Claus-Peter Kessler, MD on Facebook; "Learn to Test -- The Order of the System is Disrupted" is His Mantra

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If you take the initiative and connect with Dr. Kessler on Facebook and find his 'note' about Dysautonomias, you will see that he has a following of above-average seekers of health information, many of whom are working to solve the very problems he addresses in his 'cutting edge' medical beliefs he has learned and now teaches .. and I might add in his consistent and effective use of Facebook.  The patience he must have for getting people who have steeped in the other information to seeing things his way has always impressed me. 

We didn't get off on a good foot in the past, when he saw me on Facebook, promoting what I have at Lumigrate, he apparently got the impression that I was all about the usual American way of holistic health care -- sell supplements and other potions and lotions to people who are not going to do the work to learn and do 'deeper'.  That was years ago. 

I'd actually learn from a business advisor in my city, who had been tasked with looking into possible future manufacturing in this area of such products, who did research the standard, 'classic' way, that the market analysis showed that Americans were so trained to take pills and use lotions and potions that it truly was the way to make money.  There were not enough technical people living in the area to do the jobs that would come with such manufacturing so they did not have that business come to the area.  

Just after that, I would encounter a marketing firm leader who met with me in a fringe way when the rest of his team had made an appointment to talk about Lumigrate, and he seemed disinterested.  He was about to take a trip and when he came back he was wanting my website to be all about 'fibromyalgia', even though I'd just explained to his group why that was my initial idea in 2007 and 2008 but it was steering away from that and into other areas 'going forward'. 

It turned out he had a subscription to a service where corporate jets set down and you catch a ride with them and the jet he took on his trip had a man on it who was 'into' supplement sales and told him all about the money to be made in the 'fibromyalgia market'.  And so I basically started seeing what Dr. Kessler was saying and 'screening' me about. 

I have persisted, with my resources (resources = time, energy, currency of exchange typically money), and kept looking for the underlying truths.  The 'root', or 'core' of the onion.  I believe that what Dr. Kessler teaches addresses that. 


I've not wanted to 'take up his time' to teach me 'how to test' when I wasn't able to devote myself to it and not be quirky with schedule.  He's eight hours ahead of my time, so it's not easy.  I also was not with the technology for the necessary video talking -- I had been until my laptop took a hit from a rogue lightning bolt in 2010. I'd bought the necessary things to get all that going when the afore-mentioned marketing group was in the mix assisting me in 2012, but they never came through with anyone to actually come do what they said they could easily do installing.  And then they were out of business, indirectly and directly due to complex chronic conditions in virtually every one of their staff.  I don't bemoan these delays any longer, I see that they were guided and meant to be. 

I purchased a polarizing lens for a camera almost a year ago and had my first video conversation with Dr. Kessler on Memorial Day, which for him was a working day in Germany -- he squeezed me in before his 4:30 patient.  Completely unbooked, totally spontaneous, it was 8:30 my time which means he, like all the people who come to the house for whatever -- reading meters, cutting grass, explaining why the power went out due to their boom on their equipment -- see me.  I've gone to wearing PJs which pass as clothes. 

I figured he was a doctor, and my vanity takes a back seat to helping figure this stuff out!  For myself, and the dogs I'm currently rehabilitating.  He's told me one of us is mercury sensitive, one is aluminum sensitive, and the third is yet a mystery.  I'm figuring as a teacher he's saving THAT for ME to figure!  I was understanding overall how this can work but was totally 'sold' on it when he had me take my pulse on my right hand with my left and within a second or so he was saying 'boom bum, boom bum' in synche with my heart beat. 

I think the best place to start is with the 'Notes' information about dysautonomia, and then go from there.  Comments will have each new 'note' because that way there is a link to each component, and the keywords in the comment title help Searching.  Without further introduction, I give you ...........



