2 weeks mix it up with a 'different' shampoo. (Chlorine stripper for all my swimming) but it clears the gunk. Or try a dab of dawn blue original dish soap. It gets rid of all the gunk. But don't use often as it dries your hair. Love (heart) Pantene, but the silcone seems to cling & attract oil easier.

Another member said she uses bicarb of soda and rinses in apple cider vinegar (ACV).  "Baking Soda" has other additives so she suggests avoiding that by getting bicarbonate of soda. "Plain good quality bicarbonate soda is best. The ACV stops my head itching! It acts like a conditioner, ph balancing, stimulates hair growth, and it also clarifies to get rid of build up on your hair. It's good stuff."  Then ... "Armpits? So healthy it shines."

Steve:  that's just wrong, hairy armpits are cute, look great hanging out of my muscle shirts, kinda rednecky!

Her: Sure but then you'll have silky shiny pit hair  you can be a fancy redneck

Another gal: .... 'kinda' rednecky?

Yet another gal: "LOL... all my hairs sparkle.  Maybe just the gray coming it. LMAO.  can't tell cause I need new glasses. what a mess. its ok, today it is a happy mess."

Someone, English is not first language: "I find since on fenben OMG my hair is so strong, thick hard I LOVE IT  (always had good hair but lost it when sick...  start falling) on other things, yes not only my hair become strong lol arm pits too  .nails : never had good strong nails, i do now.  i can let them (get) long, colour them, and they grow so fast. happy

PosterGal: My hair is super soft now. I never really had fiber, wiry hair, like some but I have noticed nicer condition.

Steve: Sparkle means sulphur from bacteria. 

THEN yet another woman comments with this I LOVE! (She's TAKING CONTROL OF THE SITUATION) "What do I need to add to protocol to get rid of the sulphur? I have been on fenben for 3 months. I take reishi 3 caps every day. I drink filtered water. I can't always afford organic foods. but starting little garden tomorrow, lots of fresh herbs and greens. yummy cant wait. Feeling good. It is slow healing. But I would say I am 75% better than in February. It seems that I get a few bad flares like tonight.

I also noticed a full moon. I will have to track that and see what next full moon does. I am far from 100%. I am waiting to see what this summer is going to be like. Already at the point yesterday I almost overheated. Chain saw, sun with high humidity ... doesn't work. And It was only 79 degrees. If I could lose weight by sweating I would be skinny. Oh sorry, was dreaming LOL. (Mardy's Note: On a nearby comment on this thread I've put the weight information relative to 'this stuff'.) 

Steve Beddingfield opinionates based on his experience so far (with self and assisting or hearing about others' progress while on protocol): Hot and cold sensitivities subside, it's one of the last markers of this disease to go away, mine has normalized. Lunar phases control ocean life.

Sulphur bacteria from extreme environments, geysers, hydrothermal vents, Karst caverns, meterorites; it is likely that some of it was sent here by Aliens which believe we need removal due to humans being worthless as good stewards of Earth's resources. No matter how and why, where from, it's here and it's on a roll! We best get our act together fast.  -- Steve Beddingfield, June 8, 2015



A group member posted this comment, which lead to much about symptoms related to skin, so I'm including it here. You might find this replicated similarly under other topics and comments as well.

"I have come to the conclusion the stinging is the Morgellans/ bartonella/ floxing reaction symptoms all together. It went into the face again today, severe tooth pain, but by 4 o'clock, almost on the nose, the stinging hit all over and tons and tons of tiny fibers come out of my skin. ZILLIONS.. actually. All blue and red. It is not the same as my neuropathy, which was "zaps" and electrical (feeling). Stinging in every pore again. Always about 3 p.m. on, it will get severe."

She was asked about a picture and said this " To the naked eye they look like tiny things so you really can't see them, but I posted some under the jewelry lens.. they are blue and red, also I have a zillion sparkles on my skin.. I will try and find a pic for you".

A member I got to know chatting recently, really nice and sharp woman, said this which is a good point for all to see: "If you can't see them with the naked eye, then there's probably a lot of people suffering from them that have no clue what they have, right?"

A man in the group had this very good and simple comment that helps to educate those learning still: " if your on the protocol the fen ben forces them out and that is good....if your not, they are colonizing you and that is bad......hoping it is the former and not the latter".

The woman responded: " I wonder why so many out my feet.. is that where I am detoxing.. some on hands and arms but feet is a lot." Steve Beddingfield said: "Better your feet instead of other organs, eyes, tongue, sex organs. It can happen anywhere it finds an exit point; accumulation in certain areas may well determine exit strategy for our invaders."

Steve later came back with this statement and photo to explain what people see when it appears like 'glitter': "White or yellow is GSB, shiny specks inside it are sulphur crystals. (See photos I've added in this comment area or elsewhere on this thread.) 

PosterGal said: "I have my own theories of tropism, such as why fungus thrives on toes etc. they seek the dead or damaged areas. Due to vascular constriction caused by the toxins our feet or toes are usually the first oxygen deprived areas. Next areas of injury. The brain deprived of oxygen too, might be a target. Just a theory but it occurred to me after Pasteur or someone like that Koch maybe, said it's not about the bacteria it's all about the terrain the bacteria thrives on, most thrive on dead or decay."

"PosterGal, you have a point, my hands and feet have been hit hard by the drug and I have vascular issues there. Doppler test showed vascular damage to feet and hands. Hands and feet bright red.. Oh it is hitting my other stuff too, but I notice it coming out my feet." She goes on after I commented about someone I had spoken with in person who was doing the protocol (just having started) having "noticed" (an important word in brain / function) glitter on their arm when they had looked around when their vision suddenly became super clear (which seemed to be a factor once they started on reishi after doing pure water and then some ozone water for about a month or more, it occurred before they started the fenben). The group went on .....

"I look like a walking diamond factory, I am Loaded so much I can't tell skin from glitter it is my skin"

Poster Gal said: "What you need is oxygen and blood flow. Reishi is a natural coumadin. I would be getting as much oxygen to my tissues as possible if I were you. I would be doing the mag oz as much as I could handle. I would be soaking my feet in ozone water or bagging them with ozonator or the Mark Sircus recipe to force those cells to clear and accept oxygen. Even if I had to soak in peroxide, I'd be getting oxygen in any way I could."

Another man in the group, who I have known in other groups of mine and other places had this to say: "Blood and lymph constrictions can be removed by slapping the body. The concussion technique is known as "Paida" in ancient Chinese medicine. Split bamboo was and can be used, but today, a rubber paddle with nubbies works very well - especially areas that can't be reached effectively by hand. Most notable areas where red, purple and black splotches erupt are the kinks in elbows, knees, and shoulder, but can happen anywhere."

