What I Want Every Mother (and Others) to Know Of, Then Go From There. THE Cause of All Problems Presented In Emerging Research

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First, as a preface -- let me acknowledge that I'm using the word "all" loosely in the title; most or many might be more accurate.  If you're not into prefaces, scan down to where the pickle photo is and start there.  I think the following context setting will help most people reading this, however. 

I want to acknowledge my Facebook friends, comrades and followers. Years of networking and studying diligent activists who are authentically pursuing their outreach activities to help others recover their health or that of children lead me to more innovative experts about health than I'd ever imagined when I started Lumigrate.

Recently my shares have been very different, mostly about Earth changes. Quakes. Volcanoes. Forecasts for future ones, via Facebook friends Delphina Nova and "Dutchsince". I routinely encourage people to connect with their FB offerings or websites, etc. directly because the Earth is basically very active right now. I normally share a lot of things about diet. Or geoengineering, which includes weather modification. This blog will hopefully tie a lot of it all together.  

Editing this end of August (2015), there continued to be what many call "dots" -- stories in even the mainstream media (and then reflected on social media) now, telling us that there are problems and unusual things going on but totally leaving out the 'connecting' material, or obliquely referring to something and 'paving the way'.  The information here will help 'connect the dots'. It's raining and snowing nitrogen in a Colorado park, per NPR shortly after I created this blog topic.  The researcher uses the word weird, even ...  Think about what NON scientists have MISSED as cues, or those 'brain dead' for whatever reasons --- Here's the link: 



This is my best attempt to bring what I currently understand to YOUsers of Lumigrate, and I'm increasingly confident we're on the right path, and giving more light to the matter than, apparently, any other website in the world. A lucky break, I had, a year ago, encountering another truth-telling, teaching, researching activist recovering from significant symptoms of chronic illness. Read on, you'll learn the whole story.  

Just a few of the stories: wild spider webs in Texas, wild caterpillar webs in Denver,  algae at the top of mountains in Colorado with nothing upstream. How's it getting there? Then sometimes the information provided goes in a different direction than what I'll lead you to on this topic's links....  Back to what I prepared in May....

Coinciding with this activity with the Earth comes news such as something put out by Reuters last week where they're letting us know about the 'bugs' that are coming from very hot flows and seeps under the ground, and very cold waters in the deep seas.

"Breaking it to us slowly" it seems to me, and not connecting the dots for us to the increasing lack of wellness in humans, perhaps indicating more about plants, sea life, tree life, soils, water, and whatnot.  I thankfully was to connect in 2014 with someone and something that I think is connecting the dots, and I want to be sure YOU know about it too. He alleges that some of what geoengineering is about has to do with addressing thesa ancient cosmic-traveled bacteria that are increasingly getting into our environment and selves.  

There, barely a few paragraphs in and I already tied geoengineering in here; world famous autism / Lyme / chronic conditions MD Dietrick Klinghardt had revealed in a 2014 interview I have in the forums at Lumigrate that geoengineering is occurring. He went on to say doctors know a lot of things they are not allowed to tell people. But he attributed the heavy metals in the geoengineering chems to increase in molds and algae because they are 'trying to do us a favor' and absorb those things. This makes them flourish.

The mainstream and local media, as well as social media and indy sources have been putting out stories about algae blooms in recent years. Whole cities were without water due to blooms in 2014. Dogs have been dying in Florida and California in new stories I have seen. Now that my eyes are tuned in for algae or lichen and etc., I noticed after a recent rain that a tire track in the desert had algae in it, and this was after less than a week from when the rains started.

I live in the desert of western Colorado/ eastern Utah, in an agricultural valley. Therefore, it has irrigation canals all over, people pay for ditch water that's very cheap and they have big 'shares' and don't have to be frugal with water application. So water ends up sprayed or dribbled down rows of slanted land which the sun hits and warms and makes it very humid.  I'm very concerned and now understand why 11 years ago when I moved here I noticed more ill people here than anywhere I'd ever lived aside from my community of origin in the Colorado mountains outside of Denver. A chiropractor told me he thought it was from the molds. 

My own city for now 11-1/2 years, Grand Junction, had a story in April about the new solar powered floating robot pump that is now circulating water to prevent or reduce algae blooms so they don't have to add chemicals for that anymore.  I couldn't find anything online that they'd told people they were adding chemicals at the reservoir.  I think our water is of primary importance. And water is very much part of this story and information I want everyone to be knowing about and thus writing this blog post.  

But has anyone been alerting us to be doing something more to make the tap water pure and safe? No. Can everyone do that? Are there enough r/o machines in grocery stores to go around, would that mess up what goes into the wastewater treatment plants after the r/o machine has provided what the consumer bottles and purchases? I suspect so.  

And while the wastewater and water treatment industries are intimately connected, they are separate entities typically.  I have a friend (a mother, by the way) who works in that industry and eventually said 'we have just one water, ultimately'.  So my theory is that this has to be a word of mouth, independent, 'ripple effect' that we, the people, tell each other about. Hence I wanted to be sure YOU saw this information when coming to Lumigrate. 

Fat also absorbs heavy metals in our bodies Dr Klinghardt  said elsewhere, also an interview I've transcribed portions of in the forums. I think he provides good foundational information for people wanting to learn about what's making us all sick, though he doesn't reveal about the things I'm sharing in 2015 at Lumigrate (and in person, verbally, etc.)

Four times in my life I've had massive and sudden weight gain for a short time then it stopped and eventually dropped off about the same fast way it went on, I was interested in that.  I'd had that occur in late 2010/early 2011 and I am pleased to say I have gradually had my weight going in a good direction and in a slow way (important for the body to be dealing with the released metals).  When you know better / differently, you can do better/ differently. I've continued learning and doing differently.  

This is now 40 years since I changed my diet the first time for blood sugar problems.  I had blood pressure problems too, nobody every put me into a tilt table test and found what they'd today hopefully diagnose as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  I've had to find out about that one on my own and found Facebook extremely helpful.  Yes, use doctors and other providers perhaps, but don't count on that they'll come up with things better than you can.  

That's actually something that Patrick Timpone says outright in an interview with author and diet expert / addiction expert Pam Killeen, and I'm sharing the link for that below with the other links because the protocol that this blog is ultimately about has nothing to do with diet. People have been consuming a variety of things and reporting good results.  Some eat clean, some are enjoying things they could previously not eat at all without severe neurologic responses.  

Pam advises about eating 'square meals' and explains why sourdough is better than straight dough and I think is the most simplified way of eating that I've heard from any of the experts. She suggests quality protein at all meals, good fats are important and things that fit with all the information I have set up at Lumigrate in recent years. You need that time not fooling with special diets to do what we need to do relative to the bacteria, ultimately.   

So please at least 'follow me' on Facebook if you're into that kind of thing. Ultimately, anything of importance ends up in the forums at Lumigrate. And every now and then I add a blog post about what I really want people looking at if they find their way to Lumigrate's blog tab or box that updates what's new in blog posts. 

You'll see that I rarely add to the blogs, this is the first for 2015. The reason is this: anyone finding Lumigrate will see the links on the side box (titled Blog Posts), or perhaps go to the blog link to see what I blog about, and they will have a very focused, limited view of what I currently see as the most important things for them to see.  The forums have many 'containers' (sections) and within each sometimes many forums, and the most topics most recently added onto have been 'bumped' to the top of the list in each forum.

So that's another way for people to find the things I've recently been adding onto because I have continually created content since our beginning in 2009 to bring 'the underlying causes' of wellness, or lack thereof, to YOUsers at Lumigrate.  I am so glad YOU are here. I hope you find the information at Lumigrate valuable, and do whatever you need to remember to come back and see more.  I link to a variety of media for people who like to use podcasts and videos, and often I transcribe some or all of those things so people can have that to refer to.

 Lumigrate's YOU! Model. "Lumigrate", "Mardy" can be on YOUR model, among others.  Such as Steve Beddingfield, and the mothers and others that become admins and teachers under him in his group on Facebook.  The highlights of which I am bringing to topics on Lumigrate, which I want this blog to help direct YOU to.  Here's an image that might help get your attention.

This is not one of Steve's photos, this is one posted in his group recently, by a mother whose teen aged kiddo horrifically saw after her first bite of a pickle, commercially produced (and a known name brand). This stuff is everywhere now, any brand could have it. Best to grow your own food, have control over what's getting out of control or not in your soils.  This is likely the biggest story on Earth right now and Mainstream Media is now gently letting us know about it.  I include those things in what I provide in links on the Lumigrate topics I provide for YOU to more readily find them. And then see the big picture, the forest, so to speak.  And perhaps take action and save your life or health as well as others'. 

(See link, below, to the topic that I provide that has this pickle picture and explanation of what YOU are seeing here, per Steve Beddingfield and others from the comments this photo created with his increasingly knowledgeable admins and others learning, future educators and admins and those who will help create a ripple effect in addition to what I'm able to do with Lumigrate.  

A summary of what this about was stated by Steve this way: "Imagine this scenario: we are sickened by one of the largest bacteria known, it replicates at least 100 times faster than other bacteria, carries many endo and ectopic things along with it. It is capable of storing more memory than a Google server. Our butts are in deep trouble."). 

Be forewarned if you're new, my intention with topics is to help YOU (consumers) become thoroughly educated about the topic that you've accessed, enough to know WHY, at the very least. That work cannot be done for you. Take time away from something else that's not as important as your wellness, is my suggestion, and basically do this:  

  • Step 1: Get enough "educated" about something ("awareness" is just the first step in that direction), surround yourself with a variety of providers (virtually at Lumigrate or perhaps you'll be fortunate enough to have advisers directly).
  • Step 2: Use what YOU use to make decisions about things -- your brain, your intuition, talking with people you know, professional or amateurs.  
  • Step 3. Take action (or not). It's that simple. Your choice!

As I've developed more practice with not just the information but then applying it to my self and what I see around me in my environments inland in central western Colorado, I'm working to make the information more manageable.

In August I created a topic that I'm going to set the link up for here, high up in this blog topic, as it's the "THE Stuff: 101 - Applications and Examples" version.  You might pop to it now on the link, or come back to it. I'd definitely go there.  THIS BLOG TOPIC you are on is the virtual 'clipboard' that has all the links to all the various topics on Lumigrate which have something to do with THE Stuff. I can easily, then, say to people "Just go to the BLOG tab, you'll see the top things I want people seeing in blogs, the one about emerging research I'm wanting everyone to learn about and consider's right there where you and everyone can find it without dependence on a link...... " www.lumigrate.com/forum/stuff-interloping-and-overwhelming-everything-examples-and-ideas-remediation-our-immediate-env

Note from Mardy May 23, 2016 -- you will see at the topic about THE Stuff, and at the massively detailed but not polished thread about Steve's Images, Protocol, Research, etc., that I have asked people to NOT GO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING ME.  I give the reasons for that when you go, and I'll not add to the words here.  I'll just say I'm easy to find as Mardy Ross at Facebook, and the About tab here at Lumigrate has updated information (Contact us does NOT, I did it in the past now can't figure out how to do it again with more changes).  Also, here at the blog tab the blog that's pinned to the top about me being Mardy Poppins has my updated information as well.  (As those operate similar to updating forum information and so I can do that, thankfully.).  

I'm working at providing a group learning setting for anyone who comes through me and I don't discourage going to Steve's group AS LONG AS YOU GET IT FIRST HAND, 1:1 from me, why I'm concerned about those who go there as newcomers to learn.  I've had everyone I mentor and facilitate who went into the group and many others seek me out to inquire about basically the same things everyone gets baffled by.  It'll just help you not get 'injured' as so many end up having happen when in the group.  Either overlooked, not feeling they're being addressed, or worse.  

It's like the 'spot' you designate to meet up if there's a separation of a group or an emergency -- this is where people are going to most easily be able to find the most important information, which is how I've used the blog area for several years now. 

This is the sixth year that I've come to Mother's Day since Lumigrate launched in March of 2009.  Initially, I'd envisioned a simple website just about 'fibromyalgia', but then it was obvious to me from 'the universe' that I was to not niche into 'the F word'.  

So we created the logo and 'motto' plus the foundational information to represent 'integrative medicine'; you'll see the two green and purple ribbons weaving together with the light burst coming out from the center, and "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being".

I say 'we' because I'd had the good fortune of having a fabulous assistant, who was a mother and soon-to-be-grandmother at the ripe age of 37, working full time for over a year which allowed Lumigrate to have much that she had input with, that YOU see today. I hope and trust she and others she knows continue to utilize the progressive, truthful, cutting-edge information I've continued on with, solo, since 2009 when there were no longer funds for hiring people, renting space, etc.

I've been credited with my abilities for 'resilience'. I simply will say that I consider what I had to offer and do a gift of good fortune and from God/Source/WhateverYouWishToCall"It", and know that Lumigrate has always increasingly been helping people find their path to health and well-being. In a way, I guess Mother's Day for me applies, I have compared having a website to having a baby, toddler, youngster, adolescent, young adult and someday something that 'takes care of Mama'.  

I've made adjustments to my life and gotten my costs down so that I can life off of what people offer to me as gifts for the assistance that I give them, based on the value of what they feel it has in concert with what they have to offer.  Just as when an insurance-based occupational therapy service contract provider in Grand Junction from 2005 to 2008, I wanted to provide information to all no matter what their ability to pay was. That desire lead to live education groups, which lead to my creating Lumigrate and leaving insurance-based medicine, where I was censored and restricted on what I could say to those who came and trusted me to tell them what they were seeking to learn about getting better. 

As the Earth went around our Sun trip after trip, I kept bringing new information that was continually 'cutting edge', from mind, body spirit ('integrative medicine'), and was generally getting to the underlying reasons ('functional medicine').  

I am writing this blog on Mother's Day 2015, and have worked consistently since Christmastime and New Years on information that is sprinkled around a few areas of the forums. I have worked to get the information I'm wanting people to link to from here literally almost every day this year (and I'd been studying and 'aware' since encountering it in August 2014).  

There's a group of women, not all are mothers but most are, who also found their way to this cutting edge information which has been the work of an intriguing man in North Carolina named Steve Beddingfield, who I have now spoken with by telephone on more than one occasion, as well as many conversations via Facebook privately in addition to the almost-daily conversations in his group of now 1,700+ learners.  "Students", we have been, expected to also become "teachers" and help with a ripple effect to make people aware and in my case provide the education here at Lumigrate.  

He'd been asked by someone in his group if it was okay to tell others in Facebook groups about his discoveries and theories about what's causing all the unwellness of body, mind, and spirit (my integrative spin on it), and he answered that he wanted people to get the word out. Thankfully a hand full of women who had gotten into the group before I, and one after my being invited and included by Steve, rolled up their sleeves and added to the research to be shared.  The gal who'd been included after I had been was 'an autism mom' who herself had the adult variety of 'this stuff that we all have now'.  

Hers took the form of M.S. and was diagnosed as such. In 1995 I'd had another onset of chronic illness which, that time, presented with symptoms consistent with M.S. but thankfully I'd 'gotten onto the trail' of integrative medicine and diet changes reversed my symptoms immediately and dramatically. For a while. My symptoms went up and down, steps forwards and then, inevitably, backwards. But I persisted and I had more I did that helped than things that were 'loading' and pulling me down.  

Let me bring in our onion graphic to show the way I guide people through going from their surface symptoms to finding the underlying conditions and eventually the core, the root.  This information I'm wanting everyone to know is, apparently, 'the root'. And in the years before this, I'd taking Lumigrate YOUsers on the forum topics through the underlying conditions and we have surface symptoms, naturally.  (Use the Search bar at Lumigrate to help you find information that pertains to you, do your own 'peeling of the onion' and get in contact with me if you wish to have my personal health information concierge services in addition to what is free and available always on Lumigrate.) 

PosterGal, a mother who I consider on the young side of middle age, had symptoms that were leading her to need a wheelchair at times, and she had lost functional vision in one eye due to optic neuritis. Married to her business partner husband who was very supportive, she had been unable to work and that had affected their income. She has been foreseeing herself, now, returning to 'work' in an income-generating way, by summer but I saw she'd had less time to devote to helping admin/teach in the group at one point due to some 'work', so the occupational therapist in me always loves seeing people getting back to being occupied in ways that are meaningful and if they wish to earn income, returning to vocation is wonderful to see.  

She, like the other women, had learned enough and opted to 'do' the protocol that Steve Beddingfield had come up with over the past seven-or-so-years. Like the others, there were impressive results, and it was a relatively simple and inexpensive protocol compared to what other autism / Lyme / chronic illness protocols typically entail.  The protocol 'fits' with our presentation from day one at Lumigrate in 2009 of 'full barrel syndrome' and year two with 'load theory' and 'the elevator model' which I had an artist create for a visual graphic in 2012.  


© Lumigrate, 2009 and 2012, respectively. Full Barrel Syndrome and Load Theory Models. 

Steve has a particular concern for children and their mothers, that is clear from being in the group or from speaking with him on the telephone. In my work, I have noticed more mothers than fathers being the advocate, the proactive leader getting the resources underway and attending strategy sessions and appointments when in my outpatient clinic doing occupational therapy in insurance-based medicine, which I left in February of 2008 to help start an integrative center and create Lumigrate for providing health information I thought was needed to tell people the truth about things causing and solving health problems.  

But I have known many men who have verbalized their motivation for making changed in their lifestyles was to be around to help foster the younger generations. So, while this is Mother's Day, I wanted to be clear that I recognize the enlightened men contributing to the process of improvement.  After a seminar at Natural Grocers yesterday, I asked a man who had attended if he'd been to seminars before; this one was on gluten and gluten-free. He was a self-proclaimed miracle story of returning to work in the last year at 30 hours and a job standing on hard surfaces.

He had been at that 'needing a wheelchair' place after his onset of symptoms in the mid 1990s, he said. And his motivation to learn what caused it and change the chemicals and foods he was getting inside of him had to do with his children and grands. (He also gave me a recipe for essential oil mixed with olive oil as a carrier that was very helpful with chronic pain, similarly as with Steve Beddingfield saying 'I was told to give this to people', so you can look for that on Lumigrate as well if you're interested.) So many people today 'in the mix' with their contributions to making this world a place that is turning over, going to have new ways that are better, but recognizing how many challenges and how much hard work is entailed. Kudos to all. 