Posted in "Notes" at Claus-Peter Kessler, MD's Facebook page on
October 15, 2011 at 7:26am (and with his permission, transferred here, with editing for easier readability for Lumigrate's brain-affected seekers).(Thank you, Dr. Kessler). 

Experts in the field of auriculomedizin (Mardy's edit: "auricular medicine" to those in the US, etc.), applied kinesiology and a few others are fully aware of the dysfunction and dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, known as "dysautonomia".

We know that dysautonomia is always caused by strong disturbing fields (scars, heavy metal sensitivity, dental foci), which have certain interconnections with the body (meridian system) resulting in a switching of the autonomic nervous system.

For those thinking energy- and vibrational- wise, it is the blockade of the Ajna Chakra, the 'Third Eye', having connections with the pituitary gland, the regulatory system of all our hormones and influences the hypothalamic-pituitary-hormonal cascade.

It also influences the pineal gland, resulting in melatonin irregularities and leading to sleep disorder with wild dreams.  You are not able to shut off and relax, your thoughts are going constantly, you're "wired" feeling ... you can not rest and recuperate.

If one doesn't know how to diagnose this phenomenon, one gets wrong results with pendulum, biotensor and all energy-detecting machines (Prognos, Vega, Bicom, Oberon etc.).  Everything is turned around, out of order. (Bolding and underlining added by me/Mardy in editing).

Dysautonomia: A family of misunderstood disorders
By Richard N. Fogoros, M.D., Guide

Updated May 06, 2010 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by our Medical Review Board
See More About:women and heart disease, dysautonomia, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, vasovagal syncope

What Is Dysautonomia?

In the 19th century there used to be a condition called neurasthenia. People would find themselves suddenly unable to function due to a host of inexplicable symptoms, often including fatigue, weakness, strange pains, dizziness and passing out.

Doctors would not find anything to explain these symptoms, so they were attributed to a "weak nervous system," or neurasthenia. Women with neurasthenia (men were not given this diagnosis, by and large) were often confined to their beds, where they would either recover or eventually die. And while nobody knew what caused this condition, everyone -- doctors and laymen alike -- took it seriously.

Most modern doctors who hear about this mysterious condition merely shake their heads in wonder. Few seem to consider the possibility that neurasthenia is still with us. Consequently, they are less capable of recognizing the manifestations of this condition than were their old-time counterparts, and tend to be far less sympathetic to its victims.

Yesterday's Neurasthenia, Today's Dysautonomia

People who, a century ago, would have been called neurasthenics today are given a host of diagnoses. These include chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncope, panic attacks, anxiety, inappropriate sinus tachycardia (IST), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), or fibromyalgia.

Sufferers of all these conditions tend to experience an imbalance, and most often a peculiar volatility, in the autonomic nervous system. We now call this "dysautonomia".

The Autonomic Nervous System And Dysautonomia

The autonomic nervous system controls the “unconscious” bodily functions, such as heart rate, digestion, and breathing patterns.

It consists of two parts: the sympathetic system and the parasympathetic system. The sympathetic system can best be thought of as controlling the “fight or flight” reactions of the body, producing the rapid heart rates, increased breathing, and increased blood flow to the muscles that are to escape danger or cope with stress.

The parasympathetic system controls the “quiet” body functions, such as the digestive system.

So: the sympathetic system gets us ready for action, while the parasympathetic system gets us ready for rest. Normally, the parasympathetic and sympathetic components of the autonomic nervous systems are in perfect balance, from moment to moment, depending on the body’s instantaneous needs.

In people suffering from dysautonomia, the autonomic nervous system loses that balance, and at various times the parasympathetic or sympathetic systems inappropriately predominate. Symptoms can include frequent vague but disturbing aches and pains, faintness (or even actual fainting spells), fatigue and inertia, severe anxiety attacks, tachycardia, hypotension, poor exercise tolerance, gastrointestinal symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, sweating, dizziness, blurred vision, numbness and tingling, and -- quite understandably -- anxiety and depression.