PosterGal then came back with lots of information, links: Read endotoxemia pdf. The blood will form clots and gels to try to keep the endotoxins or bacteria in place. Then comes aggregation and we all know that aggregation is involved in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc.

From NASA. NASA Discovers Endotoxin Killer NASA's research into protecting space craft from the highly reactive atomic oxygen in low-Earth orbit has lead to a decontamination method that removes endotoxins from medical implant surfaces. Endotoxins are fragmented remains of bacteria that are bioactive and may linger on implants even after ste… Read endotoxemia pdf. The blood will form clots and gels to try to keep the endotoxins or bacteria in place.

Then comes aggregation and we all know that aggregation is involved in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's etc. From NASA. NASA Discovers Endotoxin Killer NASA's research into protecting space craft from the highly reactive atomic oxygen in low-Earth orbit has lead to a decontamination method that removes endotoxins from medical implant surfaces.

Endotoxins are fragmented remains of bacteria that are bioactive and may linger on implants even after ste… And all toxins usually cause vasoconstriction, mycotoxins certainly do as do alkaloid toxins, it's likely a body defense to keep them from reaching critical organs.

The History of Limulus and Endotoxin LAL has it's flaws. TLR's better but very expensive to test purity. It can be a tough call, toxins affect nerves as well but it's a very good education to learn about all toxins and what they do physiologically. I remember being astounded by some of them and their abilities. I was kind of floored when a psychologist told me they were taught nothing about toxins. Go figure. I learned that some of them are so specific as to behavior one could practically draw a straight line. Toxins are very interesting.

My feet and hands and other parts of my body used to go numb. There were years I was very close to being in a wheelchair. Little by little it all goes away (with the protocol treatments), and I like teaching the physiology as much as I am able so that people can learn symptomology and act accordingly.

With impaired immune system you are not seeing toxins either, and with no/impaired immune system most lab results are worthless, so that is really not much help either.

Chronic exposure aside, our disease is chronic sepsis or at it's most basic, endotoxemia. Start there (autism was called endotoxemia), and you will learn a lot. Their labels leave much in the dark as to knowledge, and trying to Google such things as 'Lyme' or 'autism' will leave you even more confused and with very little in the way of hope, as they are all based on the absolute wrong track and therefore assumption. Never search under your "labelled disease" (per mainstream, allopathic organized medicine) for help."

A member then brings in the advanced thinkings of renowned Lyme activist "KD", or Kathleen Dickson, who I have included in this same forum. This was PosterGal's response: "Endotoxemia and the innate immune system as in TLR's are becoming more established science everyday, thank God. It is only one mechanism = nearly all disease, so I don't disagree with her (KD) a bit on that. I just feel this site took KD beyond even KD as in treatment and cure and the bigger picture (as in timeline, environment and other and chronic exposure), that's all."

I wanted to include this because when I was learning in Steve's Images from PosterGal and others, I had just worked in the fall of 2014 to learn what KD was saying and then I had to think about how these two things fit or not, how they overlapped. And so this is an important discussion, in that regards! The conversation included a lot of members talking about mainstream medical testing / diagnostics and so PosterGal then had this comment:

"Unless one is dying, there does not seem to be any point in demanding a diagnois for this. I heard one person say that they were tested for cyano and that was probably from a naturopath or someone doing muscle testing, because I don't know that they ever answered my inquiry as to 'what test and how'. And even if they did, they could not prescribe fenben.

If people woke up one day and began leaving those providers in droves because of knowing these things, maybe they might panic in losing their money tree. But as long as their pockets continue to get filled, expect the status quo to continue as there is absolutely no reason for them to change direction.

Only fear of loss will provoke change at this point, they've insured that they are well protected from any retribution and it's kind of a joke to demand justice from government. Exodus from the system en masse is about the only thing left they would even notice because they are sure they've got you where they want you; sick, broke and utterly dependent."

The woman who was commenting so much about her symptoms, including the glitter, shared how much difficulty she is having with elimination despite doing things that have been known to help offset the symptoms from aspects of the protocol. She said this, to wrap up about skin symptoms and things people might see coming from the skin (as this is very helpful for others to read, I think): "I noticed they look white like diamonds, but will come out and be kinda black like little splinters on my skin when loose.. Others stay like diamonds.." And she asks PosterGal if she also 'stings all over' like she does from this.

How much we/they/ people are going through. I hope this is going to have many people with improvements, sooner or later and en masse, to have put this information, almost as it was occurring, onto the pages of Lumigrate. Again, my thanks to all who were in the group and had the vision of getting the word out to people and not being possessive of information. This allows us to have more people learning and having improvements potentially FASTER. Key. 

From the earlier times around 2014's end, early 2015, there was this:

Photo of a toe  -- red, oozing pinky/little toe shown in photo by a member asking for input.  Someone in the group said what I was thinking, to think about pressure from footwear, but I would add bed or whatever the person is doing extensively which is often not being active due to wellness/illness level. 


One of the group's seemingly most overall knowledgeable members who was an admin for a long time in the group had this to say about foot fungus, which was causing/contributing to the wound: 

During the day soak the toe in equal parts white vinegar and Listerine for 30 minutes, then dry with a blow dryer. Keep the toe out in the air as much as possible and out of footwear. At night, cover the toe in a thick layer of Vicks Vaporub, cover with a bandage to wear overnight. 


Do not miss any days of treatment and you will see the toenail bed begin to grow out healthy nail in place of the fungus. If the nail is thickened it helps to file the entire surface down a bit so that the medicine can reach deeper into the layers. Remember to treat your socks and footwear for fungus, so as not to recontaminate your feet.


Mardy's Note! Vicks is petroleum-based..... look into that aspect in what's related here, above, and next....


Then Steve said : Hydrocortisone cream, get the cream, not the vaseline-based Cort 10.

One place, two different opinions. This is why I encourage YOU to follow the YOU! Model and philosophy of Lumigrate and what I teach, do what YOU think is right after proper education and picking of brains of experts. Paid and otherwise. 

Many Morgellon's lesions and scars are shown by the members, naturally (gone is my cystic acne and I never took photos of it, I hid from cameras but now I wish I had photos showing how bad mine was sometimes -- that went on for years).  One member had this to suggest to someone whose before the protocol beginning and after (8 months) were impressive -- no more lesions but lots of scars.  

"Try doing a castor oil pack on the scars -put flannel cloth soaked in castor oil on the skin, wrap plastic wrap around it to keep oil in, put thin towel over, then heating pad, then cover to keep heat in. Castor oil is antifungal, breaks down cysts, and is amazing at healing scars and marks."