In 2015 I have been teaching and preaching people who I 'know' through various means to take a look at this information.  Most have taken it into their 'awareness level', and some went on to take some form of action.  One mother who is sole support due to a deadbeat dad who does not pay the required child support, purchased one or more of the components for the protocol but is waiting until they're off for the summer from their job within the education system in case it causes any symptoms that would affect their working abilities.  

Another mother thankfully got ahold of me when they were in a relapse and with symptoms similar to PosterGal's before she'd done the protocol and they were both willing to connect. Immediate action based on her having told me earlier this year I was about the only medical-related person on the Internet she trusted anymore, combined with the effective personal stories of those having successes with the protocol lead to that mother's being out and walking with her children for two miles, no less, without her cane, no less! Despite optic nerve problems affecting vision when she got ahold of me, she found the time and energy to study and get online and order what she could afford.

She'd already redone her budget after meeting me online last year in what started out as a bit of a combative conversation, but my gut told me that I should persist in letting this disabled mother living on what the system provides know that there usually are areas people can shift a little money and find things that help their symptoms.  

Less than one year from that day to today, I have to say that these stories are so very rewarding.  And I'm equally as touched by a very 'ostriching' mother who in the past year made a lot of improvements in learning how the world works and now is making better decisions about food quality and taking action on things that have been on Lumigrate and known / available to her since 2009. They had trusted the medical system that insurance paid for but it eventually becomes apparent how impotent that is, how harmful in the long run, and that there are other ways that take more effort on the part of the consumer (mother in this case).  

While I never had a baby and children 'of my own', I was a stepmother in my mid 20s and I was also a very involved babysitter/nanny to neighbor children when I was 13 to 18; I understand how important mothers are.  I like to see them getting well and helping their children to have their symptoms reverse as well no matter what the age of the mother (grandmother), or child (who might now be an adult). Does your responsibility as a parent end when they're no long of minor age? I think not.  But this is up to everyone to decide, for YOU to decide.  Consider gifting the things to people who will learn the protocol and want to participate, if it's something YOU think is valid. 

Much is required with what comes from the information I'm presenting here; it affects our soils, our water, our air, not just our intestines and from there the brain and rest of the body. I've had many nice young men see me with the heavy, large water container I use to get reverse osmosis water at the local markets which sell "r/o water".  I've helped a mother get mulch onto the garden she was putting in this spring, it was hard physical labor and we were average age 50 and were both with antagonized symptoms from the inflammation that comes from messed up neck areas being worked so hard. That was temporary, the symptoms, overall we each grew stronger and better for it. 

I watched as her able-bodied son who is an adult chronologically but not developmentally, clearly, sunned himself and was glued to the electronics he appeared to be addicted to. Lifted not one finger in hours of hard work with shovels, a wheel barrow, rakes, etc. I hoped for them, wished for them, that the organic, nutritious and hopefully 'safe vegetables', due to her learning about 'this stuff I'm telling you here is of primary importance to learn" and integrating it with 'how to prepare soil for growing vegetables' would contribute to their both reversing the symptoms of body, mind, emotion / spirit dysfunction they clearly struggle with.  

She, as the older and wiser one in this case, was underway following the protocol, but he had resisted every attempt I had provided for education verbally in our in-person encounters.  As with anyone, I had provided them the keywords to search with my name, or Lumigrate, on the Internet to follow the information I provided that thankfully hundreds of people every week were finding. One month 1,000 reads occurred of the topic about Steve, his group, images, protocol (link, below for your convenience though it's not the easiest or best starting point for most people, you'll see me specify what's at the various links and YOU can chose which one's best for YOU.) 

With her symptoms reversing and having additional energy, and her brain's symptoms reversing which enabled her to learn in different ways that when more affected with symptoms, this 'autism mom', who I call "PosterGal" on Lumigrate's topics, had her time and efforts lead to a major development around Christmastime 2014, which convinced me this was something to really tune in and focus upon.  Her having said she was going to her Catholic church service for the holy time one day and then clearly being angry the next, because of the implications of 'the patent trail' and who had to have known about 'this stuff that has affected us all', got my attention.  It was meant to be, I think. Thousands of people have become aware of this via my topics at Lumigrate. 

I have to also credit the chance encounter I had when going to a merchant that sells the non-natural medication involved, because she was also a mother, of two young children, and wife of a man who had chronic pain and inflammation symptoms.  After working full time, commuting, taking care of her family at home and putting kids to bed, she was using her science education and skills to research what could be the cause of her husband's ongoing problems which all the conventional things they'd tried using their insurance-based providers and products had not helped, so he'd recently gone off of all the patented medications.  

She was 'this close' to having figured out what Steve Beddingfield's protocol and research is about, I simply 'connected the dots' in a short conversation we had at the store. She'd been brought in from over an hour away to work but that day there was a surplus of employees who were chatting and not asking me if I needed help; I recognized that this was simply meant to be that they were ignoring me and then she happened along.  I created the first topic that night so that she might find it if she had time on the Internet that night and make her time more efficient.  Again, a mother involved in 'this story'.  

I thank the 'known' autism moms, who have been so proactive and not given up on "getting to the bottom" of what is causing this drastic rise in autism in us. Please know that many children have symptoms 'on the spectrum' and their mothers don't realize the child has what could be identified as autism spectrum.  This stuff is something we all have, that's a key concept in Steve Beddingfield's work and group teaching.  I have come to see the same thing, on my own, over the last seven years. And I now bring my mother into the mix. 

Many adults do not see themselves as having disrupted neurological processing, but my mother, Fran Moeller, tested every student who went through our local public elementary school in approximately the 1970's decade, near the end of their third grade school year. How she got onto something so progressive at that point in time, I've never figured out.  But somehow she did.  And I am grateful for that. Thankfully I have a good memory and we talked a lot at home, every day, so I am able to relate this little bit of history to YOUsers. I hope it will help people process what's been going on and what's affecting us (and then what we can do about it is what I'm suggesting might come from the links I'm providing to information I set up on Lumigrate this year.)  

Only ONE STUDENT, a girl in my class, showed no evidence of disruption. Our local elementary school was southwest of Denver, Colorado, in the mountains where a wide variety of people whose parents were aerospace engineers, scientists for government or business brains, pilots, etc., owned homes as well as people who "drove truck", ranched, had the tow trucks, etc.  One of the first students to not get screened due to my mother's early retirement due to a new regime of administrators in the public schools who didn't like her identifying and working with the most affected students in her fourth grade class was the co-creator of the comedy cartoon show/movie business "South Park". If that helps you picture where I grew up and where some of my knowledge and opinions today 'comes from', I share that with you.

My mother was highly regarded in the community for her methods of teaching those disabled students; she believed in the basics, structure, routine, quiet and focus.  Discipline.  Privately I would learn that it was noted that she was overlooking things that many mothers would have been more proactive with as a mother.  It seems I was born in the time of the women who were somehow mislead about their priorities when having both a family and a career.  

However, overall, I have come to see how much I have been 'an apple not falling far from the tree.' And I think it was partly because of this mis-mothering on her part of me that I value the mothers (and fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family, etc.) who show the dedicated and disciplined researching to figure out how to help their children who have known autism, or whatever symptoms which might not be identified as such.  PosterGal being one.

PosterGal found a patent trail for many chemicals similar to the non-natural medicine in the protocol (as medicinal mushroom is the other medicine and natural) which had been studied and found to be effective for literally everything from A to Z.  

To give an example of just a few of the things that start with A:  autism, alcohol addiction, Alzheimer's, ALS.  So I encourage mothers (and fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends of the family, etc.) no matter what age a child is -- many were missed as children and are now adults -- to put in the time, do the work, become dedicated to studying what is causing the symptoms 'of this disorder we all have in us' (with a wide variety of symptoms). And consider learning enough about Steve Beddingfield's protocol, and the information from 'the et al. gals' as I call them, who helped develop the information I've been able to select from and put on Lumigrate for YOUsers.  Form your opinion.  Take action. (Or not.). 

Here are some links to get you started: 


The topic about the pickle, which I added onto a 2009 topic from a lay writer with fibromyalgia who told us about her gardening differently due to chronic pain, fatigue, and physical impairment (Amazing Alice, a wonderful mother who I will always thank for her contributions by writing on the forums when she did.)



An easier topic for some to start with, is this one that's about how Steve's group and his research has come up with different ways for 'cleaning' and 'laundry'.   While it's not as 'gross' as what's in our food, though I think that pickle picture hits a home run for us in terms of how this stuff gets inside our guts and wreaks havoc from there, it steps us through 'this is in the environment, that's part of how it gets into us on our skin or breathing and things going down our sinus drainage to the gut, etc.  Yes, I find a variety of routes to present this information to our YOUsers.  (I notice this topic I created about 10 days ago has already had 100 reads, which is a significant number.) I think it is one of the better places to start on 'this information' for most / average people learning.  www.lumigrate.com/forum/cleaning-your-environment-and-doing-laundry-light-new-information-toxins-and-earths-environmen


The topic about algae toxins, cyanobacteria, and the gamut from A to Z of disorders: Photos included of some of Steve Beddingfield's microscopic research


I'm putting WATER in the middle of this section of link resources because most people think of water first, and so I wanted to put other things first and make it like a burrito or sandwich. AND the water topics are cross linked -- this link is NOT the main water topic with the key information, but it takes you through seeing our history at Lumigrate of our experts who have given their time for nothing in return aside from the exposure of being seen here, and in theory to learn from each other as they worked to create the topics that I was asking them to collaborate about.  

But be sure to go, if you want my suggestion, to the other topic I link to on the topic you'll go to on this link, and read over or listen to (or both) what Joseph Bender has to say about water when being interviewed at OneRadioNetwork in recent years.  I really looked for a source that would help clarify why some people say distilled and some say reverse osmosis and it turns out he seems to have the best overall and uses both, recommends both and gets into the 'vitality' of water and things that can be very elaborate but he understands from his experience what is realistic for most people and states his recommendations and caveats well. 



The initial topic I created about Steve and his group, in the Internet, activist, Facebook forum, rather off the beaten track which underscores that this is a very evolving theory and group and you're basically seeing it through my eyes as one of the first hundred or so people who was privy to the group's information.  Decide for yourself if you find the research from these ill but improving laymen /people valid. 

I recommend you cruise down to the comments, way down, where I created a comment in May of 2015 and kept adding to it, of key photographs, explanations, and conversation highlights. 


You willl find TONS of Steve's images there, which help explain what you see in the pickle picture ... like this:

 GSB (white gloppy strands) with symbionts with horizontal gene transfer, Steve Beddingfiled believes, occurring. ©2015 Steve Beddingfield

NOTE: Horizontal gene transfer is shown in one of The History Channel episodes (focusing on insects) on the show Ancient Aliens.  AA appears to me to be a major 'pace car' of the disclosure program and what the people running THE show, so to speak, want people to know -- initially those wanting H2, now it's the major audience of History.... dots, connect them! 

Since Steve had the Morgellon's disease form of this stuff we all have, here's the link to the Morgellon's topic I've added onto recently so people finding their way based on that A to Z disorder starting with M will find their way to this emerging and important information (in my opinion).  It turns out he helped me to see that I had symptoms onset in 1980 of Morgellon's (cystic acne, he has found and teaches, is cyanobacteria, and I had been in a swimming hole just north of downtown Fort Collins early in the summer of 1980 if memory serves.

I am positive of the date of the 13 lesions/ cysts that appeared (which became lesions due to my trying to pop them, I had a wedding to attend with 'everyone' from growing up on the second weekend in July and the breakout occurred during the week prior.  My dear friend has looked to see if there were any photos of me but I recall being horrified about my skin which never had acne and was hiding from cameras.)  I had created a topic about Morgellon's in 2013 when I learned of it, and so added onto it to help get people directed to the information, if they wished and found it valid, that Steve Beddingfield has gotten out there on Facebook which I was/ am the first to put on the overall Internet via this website.  



The topic about Pam Killeen's diet information, and addictions, and moods.  There are two place on Lumigrate at this time where Pam Killeen's work is either cited or spotlighted by me.  I created a new Comment on the addiction / biochemical and restoration of functional wellness thread which is at this link: 


and Pam Killeen's work was included (and linked to) in a very good overview that I provide from a website with a lot of supportive links, which is on this link in the Lumigrate forum on mind/brain information, on a thread about mood disorder, blood sugar, etc.: www.lumigrate.com/forum/silent-diseases-mood-disorders-and-blood-sugar.  It's an excellent overview and worth the time to go and read for background information.  Essentially the information that Steve Beddingfield's theory brings into the mix helps to explain why people have had all these things going awry within the body which lead to symptoms that vary from physical to mental and emotional / behavioral symptoms, even spiritual -- directly and indirectly. 


Thank you for reading this blog, and being a YOUser at Lumigrate.  I hope you find this of value, and if you wish to contact me, find information about that at the home page, about me is the last of the three 'about' topics there and I update that when my contact information changes as I know how to do that, cannot figure out how to change things on the 'contact us' tab sometimes.  The website's email was filled up and I've not had the time to properly address that. 99% was spamming from computers operated by people and organizations which are essentially the vandals of the Internet.  So I find ways to work around. 

Maybe my symptoms will reverse and I'll become a whiz kid with website workings and other things hi-tech.  Don't hold your breath, but I do know that I've always marveled at how much our bodies are designed to not fail, to thrive and survive.  And I thank my mother and her mother for the tenacity that I inherited from them, or also learned from them being the two I bonded with (in the case of my grandmother until she left when I was four).  

And to all who, like me, have family members with symptoms of body, mind, emotion / behavior, and spirit, even if they're older than you, I encourage proactivity on trying to make them aware of this information and perhaps we can heal systems by having everyone in the system, or enough of them, learning and doing differently.

Finally, I want to thank all who have been supporting my 2015 new direction for outreach, education, and showing people the way -- lighting the path to health and well-being in person -- as "Mardy PopIns' / Mardy Poppins.  I pop in, stay a while, more ... less. Due to this hitting the radar screen just as I started my first moments in this new 'role' as Mardy Poppins / Mardy PopIns, I have had to 'do double time' and that means sometimes the schedule wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be. And the budget/ funds.

So I have, like everyone, continued to grow and deepen, learn and teach, and I simply look forward to the future and what I will reflect on as an even older woman, with more wisdom than today, and see what came from whatever information I presented as your personal concierge whether I was under your roof, in your office, or working via the phone, computer, or otherwise in person. 

 Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! ~ Mardy

 I chose this photo because Ronda did an admirable job as a career mother, from what I could tell. She's about my age, and she caught this photo of me sitting on her dock back when my hair was just starting to turn grey. She had others that she thought were also worth forwarding to me where she said they showed my wisdom as a teacher, essentially.  I appreciated that.  It's not so easy sometimes going from one phase to the next in life.  Maiden to maid.  Maid to crone.  Thankfully my hair's health has returned once off of the patented medications that overall helped me short-term in my reversing of symptoms of a complex case of chronic illness, and it's now the longest it has been since my young adulthood. My theory is that we somewhat return to our roots as we get to that last phase of life, if we're one that is still on Earth by that point in life, not dying earlier due to accident or chronic illness, this 'stuff we all have'.  Cheers. Onward and upward! 

 April 4, 2017 - On one of my savvier FB friend's wall, there was a great conversation with just a few people, one of which was doing a lot of research on behalf of someone -- something I have been encouraging, suggesting, and advocating about since those who are not yet getting reversed have so much cognitive disorder it's too difficult, often times. 

The conversation was about the blood brain barrier of the brain and they were looking at autism rates in Japan, highest in the world, and why that would be. 

Below are my thoughts.  Facebook would not let me post, it would say try again.  When I'd post a short comment it would be allowed to post but then disappeared within a minute.  SO, I decided to not lose the work I'd done writing this, and post it on a thread at Lumigrate and this is where I felt it fit well. (Facebook is a wonderful tool, the learning groups and education level of many seekers and teachers there is outstanding BUT people have to be realistic about who is involved with Facebook and the Internet.  We must keep the Internet a tool where the truth can be told.  Facebook is owned by those who created it for the reasons they created it so it's just part of the territory that these things happen there.  And we can be deterred, but for now, I'm not going to be stopped. 

"Since someone here's doing so much work on behalf of someone (right on!), I'm going to contribute, but it's lengthy.

If one's thinking along those lines, what about the years they were doing the nuclear blasting in the West, and which direction did things blow -- and is that reflected in autism or other disorders?

My mother recalled she was lying out in the sun in those days and she'd get a headache some times after and then it would be on the radio a cloud of radiation had gone over from the blasts further west -- they'd bought a place where the co-creator of the show South Park would grow up 10 years behind me in school. She never got headaches, and appears to me 30 years now after her death that she likely had the vascular form of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (it fits my symptoms that never fit with a 'fibromyalgia' diagnosis, though I had all those too -- and my father (now deceased 7 years) clearly had that in his mid life and it transitioned into Lewy bodies disorder.

I CLEARLY had symptoms of autism at one. My first birthday was Easter Sunday and we'd gone to my mom's cousins in town (Denver) and he was big on taking home movies, so there was a home movie, though it was perhaps via my dad's movie camera I'm not sure. And my mother had taken me to the pediatrician for a behavior she felt was odd -- every morning I'd ritualistically take out the pots and pans and everything in the kitchen cabinets and put them on the floor --- in the exact same order every day. He told her to ignore it. My birth had been on a spring day in Denver which was very warm and the OB had made a tee time to play golf. So after less than 8 hours of labor, he used forceps an hour and a half before the tee time so he could make that most highest priority appointment. 57 years ago last weekend.

My dad would drop me when I pulled the tree the first Christmas, from standing height in his arms so I had presumed that was possibly the culprit, until I attended a presentation on how to tease out shaken baby and abuse from what people present as information as to what had gone on. Often they'll say a child fell from something and a child has to fall a long ways further than from standing height to have brain damage, per that expert (and I talked to her after).