Sufferers of dysautonomia can experience all these symptoms or just a few of them. They can experience one cluster of symptoms at one time, and another set of symptoms at other times. The symptoms are often fleeting and unpredictable, but on the other hand they can be triggered by specific situations or actions. (Some people have symptoms with exertion, for instance, or when standing up, or after ingesting certain foods.) And since people with dysautonomia are usually normal in every other way, when the doctor does a physical exam he or she often finds no abnormalities.

What Causes Dysautonomia?

Dysautonomia can be caused by many different things; there is not one single, universal cause. It seems clear that some patients inherit the propensity to develop the dysautonomia syndromes, since variations of dysautonomia often run in families.

Viral illnesses can trigger a dysautonomia syndrome. So can exposure to chemicals. (Gulf War Syndrome is, in effect, dysautonomia: low blood pressure, tachycardia, fatigue and other symptoms that, government denials aside, appear to have been triggered by exposure to toxins.)

Dysautonomia can result from various types of trauma, especially trauma to the head and chest. (It has been reported to occur after breast implant surgery.)

Dysautonomias caused by viral infections, toxic exposures, or trauma often have a rather sudden onset. Chronic fatigue syndrome, for instance, most classically begins following a typical viral-like illness (sore throat, fever, muscle aches, etc.) but any of the dysautonomia syndromes can have a similar onset.

What Becomes Of People With Dysautonomia?

Fortunately, the prognosis appears far better than it was in the days when the disorder was called neurasthenia. This is likely because bed rest is no longer considered the treatment of choice. Most victims of dysautonomia eventually find that their symptoms either go away or abate to the point that they are able to lead nearly normal lives. Sometimes, in fact, the probability that things will ultimately improve on their own may be the only thing that keeps some of these individuals going.

But even though the symptoms eventually improve in most cases, many people with dysautonomia experience symptoms that completely disrupt their lives, and the search for competent medical assistance in rendering their symptoms "tolerable" is, too often, a difficult one.

So, if you think you may have dysautonomia, you should learn as much as you can about the various forms of this condition, especially how the dysautonomias are evaluated and treated.

The dysautonomia syndromes can be tough to diagnose, tough to treat, and tough to live with.

Finding supportive, education-oriented people, such as are on Facebook, is a strategy I recommend, and hope that providing this topic from Dr. Kessler's Facebook page's 'Notes' section (found currently under the 'More' tab the way Facebook has things laid out now).  Here's a link to his Facebook page:



 Being Crystal Clear About The Tripp We're Taking This Summer - Dis-Ease Solutions and Crystal Tripp

Today is summer solstice 2017.  I happened to sleep through the night last night without awakening longer than to get up and go to the bathroom, so I was pleased to be getting up for good prior to the sunrise today. 

O'Rio Grande, the 12 year old lab border collie I've been working with for two years now, was thrilled that we went out on the deck -- he doesn't realize there were baby birds in the barbeque so we'd been leaving them alone all spring.  I did not realize the adults were building a nest there in spring until it was too late -- per the very informative, ethical exterminator who had been out just prior to that, when it's time for birds to be having another generation you are not to interfere. 

We went down the stairs to the lawn and I watched how much more at ease he was than the last time we'd done those stairs in the morning over two months ago. I'd take him on several short walk abouts during the day and then out to watch the sunset in the desert, taking a break from compiling the information in this topic.  It appears he is taking an interest in plants! 

My big thrill for this big dog this spring, starting in April, was his owner agreeing to pay, initially, for a short-term 'cleaning out of toxins' by going organic with his food. Initially with canned organic food (Cornucopia brand, Doc offered an at-cost introductory deal so I could progress what I was doing with O'Rio and get 'into' that level of food), and then with home made -- because I could see the benefit and long term know it will help him to long term be organic. Cornucopia has folic acid added to provide folate and I'm suspecting it's as much an issue for some dogs as it is for some people (which, in people is about half).