 More from Steve about toothpaste: Someone new to this was asking for help, and said she'd put Vaseline on the lesion.  Steve's response: "Grows in vaseline, too wet, use toothpaste, Colgate total whitening with baking soda and peroxide." 

"Place a film of toothpaste on the lesion, it'll suck up the waste material coming out of it. 

Keep it covered with toothpaste, use alcohol to clean around it where liquid has dried, or it will grow fast. Let toothpaste dry off and remain on the lesion"
A member added: "Small amount of tissue paper on first, then load it with toothpaste." Another said that the extra whitening version is too harsh. They said the kind suggested above is available at dollar-type stores. 
On June 8, 2015 Steve posted about how Colgate had solved his ugly foot problem, and someone commented about what form of that brand. An experienced and long-term member who mentors people in the group by phone, when they feel at wits end from the sounds of it they have a nice support group going, stated not to get the extra whitening kind. She'd referred to the 'spackle' style she used.  He explained how you put toilet paper over the lesion, then apply toothpaste to it to draw things out. The woman said it would be great if Steve would work up specific instructions on how to do skin care because she's not sure if she's being too aggressive or not aggressive enough with her lesions. This is the woman who had recently shaved her head in order to better treat the condition's symptoms there. 
People had talked about how fearful they were figuring this out, how much his saying not to panic, to take action has helped them. One woman said she loved the protocol and had never felt better. They share so much in common, these people with the lesions who were able to identify with the Morgellons circles and were told by conventional medicine this is in their heads not their skin. Naturally, there are often thank you's expressed, not only to Steve but to those who have put in their time and efforts to help others, as I think they realize from my presence in the group and comments that I've been doing this as long as Steve has, just not finding what he was finding.  I'm blessed to be able to have the website to put his information on and hope that it finds many people who can and will benefit.  Then Steve said this: "It made us distrust everything and everyone, I still have worries but I've seen that it's best to forget the past and somehow embrace the paradigm shift."  I think that's a great place to end this comment thread. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Products added to the group as beneficial:

From early July 2015 and late June 2015 (in Steve's Images FB group) DETTOL

Someone posted a photo from the Internet of Dettol with these words:

"I have found a product which is stopping the Morgellons disease. It is Dettol Antiseptic. It is stopping the itching, crawling, vibrating of the skin and is healing the sores. I was told it is used in hospitals in England. I purchased mine at an Indian Grocery Store, but it can be purchased online. I use it in my bath soap and have put some in a lotion. For the bumps and/or sores, I use it on a q-tip full strength."

A rousing conversation ensued, the highlights of which were 

Castor oil packs have helped some. Steve says castor oil has to be mixed with zinc. The long-standing experienced woman who'd said CO had helped commented again and didn't refer to zinc (clearly she disagrees about having to mix it). They also talk about adding sulfur to things that will be applied as packs, topically.

The woman who posted this thread's start off about Dettol said this:

The castor oil cuts off the air to the morgellons parasites. The mustard powder disturbs them. The sulfur powder disturbs them as well. But, the Dettol will get them out on to the surface of the skin. They leave when the Dettol is applied. That's why bathing/showering is so important 2x a day. As the body is being flushed out, it is important to clean the skin often.

Someone said internally taking castor oil has helped them but the 'puke reflex' is hard to overcome. The wise woman as I call her here, returns and said "Take castor oil stirred into orange juice or mixed into crushed ice. It's no accident that castor oil has been used for centuries in both animals and humans to fight a myriad of infections. I will never be without it.  

One of the women interjected in response: Thank you (wise woman). I'm going to try that. It is unbelievable, the bad stuff the castor oil sends out of me! It really helps get the Morgellons OUT. For me, anyway.

Another woman long in the group says this: "Born and raised in the UK, this was always in my Mum's Kitchen. She used for cleaning and for any grazes cuts or wounds.I have seen this product at most Indian Stores that carry everything from Curry Powder to cooking tools. Going to buy some next time I am close to one.Thank you. I keep Hand Sanitizer in bathroom and anywhere I can get my hands on. Sometimes my fingers become swollen with Fibers and Sanitizer draws them out.

Dettol is great. It is mainly pine oil. Turpentine is the same thing. They make an essential oil version. I have used this before and ran out. Need to get more. They hate pine oil. It's a natural healer. I put it in my bath and drink it on occasion. Helps. ....

Pentigrane I think it's called. Same thing just more expensive. Straight turpentine u have to go slow with n read your bodies reaction. Dettol can be diluted or used full strength. I did at least on my scalp. I wash my clothes with pinesol and it has helped tremendously. No fabric sheets anymore cause they have nano tech in them. Fabric softener or ionizers help diffuse the static electricity which they feed off of. From my research on the biopolymer part of this disease. You can spray it on your carpets if you have carpet. Diluted fabric softener. 

Another commenter enters: hi just to let you know the bottles that I have are quite old so I thought maybe I should get new ones searched out walmart here in nova scotia and this is what I found 500 ml $10.64 and 250ml $6.17 with both being out of stock for online ordering but available at my local walmart hope this helps someone hope your day is a good one 

heart emoticon

yes just searched and does have it fyi $ 25.35 oz dettol is available for $12.87 at WALMART HUGS 

You can buy it online and have it shipped to the store.

Steve enters the discussion: (Names name of woman who constantly has said she has stinging all over all the time. She bathes every day, she says and shows what's in the tub after, with vinegar, borax, baking soda and has been for three years. Steve's advise:  I would try the enzyme cleaners, green or purple, it worked for me.

Someone asks what that means in brand names. Another group member answers: enzyme cleaners like Mean Green (sold at Walmart and Dollar stores), Purple Power Industrial Cleaner (auto stores, Walmart), and products like Kleen Green or Nature's Eradicator (sold on Amazon). Naturally there will be OTHER places that sell it as well so look into finding your favorite way of obtaining whatever you're wanting to try.

Someone thanks them for this info and says "I actually bought Kleen Green but didn't think to use on body."  The woman who offered the list of brands and where they can be purchased said: "oh, def yes -- it works very well in the bath or just straight on the body! I will never go w/o it ever again! Life saver!""I was using Kleen Green".

Steve: Protocol talks about using Pine Sol Disinfectant cleaner, textile brand is best but other brands at local grocer are the same pine oil cleaner, it's cheaper too, use on wood products, furry urge, in clothes being washed, in the bath, wash pets with it. When rubbed upon well used wooden furiture be cautious, things will jump out of wood and into your skin.

 But Pine Sol is toxic to pets, and they always lick themselves over after a bath. Sounds scary to suggest to use it on them. 

Steve: I wash my pets and myself with Pine Sol. Living and surviving in Appalachia often requires the use of generic, cheaper products to maintain one's existence.

