Chronic Illness: Full Barrel Syndrome by Dr. Christopher Lepisto

Chronic Illness: Full Barrel Syndrome by Dr. Christopher Lepisto

Mardy's Thoughts:  I feel this video explains so much about many illnesses and chronic health conditions such as headache, sinusitis (sinus congestion), dermatology problems such as rash and eczema, chemical sensitivity, allergies, and autoimmune system dysfunction. These chronic health problems can at least partly be due to something referred to by Dr. Christopher Lepisto (ND, Naturopathic Doctor) as 'full barrel syndrome'.

There can be a connection to such elusive conditions as fibromyalgia, lupus, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and many others. Picture the body as a barrel with everyday things going into it such as chemicals in the environment, pesticides in fruits and vegetables we consume, air pollution we breathe, chemicals including chlorine and flouride in the water we drink and shower in, hormones fed to animals to boost the production of beef, pork and chicken we consume, preservatives, and foods grown in nutrient-depleted soils.

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EDITING IN EARLY 2018 -- SORRY BUT YOU'LL NEED TO SEE THE VIDEO AT YouTube at this point, the website's not had much needed upgrades and things little by little are not functioning. Sounds like the reality of an aging body -- the metaphors of websites and life just are so interesting. ~ Mardy]-XDiyr5-Q]

It is easy to see how when the barrel gets full, our body can no longer accommodate and 'spills over' into chronic health conditions! Psychological stress also contributes to this burden. Guidance is given for reversing this process by eating organic fruit, organic vegetables, and organic beef, chicken or pork, drinking natural spring water or filtered water.

Through these techniques, plus stress reduction, exercise, and proper cleansing and detoxification strategies (details in Dr. Lepisto's seminar 'Let's Talk Detox'), you can restore your body to have room in it's 'barrel' and achieve improved health.

To read the biography of Dr. Christopher Lepisto, click here.

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