Hence, I offered to do the time for free if the owner bought the ingredients in order to eliminate that potential detoxification pathway disruptor (if it's like people with MTHFR gene mutation and folic acid, and so far nobody in veterinary circles I've talked to are aware of MTHFR in people and the folic acid issue but human nutrition people who understand and advise about it say there's no reason they can see why it would not apply to some dogs and cats as I suspect). 

And so we continue with that.  For the past two months I've also had their younger dog and was not surprised at how much it helped her to have better food -- close to ideal, perhaps! 

They people are off now, camping, and I suspect and hope keeping the fairly-reformed two year old, who I affectionately call Goldilocks.  She was either too cold or too hot, and had to be just right.  It would be too loud and she'd leave, or too quiet and she'd get bored and make noise.  The doctor with the most experience in our state with what I believe the dog is possibly suffering with (dysautonomia) lives right between where the family members live primarily now -- migrated like little birds do when they get out of 'the nest', to the booming metropolis of The Front Range of Colorado. 

As I waited for O'Rio to pee this morning -- raising his leg to do so -- I thought about how when we started he peed like a girl, as I teasingly say.  He was so stiff and sore, anxious and unhappy.  I thought about how I understood him because it was so similar to what I'd experienced in my life with my health issues, past and present.  There really is nothing like experiencing things first hand to make you dedicated to your work. 

That is why a decade ago I gave up hours of my own time every week to create a live education group when my building's neuro-type psychologist suggested it after our first patient we shared with 'fibromyalgia' diagnosed had done so incredibly well with our unique way of doing things.  We both wanted to get to the bottom of what was causing it, and we wanted to reach the public and help if what we could do would help. He tried sending me people after I left mainstream medicine, but it was a mis-match and didn't work. 

The one patient who 'stuck' only did so because I waved my fees until he got the testing he needed (and had to borrow money to pay for), and then he died in a motor vehicle crash which was due to his brain dysfunction, in my opinion. But inadvertently through that patient's counsel / advisor, who later asked for my assistance guiding towards a particular type of resource, I would find 'the missing link' that I felt was missing in terms of figuring out what's causing all this dysfunction in people and pets today.  (The missing link was about pyroluria, and you'll see that I bring it into the conversation in Crystal's group, below.)  

So, sometimes we don't get compensated in money from an interaction as we'd expect, but in other ways.  And sometimes it takes a while.  Karma isn't fast sometimes.

Crystal operates on this basis and her new business is taking off so much that it's been delayed until now that I'd have anything to create a long-planned topic about her! So here we are, Summer Solstice with Crystal Tripp and Dis-Ease Solutions, 2017.  My 10 year anniversary from where this all began, really. 

O'Rio has really re-inspired me, and helps me in how to present this information to people because two years ago he changed so rapidly and dramatically, and we continue to get to new plateaus.  He's now at a new plateau, and now we can go on to the next step.  Cleansing and detoxifying.  This time we're going to do Crystal Tripp's "Dis-Ease Solutions" program.  I've not done a whole protocol for over two years. 

Crystal and I met in the Facebook group for that protocol, and somehow became disconnected on Facebook as friends.  She's not changed her profile and neither have I but there's no history of the wonderful conversation we had back in 2015.  I remembered her because of her work in the past having included being a ranger for a park.  Having served as a research administration liaison / assistant for the now infamous National Park Service visiblity monitoring program, I have a particular interest in parks and those who have worked for them.   

O'Rio laid down in the grass and watched me take photos of the sunrise to use here --- he's not letting me out of his sight -- so eager to have food now, because it's just so delicious and I presume filling in some deficiencies and doing things he simply 'craves' to help him.  I thought about it's being solstice, and realized it was on this day in 2007, exactly a decade ago, that 'The Fibromyalgia Forum' met for the first time in my old medical building. It was the last summer I'd be an allopathic medical provider, and I would not realize what was lying ahead, in part because of starting The Forum. 