Another member enters to add this "I've been using that Miracle II on my pets and it works great. Safe on both dogs and cats, even if they lick it." They elaborate: "I add about a tablespoon of neutralizer and a few drops of soap then add water to a spray bottle and spray them and then massage it into their hair down to the skin and then dry top fur with a towel and let them lick the rest."

But Steve then asks and brings a link about this product being thought to be occult-driven. Here's a link he shared.  And then there was a little discussion about that aspect, the one recommending it said 'well, boo, I'm doomed them, not fear-driven by these things' essentially. Then later says "Ahhh I see your link now Steve on the Miracle II and I must say, totally ridiculous info is given. Occult simply means hidden knowledge and if people are scared of a product they need more help than Miracle II."  She also said she's been using it about a month on her self, house, pets. She also said this "Besides, there is only one DIVINE CREATOR....even satan comes from that source. Duality is the dance, choose the good and it will always overcome the evil."

Someone refers to BigPharma as being behind a lot of evil doing to keep people's solutions from them.  This woman then said "We are kept in fear for a reason. Downtrodden, sick and fearful, not a good mix!"  Someone else said she suggests people, if they chose to use the product, negate the negative from it and bless it before use.  I'm sitting here reading it thinking how we're really doing the 'mind, body, spirit thing' which Lumigrate is all about at this topic and how I really like seeing how this group is processing this information that started with a product recommendation.

It also really shows how Steve as group leader is continuing to be exposed to new things and having to process and expand what he has provided in the protocol potentially. I'd always said that was going to be a document that Draft Date should be very much part of because there would be a lot more things working for people that would come along as time went on, with more input from people such as in his group. 

Then one of the more active women who knows they have Morgellons said this "I didn't have any luck at all with Dettol. Gave it a good try. Bathed, soaked in it... nothing improved. But, we are all different. I'm glad you found something that works."

And the wise woman came back in with this: "The triggered response of heavy killing agents is likely stimulating increased rapid replication of new lesions. Anything seen as a threat creates defense and resistance behavior by these aggressive pathogens. We have to out smart them."

Here's the link Steve posted about the Miracle II and the occult (which means hidden, by the way).

Someone asked for a picture of the ingredients list and that is where this thread went cold. 

Then without adding this to the previous thread, which is part of why it's so hard to learn in the Facebook group and I'm helping connect things in the topic on Lumigrate as I transfer things here, someone posted, days later, this link:

At you will find this:

My mother used to have a bottle of this in her medicine cabinet; it was brought out for knee scrapes and swore throats. Since I’ve moved away, Dettol has been the one thing that I couldn’t have survived with out.

Dettol liquid is incredibly versatile and can be used for anything that needs disinfecting. 
By soaking some cotton wool in Dettol you can use it as an antiseptic on cuts or insect bites.
You can use it diluted in warm water for a facial wash to get rid of spots.
You can put a cap full in your bath, or in a foot bath for all over antiseptic.
By using diluted Dettol on your hair, it can help get rid of dandruff.
You can gargle with diluted Dettol to soothe a swore throat.
You can use diluted Dettol to disinfect baby’s bottles (Rinse out with boiling water afterwards).
And you can use it as disinfectant on kitchen surfaces, sinks, or anything that needs to be germ free.

In fact it was because Dettol was so adaptable that they created the other products;
Dettol antiseptic cream, Dettol antiseptic wipes and Dettol antiseptic spray for first aid. 
Dettol Easy Mop for your kitchen and bathroom floors. 
Dettol disinfectant for sinks, work surfaces and milk bottles.
Dettol neutra air spray, a room spray that smells nice, and gets rid of the bacteria causing the odours.

I tend to stick to the liquid because it can be used for anything; where as the other products have more specific uses. The air spray is usefull over Truffle's litter tray though (as long as she is not watching!) and the antiseptic cream is useful as it fits in your pocket.

The one problem with all of the Dettol products is the smell (apart from the Air spray!), as with all antiseptics it whiffs of a hospital, but it is something that you get used to. It is also slightly more expensive than other antiseptics available, £1.29 for 500ml. However it does seem to be the most powerful and therefore you don’t have to use as much.

The instructions on the bottle are very clear; for each use there are guidelines of the Dettol to water ratio, amounts are measured using the cap of the bottle, so there is no need to find your measuring jug! The bottles are labeled with the brand logo (The green circle with a sword) and clearly marked as Dettol to avoid confusion. The bottles vary in size, 750ml (for the bath room), 500ml (for the kitchen) and 250ml (for your handbag!).

Dettol is a must for any active person, anyone prone to falling over (me), anyone with children (who are always prone to fall over) and anyone with pets (who are just generally messy!).

It is readily available from most pharmacies and supermarkets and is always a useful thing to have in the house, you never know when your going to need some!

People in Steve's Images had asked for a photo of the ingredients to be shown in the group, and I felt for this topic thread that directing people to MSDS information would be of benefit: 

MSDS website for Dettol:


I want to pick up here and play off of 'wise woman's' comment, above, about 'outsmarting' these interlopers.  Someone who has asked for my direct assistance advising was saying they're now underway with the protocol and they wondered what they should do about the sensations and things they can see on their skin ... they don't have lesions.  

What came to my mind was that if you're taking things internally that are going to be leading the body to eliminate them through the various organs that do that, you'd want to be facilitating that and people, as seen in the comment thread above, still have a tendency to be thinking 'kill it, kill it'.  

What came to mind for me for this person was to suggest this topic at Lumigrate, which is an interview where Dr Christopher Lepisto (ND who was with me personally on my team from 2006 to about 2009, which then included the formation of the integrative center, Lumigrate's founding years, and I provided the expertise in bringing seminars to their center to market the providers and center).  When he left the center, which was after I did, he went about using Facebook for marketing himself and I connected him with this east-coast radio show / website fibromyalgia expert Cinda Crawford who did an interview with him.  In 2014 I was 'bumping' the topics on Lumitrate to the top of the more important forums and felt that if I put a day's worth of work into transcribing that interview, adding in graphics and supportive links, I'd be have a topic which could help the YOUsers more easily. (By reading, referring back, in addition to listening, certainly, please listen to the interview if you can and like.) 

There are experts I found online who work remotely with people, too, who had provided really great information on their websites that helped me weave together the supportive information that makes this interview information really be something worth the study time.  Again, it might be that you spend all your study time this day or for several days on what's at this one link, because my topics are not meant to be read over in five minutes and you're on your way. It takes TIME and STUDY for people to process how they've gotten the symptoms they have, and what can be done about it, then what YOU are going to DO about it. 

Thanks to all who have worked so hard to provide all this great information now on the Internet, and to those who are utilizing it and being proactive consumers. 