So I'd grow up and nobody was concerned -- I learned to read at 3 (when Kennedy was shot, I knew my mother was not reading me all the words on the newspaper page she so eagerly awaited the delivery of, it must have been much later coming that day), I had as high marks in kindergarten as you can get (and a note that I was a pleasure in class), and was ability grouped with all the top IQ and performers for the rest of elementary. I remember in 4th grade thinking something was wrong, because I could comprehend reading better if I walked around. The 2nd grade teacher would actually pick up on something and with 2 boys from my class, taken by the principal to the headquarters of our school district where they had very sophisticated eyeball tracking equipment. BUT nobody was on contract at the time to interpret the tests, they just had the technician on staff. So -- through the cracks I slipped for the schools to identify me.

My mother would start teaching at my school when I was in 3rd grade, and by the end of the year she knew she was going to be teaching 4th. She'd had training at her college in 1966/67 in sensory integration -- how they were onto that so early, I do not know, but Loretto Heights College in SW Denver was. I just happened to talk yesterday with a woman who graduated there in 1963 and she'd not had the training.

Anyway, my mother screened everyone in my class and every class thereafter and we ALL had evidence of SID, or SPD whatever old or new term you want to call it. Except for Shellie, a girl in my class and keep in mind it was my mothers first year doing it .... but there was something unique about Shellie's family.... they were in Grange, which is the study of homesteading, traditional stuff. Baking, sewing, growing your food .... so their food quality was way above anyone else's, even the ranchers in the area's kids weren't with the overall food quality. And I've asked her about vaccines and we basically had the same vaccines -- just the ones that were the usual for the time, and not through the school, through a clinic somewhere.

Mom screened 3rd graders for the rest of her teaching career, finding SIDisorder to less or more extent in every single one of us, sans Shellie. Who gave me permission to tell this tale and name her by the way -- she's a major rabel rouser in Texas, has been in Huff Post and last year on some A&E show or something. Teaching unplugging from the matrix / System. Naturally they were raided at some point and had mistaken tomato plants apparently from the air for cannabis.

And somewhere in the mid 1970s the district brought in a new principal (who I have heard was the inspiration for the major character on S.P.) -- woman, glasses, described as Nazi-like who was not keen on what my mother was doing. After screening the students she'd take the ones with the most impairments into her home room for 4th grade and 2-3x a week not do something in the curriculum and instead do mass sensory integration therapy with them. Things she had to buy with her own funds, such as the balance beam, rolling pin and ball that would dangle from a light fixture.... things for skin brushing I'd presume, I never saw that going on I just helped with building the balance beam out of 2x4s at home one day when she was getting this underway. She was so pressured to stop doing what she was doing and do a bunch of things she felt was not right for hyperactive kids with ADHD and learning problems (like distracting pets in the classroom and new bulletin board every week, etc.) that she was at risk for being fired she felt, and she retired early.

So then all those parents after that never had the opportunity to hear someone say 'there's something a little bit not right with your kiddo's neurological system'. The ones that were really struggling with school work, she would advise to take to the behavioral optometrist in Denver. A woman named Lynn Hellerstein would be a few years older than I and became a patient of his, having the same symptoms I had and she'd go on to become a leading expert in that specialty. I'd learn of her my first year as an OTR, 20 years ago, when I was struggling to perform for my slave masters in the contract therapy / mainstream medicine world with enough accuracy on small grid boxes for billing what we performed with patients. One thing in a wrong box that didn't match our detailed explanations could kick out the WHOLE PT, OT, ST bill from Medicare. Thankfully the area manager had a husband with L.D. and knew of Lynn, and she didn't put me on a performance plan since I was open to going to Lynn. I'd had VT in Ft Collins but it was a guy who was dabbling in it and wasn't certified and the vision therapist was his wife who was learning it and they just weren't the same level as what Lynn's setup was.

She started examining me and turned back to my chart and looked and then said 'I don't see where it says you've had a brain injury, was it a car accident?'. Brain injury? I said. Not that I'm aware of. Though I was in a bad rollover when I was 11 but it was my back and ribs, my head was fine -- I did the thinking and talking for us because my sibling who was driving was goofy (which was the norm under any kind of pressure it wasn't to do with the crash, though side of head had cracked the driver's window. 'Well, your visual system thinks you have had one'.

So for many years after that I was thinking all this brain stuff -- L.D.s from way back to in my 30s and by then I'd had CFS and MS-like symptoms, later dismissed as FMS and nothing more specific (like EDS) was from traumatic brain injury and not the type of brain injury being discussed on this thread. But of all the things I could have been diagnosed with -- which would show up in the statistics -- how few I have. I was vaccine injured in the big deal rubella vaccine in the 1980s and don't get captured in those statistics either.

My dad would collapse, literally and figuratively, 3 days before Christmas in 2008, being found 2 days before in the evening and transported to the big hospital in Denver that took the ambulances from that side of things. They'd be able to run amok without me there to nip at them until the 27th due to a massive storm that closed the highway over the Rockies -- I'm the only medical knowledgeable one in the family. The surgeon would be called as soon as I arrived, they didn't realize it was me not the primary adult child of his, and he ran in the room, sat down and said 'you need to sign for your father's surgery (for feeding tube), and I asked why. 'Because of his dementia'. I looked at my dad and said 'this is the first I've heard of you having dementia' and he just shrugged ..... and then I said 'he seems to me to have more like Parkinsons and then something with cognition, but it's not like regular dementia'.....

and so it began .....as the saying goes.

It took me a couple of years and few other similar cases with people my age with parents older and with similar conditions in the Denver area -- one case was same hospital (and ambulance even) and other was the CU system hospital -- and in that case I was texting or talking by phone and guiding them and really put her to a challenge to push them for a neurology consult and if they said no, ask why. (bribe was more the right word ... "I'll do Mardyrita's sometime for you if you just do this for me, I can't figure out why they're refusing to diagnose people'.

Another case was a friend's dad who lived up the road. His wife was a former business woman and very competent with meetings and difficult conversations and so I coached her on why I thought he was being totally missed diagnosed with what my dad ended up being diagnosed with (due to a home health RN saying the same thing I did and pushing the family member in charge to take him to the PC doctor, and thankfully then a really good neurologist was known of by the in charge person, so Lewy bodies was suspected, tested for, diagnosed and treated. And then once the meds had done their magic for a while and were not doing as much without more meds and more side effects, my persistence for the past 15 months about a hospice consult was heard by the spouse of the in charge person and pushed for and dad got to go out about as ideally as can be.

By then, I'd have gotten a young kitty that was clearly with sensory integration issues and then went into the crazy combative and seizure-like episodes sometimes described by parents of older children with autism -- fully dilated pupils was the hallmark symptom per the holistic DVM who thankfully I was to find out about by persisting in trying to find experts to help. She got to go out about as ideally as can be (euthanized), similarly to my dad -- who she'd been there and was an amazing little teacher in what function domesticated cats are, or can be. My 10# teacher I call her.

Then after that I started getting a vision in my minds eye of what would eventually be the RV that belongs to the owner of O'Rio Grande, my current teacher -- canine this time, also with autism symptoms, FMS, and some sort of movement disorder that improved rapidly when I started intervening. NOBODY (almost) is writing about cats and dogs and autism, they're not getting diagnosed, and a vast majority of people with the symptoms aren't as well.

In Japan, are they simply better at diagnosing, or less inhibited by The System from diagnosing ... because that is my conclusion after the THREE cases in Denver that I was to be part of --- they're actively resisting diagnosing the specific kinds of things and keeping it in general codes that go into the statistics. Plus of course my own case.

I'll bring in Rocky Flats here -- the nuclear facility east of the mountains and north of Denver. I created a topic about it on my website and it has the fewest reads of anything, it's like is nobody searching on radiation .... Anyway, a woman who went on to write a book and be a professor or similar grew up in the area surrounding and she noticed the same thing I did .... everyone she grew up with is messed up. But does it show in a meaningful way in the statistics? Probably not if the Denver and Colorado providers are being dummied down or confused on what to diagnose, or somehow being deterred.

Then there was the 'antenna farm' for our radio and TV stations that was located between Rocky Flats and where I grew up. I found a fabulous website mirroring something from a website that was 'gone', so I mirrored the topic to increase the odds that the information won't go away and be lost forever. Our then ABC affiliate didn't even have permission to put their antenna up! And the total radiation coming from the farm was WAY over the amount the USSR and US had agreed upon was the limit to be used when spying in embassies. And a chilling - for - me detail that I'd never heard anywhere was the elevations that got most of the blasting .... the exact elevation of my elementary school's homes and school. Though we were a ways away and other schools outside Evergreen were more directly in the path -- we'd end up in those days having to go to their high school as we didn't have one until the late 90s.

My HS graduating class doesn't even have reunions anymore, because of all the behavioral shenanigans that went on at the 20th and they don't want people getting together and talking about it, I've heard. So I instigated little reunions for those that went to elementary and jr high where I did, so I've gotten the update in person on a lot of people plus what you glean from FB in addition to those I was close to. So much wonky was going on the week of the last reunion I decided to take a back seat and observe and think when we were together, and continue processing. That was 2013.

And I decided I'm not going to do another one unless I just want to spend an expensive weekend being entertained by crazy behaviors in people. I just have LOVED the HBO series Big Little Lies (or something like that), and so can get my fix of entertainment by crazy that way --- grins.

I came to the conclusion that currently it seems the rest of the country caught up to the unwellness overall that I first saw happening 30 years ago with my family's neighbors -- I called our valley 'the valley o' death and disease'. I've talked to someone from W.V who said literally every person in a town / area had their gall bladders removed and he totally got what I was saying about the lack of specific diagnosing going on to further understand what people have ... and the statistics being hazed by this wishy washy stuff.

As for Japan, who's that researcher doctor who is on Facebook, he might be a resource if someone's really interested in trying to compare Japan to US statistics. If I see him in my feed I'll come back here and bring the name. Sorry I'm so not good with names, that was something I was never strong with and was one of the first things I noticed as 'going'. Johns Hopkins did research on sea mammals with spatial or attentional problems, they presumed, that washed on shore ..... brains had cyanobacteria in them. So then they got human cadaver tissues of those known to have dyslexia, ADD, etc. and they all had cyanobacteria. I've heard similar was done with Alzheimers and all had mold in the brain tissues. Lots of dots in the mix.... to connect."




Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Another Activist, Inspired by Mother's Day as Related at Link

I was moved by this blog topic at Bad Lyme Attitude dot com, which is at this link: http://badlymeattitude.com/2015/05/10/mothers-day-in-lymelan... This is the 'about' who wrote this: Alias name: Beaux Reliosis "I am a 19-year survivor of Lyme disease, or, more accurately, relapsing fever borreliosis. For 18 years I accepted it and lived with it, until my daughter was diagnosed with congenital Lyme. In the past year I have transformed from complacent, timid and uninformed, to activist research junkie with a mission. My mission is to get the Lyme criminals prosecuted so the millions suffering can be properly diagnosed and treated. I will not stop until that happens." And here's the link for the topic that I'm going to put below so you can see the reason I included it here AND I ENCOURAGE YOU to go on the link and find the website and look at all else there. It's really a great job she's doing, focused on what this pod of activists believe is the reason for complex, chronic symptoms. Naturally, that's similar and dovetailing with what you'll find from what Steve Beddingfield and that pod of people believe. Lumigrate, naturally, teaches that "I'm leaving it all up to YOU" to 1) become aware, then educated, 2) decide what your opinion is and if and how you're going to take action, then 3) be active ... or not.





Mothers’ Day in Lymeland


Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my mom’s death at the ripe old age of 70. That’s not old, but it’s not young, either. It certainly doesn’t come close to the average life expectancy.

My mom had a massive stroke five years ago, just a few days before Mothers’ Day. It left her unable to care for herself and unable to communicate. She spent her last four years in a series of nursing homes, dying a slow death. 

There was major travel involved to visit my parents, so we could only manage one or two trips per year. Every visit felt like ripping open a gaping wound that had only just been stitched up. I cried a lot. I could see her, in her eyes. I knew she was in there, and it was heartbreaking. I tried not to cry in front of her. 

The first time I saw her at the first nursing home, I greeted her with a smile and a gentle hug. She gripped my hair  close to my ears with both hands, and shaking violently, yelled, “AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA AAA” right in my face. Mom was pissed, and she was strong. But what was she trying to tell me? Why was I the one getting this abuse?

There was so much for her to be pissed off about. My parents never had a lot of money. They struggled and borrowed and somehow got by, raising three kids. My dad was chronically employment-challenged, and even as a little kid I knew not to ask for anything “extra.” He had a heart attack at 58 and couldn’t work full time after that. Mom was the one who went to work every day, making sure they had more than just Dad’s disability–which took the usual process of multiple appeals over several years. By the time she was able to retire, they had little more than their house, which they had the foresight to buy in a good school district 40 years prior. By the time they decided to move to the South, they were able to buy a new house and have a little cash cushion left after selling our family’s home. Finally, they could rest easy and enjoy life a little. The stroke happened nine months later.

This situation was Mom’s worst nightmare–sitting there with all the drooling, babbling, diapered old ladies. For a while she resisted the notion that she was one of them. That was the period when she had regained a few words, most notably, “asshole.” There was one nurse she couldn’t stand, and it was pretty hilarious, in a pathetic sort of way, to hear the word burst out of her when that nurse walked by, as if from a ventriloquist’s dummy. I imagine it required a bit of effort, both intellectually and physically (what with a mouth that didn’t want to open). So, yeah, Mom was pissed.

Rewind to the last time I saw her before the stroke. My parents had come to visit for my daughter’s third birthday. I showed them the movie, “Under Our Skin.” I said, “Dad, if anything serious ever happens to Mom, PLEASE get her tested for Lyme.” 

You see, she had felt sickly as long as I could remember. She always had some weird infection or another. She was diagnosed with arthritis when she was younger. She’d had episodes of severe pain and weakness in her legs. She’d had MRSA, and once, a blocked renal artery that required emergency surgery to place a stent. But she ALWAYS felt better when she was on antibiotics. The kicker? Mom had had Bell’s palsy around the time I was struggling to figure out what was wrong with me. She had been with me that beautiful, Indian summer day we decided to go for a peaceful stroll in the woods, happily and obliviously shuffling our feet through the fallen leaves.

My mom was angry at me most of the time when we would visit. I interpreted her disdain as anger for my failure to carry out the instructions I’d given my dad. He did have her tested, and they told him it was negative…but we know that means nothing. The genius doctors proclaimed that the Bell’s palsy from years ago must not have been Bell’s palsy at all, but a previous stroke! Aha! So they can’t bother to understandwhat OspA is/does, but they can retroactively diagnose a condition based only on current information, which didn’t even include a CT scan. So I knew they wouldn’t have done anything differently if the Lyme test had come up positive, and it was pointless pressing the issue. The last time I saw my mom alive, she was obviously depressed, had gained a substantial amount of weight, had trouble breathing, and was barely mobile. It was no way to live.

A year ago today, I wrote a letter that was requested by a friend from the Lyme community. The letter was addressed to the governor of her state, urging him to compel the state’s legislature to review a Lyme bill, rather than ignore it and let the session expire. It was a pretty big deal for me, considering I had only immersed myself in the online Lyme community a few months before. And I still didn’t feel totally confident that I could write authoritatively enough. But I devoted my Mothers’ Day last year to the only thing that seemed to matter, and it turned out to be the tipping point for me to become activist for this disease. My mom died the next day.

Isn’t it sad that sometimes it takes someone dying for us to understand them? 

Thank you, Mom, for telling me loud and clear that I am on the right path. I know that today,  in your otherworldly life, you’re enjoying a cup of coffee in your flower garden and planning your next goofy prank. I love you, and in this life, my life, I won’t let you down.

Here are a few studies that link Lyme to stroke…and there’s plenty more where those came from.




Having been an occupational therapist working with people like this woman, since literally patient number one at my internships at the Denver, VA, who was drugged and still 'disinhibited' (on Haldol), which was after my mother died at the age of 62 of a stroke (a major blood vessel in her brain ruptured, she was spared what this activist's mother went through, but it was traumatic to the family in it's own way --- home alone for a week due to my father traveling to see his mother in Florida, calling when my mother was not at the airport. She'd called me Wednesday night, it turns out she died on Thursday afternoon, and how sad was it that she didn't have anyone call her to realize she was dead?  


Particularly my father. They were not close, and they were also very cautious about spending money unnecessarily, and in those days (1987) it was long distance.  My father was tormented by his mother, she was not well ever, mentally, and by that point was in her 90s, with dementia, low vision/blind, and her 'behaviors', and he had life-long health problems. So did I.  

Do you see the similarities? How many families suffer? Most, and most are not aware it's not 'right'.   I hope this is making people more aware, more education, helping them formulate their action plans and take action in various ways.  Thank you to all activists, this one top of the list today.  Again, the website is DEFINITELY worth the price of admission (meaning your time and energy to go, it's free, money-wise). 

I'm not giving up either.  You?

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Fathers and Dog Lovers, Cat Men and ALL ....

 "I could look at pictures of dogs all day", my dad would say once in the last decade of his life. 

Living to almost 20, I was to learn, Scooter the Wonder Dog, above (and also below), taught me a lot about dogs.  Every dog I've known has added to that "fund of knowledge", and I was basically raised with puppies and dogs as my parents started a commercial kennel before I was born. Today I am enjoying taking the concepts presented in this thread and applying them to dog care. And so the fund grows more. And it seemed fitting to present information on Father's Day for those guys out there who might tune in because this is about DOGS.  And naturally, others, as well.  I simply want people to get this information and start operating on it if it feels right to them to do so.  

Below: A picture provided November 15, 2015 by Steve Beddingfield, which I'm editing in --- found in a sample of 'puppy puke'. 60X magnification. 