Now, here I am in The Forum on and took pride in the 37,000+ reads of a topic about the group on Facebook where Crystal and I initially crossed paths.  THE patient who inspired The Forum in the building in 2007 died in recent years.  I relished in the 'coincidence' of just recently having crossed paths with the provider who THE patient had gone to for body work, whose worker had mentioned me and where I worked.  I'd naturally presumed it would be a pleasant encounter.  And it ended up being quite the opposite -- it was not the way a provider who sincerely cares about their patients' benefit would act.  It's how someone who is all about money would act. 

Today I can see how this was meant to be, continuing me along in the growth and change of how I go about helping people.  I'm seeing that today there are lay people more than ever who have extensively studied and are getting to the truth of things, and they have lived the horrors of having these chronic conditions in themselves, their family members -- human and otherwise. 

There's a genuine-ness about Crystal Tripp which is extra-ordinary.  I think it exudes from her and shows in the photo she uses as her profile picture on Facebook: 


She likes hearing about what I'm doing with the dogs, and as such has agreed to have a topic on Lumigrate about her and her products and her research.  I only found out today that a dog was part of the story of how her son got so sick that he moved back in with him mom and family.  Then she got sick -- and was incapacitated for months. 

That was about three years ago.  I'll let her tell more of her story herself, later, and for now give you the overview as I understand it.  She figured out what she wanted to try on those in her household she was going to treat.  I know she has also recognized that a poor diet was part of the reason they were susceptible to falling so far health-wise. 

I'd inquired what she meant by that and they were eating what we refer to as "SAD" ... standard American diet; fast food; processed food; frankenfood (GMO).  I did not inquire about water, I'll have to do that.  Water was the very first thing I did with O'Rio.  Same kibble for 10 months, but I'd enhance the diet with samples of other kibbles and buy mark down meats to give him.  I'd also get produce donated from a local vegetable grower who 'digs' what I'm doing.  No farming pun intended. 

By later 2014, she'd see the improvements in her family and self from what she had figured out and her son had just said to her that she should start a business to offer the things up to others who had the same / similar.  He was then killed riding his bicycle, by a driver in a situation I will refer to as tragic.  I reserve that word for really selective occasions, too.  So she 'made 2015 count' in honor of her son, and I presume poured her grief into developing all that has to be done in order to be where she is today with Dis-Ease Solutions.

So isn't it an interesting coincidence that today in her group on Facebook, she posted this: (link to go to her group:

 I want to put this out there along with this post. It's no secret that I have claimed to have caught this from a dog. The dog was sick, my son got sick when he got the puppy; a year later, he moves in with us thinking he's dying. I get sick too. It is that simple.

He had pulled what he thought was a worm out of his nose, and sure enough, 6 months later, so do I. I have said many times, but don't speak about it a lot, that the intestinal mucus comes out of the stomach and into the esophagus and, sure enough, the nose too.

They say this is made of mostly eosinophils & fibrin, which is probably why the enzymes have helped others so much with blocked sinuses. This stuff grows into every orifice, every cavity, every organ it can get into. The branches are extra space, so to say, that it can stretch into.

This would also explain why my son had an Eosinophil count of 9, but sadly the doctors don't normally give out medications until you reach a 10. This is associated with so many diseases depending on where you have it! Cystic fibrosis, pulmonary heart disease, and it's associated with sickle cell anemia. I wonder if those of color are affected by this in a different way.

Here is what happens if you don't cleanse your intestinal tract and you allow it to go untreated, unknowingly of course.

How many diseases can be cured just by working on mucus!? I went through this 3 years ago and I am still looking for answers! This is it! This is what I pulled out of my nose! It had completely filled me up but you know, every x-ray, every scan showed normal??

Some, like my son, who was 6 months more advanced with this, claimed that something came up his throat and was wrapped around his neck and was chocking him! This stuff was growing into his cheeks!!!

What is going on!? Could THIS be the biggest cover up in history!? I have to recommend that everyone in the world cleanse their intestines, that is where this starts!