July 11, from a member: I went back to spraying diluted Kleen Green on my body and sheets. It makes my skin feel very refreshed. It is an enzymatic product made by Natural Ginesis and they advertise it for bed bugs, biting mites, fleas, lice, scabies etc. I originally bought it to clean my husband's grimy clothes and found out from the flyer that came with it about the other uses. The info is on the website above.

A woman was asking what she could be having in her bed and home, she finds nothing in the bed, around the house she finds small things that are like miniature mouse feces/poop.  Is it fleas, she asks.  A group member says no, it's Collembola and offers this link .

She goes on to say the following: 

I'm way better since I moved 3 times, dumped all my stuff and clothing, got rid of my car, etc.

I sleep on a plastic blow up mattress which gets sprayed and wiped down daily, I put my pillow in a garbage bag - which gets changed daily, I sw
iffer my floors daily, wash all bedding clothing and towels daily, spray the car (seats covered in plastic) daily, and I'm back to fogging the house and car with cedarcide this week. I just moved and got laminate flooring installed and treated the concrete slab with cedarsheild.

I've tried the protocol and found it too expensive... And enzymes which I like, but they dry my skin too much. I'm liking the skin tonic by wondercide... I usually make my own coconut, neem and essential oil skin rub.

I find the clothes and the car are the hardest place to get rid of them. Clothes get tossed regularly... If it itches when I put it on, it goes in the bin.

The difference between clean clothes, bedding and environment and infested is night and day!

What people are going through, it's incredible. 

Today, 7/13/15 the first comment new posted is from someone I know pretty well. She's having tooth loss, infection in the mouth. Steve is asked about his history with that: "I remember you saying you had pulled multiple worms from your gums. How did you get them surfaced there without all this pressure, or did you just dig them out?"

and this is what he said:

Pain was so bad, fenben made them surface, pain was so bad that when my jaw swelled way out that I kept passing out from pain, 13 of them came up and out of my gums. up you dosage of fenben if you can stand the amount of toxins leaving your body, its a sick feeling right before and right after bowel movements. It passes.

One man who has had good results and joined after I 'tuned in' to what is going on in the group, provided this:

I used a solution to apply to skin and scalp I mixed 1/2 cup borax with 1/2 cup hot water in a small bowl.....stir to dissolve. Add 1/4 cup 35% peroxide or beauty shop 40 creme developer peroxide and 2 Tbl anti-bacterial dish soap. This makes the solution more viscous and easier to spread on the skin. Mix to dissolve. There will be remaining borax at the bottom of the bowl and that is OK.

Use a dish cloth, sponge, or your hand to take the solution from the top and apply it to the skin. Although my scalp was the worst, I used it head to toe. I always had a warm bath ready as it can be a little painful the first few applications. Try to leave it on at least 5 minutes if you can before getting in the bath. Add epsom salts and a little of the borax to the bath as well. This eradicated all the larvae..... I started once a day for a week, then every other day for a week, and now once a week. I also spritz skin with a mixture of neem, tea tree, argan oils and colloidal silver......and of course the fen ben reishi protocol as more bugs on the skin,

 Live and learn. Learn and live better!~ Mardy

AND live with people to encourage your information and wellness! Such as the many examples above, I've lived with them via Facebook and hope my bringing the highlights to you here is of benefit. 


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Dentistry and Microbes / Mercury and the Loss of Wellness

Most people who have chronic conditions have found out there are a lot of experts (paid and otherwise, 'credentialed' and otherwise)  who connect chronic illness to symptoms in the mouth.

Here's a comment made in Steve's Images by a member who fortunately had contacted me in a quandry about her health, as she'd encountered me on Facebook sometime in 2014 and had become a follower and fan. I'd seen her commenting on a Facebook wall about being disabled and not having the funds to do the things that are recommended, and I was successful in having her see that there are usually ways of we-working priorities, spending, lifestyle and then funds are there for what is needed to get well or reverse symptoms and at least be better. Here's a great comment she made, I knew she would be a good addition to the group. The thread was touching upon essential oils in general, and giant sulphur bacteria, which Steve found growing in a bottle of oil and cotton that he had uses occasionally for tooth pain. So this was opening up new avenues for discussion. I thought this was worthy of including in this portion of the thread at Lumigrate. 

"I have had great success with a homemade salve of coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin e oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and lime oil. I've used this in place of many different topical products for different things - most recently for the breakouts I'm having on my face since starting protocol.

I haven't pulled out my actual sources at this time but basically going after the trifecta - antibiotic/ antiviral/ antifungal. I've used combos of tea tree/cinnamon/peppermint and lime/tangerine in my oil pulling with coconut oil as well.

I've had a very long history of antibiotic use for sinus and dental infections, until last year when it was presented to me that I was dealing with a fungal infection. So at the time I attacked the infection with Ceylon and peppermint and increased detox methods... now experiencing loss of many teeth after the long-term infections, but as they are taken out (and I will lose almost all of them and have dentures soon) I'm noticing that combining those methods with this protocol has been a great success with the infection.

I was advised against using EO's and even coconut oil, but upon beginning the protocol, I noticed such an increase in pressure again and signs of infection, so I started back up with oil pulling - now 3 times a day until these teeth come out.

It seems to be a great combo for me, but everyone is different in how they react, what kind of infection, location of infection, etc.

I wanted to set this comment up with something that I think is supportive.  This is a very slow talking researcher, Ramiel Nagel, who has a published book about tooth decay. He and the interviewer are followers of the Westin A Price way of thinking about wellness.  Dr Price was a mainstream researcher about 100 years ago, who ended up finding much about how all facets of oral health and alignment of teeth and jar and etc. had changes with people's diets changing. I found the information really interesting and when it gets into talking about microbes and bacteria, it dovetails in with what Steve's presenting. 

Here's what is at that link in terms of a blurb so you can see what it's about generally:

 Ramiel Nagel is a thought leader in the area of holitstic dentistry. In his search to find a solution to a dental problem he and his family were facing, Ramiel discovered indigenous, cultural traditions for optimum tooth care, and the best diet for remineralizing teeth.

In this interview, Ramiel talks about: The story of dentistry, toxicity and how to heal your teeth naturally; How to cure tooth decay and tooth infections; The early findings of Dr. Weston A. Price; Sugar and high fructose corn syrup, Amalgam fillings and how mercury leaches into the body from our teeth. Ramiel also gives tips on what to eat and what not to eat in order to remineralize your teeth, and what you can do to make sure that you get a hold of a good holistic dentist if you need one.

This is a must-listen interview for everyone!