This summer, the mainstream has made us aware of 'mold'; this blog topic, started on Mother's Day, includes that information, linked to above, and builds upon it, but in a different way.  By fall, editing this in mid November, there was much more coming out that were 'dots' to connect with this information, and the topic I created about a month ago about SIBO I utilized the dog --- it's footprints in 'The Stuff' in the ruts in the desert after the water had disappeared, and then showing the ruts when they have the water and Stuff in them, which it also had gotten into when hot and thirsty one day.  

Reducing the exposures is important, but then being able to see where all those exposures come from, and putting what we have gassing up our bodies being similar to what's gassing up the air we breathe and putting those pieces together was my aim with the SIBO topic.  The link to the SIBO / Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth topic which 'ties that all together' and should help with learning about THE Stuff is http://www.lumigrate.com/forum/sibo-small-intestine-bacteria-overgrowth-big-deal-chronic-conditions-and-wellness-level

People often will take more care of their dog than self, intially.  Sometimes when you make a change or do something treatment-wise with a dog (or other animal) and take out the psychological factor, you can see that 'this is really working'.  

I remember how much a dog convinced me about acupuncture in decades past.  The dog's human guardian / "owner" cared enough about her dog to take it to a Chinese veterinarian, and the dog responded incredibly to treatment. I'd understood the concepts, believed in it but had not seen benefit from the acupuncture I had gone to.  I knew it was valid, I'd just not seen the evidence. Until I saw the dog not able to walk one week and the next go flying into the back of my truck, clearly thinking it would go on an adventure. That was twenty years ago, before Scooter came along. Her owner / guardian couldn't be convinced to try such things with her, but we did get a topical potion that was outside the box of conventional medicine which reversed her hearing problem. 

Scoots, as we called her, was an adorable dog that had been kept at home, mostly inside and in the yard, groomed regularly and never taken anywhere else. Was she happier when I came along and got her out and about? Did she live longer because of it, or not as long? Once, I thought she was having anxiety and chewing on her feet, but it turned out we'd moved to western Colorado where 'cheat grass' would get in her paws and was causing infection. That's when I figured it was best to endure the learning curve and the change of habits to put booties on the dog, and pay for boots at the recreation store, find the right size, return the ones that didn't work.  "It's always somethin'" has gotten to be a more commonly uttered expression with me.  

The veterinarian had just had a dog die of an abscess a dog had gotten around it's rectum before the owner brought it in, too late for intervention.  So what I was doing -- taking her to the desert and running her, was actually the problem.  Now we have more information about the desert and what's in it that is contributing to 'our problems'.  Here's the link. 


and a link to an article demonstrating what caused elk to die in New Mexico, having to do with bacteria as well: 


There was recently a similar story in another part of the world, with a majority of a herd of preciously regarded animals that suddenly died. This was at the same time as stories in the mainstream were focusing on the massive cyanobacteria / algae issue on the west coast of the United States (and Canada, and Mexico). Google 'dogs dying, cyanobacteria' and add in locations to make it more specific to where you live, or people you'd want to alert. This is a current event, and massively important, in my opinion. 

Here are some basic ideas, for starters: 

Keep pets indoors for a longer life --  other than a couple of 30 minute walks outdoors every day. Keep the animals out of irrigated areas, lakes, ponds, streams and the like.  Keep them out of areas where decorative ponds have been bailed out and the pond replaced with clean water, as now the toxins are on the ground. Learn what's in the algae, learn what's in the water, learn about giant sulphur bacteria, horizontal gene transfer, symbiots, and cloning. That will help people reason through how to hand their dogs, cats, kids, selves, foods, drinks, cleaning, laundry, yard work, etc. 

Give them safe, pure water.  A simple water filter or similar takes out the larger particles and minerals, and greatly improves the water BUT does NOT take out the things that we're most concerned about today WHEN EDUCATED about what's in the water. Same as for humans. And you don't want to ozonate water that has minerals in it, that'll oxidize minerals.  So ozonating water after minerals are removed by whatever means will yield a safer water for the dog to drink. Or be bathed in. Or to have used with it's food. Minerals in the foods consumed is considered to be sufficient for most except the very most frail beings, per the experts I have covered in information at Lumigrate about water. 

Most will agree: use reverse osmosis / RO water (or distilled), and ozonate that so it's safe, pure water. There are people who are fans of distilled; I did the work on Lumigrate to sort through that, here and there, over three years time.

The additional oxygen will only stay in ozonated, high oxygen water a short time, so let it sit and the dog will be getting pure water within half an hour. (Humans can rinse their mouths and gargle with the high ozone water and it kills bacteria, etc.  A dog could drink a small amount of high oxygen water and potentially clean up their mouth's 'biosphere'; people gargle with it, swish it around, and drink quantities they have experimented with starting with a very small amount and which is increasingly with more ozone.  

Learn about these things, talk to others, decide what you think is right for your animal(s) (and children, etc.).  Ideally, have a whole house RO system. Bathe your selves and your pets in it. And then revitalize the water.  (See much about water at our topics on Lumigrate). Here's the link to the topic about ozone: www.lumigrate.com/forum/ozone ... and good news for those who like toys, which boys like toys, as the saying goes. Ozonators are interesting toys for the home / office, etc. 

Purchase food from a reputable, knowledgeable source. Consider going organic all the way. Perhaps go to raw food (which often is frozen), and then from there DIY, make your own. Do your homework on how long dogs can live when given proper nutrition (into their 20s!).  My Healthy Animals dot com is the website of the homeopathic / holistic veterinary expert and educator Christina Chambreau, who I've used personally in 2013 with my baffling cat (which I came to figure had something that would equate to autism in humans, but later, after she was euthanized because I couldn't figure it out even with the resources I was turning to, back at that time).  This is the link to her website's home page: christinachambreau.com/

I called to tell Dr Chambreau what I'd been told by the 'local' holistic veterinarian who did have experience with the condition, thankfully. She was very accessible, interested, and I will presume will continue to help advance the knowledge of those who focus on animal wellness from a holistic standpoint going forward. 

The increase in special needs pets today goes hand in hand with the childrens' trends, so use your 'stone' to get the birds in your home -- treat the whole system.  And much tracks to the foods and diet; I want to provide the link to her website's coverage of information on this aspect, specifically.  This is a 2014 nutrition panel which is on a drop down on the tabs at her website: christinachambreau.com/learn-more/hunt-valley-videos, and you'll see the video of her presentation at the top with this verbage:


A panel of leaders in holistic health for animals and people spoke on feeding fresh foods for animals. Especially valuable are the slides in Kendell Reichart’s talk showing the changes seen in red blood cells for raw fed dogs versus kibble fed.

You'll see four videos, the first says "Christina Chambreau".

Here's an overview of what she presents if you watch the video:

Nutrition whether for people or for animals. What's best, fresh or processed? Fresh. 

What's the next step? Best to get the ingredients at a big store or at a local farm? Local farm.  

Does that really make a difference? (everyone agrees, they think so)

How many of you are still feeding processed canned or dry and why?

We need to learn how to do raw.

Messiness and bones all over the place with big dogs.

A specific diet from a 'prescription food' made for a specific problem that has helped symptoms, is why one person is still feeding a prepared, processed product. 

Now, Dr C points out/asks: if you had allergies, would it be better for you to be eating things made fresh from things you purchase locally or a processed, prepared diet that was commercially made. 

A lot of people don't feed raw because the veterinarian dissuades them. So Dr C gives her background as a DVM, if someone needs a vet "telling them what to do".  However, she continued, those people out there telling you what to do can often know more than she does. What did they learn in veterinary school about nutrition? One class, one credit. 

In college they went to a pet food company, back in the late 1970s (as she became a veterinarian in 1980). And it was sponsored/ taught basically by a pet food company. They were dogs living in cages, they were being bred to do well on that food. She never thought about that though, at the time -- it just seemed good that the food was doing well for dogs. 

Reasons not to use raw were asked. Answers included Convenience. Portion size. How to know all the organic and what's fed to animals for meat.  So going grain-free kibble was what one in the audience was doing. Do you know where that food is coming from? If you're concerned about what ingredients to get, be more concerned when it comes from a bag or can.  The honesty of the company for what is in the bag compared to reality.  And then the AFCO rules... beef dinner can mean 5% beef. Beef flavor can have no beef. 

One woman who tried feeding raw gave her dog chicken and the dog looked at her. Plus aren't there supposed to be other vitamins with it.  Another person said price, because with four beagles it would be a large quantity.  Also nutrients and what they need. 

We've only been feeding processed food about a century. Until right after WW2, most were not fed processed even though it was available.  When we had TV dinners for us, there as stuff left over to make something with so they came up with more popular foods.  Dr Morris was a vet who saw dogs and cats eating table scraps who by that time were not healthy. So the dogs got the tripe, the lungs, or scavenged rotten or fresh meat -- dogs can mostly eat very rotten meat and do fine. So his clinic he cooked vegetables and meat and that was the beginning of Hills pet food company. It was bought out by Colgate Palmolive and they had a different commitment to the animals. 

When she became a vet, cats were dying because people trusted the regulators in the government to be having the processed foods be correct, but there wasn't enough taurine in it, which was causing the cats to be ill.  Also, some companies just took dog food and labeled it for cats. 

Then they changed things to address the urine problems in cats and screwed that up. 

She started out with doing homeopathy but she couldn't cure a lot of animals until they got onto better food. They had to have enough nutrition in their body to really heal.  

She's been teaching since 1987, so she's talked to tens of thousands of people. She hears over and over, the goop in the corner of the eyes has disappeared, the dog quit eating plastic, the dog quit licking the photographs, the cat stopped drinking water, I don't need to give them baths all the time. 

If you buy chicken at the store, you know it's organic or not. You know it's a chicken leg at least. If you have it in a can, you don't really know what you're purchasing and if it's fresh and local you know even better.  

How do you know how much food to eat? How do you know what volume of food you should eat -- answer, my stomach is full. How do you know how much to feed your children? Answer, there is no one right answer. Feed to where they look lean and strong.

How many of you feed the amount it says on the dry food? They're trying to sell more food --- 'nobody feeds what it says on the bag'. The answer is YOU figure it out for your dog. 

Our dogs and cats are all different.

How are dogs and cats designed. They have gripping and tearing teeth. They have one big set of bone crunching teeth. Their jaws only go up and down, they do not go side to side. They are not designed for chewing. The incisors in the front are to gnaw meat off of the bone. So if you're not giving them bones with a little meat, those teeth are never exercised. 

So for a healthy jaw and healthy teeth, you need to feed pieces of meat that are big enough to sink their teeth into, whether that's heart or liver. Sometimes dogs will do enough gnawing on carrots or a big vegetable will do it.  

Notice what else is happening to my body when she demonstrates this eating movement? Her whole body is getting chiropractic-like adjustment when I eat. 

The stomach in dog and cat, like ours is, is acid, but the food sits there a long time.  Acid doesn't do much for grains and vegetables, it's for meat. 

The intestines are really short --- that's why you have to puree the vegetables for them to consume. 

In the wild what do they eat? Something with fur and skin, bones, muscle meat, organs, and ground up, predigested vegetables in the stomachs and intestines.  That's what they're designed for anatomically to eat. So that's where she comes in to make her raw food recommendations. 

How many of you have heard different opinions on how people should eat?

Does that mean that being Westin A Price and mostly meat and fermented vegetables is right for everyone, or being vegan is not the way to raise a child? No. Once you're into this fresh foods for animals camp, you're going to get the same thing, all kinds of opinions. 

Richard _____ talks about grains, and he's committed to sustainability on the planet and he's wanting us to not see us raising animals to feed our pets. But she's as committed to that but looks at it differently. If every one of you found four or five people who hunt deer, or go to a butcher shop. If you could feed your animals that, or for just the cost of butchering --- about a dollar a pound -- you'd not be eating meat intended for people.

If you go to local farms, you can get chicken feet, chicken backs, turkey necks, hearts,liver, ears, gizards -- things that most Americans don't eat.  I believe in this, however, rather than feeding a lot of grains. However,  she says again that she respects Richard __________. It's perhaps possible to feed grain and have them do well.

So there are all these opinions. You have to do what Arbor was talking about; you watch your animal and see how your dog or cat does.  Keep a journal.  She's been doing this for years.  People about 13 years ago told her to write a book. She realized what was missing in what was available already was the people DECIDING what was best for their animal.  So her book is called The Journal.  There are some introduction pages on how healthy they can be, and overview. You need to read and know the early warning signs of illness, that's important, then it talks about how to make the journal FUN and work....  

Write in pretty, FUN colors, what the animal is doing. We want to track the ill symptoms but we want to track what they're doing well. 

And then holistic alternatives, such as nutrition like is the focus of this seminar being recorded, and not vaccinating. (Please see the vaccine plan / vaccine rights topic at Lumigrate, have a plan for your pets and people.)

As part of the beginning introduction, she talks about animals that are really healthy and what we see. That's where conventional veterinarians are lacking. They tolerate a lot of illness because they don't know what to do with it.  

How many of you have dogs who have crud in the corners of their eyes? What about skin odor and they need bathing on a regular basis?  Chronically waxy ears you're having to tend to? These are early signs, it's not there's an ear or eye infection, but the underlying vibrational pattern that is running the animal is out of whack.

Each animal (and each person) is born with a certain energetic pattern, based upon the mother's health and etc. Each one is sensitive to certain things. Some animals can eat dry food their whole life and live a long life, or get vaccinated their whole life and be fine. Others are so sensitive on their first vaccine they die, or there are only certain foods they can eat.  That's why on the Internet and elsewhere you're going to get so many opinions.  

By and large, her experience of feeding fresh food since 1990 is 80% of the animals that go onto a raw food diet are significantly better. And if they had those early warning signs, they'll go away.  Cats on a raw food diet rarely if ever will drink water. That's healthy, as long as they're not on dry food. 

Then there's a master symptom list. It shows you how to look for early warning signs.

Then you write in the journal how they are doing. 

So if you're changing the diet, you write that down in the journal.

If you have a dog doing well on an elimination diet. So if it seems to be allergic to chicken, you'd start with feeding raw beef. However, about 80% of the time, once they're on a raw food diet, what was cooked and processed causing allergies/problems can be fed raw without it causing problems. Not always, but usually.

Dogs on a raw food diet eat less volume AND that means less stool to clean up.  And the stool is just white powder and it completely dissolves.  Think about that for a moment. When we're feeding processed food they have huge, stinky stools. When you're feeding fresh, appropriate foods for that individual animal, they're that small and they just melt.  So what's in the processed food is filler and they can't digest it. You may discover that the stools get worse at one point when you start feeding differently.  

She  goes to a local farm, they carry these tubes for $1.50 a pound, which is beef heart and beef scraps.  Right now she has one cat, her limit is two cats from my husband because I travel so much. Then she has a bag of chicken backs.  They're sort of free range chickens. ... he gets them at 4 weeks and then they have a few weeks they're running around loose. I'm not saying this is THE BEST, but it's what works for her and for her cat. She sits down in front of the TV ... her cat wants the pieces to be about 1-2 inches.  

She has a friend in Florida who rescues cats and she feeds once a day, and she's a vegan. She got a container out from the fridge that had thawed of chicken legs and thighs and has a friend put them in containers for the freezer with 10 as she has 10 cats.  She has a friend that puts them in the containers as she can't stand handling it.  

She gave each cat a thigh or a leg, with the skin, the bone.  Each animal has differences in what they can do .... pancrease might not be healthy in a dog whose owner in the audience said her dog can't do skin or fat ... Standard Process pancreas supplement is what she mentions maybe trying.  Dr C relates about a case with a cat that got symptoms from chicken, throwing up.

For her cat she chops things up into small pieces, then adds coarsely ground meat, then pureed liver and pureed vegetables. Cats need about 10-20% vegetables.  She purees the liver because the cat likes it better. She uses beef liver, not chicken, because it's cheaper.  ($1 versus $4 per pound). 

How easy it is, it takes three hours one afternoon about every six or eight weeks, putting it into the freezer and she's not made the improvement yet to do away with plastic and go to metal or glass, she's using plastic.  Best to thaw it in your fridge. This is how easy it is to serve breakfast, because some people think this is going to be harder. There are hunks in there that the cat actually gets to use his teeth and he's sinking his teeth into it.

If you have a dog at home, you can prepare ahead or make them part of your family's meals every night. 

Depending upon how many and how big your animals are. So at farmer's markets, just before they close, a lot of the farmers are willing to ditch the vegetables to you for feeding your animals. So then you may process the vegies that night.  It depends on how many and how big your dogs are, you might buy equipment that makes this easier.

But say you are with one dog ... you always keep your food processor sitting out. You can cut off the hard part of the broccholi that looks not good for your dinner. Eat your vegetables, put the leftovers in the food processor.  Some people say only raw and only cooked vegetables, and she says use both as some things are more bioavailable cooked and some raw. 

What about if you have olive oil or garlic in your foods that you'd give to the animals. 

There's very little you should not feed your animals.  She doesn't recommend putting extra onion in when preparing for your dog.  Say you made a tomato sauce that had onions in it .... 

You don't want to feed expensive chocolate to them, cheap chocolate is fine, avocado is fine.  Garlic is fine. There's a food called AvoDerm, it has avocado ..... you can't feed the skin or the pit, but avocado is fine. So you could put some rice in if you had some of that with your dinner.  One woman in Columbia who had a very large dog realized that  her dog needed 1 T of rice per day was needed in with the three cups of food the dog was consuming. (She had a healthy pet food store.) So if you notice the way the dog looks based on these experiments just like with yourself. 

She is of the belief of no grains, in the wild do your dogs eat animals that are eating rice? Maybe wild rice. Corn? Maybe, for a few months the mice might when the corn is ripe. They'll be eating seeds and other things. If you had some left over, it's fine to put it in IF it's not a problem. Dr Pitkaren says yes to grains. 

Another example about foods

Grapes were brought up. They were killing dogs, they thought, because grapes and strawberries are among the most pesticided foods. Then a dog died that the owners had not allegedly sprayed their grapes, but it wasn't that carefully investigated. Could a neighbor have sprayed, perhaps, for instance. So if you've been feeding grapes and raisins, stick to organic. If you've never fed them, don't do it, just 'cause she's kind of on the fence about it --- in the wild would they really eat grapes?

