Lice Are Not Nice; For Those Seeking Remedies, This is for YOU!

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Toxic chemical treatments for lice is thought to be potentially causing them to mutate and become resistant, and resulting in "super lice" being among us now. 

Someone in Crystal Tripp's Facebook group brought this up on a new thread they created on October 2, 2017. (which I have a topic about her, her group, and the core of her product line and shepherding help at this link:

On October 1 there had been this posted, which was what lead to the October 2 thread, apparently: 

"so once again my daughter is battling lice. We've literally tried soooooo many different things and still they come back, we spend hours and hours going through her hair. I've sprayed vinegar on it, OTC treatment and many other things. Do you think one of your shampoos would help her, if so please let me know which one and I'll order it right away -- thank you for all you do."

This was provided on October 2 (and under the ____ line, below, I'll put the highlights from what was commented on October 1 as well, so YOUsers here will have the whole gamut of highlights): 

GIN TREATMENT FOR SUPER LICE: Get a bottle of 70% gin and put it in a spray bottle. Apply liberally until hair is wet including scalp. Put on a disposable shower cap or other wrap to keep what's going on 'in and under', and tuck wet hair all in. Let sit for one hour and then wash/rinse out. Comb through hair with a lice comb and remove ALL eggs and ALL lice.

*Most importantly* pick out every single egg you can find, every single day or 2x a day if you have a bad infestation. One egg will hatch and start problem all over again. Look for eggs every day for at least a week and then repeat if you're extra worried.

Wash all laundry and bedding, child car seats -- use hot water with Borax and an extra long hot dry cycle. Wipe down everything, especially seating areas and car headrests with essential oils and throw away the paper towels.

The gal reported having a Herxheimer reaction after doing the gin treatment, she figured because of probable "interlopers" inside --  parasites out of healthy balance, and / or Lyme.... "so it did kill off something so be prepared for that as well if you suspect you have anything like that in your head or neck. My whole family had lice and this worked."

I have a topic in the same forum as the one about Crystal Tripp on Facebook, which is about Dr. Claus-Peter Kessler, also on Facebook, and he has a unique view of Herxheimer reaction which I want to link to here: -- the key portion about Herxheimer at this link is:

Herxheimer reaction is a dysautonomic reaction to acute mercury exposure (inhalation, ingestion or transdermal), it has nothing to do with release of toxins from killed spirochetes. It is a postulate by Dr Herxheimer, not a proven fact, yet everyone takes it for granted as he postulated.


The comment thread in Crystal Tripp's Dis-Ease Solutions group after that had these highlights: 

A woman said she'd used rubbing alcohol and it worked every time but the smell was horrendous and gin sounded better.  I commented that there's a residue that's toxic in rubbing alcohol (you see it floating if you pour some out to make a little pond) and so everclear is used in environmental health clinics to get around that exposure.  Someone thanked me for that tidbit.  I said I was glad to help. 

Another woman contributed this: Here was my recipe for success years ago: Lysteriene (or any alcohol) followed by any oil or mayo. Comb with lice comb after letting oil sit for 1-3 hours. Repeat every few days until all life cycles are eliminated - approximately 3 treatments to get everything.

My chronic fatigue / pain collaborator from Australia, who I had recently asked to get active in the group, had this to say: "We used to bathe kids and hair in bath (protect eyes) with probably way too much tea tree oil. Seemed to work through school years."  I joked about you people from Oz and your tea tree oil, and asked if I was correctly recalling it was from there.  He never responded, but maybe someone will some day.  Maybe I'll look it up and answer my own question, ha! 

Someone else said " I read that dimethicone work great. Smothers them."

And that's about where that thread died for now.  I think it was going gangbusters with the gin/ booze idea.  I really liked the thread since then it stepped into Listerine/alcohol and then through that to other things and reminds people to go out and read via Searching ..... maybe dimethicone is going to appeal to someone that gin and a plastic bonnet or bag does not. 