 Seems this is a good point to insert the onion and elevator graphics I use so often on topics at Lumigrate. Load Theory, demonstrated with the elevator visual, shows how there are a lot of things that cause a health crash.  Some are bigger or heavier than others.  BUT ideally if you get to the core of the onion, which is from the root, and the things closest to that root, then THAT will ultimately be the most efficient and effective way of reversing symptoms. 


Group members ask/say: What can we use to cleanse our colons

Crystal Tripp: My cleanse! along with enzymes, and supportive tinctures! You can use enemas to clean the colon, the colon is a small part, this is in the intestines, you need an intestinal cleanse :)
.... and after everything I have seen, if you feel the need to clean yours, clean your kids, and entire family, and pets too!

Groupie:  I've tried so many things and still cant get a good cleans.

Groupie: The cause of asthma as well, sounds like. All disease is caused by parasitic bacteria.

She said that because this was the first comment Crystal posted on the thread, this link:

Crystal comments that means it's killable and so there's hope.
Groupie comments absolutely and gives thumbs up and says good work buddie....

Now it gets super interesting from my standpoint:

Groupie: My dog was LOADED with round worms when we got her. She was a Craigslist rescue puppy. When she had BMs, it would be all worms!! I mean twisted worms is all I saw. I did use over the counter Pinworm stuff for all of us in fear we got them. Not sure how good it works. She was wormed thru vet. I do plan on doing as family cleanse with your herbs soon. Our house hunt isn't going well. I was waiting to move first. Thanks for all you do and share!!

Crystal:  The pinworm medicine does work. My guess is more on the little things inside that mucus kills it off. That is why 5 feet at once came out of me, but this is another piece to the puzzle! Whatever was ailing the dog, the pinworm medicine will settle it for a while, but it will come back.

I look forward to hearing from you.  The cleanse, along with enzymes and a tincture or two is the best starting place for anyone with any disease.

The pinworm medicine at single doses spread out is also a good support. I would say bimonthly on pinworm meds. It could be key as to why I cured myself compared to others ... I took so much that I cannot stand the smell anymore, it makes me sick. Good luck!

(Another) Groupie says: we just got a puppy from a reputable breeder and I havent wormed her. she is 14 weeks old and im making her raw and cooked food from organic pastured sources. I sprinkle DE on every dinner. I check her poop and have not seen any worms. What else can I do to make sure she is protected from worms?

Me: Good job on the food. I presume organic water too. As in without toxic chemicals added.... Just checking as some are overlooking that and doing tap out of habit.

Groupie with new dog: Yes, we are on a well but I filter with an Aqua Rain filter. Add a bit of ACV now and then. She gets a spoon of homemade yogurt/kefir a day too and a homemade garlic biscuit to help repel fleas.
I am diligent because we have seven kids and I wouldn't want them having any issues. So far so good.

New to the conversation: All puppies are born with worms. Best to get dewormer and give according to the worm's life cycle. 

Groupie: What kind of pinworm medicine. I pull this sticky stuff out of my eyes constantly but once its out its hard as a rock.

Groupie diligent with 7 kids and new dog, above: Oxalates? I got pinworm meds over the counter. I used them for myself, my son, and husband. I got stuff for my dog at the vet since I'm careful with anything sweetened made for human consumption.


Groupie:  What type of enzyme is good for this problem?

Crystal: Serapeptase enzyme, I have 250000 in strength, the purest type you can get but they also sell it in lower I recommend getting the higher spu you only take a small amount and mine has no filler, I have a 2 month supply at $40.

I asked for clarification about where she feels her illness stemmed, as in one place she'd said her son who was sick from the dog and another she'd said the dog directly. Answer: Mardy Ross we were all healthy, I got him a puppy after he moved out to keep him company, the puppy ended up sick, then about a month later my son saw parasites and didn't say anything for 8 months until he was so sick he had to move back home.