Most importantly, YOU need to find out what works for YOU and your dog.  If you looked at the early warning signs and didn't notice any difference when you were doing vegetables. You can get the early warning signs on her website, you don't need the journal for that.

As far as nuts go. They don't digest nuts if they're whole. They might appear to chew but they're not really able to chew a note up. The stomach acid likely doesn't digest it.  

Animals that are supposed to 'chew their food' have flat teeth. Mammals that are supposed to chew their food will have flat surfaces on their teeth, like cows, horses, people. 

If it's a treat for your dog and your dog LOVES it, then it falls in the category of 'am I going to spend money that gives my dog fun because they enjoy it that's not giving nutrition'.  It's perfectly fine -- anything can be shared as a 'treat'. But some people might not be able to afford anything but what they need for nutrition.  Dogs aren't eating a lot of grains, so you buy all these human snack treats that are all raw and nuts, 

She married into Baltimore and they eat lox and bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. But give some of that to dog as a treat UNTIL you go to the journal. The question always is what did my dog eat just before the symptoms? Is it the bagel, the cream cheese, or the lox. 

She relates that one of her main purposes in life is to be the mediator. YOU need to figure out what works for your animals. 

Question from someone with a pet with missing teeth.  You have to be appropriate to that.  Remember, they are not 'chewing'. You may need to experiment. You certainly do small chunks, better than ground but ground's an option. Do you do raw fish, like a whole fish. Yes and she said better yet, you take the fillets off for yourself and give the head, tail and backbone to the animal.  

"Don't feed cooked bones, they splinter?" How many heard this? How many have heard veterinarians say this?  She was lecturing to 200 technicians once, and asked. Only a few knew that the problems they saw was from raw. Bones CAN get stuck.  A stick can get stuck somewhere. Raw bones don't really cause problems often. What causes the problem ... the chicken leg, for instance, has all this stuff that hooks the muscles onto it.  The dried out bone with nothing hooked onto it that a dog gets is the problem.  

Dogs in the wild are not likely to eat a dried out bone unless they're starving.  It's a slightly higher risk, they don't necessarily make a problem.  After you've cooked bones for a soup, look at how flexible they are. What about choking? That can happen, in 30 years she's never had one choke and die.  She doesn't recommend you put out food and leave no matter WHAT kind of food, processed or fresh / raw. Stay around so you know nothing got stuck. 

Someone in the audience said they'd get on the floor with her dog with a leg on a bone. "It was a bonding experience".  The dog would take the meat off the bone and eat it, quickly.  Another 'frenchie' she has will eat fast, regurgitate it sometimes. 

Another in the audience talked about another person who fed raw, the dog ate fast, threw up and the owner removed the dog from the room and cleaned it up rather than just letting it eat it. 

Dr C said she has a few clients who have their dogs scavenging in the woods and their food bills are $0 now -- just keep them off the roads. 

It has to be a bite wound to get rabies .. they say it doesn't but it really does. So an animal can eat an animal that has rabies without getting rabies. 


There are health benefits.

You'll save money. 

You won't have as many stools. 

Your dogs will live longer. 

The dogs like the food. 

You know what is in the food, so you can do an allergenic diet. You don't know what is in processed foods.

How many who are feeding raw feel it's more, less, same?  It costs her 1/4 what it would cost me to feel a high quality canned to my cat, she said because she's making it not purchasing a raw food diet. 

As you'll see with Kendall and _____ in their presentations, 

I don't know about vitamin D toxicity, but feeding a raw food diet should help the body cleanse, then if you support that with holistic modalities that should clean that up. 

Lyme -- if you have a healthy animal it won't show symptoms of Lyme. If you have a positive antibody for Lyme but it's asymptomatic, don't even worry about it. Feed a raw food diet. 

For those who haven't already been feeding raw, just from hearing her so far, how many have been converted.

Then at the end we'll have Kathleen ask. If anyone's left then ... we'll go in the lobby and talk (because they might need this room). 

A woman in the audience says: I buy almost 500# at a time, and have three freezers, one woman said. 

One very important piece, this is new 'freaking news'. A month and a half ago on their monthly homeopathy veterinary webinar, even with the free range chickens -- really truly chickens running around and eating grass not just with a door they could go out -- if they are being fed GMO grains, you develop problems in your dogs and cats.  

So now we need to up the ante. But local, free range AND..... she digresses --- there's a farm called The Contented Rooster Farm in Hartford's farmer's market, and the man says that we've gotten to expect these chickens that have big breasts ..... we've bred them in a way they can't get their nutrition naturally, they have to be fed grains .... 90% of their nutrition comes from grains, even if they're outside 24/7. So now we need to find did the beef get finished on grain or not?

What about our venison .... the farm across from her kills deer year round because they're eating on the farm, so the deer are eating GMO soybeans and corn all the time, she wants deer from the woods.  Your neighbors are spraying the grass, do you want the deer that's hanging out on your lawn?  So today, this year for her, it's about upping the ante about what we're eating and our animals are eating. 

Other seminars at this tab are :

Kendell Reichart 

Kevin Matthews 

Kathleen Lester (and summary)

7 Keys to Health Animals, from Christina Chambreau's website: 


which includes the afore-mentioned early warning signs which people are encouraged .. YOU are encouraged to document in a journal using COLORFUL things about the happy, good things with the pet so it's not a journal focused on 'problems'..... from the link: 



  1. Is your companion really healthy?
  2. Can you tell if the treatment you selected is deeply curing?
  3. Can your companion be healthier than you realize?

Most health problems are the result of an underlying energy imbalance, made worse from poor diet and vaccination.  They are rarely acute diseases (except injuries). Therefore, you may find that the problem does not clear up as you expect or it recurs.

If so, you are dealing with an underlying predisposition to illness, and these clues to underlying ill health will help you select a remedy and monitor the results.  As we cure animals of “disease”, we find that certain other “NORMAL” things go away, too.  Do not be satisfied until most of the following symptoms are gone.  In young, apparently healthy animals, these apparently “normal” problems may be the only indications to start treatment.

This is only the beginning of a list – as more animals are cured we will find new levels of health. Tracking these is easy when you use the Healthy Animal’s Journal by Dr. Christina Chambreau (www.HealthyAnimalsJournal.com)


Doggy smell; attracts fleas a lot; dry, oily, lack-luster coat; excessive shedding; not grooming,  ear problems – waxy, oily, itchy, recurrent mites; eye discharge, tearing, or matter in corner of eyes; raised third eyelid; spots appearing on iris; “freckles” appearing on face; whiskers falling out; fragile, thickened, distorted claws that are painful or sensitive to trim.


Fears(of loud noises, thunder, wind, people, animals, life); too timid; too rough or aggressive (even at play); too hard to train; barks too much and too long; suspicious nature; biting when petted too long; hysteria when restrained; clumsy; indolent; licking or sucking things or people too much; not using litter box or not covering stool.


Bad breath; tarter accumulation; loss of teeth; poor appetite; craving weird things (rubber bands, plastic, dirt, cat litter, paper, dogs eating dog or cat stools, rocks, sticks…);  sensitivity to milk;  thirst – a super healthy cat on non dry food will drink at most once a week; red gum line; vomiting often, even hairballs more than a few times a year; mucous on stools; tendency to diarrhea with least change of diet; obesity; anal gland problems; recurrent parasites.


Stiffness when getting up, early hip dysplasia; tires easily in hot or cold weather; can no longer jump up on counters, or go up or down steps.


Low grade fevers – Normal for healthy cats and dogs is 100-101.5.


Should live a long life (Shepherds 17 years, Danes 12, cats 24). should be able to  conceive easily, deliver normally, and not pass on “genetic breed” problems.




Remember, Dr C and other 'experts' might not yet have learned about the cyanobacteria / giant sulphur bacteria information that I'm weaving into Lumigrate in 2015. I really like that her presentation credits that others know more than she does about many things, and that she's continuing to 'up the ante' and progress with being more careful about things as she has to incorporate doing all this into her life, same as everyone.  At some point, everyone's going to be learning about this information is my projection, and then we can look for how these experts change their education.  Until then, do as she is saying here, which is so a duet with my foundational concept of YOU have to take charge of these things and figure things out.  I'm just trying to make it easier for YOUsers by providing examples and information. 

It is a lot, maybe too much, to think about all the water and food changes.  What about the medication aspect? Safeguard's website is set up to take people to the various products they are marketing specifically for the various animals. Here's their link: www.safe-guard.com/ and this is the link for the button/tab about canines: www.safe-guard-for-dogs.com/

You'll see: 



Safe-Guard® is safe for:

  • Dogs of all breeds
  • Puppies (at least 6 weeks of age)
  • Pregnant females
  • Older dogs


Safe-Guard® is the ONLY over-the-counter canine dewormer that treats ALL 4 major intestinal parasites in dogs. See How We Stack Up

AND an image of a dosing chart, which has slightly different information on it about what kind of dogs... as they include 'working dogs' on there too. I'll let you go to that resource they provide as they might be updating that and changing and I wouldn't want to have the outdated information carved in 'stone' on Lumigrate. 



I know from being in the circles I am on Facebook that many have ordered their fenbendazole from Jeffers, and by the way, they have never talked about using this short-term treatment for 'worms' for the longer, chronic 'stuff inside our guts'.  It was my asking "Poster Gal" in late July what she'd been doing lately with it with her dogs, since I knew she originally had treated her dogs, larger dogs, one 'lame' that was now getting out to the neighbors' again and 'wandering', a new problem created by solving the physiological problems in the dog underlying the lameness. Due to cost, she switched from the Safeguard suspension with the canines to the pellets and continues to routinely use it since they will continue to get the 'stuff in them' that is causing 'our problems'. 

Let's start with the 'multi-species' product at Jeffers, which is Safeguard brand pellets. Quantities: 1 and 5 pounds. Description: 


Safe-Guard® Multi-Species Dewormer

Broad-spectrum, pelleted dewormer for use in beef and dairy cattle, equine, swine, growing turkeys, zoo and wildlife animals. 
Contains 2.27 grams fenbendazole per lb.


  • Cattle - (Beef and Dairy) - For the removal and control of lung-worms, barber-pole worms, brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, hookworms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms. Feeding directions for 1,100 lbs body weight: 1 lb in a one day treatment. Re treatment may be needed after 4-6 weeks. 13 day slaughter withdrawal; no milk withdrawal.
  • Equine - For the removal and control of large strongyles, small strongyles, pin-worms and ascarids. Feeding directions for 1,100 lbs body weight: For strongyles and pin-worms - 1 lb in a one day treatment; For ascarids - 2 lbs Safe Guard in a one day treatment. Re-treatment may be needed after 6-8 weeks.
  • Swine - (growing pigs, gilts, pregnant sows and boars) - For the removal and control of lung-worms, gastrointestinal worms, large roundworms, nodular worm, small stomach worms, whip-worms and kidney worm. Feeding directions for 200 lbs body weight: 1.92 oz daily for 3 days. No slaughter withdrawal.
  • Turkeys, Zoo and Wildlife Animals See label directions or visitMarsyt.com and click on animal species icon for dose calculator.



Here's the suspension for horses and goats they have a link for when Searching on the Internet (please do your own Searches too). www.jefferspet.com/products/safe-guard-suspension

Safeguard paste: www.jefferspet.com/products/safe-guard-paste

They have the Panacur (different brand) paste for horses as well: www.jefferspet.com/products/panacur-paste

Remember to look at what the other ingredients are.  

Keep in mind, this is what the 'on label' not 'off label' uses are that they put on their products and website marketing. By now, most medical consumers (people) are aware of how that works of using chemicals for things that they're not officially on the market for.  

When it comes to the more progressive concepts that I think are cutting edge right now, dogs don't drink coffee, but learn and apply the concepts from the Bulletproof 'guy', who just produced the movie Moldy. Apply that to the dog (or cat, etc). I think it was 'meant to be' that Dave Asprey was on with Patrick Timpone this past Thursday at OneRadioNetwork (I transcribed it, so it's now readable at Lumigrate, too).  Here's the link to the comment topic about that: www.lumigrate.com/forum/mold-four-letter-word-and-cofactor-consider-chronic-illness-and-wellness-prevention-too#comment-2901.  

Basically, if you see someone having behavioral changes, weight gain, and other symptoms, suspect mold.  In people, he was referring to but wouldn't this extend to our pets and other animals as well? Have we heard about the animals in the wild behaving differently or observed it personally? I sure have, increasingly and recently in particular.  Could it be they're getting 'whammed' by the fungus amongus, the bacterial Trojan horse, etc. ?  

Dave Asprey, a father, said on his marketing video about Moldy that he really didn't like being away from his family when he had to travel to interview people for the movie. Think about how fortunate his children are that he took the 20 years to figure out what caused his health problems, and now the two to make Moldy, after having the foresight to create a low micotoxin coffee product with the concept of putting FAT in your coffee and then body.  Becoming a sensation, having enough money to now go into movie production such as Moldy.  

Something about the conversations I've heard make me think there's more to the story than we've been told --- and the timing of Moldy coming out just after Dr Oz did a topic and Suzane Somers' book came out about mold being the ultimate cause of her problems she popularized and sold books about in the past.  Clearly 'someone' wants us to learn about mold NOW.  But remember, to add on 'et al.' after mold.  Mold et al. is what we teach at Lumigrate, now as you see at the above topic and the subsequent links.

BRUSH / Groom the coat of the dog often, looking for any insect problems, and to be reducing the surfaces that the bacteria intermingling with other microbes can be on.  Only use quality essential oils and some diatomaceous earth for flea and tick control, I've heard from a wise woman whose brain I picked a little about pets in the home, with the family, in terms of keeping the home/family system as safe and healthy as possible in today's difficult times with all the exposures. Look into Borax for use in the home for flea control, not on the dog. (And for use in laundry, etc.)

CLEAN the area where the dog spends time.  Use blankets and towels, etc. that can be washed.  Use appropriate cleaning methods. Use carpet remnants that can be taken outside and put in the sun for the UV light. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Consult our laundry cleaning information at Lumigrate, it's prepared specific with the expertise of Steve et al. about bacteria, fungi, et al.  Here's the link: www.lumigrate.com/forum/cleaning-your-environment-and-doing-laundry-light-new-information-toxins-and-earths-environmen

TRAIN the dog to be disciplined on the leash so that you are more apt to keep them on the leash and out of UNSAFE WATER.  Learn what is making standing water unsafe versus safe. Decide what your plan will be for your dog if they are exposed; learn the symptoms a dog will usually have if they're in need of medical attention.  

Is it a 'dog's good life' to never get to go jump in a lake, or is it a compromise to let them go into safer waters? What about bathing them afterward to get (some of) the toxins off their coat.  What about treating the coat with fenbendazole? There are some who will say to put liquid on a damp cloth and wipe the pets off, others will say to obtain fenbendazole powder.  

Have you talked with your veterinarian about what you've learned at Lumigrate, and how does that integrate with what YOU think, and what YOU are going to do as the responsible pet guardian. What then, do you think after talking with your 'team', and contemplating. 

Consider getting booties for your dog so they don't get as much exposure through their feet. And then you can take those off at the door as a person would their shoes and you get less toxin in your home.  By putting one bootie on a back paw initially, then the other, and letting them get used tot that, then adding the two front, it is a way to ease them into accepting the newfangled things. 

Wash their booties and feet (and the rest of the dog) in ways that will reduce the toxins getting into the dog AND into the home and other family members.  Clean the bedding frequently. Many who follow Steve Beddingfield's work and protocol are treating the entire family, fur babies and humans. And recognize this is emerging information and thinking and you'll maybe not find exact information out there of what to do, you'll have to reason through things.  

There are increasing numbers of people using fenbendazole, or following the specific protocol Steve is adamant about being 'the right way'. Find what fits for YOU. But please do give it the thought of how important this is and if you're going to be committed to doing the steps to help you and your family be safer and healthier. A very experienced group member had recently told someone their dog only needed a few days of fenbendazole before their symptoms were gone; they put the appropriate amount on a piece of bread -- something the dog enjoyed eating. In a dog case I've been working in on this summer, even without the fenbendazole being added, as the owner had to ease into all this information, it was remarkable how many things changed within just the first month of our working together. I think it's really encouraging for the people, who simply take longer typically, to see this in the dogs. 

Consider whether you're going to do more exercising where you'll get less exposure to the toxins; read about cyanobacteria (and giant sulphur bacteria, though that's emerging information) in your area and think about where it's at.  

Example: If the irrigation water flows and gets pumped into a pond where it stagnates and algae (and etc.) grow, then that gets shot through sprinklers onto the grass VERSUS walking where there was no stagnant irrigation water being sprayed.  Walking on the street or sidewalks versus walking out in the desert or the woods and the wilds. Compromise. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT a person studies enough to really understand the information. This takes work, you'll have to give up something you'd rather do with your time and energy and money. Priorities. Mature priorities. 

"Notice" what you see growing on the north and west and east sides of rocks, trees, buildings, etc., or other objects. Look closely. Think in light of the information that is presented by the sources I've suggested YOU study potentially. Are we to the day when a healthier dog and human will come from exercising indoors? I've seen obese dogs walking on treadmills in water, via veterinary clinics. Have their endocrine systems been blown out by these little toxins and it's not about calories in and calories out? Etc. 

Consider treating the dog inside and out (orally and topically) with fenbendazole; consider powered fenbendazole. Consider also giving them reishi, and fenbendazole per 'the protocol' Steve Beddingfield came up with (after doing research about what's in it and the patent trail that I've presented on the topics about Steve's research, protocol, etc. Naturally, get the opinions of professionals as needed.  

I believe there's much truth in what he's coming up with, though it is obviously a work in progress and I present it as such very intentionally so YOU realize you can be on the cutting edge and what that means.

Consider treating the SOILS the way we've presented if you look at the soil topic at Lumigrate.  Really, won't the dog prefer to roll in the dirt? Make it safer dirt. That's just what makes sense to me. Dave Asprey has much to say about soils, at this thread at Lumigrate, and be sure to take a peek at the pickle photo to see the giant sulphur bacteria / cyanobacteria 'mess' someone found inside a commercially purchased pickle.  www.lumigrate.com/forum/gardening-starting-seeds-coffee-filters#comment-2887

This means smaller areas we'll need to have so we can be more diligent with our efforts.  This is a major rethinking of 'everything', which can START with thinking about 'man's best friend'.  