This includes information about how to obtain safest foods for consumption, healthy sources. This overlaps with the information about animals and the bacteria and spreading of things, they nicely discuss  'factory farms', profitability of foods, and what it means to be a vegetarian today, the factor of minerals that are needed from foods, even if you're eating meat (which concentrates nutrients). Many people chose to limit or not consume things that would have an animal being impacted.  

He talks about industrial farming practices versus thoughtful farming practices, nutrition. Mercury poisoning and lead poisoning information is discussed, as well as fluoride in medications and how it gets trapped in the body and lies in and/or affects the digestive system and the 'autoimmune' conditions result and the food sensitivities are verbalized. 

Holistic dentistry in the host's history is related.  She had mercury fillings removed early on going to a holistic dentist and she refers to his video she'd watched about composite and drilling things out. Gold would be best because it lasts the longest the DDS had said back then, and he has now retired. She said he knew a great deal for that time but now she realizes from watching his video -- it was not proper for the teeth as well as there's a byproduct that gets into the body.  Remineralizing and healing the tooth is something new for most people to learn and think about.  

They are saying that the mercury is contributing to the weakening of their immune systems.  He says about sealife that it's a naturally occurring part of seafood and some say it's not been increasing in tuna, for instance.  Seaweed and tuna will have mercury and it's not necessarily from toxic water and we should be looking at other things in our body ... but she doesn't quite get to what has been discussed per Steve et al. here.



I know that as I reflected as I went down the path of figuring out my complex, chronic condition's history and causes (and what to do to solve them), I can see the following symptoms to do with the mouth and the age it could have been telling someone (and me) something:

Baby teeth: many cavities despite brushing 2x a day, and dentist every six months

Childhood: Cancar sores

Adolescence: Teeth were crowded / needed braces. Only had 3 cavities and two faults that needed filling, per the dentist (which I wish I knew about regenerating enamel at that time!)

Adolescence into adulthood: Jaw didn't open very far; "can you open a little more?" was said by the dental professionals who were the only people who ever put any hands in my mouth, until a chiropractor when I was about 47, who found something that he adjusted with his finger cotted finger and said 'you needed THAT done since birth'.

Mid 20s (the teeter totter of health got really precarious starting in my early 20s, by late 20s I had totally crashed into extreme fatigue and typical symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome which in those days was called chronic Epstein-Barr virus): Previously, dentist had said I had very little plaque and only needed to be seen once a year. Suddenly, I had massive plaque in areas of my mouth, and my gums were bleeding and receeding, I was in having dental work on them, measuring the pockets, having tools sold or given to me to work the gums. "I've only seen this happen in menopause or people with M.S." the dentist said at that time.  I restored the health of the gum tissues and didn't have problems for 20 years.  That time I nipped things in the bud because I knew now what to do OR I had resources to ask from the complement of experts on Lumigrate.  (I really did contact two of the experts in the forums and asked their advise, they overlapped on about half of what they each said and I did those two things - symptoms resolved.)

April 30, 2015 someone posted a photo of their mouth with a dental pick working on the gums that are deteriorating and Steve shared this advise to the person: "Throw away the pick, using it makes the gums bleed, bacteria loves hemoglobin. Hold fenben in mouth 4 times per day, swish around."  I thought it worth integrating into this information. 

There is also a lot of talk and awareness and information about mercury, and with Steve and the et al.'s research perspective, people are having to shift what they're knowing.

Here's something PosterGal posted: 


"When immune tolerance begins, just as with, organisms, your body can no longer see toxins either, you can neither mount a defense nor regulate in the proper manner. And your innate immune system receptors are likely also found orally, in your oral mucosa, just like in your gut.  "

... then her interpretation, when someone commented they'd read it but didn't know what it said: "It said what we say, only in science speak. Your innate immune system is very complex, it encompasses many areas of your body as a first line of defense. These organisms are just as much to blame for your chronic periodontal problems as the problems in the rest of your immune system in your gut and elsewhere. Your dentist's autoclave was never enough in eradicating, and likely induced and increased their virulence, just like antibiotics have, various chemicals did, etc. Know your beast and know it well. Your own bacteria have not been able to help in keeping your mouth healthy, as the army has been effectively neutralized due to innate immune failure happening in your mouth."

There's a big market and business in products and services people pay for to get the stuff out of your body.  Not only the dentists, but the providers who do chelations via IV or oral preparations. So this was a very important aspect to include. And the subject came up in mid April or so (2015).  Mercury being a key metal people focus upon, though in her research which I cover extensively at Lumigrate, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT talks equally if not more about aluminum. I look forward to when Dr Seneff reveals any findings and thoughts she has if studying cyanobacteria's interplay with all this. 


PosterGal and others in Steve's et al. leadership group had to get their bats out a bit though.  This is a great example of how difficult it is for people who have become 'invested' in a way of thinking --- and increasingly so with the length of time invested, perhaps --- to change their paradigm.  This is a group where everyone is expected to have reverence for the founder and leaders.  It's fine to question, and ask questions and inquire, but the tone or manner is expected to be very polite and non combative.  It appears that one member was ousted from the group and another was admonished but was still around after the dust settled.  

Knowing that the more important and common things that they're covering are being mirrored here at Lumigrate, I wanted to provide something about mercury and opted to post it on this example of how things allopathic medicine has labeled after segregating from A to Z are covered.  In the case of dentistry, they segregated that similar to things to do with the brain and mind in the head same as the teeth, which is not holistic and not helpful to seeing the whole and overall.  It was (or is since it's on it's way out but still in existence) a poor design. 

So here's what PosterGal said "For those who aren't blind to the truth, the real cause of your mercury, note the bacteria responsible, note that due to intestinal destruction and immune failure (you need your immune system to recognize and rid toxins properly, all of them require certain distinct pathways) and in addition this bacteria rises to the occassion to clean the oceans just like it did millions of years ago after huge volcanic eruptions. The truth will set you free, not believing in the bogeyman." Then she posted this link. Highlights I'll provide, below.

She then elaborated:

Is it my fault it took them 30 years to figure which microbes and how and why? No, but thank God I was astute enough to recognize the (numbers of) autism kids that didn't even have any teeth, let alone fillings. And I have proof that endotoxin tolerance occurs in your mouth just like it's occurring everywhere else. Thank God I didn't blow 50K on some huckster chasing a windmill of delusion to rob me blind only to end up still being full of microbes creating methyl mercury.

... the second article about microbes and mercury was right on the same page as the first. Anyone could have clicked on it to read the whole story of methyl mercury and it sure would have been nice if they had before basically accusing this group of being a cult. The reishi article about chelating mercury is here somewhere, I can't find it. About two months ago I posted a link to a great website that was full of info on reishi, not the latest book format, this was a website. If anyone saved it, it might be in there. I can't find it.

