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Chinese Medicine - Integrating Other Provider Professionals for WHOLEistic Treatment

Chinese medicine in and of itself is the essence of holistic care as it addresses the mind, body, and spirit.  When a person presents to my clinic with a chief complaint, all three of the above mentioned aspects are addressed as they are not only inter-related, but also inter-dependent.  The wonderful thing about collaborating with other modalities is that we can carry that concept forward as we use multiple treatment strategies to address the mind, body, and spirit.   read more »

Lulu Lessons: Teachings from a Homeopath and Nurse 'down under'

I have the great privilege and honor to set up this Topic area today as a place for a most talented and generous contributor to Lumigrate to have a place to record her wealth of information gained from years of living and working on both sides of the health care world.  Not only has she worked the continuum of health care, she has had familial struggles with health care, the same as I have.   read more »

Insurance and Health Care by Dr. Chris Young

Mardy's Thoughts: This video includes Dr. Chris Young's presentation entitled, "Health Management: Progressive Paradigms for Health Care." It is available for download at no cost.  read more »


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Lumigrate's Collaborative Care Model

Lumigrate Collaborate Care ModelLumigrate's content is intended to help YOU become the most empowered person in the key, central position in the center of your health care team.    read more »

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