I got the ball rolling, what else can YOU think of?


 Scooter the Wonder Dog, whose 'father' was my beau from about the time of 9/11 (2001) to spring of 2004. Thankfully, we kept in touch enough that I got to hear the ending of her life story, and to see him off to his next chapter of his life, ever the rolling stone. 

Scooter became a certified therapy dog at the age of 14, as I was working with a rehab manager who did that certification and used dogs in the facility I was hired initially to work at.  There's more about her on the vaccine plan thread at Lumigrate, because she'd just gotten her hearing back at this time due to a veterinarian who went out of his way to research after we presented with her having gone totally deaf immediately after getting her vaccinations in the city he was moving from (to follow me with my work).  

I'd gotten a flu vaccine earlier that month and had gotten 'the clear visible reaction' I needed to 'get it' that vaccines were contributing to my ongoing health problems.  Hence I suggest everyone study about vaccines, make a plan, act upon that plan based on what YOU believe is right for YOU (or those you are an advocate / guardian for).  

There have been four hundred reads of the blog from Mother's Day, my last blog entry at Lumigrate, and my first for a very long time. That's about 100 per week, a  decent number, which I'm pleased to see. I hope it is helping in significant ways, those who either find it by Searching online OR by having someone suggest they go here and 'put it and go from there'.  Just in the last week, whenever I use the Search bar at Lumigrate, I get 404 error messages.
I wish technology came easier to me, it seems not many people with environmental illness seem to have that 'skill set'.  Maybe there's no connection, but I do see a lot of people using technology despite it being difficult, because they are SO DRIVEN to use the tools they see as necessary to get their 'work done' on Earth. 
Today is Father's Day, and I had already decided that for Father's Day related to this information, I was going to approach things from a 'if I were a man, how would I do it' way.  And the answer is to approach it like you would do when teaching a dog. I'm thankful for a wise teacher/ therapist I encountered in 2008 for helping me see that.
And by year's end, I was literally hearing the theory of a man who said 'there are two kinds of men, Mardy; those who are like a dog, and those who are like a cat'.  More good advise, and I'd never thought of things that way.  That was a guy who was a financial world big shot that I met through my personal life at a time I was having to ask myself with literally every person my age who I met, whether personally or professionally "why are we all messed up, now?"
This guy, who I'd met through someone I knew -- they were best friends from college 30 years before --  had allegedly fallen apart just after Katrina hit their area of Louisiana. Everyone attributed it to the 'stress' on his mind and emotions, the domino effect from the financial stress in his industry brought on by the devastation.  Put on a different set of 'lenses' and look with your microscope or detective's magnifying glass and was it more from being around the molds and different and increasing enviornmental toxins as well? Primarily? Is there A ROOT CAUSE?  
Is everyone attributing the difficulties between men and women, between men and men, with men in general (and women in general, kids in general) incorrectly? Have those who let us know in vague ways what might REALLY be going on been trying to lead SOME OF US to the CORRECT answer? To a new answer?  I think that's appearing to be the case.  Is it more physiological and less psychological? I think so. The patent trail for what chemicals similar to fenbendazole shows certainly will lead a person to believe that to be the case.  Again, look into it. Decide for yourself. Unplug from other things taking up your brain space and time, and think about things. 
This, I was now seeing at New Years 2008/9, was not just Coloradoans who were coping well enough and then lost their footing, sliding into addictions to substances, and dysfunctional other addictions or behaviors.  I'd seen it start in people from my little area outside of Denver, long ago.  The father next door became a multiple chemical sensitivity statistic about the same time my health collapsed when living two hours north and east, in Fort Collins, Colorado. And this encounter coincided with when my father was spending his first days in a hospital and being transferred to subacute rehabilitation, I blasted back and forth in a week to be at each and also meet my obligations on the western side of the mountains.
This was at the same time as the website was being put together, the videos were being edited to put on it, and the new part-time business manager was sorting out all the paperwork that had occurred in 2008 when I was able to get things going but not keep up with how to do all that 'paperwork'.  My brain simply cannot 'do it' anymore. I was always slow with it, but could do things with low error rate with enough time and effort. That's disintegrated slowly for a long time. Yet as those doors closed, others for me opened, creative ones, visionary ones. So it's not all 'bad'.  
I only this year, 2015, via Steve Beddingfield's words put it together that the cystic acne that onset with me x13 lesions in 1980, July was from the swimming hole I'd gone to via my fiance at the time.  Thankfully I encountered Steve in 2014, August, and followed my intuition about putting in a friend request. The rest, we might say, is history.  Lumigrate was the first to put his work on the Internet beyond what's on Facebook. 
To double check my memory about the swimming hole back in 1980, I contacted my ex to be sure I remembered who took us there, when, etc., and was met with such noxious, toxic response from him I had to say 'what has happened to you? He appeared to have lost his memory a bit too, as he accused me of going with people he thinks broke up our marriage, who weren't to come alone until after we were unhappily married for years.  
"Look into the information I'm telling you about here, maybe, you have the symptoms it appears to me", buddy.  He'd not responded for a while and so it was a surprise to see first thing one morning, and then to read it and it was just so"ugly", similar to the first time we'd communicated, on Father's Day 2009 when I thought my dad was perhaps going to die at that time; he'd gotten C-Dif.  But the team took my advise finally and did what I'd suggsted from the start finally, and he recovered and never had more problems.  Very simple to work on the gut, really.  
My ex's family had moved to my area when we were in elementary school, he was a year younger but was helping my BFF and me on our party line with algebra homework when we were his 'upperclass men'.  
He'd always been shy, like the cat I'm going to talk about later, but friendly. Wide eyed and sweet. He'd do bold things if he thought about them long enough, and was actually quite a thrill seeker when it came to how he drove. The only fight we had was in Boulder when my door's dome light on the passenger side came on from the centrifugal force of the turn we'd just made.  My car, me that'll once again get hurt due to a crazy brain driving the car, it had already happened to me once as a kid with my sibling. So I made him pull over and I drove from there. Again, my car.  I'd hear he had quite a bad crash due to his driving too care-less-ly not long after we were not a couple anymore. Maybe he changed, maybe not. I have no way of knowing. 
He got into the usual substances for our area and times, which I'd not done in high school, and in college only got into the requisite binge drinking that Colorado State University was promoting at the time.  For a while, he argued successfully that drugs are drugs and we just 'partied' as we wanted, but by mid 20s I wanted to not have a hung over, checked out husband and I wanted to feel good again, so I quit everything and asked him to only 'party' on special occasions.  He refused to change.  Refused my request he go to counseling, I had thought it was rooted in his brother having died just before we got married, though his substance use had started when he was in junior high school.  
I left the relationship in my mid 20s, after my health had started collapsing and I was literally fighting to keep myself out of the drain. I'd go to work on Fridays talking about what I hoped to go do on the weekend and come back on Monday and have gotten to do none of it because he was not only going to school full time and working a little bit, he was playing with his 'party friends' and other friends with more 'contact hours' than he was playing with me every week.  My house, my full time job and paycheck, that didn't sit well with me.  Encouraged by a coworker who also wanted to be living his life more fully, we both made big changes and ended up marrying just before my mother died. Where I was to see my first husband, just after he'd asked our mutual friend who 'that lady was' (pointing at me).  To say I'd blossomed is an understatement. 
I made the right move, my next relationship was one with very healthy use of alcohol and no other drugs, yet when I grew into the blooming onion or rose I became, whichever way you look at it, he was threatened by that and tried to sequester me to himself. To undermine. I wasn't going to be held back by that either. And because we were coworkers, I changed jobs to one that was meant to be, at age 32-34 I worked for the health education's key people at Colorado State University. Almost all women, and no dogs.  I'll not go into that here, back to dogs and men, and fathers. Suffice it to say, they taught me how one has to figure out the audience to appeal to before creating your message .... I want to appeal to people who have DOGS, and to men (and women, and those who have cats, and children and grandchildren or who will be planning to have children someday). 
This is the fifth Father's Day holiday where I don't have a father alive on Earth anymore; mine died on Labor Day 2010, about 20 years after this photo was taken of us (which was included in the modern media photo and music 'story' of his life 
He'd had life-long symptoms of what we'd now recognize as environmental illness, autism, etc. He was one of the quirky ones who was a genius in many ways, particularly sciences, yet what had gotten him adopted at age three was his looks. His adoptive mother spotted him in the yard of a house nearby hers in Chicago where he was in foster care.  The adoptive couple were able to provide him 'fine things', particularly for the Depression era they would go into not long after, and an 'all American-Norwegian immigrant extended family'.  
One thing he had that brightened his childhood life was a dog. Another highlight of his childhood was his parents and his aunt (and her husband) purchased cabins side by side on a lake north of Chicago, in Wisconsin. Did this contribute to his unwellness? Was he, in both places, being exposed to bacteria, fungi, algae? 
At the lake, he'd connect with another boy from his neighborhood in Chicago who was extremely athletic, Artie Moss (I don't know how the last name was spelled, just how it was pronounced).  I use the moss word because, ultimately, what we have going on right now is an 'off the chain' reaction going on which has created, essentially, moss on the inside of our 35 feet of intestines (on average, in adults) and much recognition now that it's "all about" the gut and autism.  All about the gut and chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue, something my father had strike him down in his first semester of college, at renowned science and engineering school Purdue University in Indiana, USA. That was in the late 1930s.  
In the late 1980s, essentially fifty years later, I'd be struck down for the first time after life-long symptoms, while living in Fort Collins, Colorado, where Colorado State University -- another renowned 'tough school' for some programs, such as occupational therapy and veterinary medicine, animal sciences.  
Dr. Temple Grandin's career in animal sciences came about at Colorado State, and her office was on The Oval, the old part of campus, along with the occupational therapy building. Just before our completion in 1996 she came into our little classroom and spoke to my class about autism. So it's been very interesting to see the award-winning movie be made about her life, via HBO, and her outreach to the public and how that has contributed to the proverbial 'ripple effect' about sensory integration and autism. I would recover 100% and be really 'well' for the first and so-far only time in my life, but then collapse again when in the OT program in my mid thirties. 
I would then work again to find solutions, try things that worked to improve symptoms, again think I had found the actual cause, and later have a relapse. I'd compare my path to that of my father's, and he seemed to just have symptoms come and go but overall deteriorate, and end up with what is called Lewy bodies dementia. I prefer to call it Lewy bodies disease because you actually see the bodily, Parkinsonian, symptoms before you see the cognitive aspect.
It was a horrible way, in many ways, to have life end, but we all learned a lot from it.  I mostly got to see how resistant people are to the suggestion of the experts in palliative care being called 'to the scene', and then how once they are on board, they can make things so much easier for everyone involved, and facilitate that 'home stretch of life' as I call it.  
There was nobody at the funeral who attended solely because of him; he had become very dependent upon my mother for his socialization, prior to her death, and then upon my sibling and whomever was brought with, after that. The funeral director and others from the mortuary were there because of him, I suppose; the director commended me, quietly, afterward for the portion that I'd written of the words that were read in the 50 minute-long service; my component had it been read at the proper pace, would take nine minutes and was focused upon how there are interventions, including palliative care and hospice, and other things to keep people from having the fate that my father did, because he simply refused to go to any providers that were outside what the system suggested.  He'd even stick to what the RDA was on supplements, and therefore suffered from that consequence. Ironic, when you know what information I am a leader and provider of, isn't it? (Label THAT personality disorder if you might, behaviorists!) 
We even waived the military musicians coming to play taps and present the flag, as the mortuary was able to do the flag and the musicians hired to perform the music entertainment portion of the service could play taps.  
My friends mostly never even saw my father unless out in public at the store or a restaurant because he was such a recluse the longer he was alive. But they always thought he was 'cute' and 'interesting' and they also were supportive of me and so some came. He never knew who any of my friends were, his brain only committed things that had to do with my older sibling.  I'd mention one of my long-time friends and he'd say 'did they have the four girls in the family, that wore all that perfume the night I drove you to the school?'  No, that was not even me, you never drove my friends anywhere. Naturally, I was rather hurt by this lack of commitment, on the one hand, and on the other realized how his health reality was simply very different in the seven years it took me to be at that age where it would have been nice to have a father driving you to something.  Particularly because my mother had become unavailable due to her issues. 
My friends in western Colorado, some of them, were very supportive, contributing money to help me pay for getting more information on the website to help people who were in 'our position' -- aging in place parents, families falling apart due to the behavioral problems they knew I'd gone through. They never saw a photo of him even, just knew I was gone a lot, over the Rockies, trying to help care for him and his property, where I'd finally been conceived and carried to term and born five years after he and my mother purchased the five acres in the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado.
 I just wanted to get back to work after he passed, I had a website calling me -- the year was 2010 and Lumigrate had been on the Internet just 18 months at the time of his passing.  I kept feeling like there was something more out there I needed to find and present.  In finding Steve Beddingfield's information in 2014, I believe I finally got to the end of the bone, finally, if you envision a dog on a bone. 
Ironically, my father passed without having had a dog for many years, and surrounded by cats, which were not his favorite.  But having been lonely enough in his advancing years and with a cat that lived long after my mother passed, he'd gotten to appreciate them, I think. Still, he didn't want them in his room, and my cat somehow got the memo on that and obeyed him ONLY when he was actively dying. It was nothing short of incredible to get up that night and see her lying outside his open door, keeping an eye on him all night. 
I found, after he died, a photo he took of "my" dog the morning before he took her to the veterinarian, having decided it was time for her to be euthanized.  I'd suggested it when I was home for the holidays, she just was in so much pain in her hips and just didn't feel well.  She wanted to be rubbed all the time.  She had been the best dog. And she had lived almost 16 years; my mother called me the Saturday after to tell me.
Mom had gotten two cats the summer I was married to 'the boy next door', 1981.  He'd come with us to pick from the litter as it was our sixth grade teacher's cat who had the kittens.  My dad had said while we were gone that we'd come with TWO not ONE, and sure enough we did.  
I'd used logic to pick the two that didn't mind having their ears rubbed.  My mother was more visual and thought the white and black ones were pretty but couldn't decide which she liked better. My fiance was just starting college and was taking English that summer and had to write something so he wrote about the trepidation of being an accessory to the crime of coming back with TWO kittens. He got a good grade.  
He would, upon my father's upcoming passing, write a lovely thing to read to him about how his being a scientist had inspired him to become one.  That was when it finally made sense to me why it was he and I were together, it was more for him to have the influence of my father, it wasn't about 'us' together forever, it was about his career. Ironically, his work would take him to the exact same place in England and put him on an airplane with a movie that inspired him to contact me and further allow me to have a glimpse of 'what maybe happened to him'.  
He's just "not the same guy." He'd started gaining weight when we were married but I attributed it to the six pack a day of beer habit he'd developed.  We lived near campus and walked, miles a day. Since we'd always walked miles a day, that didn't seem like exercise back then, it was flat, not mountainous like when we'd lived in the hills.
Could it be all this time we were both exposed to bacteria that interplayed with mold and fungus and other bacteria, algae, etc., and we'd have had a whole different life had we simply used SAFE water back then?  Did we live in a place that had mold and I still don't know it? Or are people focusing on the mold on coffee, in buildings, and not other things that are in our water, soils and therefore foods? 
We were just happy to have water, we rented a place that was an old trailer park and sometimes it took half an hour to get a cup of water. The manager was a medical student of some sort and said the pipes were 'occluded'.... what was in those pipes? I was in a custom home built in the 1950s with my second husband, a mile to the west when my health collapsed in my later 20s. There was an outbreak in Fort Collins, I learned then. Why?
He went on to fulfill his dream of being a father, and so I hope that his kids learn of this information somehow, or he does.  I hope all men do.  How many women do you know who say "he just changed .. I didn't know who he was anymore". !! ??  WHY, there has to be a reason.  And I think the reason is being shown to us by layman researcher from his hillbilly little laboratory in North Carolina, Steve Beddingfield.  Enough so to put your thinking cap on from there. 
And don't just stop with what Steve teaches.  He's not much of one to talk about diet, but I believe it's extremely important.  Back to the cats 'we' picked out the summer of our marriage, for my mother.  The black one was a terrific hunter and so ate many mice. The white one was not and so it got less mice and more cat chow. It died very young.
The other one lived to almost 20, and I almost got to help with the euthanization of that animal BUT my father pushed me aside as he always did with that or learning to plow snow, and handled it himself. Back he came in less than half an hour, cat in the cage; we're going to try antibiotics. Which worked, it was a tooth problem. Until it meant staying on antibiotics always and finally he had the first-born share that with him.  That's how he was comfortable.  
And that is why I had to do the first euthanization 'on my own' at the ripe age of 53. It was the start of a two year period of intense change and growth for me. I often believe I'm being collaborated with by those who've passed. So I hope that 'they' like how I do this blog topic today.  I keep this more esoteric thinking to a minumum, so I hope you're not dissuaded if it seems a bit 'out there' when reading this. 
It's not that I loved the other animals less, or they were less important, but I'd never been there with ANY of them when they passed. And she'd been there when my dad passed. It just seemed to all weave together. Also, due to her intense needs -- craving foods, being hyperactive, incessantly chewing on things or playing with my feet as a kitten, climbing on me like I was a tree and I could NOT get her to stop it was like she just 'could not help herself' -- and her progress due to the interventions I tried, it had been a different kind of relationship.
I now believe she had 'feline autism', and one of my old friends who is an animal researcher at Colorado State had published about cats and Lyme, leading me to suspect she had Lyme etc as part of the underlying contributing causes.  If people are now calling fibro and fatigue in people 'adult autism', then let's just translate that to the feline world.  And then look at the dog world too, perhaps.  
Connect the dots: WHY ARE WE ALL -- cats included --- MESSED UP now?  My brain, like my father's, is good at connecting dots. But I also have the benefit of having my mother's genes mixed in with me too, and she was very intuitive, very wise, and was known for her gregarious laughter. 
My life growing up was like if Leonard and Penny had gotten married on The Big Band Theory and moved to where the show South Park is about.  Yes, South Park's co-creator, Trey Parker, is a decade younger than I, from the same school and area. Then imagine that they had a kennel operation and raised and sold golden retrievers. My first steps were recorded on the movie camera and I was holding onto adult golden retriever that would move when another one would come to engage in play with it, and down on my butt I'd fall, then pull myself up again.
Imagine a 40 ish year old Penny was to become the 4-H dog leader, and have a baby that grew up watching her teaching first the girls in 4H with their dogs, then become a fourth grade teacher at your school.  My mother had the insight to learn about sensory integration problems and what to do about them with activities (nothing about diet, or causes, just how to connect the brain back up) way back around 1970, and she screened EVERY third grader in the school (back when only one person was home schooled sometimes, due to having cancer) for almost a decade, and found that only one in all those years had no evidence of neurological impairment.  
So, we were MESSED UP -- ALL OF US (except maybe one, though with more extensive testing could symptoms have been teased out? I suspect so.)
But the dogs didn't seem messed up to me. Nor the cats. Not back then.  Then in 2012 I came home one day from an early morning training at the local medical center and my cat attacked me. Not a normal attack, it was truly in another mindset, and later I could see that it had acted like it was having a small seizure before hand.  
I could find little information about it on the Internet, I could not find a veterinarian's office who seemed competent with hearing the history and dialing in on the eyes fully dilating and the seizure-like symptoms.  I realized that people were taking pets to trained medical professionals who were messing up the animals as much as the doctors taking insurance (and others) have been messing up human medical care. 
I contacted the local animal behaviorist that I'd learned about via the Business Incubator, which provided services to me related to Lumigrate from 2007 until their change to a new director in recent years.  She didn't know anything about my background and emailed and said 'have you heard of sensory integration dysfunction, I've had a few dogs present with that recently and I suspect your cat maybe has that too".  I'd recognized her sensory integration issues AND her natural gravitation to what she needed for activities which was surprisingly similar to what OTs and others know to do with young or older people to help integrate the sensory / neurological system. 
So that was another step in my understanding of things. Not only do people have various conditions diagnosed, from A to Z anymore,  but they clearly 'overlap' and maybe have a common cause or causes, but we're sharing something similar with cats and dogs, it appears. What is it? So I kept working.   
In 2012 I'd come to understand a lot about water due to information we developed about fluoride and other additives to water, and how to process water to get things out of it and it back to being water that's SAFE.  Safe Water is Great, SWIG, was created by me (with help from a few locals) in 2012. I knew that water was going to be the key to the future.  I'd come back and work on that more in 2015, because the most important thing we can do for our wellness is USE SAFE WATER.  
My mother had taught me that when I was a teen, back in the 1970s, but her concern was more about quantity than quality.  She was to be run out of school on a rail for what she was doing with identifying the problems with the neurologically impaired students and doing exercises with the ones needing the most help in her home room class (instead of things the curriculum called for).  This was the beginning of the iceberg called Common Core, I believe.
I figured that connection out, saw the similarity to how I was standing up to NOT work in mainstream medicine anymore due to their similar monkeybusiness (namely requiring flu vaccines for one thing), and I got more committed than ever to figuring out how to advance my work to the people without compromising what is RIGHT FOR ME.  Yes, I miss my $25-50/hour pay, and benefits.  But I don't miss knowing there's more I could tell the people I serve. I sleep well at night. I feel I am doing the work I came here, through my parents and family of origin and their toxic property, to learn from and then do from there. 
She had to retire early, and sell the ranch she'd bought to give me -- which had great water rights. With a broken heart, she would live out the rest of her life with my father, unhappily, but not wanting to push further for the divorce she would refer to.  Her episodes of drunken anger would increase, her ability to feed herself and my father would decrease, but she was still teaching kids at the Catholic church.  
And the last time I spoke with her, the night before she died unexpectedly, she was laughing and relating a funny/sad story of what happened to my father that day when he was visiting with his mother. For whatever reason she said "I love you" before she hung up, and she had never done that. Nor did she ever call me during the week when it wasn't the absolute cheapest long distance like on weekends. That was spring of 1987. 
The spring of 2013 I was dealing with my cat's problem and passing, and then in summer I saw the abundance of chemtrails over our area, which started on June 1 and were heavy for weeks on end. Months. I'd notice the trees dying from the tops, after people in the geoengineering Facebook community would talk about that in their areas on the west coast.  But in 2014 I saw an improvement and by spring of 2015 some trees looked 'well'.  The grasses looked better, too, in some areas. 
Enter Steve Beddingfield's perspective on chemtrails, which is that they're all about the fight to remedy the GSB, giant sulphur bacteria. I saw him say this in his Facebook group just as I was starting to see the improvements in 2015 in CW Colorado, where I've lived for 11 summers now. 
In 2014, through Facebook work I was doing related to the ever-increasingly known Lyme disease, and developing that information on Lumigrate for our YOUsers, I met Steve Beddingfield, as is evident from the above topic and links if you follow them relative to my Mother's Day blog post.  I'd been working hard in 2015 to understand what Steve was teaching in his 'classroom', and then in turn be digesting it and teaching it my way via Lumigrate. 
I'd started working with a dog in the last week, and applying the principles to reducing toxic exposures to a dog for the first time was, I knew, what I wanted to present on Father's Day via another blog post. What better way of now simplifying what I finally have covered OVERALL, and presenting it via the situations I'm being called upon to come into and work with 'under their roof', whether that be an office, a home, etc.
So far in 2015, since 'getting into' Steve's protocol and research information, I've worked in person with house plants, a young man who had horrendous symptoms as a child yet went almost totally missed-,  mis- or un-diagnosed, garden soils, two middle aged women who became single mothers when their children were under age 10, and one elderly house-bound woman, totally depending on others for transfers and all activities of daily living. And a dog. Giving different clues as to what to be studying, how to be changing routines, and integrating things in order to have improved health status or stave off the inevitable downwardness that comes with time. 
Thankfully, I had the years of my father not wanting to be proactive despite being able to present evidence that should have convinced him, so I understand now fully that people are going to create their realities. I no longer get frustrated if someone won't take in and act upon what I offer, though sometimes if it's someone I'm doing to hate to see the downhill or have to be involved with, I struggle with wishing I could 'get through to them'.  
So now, finally, the simple DOG. If a family would just do for the dog and all the people about the same things, then the whole system could get healthier without a whole lot of fanfare. Don't swim in water with a lot of bacteria, algae, etc.  Drink when you're thirsty. Consume SAFE, pure water, not unsafe water. Wash off with safe water. Play a lot. Take a nap if you're tired. Go to bed at night and get up in the morning. Eat good food, similar to what your ancestors ate.  Be obedient. Stick around home most of the time and enjoy going on an adventure in the car now and then. Poop twice a day, at least. Look out for ticks and fleas, keep your bed simple and clean. Love the one you're with but not if they're not good to you, avoid them if so. Escape if possible, and find a place where you're treated WELL.  We can only hope all living creatures on Earth will have that some day.   
To my surprise, Steve posted mid-week as I was working on how to present this information, a photo of a dog that is the same or similar breed to the mixed breed I am working with currently. He was letting us all know that the dog had passed. It appeared later on that the dog was with him through the roughest patch of his illness;  this is what he'd added as a comment on the morning of Father's Day: 
"My friend Blue taught me a lot about unconditional love, fearlessness, the struggle of life at his level, this dog was my child, my BFF, my comfort when I was sad and alone, he never deserted when I became deathly ill, he never shyed away because of my horrid condition, if anything changed with his perception of me, it was that I needed to be watched over by him.