He let it go, so he moved back in with the dog, both sick and then 3 weeks later I got sick, and we all got sicker and sicker, until the dog couldn't even hold her head up anymore. So my guess is the parasites and/or bacteria originated from the dog, that cause the mucus to create and the bacteria either takes over or the mucus takes over, it could grow like slime mold.

It looks just like slime mold, the mold is everywhere, on food, in the forests its decomposition and it too is intelligent slime mold can go the shortest ways in mazes to get to food. So this is all theory its probably the perfect storm for all depts. to come together whatever it is, intestinal mucus is no laughing matter

Me: Thanks Crystal. I agree on slime mold being a major concern and component. I was trying to find information on slime mold a while back just to confirm that what I think is slime mold is actually slime mold, and the images out there of slime mold that looks like geographic areas is just uncanny.

Groupie: I have the same thing happening. The worm out of my nose was white and it feels like something crawls up my throat and yes it chokes me , like an asthma attack until I cough it all out it's really scary.
Another Groupie:  Same

Groupie: Thank you Crystal!

Groupie: I really think you are on to something, Crystal.

Groupie: Presented so well as always Crystal ....thx

Groupie: unfortunately parasitic infections usually go undetected in labs, false negative. This might explain why some people die of hyper-infections.

Groupie:  the CDC requires 7 non consecutive stool sample or duodenal tissue biopsy and NOTHING else is accepted -- that was the point-- so this tells us all something and you can tell your labs or doctors you only accept CDC style

Crystal:  omg 7 tests! that would take months! great tip. I and my son together had 9 stool tests negative while completely compacted with mucus and parasites; the things I have seen no one should ever have to see, thanks for that tidbit, and the reminder as to why it may not work.

Groupie: I've never known anyone who's had tests to that extent. If the CDC knows that's the only way to accurately test for parasitic bacteria then we are all getting robbed by our doctors and medical insurance.


Groupie: What enzymes are you talking about, the ones I just purchased?

Crystal: Yes ma'am.  Something I don't say, I'm just now getting used to telling others to up the dose, Ive been scared of that but enzymes are fine, they are strong, start low and work up.

For chronic conditions, you can take a double dose and when symptoms pass, you come back down to the normal dose. That goes with tinctures, anything .... the cleanse too. You know your body and when it is at its limit push back down push back down.


Groupie: did you have SIBO? That's what I've been diagnosed with, along with parasites. The mucous and nausea in the morning is terrible, but then I feel ok. On a pretty strong tincture and a protocol right now from my naturopath.

Crystal: You know, I would say I did not, but, I was bedridden for months, it was really bad with me and my son. Try looking into the connection with candida and SIBO, you should find something interesting :)

Groupie: Thank you Crystal and so glad you are well!


Groupie: Can H. Pylori be passed through physical contact?

Groupie: I'd say yes on H Pylori. It's very contagious. One reason it's hard to get rid of, is because you can keep reinfecting yourself! Change toothbrushes....never use the same glass more than once, all kinds of precautions to rid of H Pylori. Mastic gum is good.

Crystal: I do have an HPylor-ease double set :)  It is 2 parts a tincture with herbs to possibly kill it and an infused oil of probiotics for replenishment, with HPylori just saying....  But when you look into what to do about it you get two sided stories, some say killing it helps, others say replenishment helps, so I combined the 2. Great advice (above from Groupie)!

Groupie: I'm trying not to give up. I've been strong, alone, sick with this for too long. Crystal you are amazing. Gonna keep fighting somehow.

I think she is too.... hence my interest in creating this topic AND trying the products on O'Rio and personally.  I'll let you know how it goes.



Live and Learn.  Learn and Live Better! 



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

This forum is provided to allow members of Lumigrate to share information and ideas. Any recommendations made by forum members regarding medical treatments, medications, or procedures are not endorsed by Lumigrate or practitioners who serve as Lumigrate's medical experts.

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