(Note 'the bat' that she brought out in response to the way the conversation had gone, which ended up with admins having to be tough and then get everything back on track?  I don't envy them, and they do a marvelous job and they get much praise and thanks, support too.  It's really a nice group and as you can see, has good leadership!)

Another member said this: I' thankful for that too, (PosterGal)! Honestly, I just couldn't afford it when I first started hearing about it. But then I noticed many had gotten their amalgams out but were still sick. Makes you say hmmmm... I decided to wait and see.

I will say this, I had a lot of mercury put into my first/baby teeth and I had cancar sores at the time.  That eventually subsided mostly but would come back with a vengeance from time to time and who knows what I'd also been exposed to or done in my lifestyle that caused that to occur.  Eventually I did have the four rather small mercury amalgam fillings removed from my teeth and replaced with the white composite. I did see a lot of things improve after that but I also was doing other things and generally had improved a lot.  

I then had some symptoms come back -- not others. The symptoms were to do with massive and sudden weight gain that stopped after about 50# in a few months. And then symptoms I attributed to menopause which I think in retrospect were not, it was my body struggling with what it had going on inside of it.  My left hand turned a different color than usual and than my right, though it also was getting a reddish hue.  

I overall had years of no or few colds and flu, but again, another factor was I'd had my vitamin D levels checked and found I was not supplementing enough previously.  It's so difficult to tell.  As PosterGal and others have said, mercury is not good ... but it's not where the ultimate issue is relative to conversion to methyl mercury. 



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Heart, Cardiovascular, Heart Attacks From Sulphur Bacteria ....

 Cardiac, heart, cardiovascular, heart attack .... all words that I can think people might be thinking about and wondering about relative to this information.  

This is some of the highlight reel from the only thread I found search the group end of April 2015, it occurred in the month of April. ... The focus and thread was started by a man who had a significant cardiac issue. In general, there was a lot of good information being discussed such as the overall frustration with cardiologists from mainstream, organized medicine. One suggested a holistic cardiologist. I'd suggest anyone wondering about providers in their general area contact a reputable naturopathic doctor or compounding pharmacist, acupuncturist, or other outside the box providers. They typically will know of outside the box specialists in an area. Naturally, try using the yellow pages and Internet tools.  

There was a discussion about testing procedures, most were not in favor of any testing anymore, my sense was generally everyone's seen the run-around of allopathic medicine and their money-making on testing and more testing and then reading the tests but they cannot talk to the patient you have to pay someone additionally for that, etc.  Many on the thread worked in cardiology as nurse or had other experience and were talking about how they and other less-qualified (on paper) providers were actually doing better on tests at continuing education than the cardiologists due to their being the ones who directly dealt following up with patients more than the doctors. It was / is really a very good thread.  

One test that some did think was a good one is the non invasive scan looking for calcium acumulation. However, a Rx is required, and some providers won't write Rxs for things that insurance doesn't pay for, apparently. Here's the link provided by a member about it:

I thought about the 2009 seminar we'd recorded about cardiovascular and never got into production fully and onto Lumigrate due to our being at the end of our start-up funding. VAPS score was one thing included, I recall how much sense those made compared to other things. As well as the calcium scan was something he recommended. I know, some of my friends with cardiac concerns went to the MD. Much of his seminars and treatments were about using things such as supplementation of hormones and nutrition.  

I thought about how every seminar we'd done would need to be updated to include this kind of leading edge information, just as I intend to make my way around the primary topics in Lumigrate's forums and be sure people have the opportunity to be aware at the very least. I thought about how we could have simplified our whole seminar series AND what we recorded and put on Lumigrate .... since this theory presented by Steve is that there's only one disorder and we all have it .... with different manifestations ... but the same treatment which he believes treats it. And growing numbers of people are agreeing.  I'm trying to bring that 'flavor' to this topic for those reading here. 

I also thought fondly about having a local RN with a lot of extraordinary experience in the good old days of medicine inside the box, who got into the BPro 'game' for a year back in 2011/12, who was accommodating and up for having a topic on Lumigrate.  I didn't want to take advantage of her offer of a freebie screening at the time because I wanted to do some labwork and never got around to that, as I was thinking I'd get insurance and never did that. So I don't have any subjective story about how long it took blood to get from my heart to fingertips and the status of my cardiovascular system in the past per her BPro tools.  

But I know there was convincing evidence about a MLM arginine product that was part of what she'd recommend to people. I know someone who had gotten onto that supplement after doing other supplements that eliminated the need for patented blood pressure medicines, and he was very grateful for that as the medicine had such negative and unsafe side effects. It was wonderful to see people paying more out of pocket but getting better results and being pleased --- as long as they had the funds to do so.  Now, I want to take every case and put it in a magic globe and think about what would be done if they were to find this information and think it was what they wanted to pursue. And what would they have done with that extra money?  

At my suggestion, based on how some people feel about 'anything MLM', Liz Kennedy, RN also carried a similar product that was not MLM-based.  After a year not getting enough paying people to justify the time she was spending, and energy and money naturally, she ended up going back to work for a specialist and then for her husband, holistic dentist Jim Kennedy of Grand Junction.

Dr. Kennedy and Liz (who proudly says she met me as a patient to help her with a thumb problem when she was doing more competitive golf than usual) sat in front of me at the very first seminar we did at the new clinic I helped launch in 2008, drywall dust and all. He is one of the more knowledgeable people in Grand Junction about a whole lot of things. I can't wait to talk with him about this emerging information out of the hillbilly laboratory in N.C. and Steve's really great Facebook group.

And if you're interested, Search here name and BPro here or on Google and you should find the topic from her at Lumigrate about BPro. I know them well, they sincerely are trying to help people find real solutions to health issues and continue their professional work. It's tough outside of the box of insurance-based, organized medicine but Dr Kennedy has found a way to survive and his wellness in body, mind, spirit and financial shows it. In other words, he traded some lifestyle for what was the right thing for him to do in the medical arena as a dental professional.  He contributed greatly in 201w to our content on Lumigrate about fluoride and some great pieces about sleep apnea (a screening tool too), childhood orthodontics, and TMJDysfunction. 

An excerpt of the group member man's post, beginning this thread in the group I'm highlighting here:

"Felt (symptoms that felt like heart attack, was considering calling ambulance, began doing some things he'd learned that are thought to help and in half an hour things somewhat subsided.  Burping (one thing taken was Alka Selzer (for alkalinity) seemed to relieve pressure on the vagus nerve and that seemed to reduce the symptoms by about half. "The strange thing was, there were *zero* symptoms in the rest of my body - no pain, no sweats, no chills, not even really shortness of breath or hyperventilating, no slurring of speech, etc. So by those signs, it doesnt seem like a stroke or heart attack. Although it was the closest i've ever felt to dying." ....