It is my prayer that he was able to feel and just how much that I appreciated him, especially while I was alone, except for him, and suffering badly. It'smy belief that I came to this Earthly home to learn to love and to develop into a human being that is kind, compassionate and understanding of all life, to see a mere dog lead me in much of this quest, has helped me greatly with my search for an understanding of my own being. Thanks Blue for all the love and understanding that you brought into my life, you are greatly missed."
It turns out that one of the more interesting photographs Steve had posted recently was GSB (giant sulphur bacteria) which was growing on a sample of dog poop that was from another dog Steve's had at his place, which he said is really 'sick with this stuff we have'.  
©2015 Steve Beddinfield    Giant Sulphur Bacteria Sample Grown in Steve's Tiny Laboratory on Dog Poop from a Very Sick Dog (not his dog that just passed, 'the other one' he has at his place, he said.)
Not all men are dog men, some are cat men.  So let me include here about my cat. She was incredible when my father was actively dying, and taught me a whole new level of respect about animals and how wise and sensitive they are (or can be). One and a half years later, in February 2012, she'd launch, literally, into symptoms which lead to her passing, via the veterinary assistance of euthanasia, in April of 2013.  Of my 'very own', I'd had six cats before her, she was #7. And I learned so much, and everyone who heard the story of how she came to live with me remarked at how it was clearly meant to be that the two of us connect. One of the more intuitive experts I'd been put in touch with remarked that her brain and my brain had the same appearance and needed the same things to restore.
It wasn't until a June 2015 video about autism given by a woman from Utah that I 'got it' that my cat had hit young adulthood and had something similar happen to her as what happens with some autistic humans, where the parents end up with very physically dangerous situations at the hands of their 'child'.  I remembered my mother turning to me when my older sibling was RAGING as a teen, and saying 'don't worry, you're different, you won't be like this as a teen'.  They had a lot of symptoms like my cat ... very sensitive to noise and touch, could be very sweet and shy but the loved thrill seeking. Was it that we all have had giant sulphur bacteria doing horizontal gene transfer and growing exponentially, cloning things and an accumulation forming on our small intestines?
Let me look at my life-long symptoms a bit at this point, as well as the backdrop of anything else from my background: 
Thankfully, I was able to observe many things as my experiences grew in life through the home movies my family took with the 8 mm camera they purchased shortly after being married, which were culled to be put on VHS by my sibling, and then the year I started Lumigrate, I had that transferred to DVD format, thinking I'd add the information to our videos tab in order to show people my early childhood symptoms, clearly visible on my first birthday (which happened to coincide with Easter that year).  My mother had no initial issue conceiving and having her first child, but then it was problematic once they tried for the second, which was after they moved to Colorado and found their home to purchase, land, etc.  
It turns out something my parents both had fond memories of from their rather traumatic childhoods (or so they felt it that way) in Chicago, was DOGS.  Wanting to have a career, and wanting my dad to get out of the military, my mother hatched a plan to bring a few dogs with them back to the United States, and to make money selling puppies.  She coerced him to take a deal they were offering officers, and he was to finish his 20 years in the Reserves, at Buckley AFB in Denver. 
When a new OT in Denver, feeling 'well off again' due to having a good income again, I saw something called Cirque du Soleil was going to come to Denver to a big tent they were putting up in LoDo, near the new Colorado Rockies stadium.  I bought tickets to take my whole family.  As we were crossing the railroad tracks at Union Station, my dad stopped and pulled me a few feet one way then the other, and said 'right here ... on this spot .... is where I was changing trains during World War Two and looked at that view of the mountains and said to myself 'maybe this is where I'm going to live after the war' ".  
Do you see how his mind and memory / recall worked? Do you see me as the apple not far from that tree? Think about what made his brain be like that when it was growing and maturing.  And think about that for mine.  Think about YOU, and your family. There's been a correlation between high intelligence and learning disabilities.  With high intelligence and chronic illness, fatigue, etc.  They even called it 'Yuppie flu' at one time because so many 'young urban professionals, intelligent, driven, educated people, were seen having the condition moreso than the 'average Joe'. 
You see, my father was a mathematical, science, engineering genius, who had attended Purdue initially after high school. Which is where he became extremely ill over Thanksgiving weekend his first year. I grew up with him telling the story --- he'd been scared by the first day of class when the professor told them to look at the person on their left and their right and one of the three would not be there the next year, as they were going to weed out those who weren't really up to Purdue's educational rigors. He had been studying hard, intent to not be one that had the shame of failure. Not going home for Thanksgiving, he enjoyed playing pick-up basketball and didn't go in for lunch the day that his symptoms came on at night, so he'd wondered if that had something to do with it. 
He returned home and the doctor sliced a lymph node out of his neck and looked at it under a microscope and said it was chronic mononucleosis and he'd have to drop out and go to the desert and recover.  Which he did. He had been adopted by a lovely woman who was not well mentally, and she drove him 'nuts', so it was not an easy assignment for him to be accompanied by his mother to Arizona for the winter to "recover".  But he got better and returned to Chicago with her and plugged into a University in that area, also known for it's engineering expertise, particularly with the atomic field. He was allegedly working in the atomic program through the end of his career, after the war. 
By the time my health collapsed in the late 1980s, about exactly fifty years after his, they were not telling people to go to the desert to recover; the doctor told me that you had to keep moving, "believe it or not, despite how tired you are, that's what you need to do".  I not only used that advise to spur my successful recovery then, but in 2007 when a string of people with fatigue and pain started finding their way to the clinic where I was providing occupational therapy services.  
When my health collapsed, I stayed right where I was in my 'college town' of Fort Collins, Colorado, with the others presumably in the 'outbreak' that one doctor disclosed to me (which is not in any online resources I've been able to find, it was not publicized, in other words).  Is it that the more intelligent, hard working / striving people are having more likelihood of getting these kinds of illnesses? It would seem so, and studying MTHFR gene information will show you why that would be.   
My health collapse would occur in my late twenties, not late teens, and I would have the same course of recovery initially -- I got well enough to get by, but my brain didn't come back fully. Then other symptoms would start. For him. And for me.  We both in middle age had migraines and other headaches. We'd have neck pain. Pain with sitting. Shoulder pain and mobility problems. Our muscles would waste away despite our being very vigorous with activities and exercise. We both loved hiking, tennis, skiing, bicycling, bowling ... and most of all hiking or walking with DOGS.
I ended up walking with my CAT, on a leash, most every night. And she'd walk about as fast as my dad had, which was a shuffle. I'd see my balance problems the slower I'd go, obviously.  I realized at some point that I was basically following in my father's health footsteps. And my cat had followed in the footsteps of my sibling as a young adult, tempestuous, unpredictible and nasty, unprovoked attacks.  I've now seen it personally with other people who have 'this disease' we all have, and I've heard of TWO cases in 2014 where cat owners were attacked and called 911, getting them into the mainstream media.  Mainstream is wanting us to learn of these things now, it seems.  I'd also seen, once again, a massive, sudden weight gain in myself --- which is a symptom to suspect mold (and what interlopes with mold) exposure. That was the fourth time that had occurred, and the only thing in common with all four was I'd decreased my time moving around.  Could it be that it's THAT important to keep moving THAT MUCH? That you can have the same exposures but if you keep moving you fare better? Do dogs help you keep moving? YES THEY DO! 
So this week when the producer of Moldy, the movie, was on One Radio Network, I listened.  And then I spent time transcribing most of the words, enough there's something to refer to for our YOUsers while still encouraging that people actually LISTEN to the hour of information.  But when you hear MOLD, think MOLD AND OTHER THINGS, perhaps.  Study what Steve Beddingfield presents; it turns out there has been a Trojan Horse called mold, or algae, and inside of it was something else.  
As I said in the initial topic of the blog, above, from Mother's Day, I've gravitated to using the blog at Lumigrate in the opposite way that these websites with forums and other functions (products, videos (which are a form of product, you 'produce them') typically do, and 180 degrees from the way my teacher / advisor in 2008-10 had instructed.  Back then, the forums were going to be an integration of experts -- both laypeople and professionals -- weaving conversation threads with some input from me.
I'd continue hosting live seminars, recording them so we had the information the professionals provided, and later producing the ones which were the best addition to the palate of produced videos already hosted on Lumigrate's videos tab.
Today I do the majority of the work in the forums, solo, and then the blog is merely what I hope EVERYONE finds when they come to Lumigrate and from there they can be lead easily to the most important things 'going on' in the forums (or other places if we dust those off at some point).  I can say 'just go to the blog tab, look at the one that's titled about mothers and others'; people can remember that. They might actually then do it, and then be helped IF it's for them and IF they see the importance for them to put in the TIME. 
This blog addendum and my day today is dedicated to all men who act as fathers to others, wether they be humans, dogs, cats, horses and cows. I have the utmost respect for the work ethic my father had, which he passed on to me in one way or others. When I was a teenager, he was the age Steve was when he had his health meltdown, and I can only guess what challenges that put upon those who were his 'children' whether biological or adopted as a beloved pet.  I know my father later revealed that he'd verbalized suicidal thoughts to his health provider, which was potentially being contributed to by the narcotic medication they'd prescribed for the headaches, which they were now realizing was not the right thing to have him on yet when doing the right thing in ceasing to further prescribe, yielded a thread of suicide. 
I was unaware of that at the time, all I knew was he came home a lot from work and went to his room, dragged to do his outdoors work and to the table to eat dinner when it was ready, prepared always by me and my mother (and sibling if they were home). I was putting more and more on my plate, trying to help outside with anything I could.  I just last weekend injured my left knee significantly lifting something very heavy when I was tired, and going back to a pattern I developed as a young person carrying bales of hay for the horses my father supported my sibling having.
Except with the connective tissues being what they are, I hyperextended my knee last weekend, and it's not improved at all in a week. I was using a tennis ball and racket to exercise the dog, and I cannot believe how much my body held together well when younger with forces that I thought were 'normal' and 'good for you', but which I now recognize were not for me.  I love smashing a tennis ball, though, and I even practiced the 'unreturnable' serve "Dad" taught me.  Our tradition on Father's Day was to take the dog if we had one, and mom if she was alive, and go on a hike in the mountains; it was the one day of the year she'd go on a hike.  She'd pretended to like hiking when she met him, he'd later tell me.  So that is still what I do as a tradition, with a little picnic.  
Back in the years after I moved to Junction and he was still mobile, we'd meet halfway or so and do something. One year it was walking around Central City. He was always taking pictures of trees or gravestones, not of people.  I thought of him today on my hike, when I took photos of something that Steve has me looking closely at now, which is algae or lichen or moss and whatever mix, growing on the northWEST facing aspects of wooden palates that are very old. With nothing blocking the sun. Think about that. This is the desert area, which gets irrigated as it became an agricultural valley when the west was settled. 
I was shocked. I used my cell phone cam and took a photo.  I'll go back with something to chop off a sample and bag it. And send it off to Steve, if he'd like, and look forward to what he can teach me about what's in my immediate environment, and help me educate others. I'm thankfully not with anything near suicidal thoughts or the kind of pain my father had either psychologically or physically, nor spiritually.
I have my struggles, which he didn't have then, in the realm of financial, but that's just money.  When you have your health you have the most important thing.  I thankfully have fairly good health and hope it will get better thanks to the new information I've gained this year. I hope the same will ripple effect there for YOU. If you would like some assistance in how to incorporated this into your daily regimen, I'm able to help people via the telephone or in person. 
Or 'in person with dog', I'm having a good time teaching the dog how we ozonate water and dry food, how we are avoiding the water that has more likelihood of harmful microbes, and instead enjoying the water that is relatively safer. How we keep moving, both actively and with massage. And they remind me of the pure joy that comes from the moment. May you find that today too, particularly if you're a man and fathering something today. 
Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy

Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Fenbendazole Pellets. SafeGuard. Panacur; Many Resources

I'm pleased to see there were just over 900 reads of this blog post before I created this new comment to identify a little more in detail what some might want to have available as starter information about fenbendazole. Types of delivery systems, pellets, liquid, paste. Brands, Safeguard, Pancur. I just will give some information, there'll be more you'll find just going to the links and looking at ads that pop up or are there for similar information. Searching and doing your own work is important, but just as animals show us the way, maybe I can as well. 

www.safe-guard.com/ is a resource to get started at. Use your Search bar and let your fingers do the walkin' from here.  I'll give you some of the ways I've taken my fingers based on what comes to my mind. 