Highlights from the original October 1 thread:

Crystal Tripp hit the thread right off with this (which is what I was thinking I'd say if I were her):

 I would say to get the parasite shampoo. Head lice can also carry Lyme. (The product's current name is Parasite-Ease Shampoo (and there's bar soap and so on....) but was originally "Mite-Ease Shampoo" because she forumulated the shampoo for mites.  She realized that was a limiting name since it was applicable to other problematic organisms, and hence did the "Parasite-Ease" line (soap, shampoo and so on).

The gal asking wondered about the Babe-Ease product she has on hand (which is intestinal parasite cleansing powder you'd mix in with food and take orally when cleansing the gut).  Crystal Tripp responded: 

You know, that's a good idea, it may help, add some to your normal shampoo and see what happens. No one has ever brought that up, but I'm sure it'll help. Reinfestation is huge with lice, not only about the head, but also the environment; bed sheets, pillows, carpet around the bed, maybe adding some babe~ease to water and spraying on newly washed bedsheets would help too, but it may stain, not entirely sure, worth a try!

The mom/woman said she'd give it a try and let people know how it worked.  So cute... "thank you, love", she said. (It's really a lovely group!) 

Someone suggested: I think tea tree in shampoo and diatomaceous earth are supposed to help with lice. I suggested my friend use DE on her miniature donkey. After 3 days - no more lice! 

Somoeone else said put coconut oil on her scalp when she goes out.

Another had this and a link: I JUST listened to an interview from the recent Parasite Summit with a doctor who tried everything for head lice and created her own product which is non-toxic and she claims works when nothing else did. Her name is Amy Haynes. It's called Cootie Crusher

And then this grand comment which brings up Morgellon's: "Maybe it's not lice! That's what I thought I had for 2 years, then I thought it was mites, come to find out it was Morgellons . Sorry to be the messenger, but I did the same thing. Destroyed my hair from all the deet lice treatments, vinegar, tea tree oil, and nothing worked because I had Morgellons. Crystal Tripp -- her products are bringing me the closest to normal life that I've seen in a long time. (See Morgellons topic in this forum at Lumigrate for more information, or use the Search bar in the upper right corner as well, I've covered it for several years from several directions.)

And that concludes the highlights from the commenters giving at the Facebook group of Crystal Tripp titled Dis-ease Solutions ........ (and goes on about healing your illness conditions ....)



My tip I'll add here is that when I do oil treatments on my hair I have a good sized head for the plastic bags we get so many of if shopping at stores and not bringing our own bags.  The handles serve as nice ties up in front and that's always worked for me -- better than a cap but it's not keeping it as much on the head as a cap would.  Maybe do that and then a regular cap over it, which will be protected by the bag. 

Frankly, I think I'd just as soon try a product like the Parasite-Ease shampoo.  I

I know that lice is not a mere 'esthetics' issues, but this is the forum that best fit the information since it has to do with the head and hair and scalp. 

I'll also note that I found on the sale rack at Kroger or Safeway in 2016 a battery operated lice comb that was electronic and used batteries.  I didn't have 'lice' but I used it on an area at my hairline in the middle where it was itching and it helped.  I have found it improve more since then by changing what I was washing my hair and scalp with, and I'd liked the results from Crystal Tripp's parasite shampoo.  There was something in it I am particularly sensitive to and appreciate that she's currently working with me on identifying what ingredient it is and she's going to make some with that not in it.

So this is for YOU!, YOUsers!

Will you put Crystal Tripp a Your Provider of Facebook group support, information and her Dis-Ease Solutions products? What about Dr. Kessler?  You've come to so .... you've got that one to fill in on the YOU! Model that's uniquely yours.  Thank you for that! And thanks if you'll contribute to my Pay Pal or otherwise get ahold of me and provide some supportive giving so I can continue to provide Lumigrate free to all on the Internet.

Live and learn.  Learn and live better!! ~ Mardy 




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