..... then went on to say he had same symptoms upon awakening on the day of this writing and took the same things as day before plus some medications (one I recognize is commonly prescribed for anxiety). Then "I've always felt that i had heart-worm, or parasites near my heart. When I first took Pyrantel Pamoate (a few years) ago, it lowered my heart palpitations and at the same time created a buzzing feeling on my heart, like someone had placed a vibrating cell phone right inside my chest. Totally bizarre, non-painful. But led me to think - is it possible for humans to have heartworm?

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this?"  So THAT is what kicked off a rather insightful discussion which I'll excerpt below. 

I want to start with part of what Steve said, which was about midway.... 

" ... heart attacks are due to the sulphur bacterial excretions collecting around your heart; best to get going with protocol and "chunk your junk". Bacteria eats (thrives on) the supplements (he was referring to taking); yesterday I found a huge wad in my toothache meds, pure clove oil! This protocol will fix you."

The man responds that he wasted a lot of money feeding the 'bad guys'.  I should point out that is not just wasting money but per this slant on things from Steve, we were paying money for a double edged sword, so to speak.  It was short term helping some things with what we were after with the supplementation but then had the effect of feeding the bacteria, as Steve states. 

Steve goes on to commend the man and say he can reach so many sufferers and miracles will now present themselves to him. "I know you will use them for helping others" he said.  The man responds that the whole purpose of a new website he is creating is to always be able to help others for free so those who suffer in the future don't have to learn through years of trial and error like 'we have had to'.  That's his dream, to compress the 20 year process down to 20 weeks.  


    Enter PosterGal. You know me ... I love the way PosterGal's interacting always but now that she's months into the protocol and recovery you can actually see her writing changing, a spunk in her that I didn't see before.  Maybe it's just me seeing things and it's not really any changes but I've noticed even how much I would have to edit things she'd written back around Christmas and the month before or after compared to today.  Her brain's changed in ways not just relative to her vision symptom reversing (she'd been blind in one eye from what was diagnosed as optic neuritis as part of the allopathic diagnosing of her of M.S.)  She basically says DON'T GIVE ANY ADVISE UNTIL YOU HAVE LEARNED THIS INFORMATION BETTER.  



    Included up front was saying 'let me be brutally honest'.  Kudos to PosterGal. And to the man, he responded well too and I am please to see someone else like me trying to bring this information to people for no charge so we get the ripple effect going to a wave effect and hopefully washing over anyone and everyone who it would apply to (which is every person and other things on Earth, ultimately), so naturally those who would STUDY it, do the WORK to FORM OPINION, and then TAKE ACTION if they thought it appropriate. 


Then this analogy (relative to the supplements feeding the harmful bacteria: "Think of it perhaps as a shotgun shell, you disrupted the case only to release all of the pellets and when those pellets get what they need, those pellets are going to be multiplying like crazy due to your 'threats' for their own survival." ..... "remember, it can cover an area the size of a football field in one hour, and that is the nature of it."

Then another admin, the one with the least experience in terms of time in the group, which is six months I want to point out says this: 

(Man's name, the) research is in the files. It can be a lot to take in, but start reading what you can. It will help you to understand what we all are dealing with. When it finally clicked for me, I was amazed. (Mardy's note, I've brought the key information not only from the files area but significant conversation pieces to this topic at Lumgirate and anything else I've linked to on Lumigrate as another topic relative to this information from Steve and his et al's (key group helpers)). 

Another good comment from a member:

You are probably better off to drop most of what you're doing and begin with a mostly clean slate. If it were me, I'd save my money unless the test was covered by insurance. I had heart issues for years but all testing said it was fine. Now that I've been on this protocol, I have no more heart palps or tremors.

(And that was an experience I had with any testing they'd do for any of the cardiovascular or sleep / seizure-suspected issues.... testing said things were fine. But they weren't. And you're trying to find time to get to this stuff when you're working, sometimes crazy hours and crazy driving for me, I really give myself credit and everyone else who has put in their time chasing the dream that insurance-based, organized medicine was going to solve their issues.  If anyone's had a good experience, I'm glad for you.  Most of us are, as this group indicates, worn out on it. "Over it" so-to-speak.)  

    Another grouop member comments that she'd wondered if humans can get heart worms. It's remarkable how many things people are now realizing we've treated our pets and livestock for but not our children, selves, parents, and other family or loved ones.  Our focus in this group isn't on more labels given by the white coats. We are focused on the fact that all illness is driven by the same thing. Cyanobacteria. Doesn't make any difference what it's called. This protocol is the way to healing.



Another group member interjects, after the man gave an update about a cardiac episode he had in addition to what he'd been taking as supplements and things from the protocol and what he was getting as results, so to speak (lots of talk of the b.m. aspect naturally) that magnesium being low is associated with heart disease. She is correct in saying, in my opinion, how common magnesium deficiency is and if a person is doing cleanses, enemas and pushing things from the body there will be mineral disruption from that pulling minerals out along with toxins with a need to replenish.  She was under the impression and related that in high doses magnesium  prevents heart attack, constipation , cramping, spasm; potassium can also help. (Naturally this is the overview of a simple comment and everyone needs to be looking into all these things and getting assistance from others as needed.
I wanted to include it here because there is so much I've had ongoing with some Facebook friends such as a PNW area chiropractor who was learning and focusing comments on my wall about how ALL the minerals have to be supplemented not just the targeted one ... not in high doses but it's really a 'symphony', I'd say.  This is the concern I have when people become aware and not fully educated about pyroluria and how to treat it, because the focus is on depletion in that condition of B6 and zinc and to a lesser extent magnesium but it's mentioned in many of the sources I've found (and provided on Lumigrate) about pyroluria / pyrrole disorder.  


    Then as the grand finale, a member who I have enjoyed getting to know privately, and I've seen Steve credit her as being one of the smartest women he's seen yet, contributed this gem: 

"Not to be a pooper..but considering bypass surgery is a multi billion dollar industry and the new knowledge that blocked arteries do not cause heart attacks ... but STRESS does ... inflammation and overload with the bacteria and parasites is very stressful. I have gallstone attacks that punch me in the heart.

I have found drinking kombucha (probiotics beverage) has set me off in serious spasms that radiate pains to my heart ... so it could be a supplement you are taking adding to the chaos. (referring to the man who is the focus and initiator of this thread). 

I agree with (the woman suggesting magnesium, above)

Just something to chew on ... I'm sure I will get arguments. "

But then she got no arguments. Nobody said anything else, the link has been dormant for a while.  I found it thanks to talking with someone about this amazing emerging research and what appears is history in the making for people who connect to this information if they're able to get into th