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Hello from New Zealand!


My name is Emma-Kate, I am from New Zealand and I have been invited here, by Mardy, to discuss FMS a little.  I posted a blog entry about it the other day, and it's a subject I would like to retun to in the near future.

I have ME/CFS, with associated pain since I was 13 (I was also born with Cerebral Palsy), I am now 28 and although I remain unwell, I work a little as an Occupational Therapist, and an awareness education teacher, including giving the occasional lecture at our local medical school, and university.  read more »

What I like about Lumigrate !

I've just recently became interested in Lumigrate, and thought that I'd share the reasons that I like this site!

I believe that Lumigrate is a great tool for transforming the way that people are starting to look at health care & medicine in general ! More attention is paid to Body, Mind & Spirit as a whole, bringing a much broader approach to healing..........Something that I believe we need MORE of !  read more »

Mardy Ross, OTR and Founding Executive Director, Lumigrate

Mardy Ross, Executive Director

Mardy Ross, Executive DirectorMardy Ross created and founded Lumigrate in 2008, with launching onto the Internet on March 27, 2009. The 'cornerstone' of Lumigrate is the YOU! Model, created in 2007 with a collaborative colleague also with military medicine in his background (Ph.D. psychologist savvy about chronic pain and illness and 'neuropsychology', Chris Young in Grand Junction, Colorado).    read more »

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