At a very specialized website such as for elephants, it didn't suprise me to see that they bring in the other more common animals 'to the picture' that can be treated with fenbendazole.  Here's the link


and here's what is at the link:


The Elephant Formulary
© 2003-06 Susan K. Mikota DVM and Donald C. Plumb, Pharm.D.
Published by Elephant Care International - 

Elephant specific information, if available, is in blue.

Chemistry - A benzimidazole anthelmintic, fenbendazole occurs as a white, crystalline powder. It is only slightly soluble in water.


Storage/Stability/Compatibility - Fenbendazole products should be stored at room temperature.


Uses/Indications - Fenbendazole is indicated (labeled) for the removal of the following parasites in dogs: ascarids (Toxocara canis, T. leonina), Hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala), whipworms (Trichuris vulpis), and tapeworms (Taenia pisiformis). It is not effective against Dipylidium caninum. Fenbendazole has also been used clinically to treat Capillaria aerophilia:, Filaroides hirthi and Paragonimus kellicoti infections in dogs.


Fenbendazole is indicated (labeled) for the removal of the following parasites in cattle: Adult forms of: Haemonchus contortus, Ostertagia ostertagi, Trichostrongylus axei, Bunostomum phlebotomum, Nematodirus helvetianus, Cooperia spp., Trichostrongylus colubriformis, Oesophagostomum radiatum and Dictyocaulus vivaparus. It is also effective against most immature stages of the above listed parasites. Although not approved, it also has good activity against Moniezia spp., and arrested 4th stage forms of Ostertagia ostertagi.


Fenbendazole is indicated (labeled) for the removal of the following parasites in horses: large strongyles (S. edentatus, S. equinus, S. vulgaris), small strongyles (Cyathostomum spp., Cylicocylus spp., Cylicostephanus spp.,Triodontaphorus spp.) and pinworms (Oxyuris equi).


Fenbendazole is indicated (labeled) for the removal of the following parasites in swine: large roundworms (Ascaris suum), lungworms (Metastrongylus apri), nodular worms (Oesphagostomum dentatum, O. quadrispinulatum), small stomach worms (Hyostrongylus rubidus), whipworms (Trichuris suis) and kidney worms (Stephanuris dentatus; both mature and immature).


Although not approved, fenbendazole has been used in cats, sheep, goats, pet birds and llamas. See Dosage section for more information.


Fenbendazole is considered to be safe to use in pregnant bitches and is generally considered to be safe to use in pregnancy for all species.


Pharmacokinetics - Fenbendazole is only marginally absorbed after oral administration. After oral dosing in calves and horses, peak blood levels of 0.11 micrograms/ml and 0.07 micrograms/ml respectively, were measured. Absorbed fenbendazole is metabolized (and vice-versa) to the active compound, oxfendazole (sulfoxide) and the sulfone. In sheep, cattle, and pigs, 44-50% of a dose of fenbendazole is excreted unchanged in the feces, and <1% in the urine.


Contraindications/Precautions - Fenbendazole is not approved for use in lactating dairy cattle or for horses intended for food purposes.


Adverse Effects/Warnings - At usual doses, fenbendazole generally does not cause any adverse effects. Hypersensitivity reactions secondary to antigen release by dying parasites may occur; particularly at high dosages. Vomiting may infrequently occur in dogs or cats receiving fenbendazole.


Single doses (even at exaggerated doses) are not effective in dogs and cats; must treat for 3 days.


Overdosage/Toxicity - Fenbendazole is apparently well tolerated at doses up to 100X recommended. The LD50 in laboratory animals exceeds 10 grams/kg when administered PO. It is unlikely an acute overdosage would lead to clinical symptoms.


Drug Interactions - Oxfendazole or fenbendazole should not be given concurrently with the bromsalan flukicides (Dibromsalan, Tribromsalan). Abortions in cattle and death in sheep have been reported after using these compounds together.


Doses -


For susceptible parasites:

a)   5 mg/kg PO; 10 mg/kg once daily for 5 days to treat S. vulgaris in foals. (Robinson 1987)

b)   5 mg/kg PO; 10 mg/kg for ascarids. (Roberson 1988b)

c)   For treatment of migrating large strongyles: 50 mg/kg PO for 3 consecutive days, or 10 mg/kg for 5 consecutive days. (Herd 1987)



For strongylosis:

a) 5 mg/kg po (Raman, et.al., 2000).


b) 2.5 mg/kg orally as a single dose (Chandrasekharan,2002);(Chandrasekharan et.al.,1995).


c) 2.0 –2.5 mg/kg orally as a single dose mixed with jaggery or rice (Chandrasekharan, 1992).


d) 5 mg/kg po in feed as a single dose (Strao et.al., 1992).


e) Chronic murshidiasis in an Asian elephant was resolved with 50 g fenbendazole repeated at 30 days (Tripathy et.al. 1991).


f) 5 mg/kg po as a single dose (Roy and Mazumdar, 1988).


g) 12 g of Panacur dissolved in 2000 ml water in 2 divided doses at a 3 -day interval (Lahkar and Das,1988).


Elephant References:
a) Raman,M., Jayathagaraj,M.G., Rajavelu,G., and John,M.C. 2000. Strongylosis in captive elephants - a report. Indian Journal of Animal Health 39:(2):85-86  Summary: Strongylosis was observed in a group of elephants (n=4) maintained in a private circus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India [date not given]. Examination of faecal samples showed larvae which were identified as Murshidia sp., Quilonia sp., and Decrusia sp. larvae. All elephants were treated with fenbendazole at a dose of 5 mg/kg body weight. A decline of egg count was observed after 1-2 days of treatment. Identification at the earlier stages of infection, good nutrition and hygiene, and less exertion might be the cause of absence of significant clinical signs like anaemia, dehydration and others. It is concluded that use of fenbendazole at the rate of 5 mg/kg body weight in the mega herbivores with repetition after 3 weeks, and regular deworming every 3-6 months, yield satisfactory results.

b) Chandrasekharan,K. 2002. Specific diseases of Asian elephants. Journal of Indian Veterinary Association Kerala 7:(3):31-34

bChandrasekharan,K., Radhakrishnan,K., Cheeran,J.V., Nair,K.N.M., and Prabhakaran,T., 1995. Review of the Incidence, Etiology and Control of Common Diseases of Asian Elephants with Special Reference to Kerala. In: Daniel,J.C. (Editor), A Week with Elephants; Proceedings of the International Seminar on Asian Elephants.Bombay Natural History Society; Oxford University Press, Bombay, India pp. 439-449

c) Chandrasekharan,K., 1992. Prevalence of infectious diseases in elephants in Kerala and their treatment. In: Silas,E.G., Nair,M.K., and Nirmalan,G. (Editors), The Asian Elephant: Ecology, Biology, Diseases, Conservation and Management (Proceedings of the National Symposium on the Asian Elephant held at the Kerala Agricultural University, Trichur, India, January 1989). Kerala Agricultural University, Trichur, India pp. 148-155


d) Rao, D.S.T., Yathiraj, S., Choudhuri, P.C., and Reddy, P.K. 1992. Treatment of helminthiosis in elephants.Indian Journal of Animal Science 62(12):1155-1156.
Ref ID: 2648 Abstract (Summary): Strongyle and paramphistome eggs were found in the faeces of 3 elephants belonging to S V Dairy Farm, Tirupati. The body weights of these elephants were calculated using the formula: weight (kg) = 12.8 (n+ng) - 4281, where g is chest girth (cm) and ng is neck girth (cm). A drug containing 25% fenbendazole was given orally at a dosage of 5 mg/kg. One elephant had diarrhoea and was also given astringent. No eggs were detected after 7 days in 2 cases and after 14 days in all 3 cases.

e) Tripathy,S.B., Acharjyo,L.N.M., and Padhi,N.K.  1991. Use of fenbendazole against murshidiasis in zoo elephant. International Seminar on Veterinary Medicine in Wild and Captive Animals, Nov. 8-10, 
Bangalore, India. Pages: 29  Abstract: Treatment of a chronic case of murshidiasis in a captive elephant with fenbendazole has been reported.  Large numbers (epg 4200) of Murshidia eggs were detected in the faeces. Differential count of the blood revealed lymphocytosis (63%) and neutropenia (27%).  Reduction in feed intake, oedematous swelling on dependent parts of the body, debility and reduction in body weight were recorded. Oral administration of 50 g of Panacur (25% fenbendazole) repeated after 30 days, 50 g of Minamil (mineral mixture) once daily for 30 days and 100 g of Livol (liver tonic) daily for 15 days along with 30 ml of Neurobiocin IM every third day for 5 injections brought clinical recovery and gain in body weight 2 months and 4 months after initiation of treatment respectively.  The number of Murshidia eggs reduced by 70% and 100% in per gram of faeces when examined 5 and 10 days post treatment with anthelmintic, respectively.

         f)Roy,S. and Mazumdar,B.K. 1988. Anthelmintic activity of fenbendazole (Panacur) against Murshidia murshida in zoo elephants. Indian Veterinary Journal 65:(6):531-532  
Summary:  Three Indian elephants, Elephas maximus, infected with M. murshida were treated with a single dose of fenbendazole at 5 mg/kg mixed into feed (cooked rice). Faecal samples were negative in one elephant 3 days after treatment, and in all animals 7 days after treatment. No side effects were recorded.

         g) Lahkar,B.C. and Das,M.R. 1988. A note on the successful treatment of trichostrongyle infection of elephants (Elephas maximus) with Panacur (fenbendazole). Indian Veterinary Journal 65:(6):538  Summary: Six Indian elephants, E. maximus infected with gastrointestinal nematodes (700-1400 epg faeces) were given 12 g Panacur (fenbendazole) in the form of a bolus with flour, in 2 doses 3 days part. Faecal samples from all animals were negative 3 days after the second dose. No side effects were recorded.         

Dosage Forms/Preparations/FDA Approval Status -

Veterinary-Approved Products:

Fenbendazole Granules 222 mg/gram (22.2%) in 0.18 oz & 1 g, 2 g, 4 g packets and 1 lb jars; Panacur® Granules 22.2% (Hoechst). (Rx)  Approved for use in dogs.


Fenbendazole Granules 222 mg/gram (22.2%); Panacur® Granules 22.2% (Hoechst). (OTC)  Approved for use in horses not intended for food.


Fenbendazole Suspension 100 mg/ml (10%); available in both equine and bovine la­beled products;Panacur® Suspension  (Hoechst). (Rx)  Approved for use in horses (not intended for food) and cattle  Slaughter withdrawal=8 days (cattle). Safe-Guard® Suspension (Hoechst) (OTC)  Approved for use in beef and dairy cattle. Slaughter withdrawal = 8 days


Fenbendazole Paste 100 mg/gram (10%); available in both equine and bovine labeled products and sizes.Panacur® Paste  (Hoechst). (OTC)  Approved for use in horses (not intended for food) and cattle. Slaughter withdrawal=8 days (cattle). Safe Guard Paste® (Hoechst) (OTC) Approved for use in horses not intended for food and cattle. Slaughter withdrawal = 8 days; no milk withdrawal time.


Fenbendazole Medicated Block 750 mg/lb.; 25 lb. block; Safe-Guard Sweetlix® (Hoechst); (OTC)  Approved for use in beef cattle. Slaughter withdrawal= 16 days.


Fenbendazole Type B Medicated Feed

Safe-Guard EZ Scoop Swine Dewormer® (Hoechst) (OTC).  1.8% Fenbendazole No slaughter withdrawal time required

Safe-Guard 0.96% Scoop Dewormer® (Hoechst) (OTC) Approved for use in cattle. No milk withdrawal time; slaughter withdrawal time=13 days


Fenbendazole Type C Medicated Feed

Safe-Guard Free-choice Cattle Dewormer® (Hoechst) (OTC). 0.50% Fenbendazole (2.27 g/lb) Approved for use in beef and dairy cattle.  No milk withdrawal time.

Safe-Guard 35% Salt Free-choice Cattle Dewormer® (Hoechst) (OTC) 1.9 g/lb Fenbendazole. Approved for use in dairy and beef cattle. Slaughter withdrawal time=13 days;  no milk withdrawal time.


Fenbendazole Pellets

Safe-Guard 0.5% Cattle Top Dress® (Hoechst) (OTC)  Slaughter withdrawal time=13 days; no milk withdrawal period

Safe-Guard 1.96% Scoop Dewormer Mini Pellets® (Hoechst) (OTC)  Approved for use in beef and dairy cattle. No milk withdrawal time; slaughter withdrawal time=13 days


Fenbendazole Premix 20%  Type A (200 mg/gram)

Safe-Guard Premix® (Hoechst). (OTC)  Approved for use in swine. dairy and beef cattle, zoo & wildlife animals.  Slaughter withdrawal for cattle = 13 days; no milk withdrawal time. Slaughter withdrawal for swine=none. Wildlife animal slaughter (hunting) withdrawal = 14 days.


Human-Approved Products:  None


I hope this is of value to anyone finding this link and at least gets you something to get underway with being an advocate for your self, your pets, your livestock, your family or friends and other loved ones and quite possibly your 'patients' if you are a professional provider of services to people or animals.  Or a purveyor of goods; I've recently spoken with the hydroponics vendor, inquiring if they're onto ozone, fenbendazole of the fish form (as some grow tilapia in their hydroponics, was my thinking).  "Please come in soon and talk to me more about this".  SO GLAD to see the OPENNESS I am receiving to this information when I present it to a variety of people!   

Please take, ideally, the source links I suggest and see what else is at the websites .... in particular take the one about the elephants, and I say this because the way I was reading between the lines they clearly were setting up an umbrella of information about FENBENDAZOLE in a lot of applications.  Including the ending of "None" for human-approved products. Just making that very clear, I am. WHY would we suggest it for everything else and not for us? Be your own person, decide what YOU are going to put into your body and not, on your body and not. Diet. Medications. Supplements. Herbs. Oils. Energies. Aromatherapies. Information sources. What's on television and in the radio programming. What you pick up from being around others.  The list is long for what we can control about our destiny with our wellness/illness level. This is no exception. It just might be very new, a paradigm change, and require extra attention. Time. Energy. Devotion. Thought. 

YOUsers of Lumigrate know that I suggest YOU put in the study time, decide what YOU think, and then take action based on what you feel, think, etc.  Empowered to connect dots.  Look at the patent trail for all the patents obtained for chemicals similar to fenbendazole and then, so far, not marketed.  Where are they in development? No way for non-insiders to know. But that is on the thread about Steve's Facebook group, images, research, protocol, and PosterGal gets the credit for having found it and made it apparent to me this was something TO PUT ATTENTION ON. Thanks again, Poster Gal, for that and for being a resource to respond when I inquired this week to update this topic thread. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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From Thread About Steve's Images/Work/Protocol, About Pets

 You can find this information at the following link ... it is one comment among the many as I was adding on components and grouping up the information being presented in the group lead by Steve Beddingfield so I could then later utilize it in various ways to the benefit of Lumigrate YOUsers.  It makes this more complete -- some of the information will be repetitive with what is above, but there will also be additional pictures and reinforcement.  

Keep in mind the timeline, this comment information, below, was originally produced in March of 2015 and not only do I  understand it more, so does Steve and others who are on this cutting edge --- being increasingly substantiated as mainstream disclosure is made about The Stuff and it's connection to human health without so far (as of mid November) being that direct about it.  (Seek out information at our Search bar using the word disclosure to a topic I have about how things are being disclosed, if that is of interest and benefit to you in your learning.)

www.lumigrate.com/forum/steve-his-images-his-protocol-and-facebook-group-community-and-other-resources-chronic-illness#comment-2814 PET INSTRUCTIONS

©2015 Steve Beddingfield

            From 21 Year Old Bernie The Cat. Strands of "The Stuff", as seen in what comes out from the intestinal tract. From Steve's lab, sample of dog poop, without magnification: 

It was in the group's conversation in late March that people need to check about the type of BIRD they might want to be dosing with fenbendazole, as it's contraindicated in some breeds. So reminding here, as always, to do your homework about all things and contraindictions. 

By April I have encountered a woman I was educating about what's in the water, who 'related' to the information because someone she knows personally and well lives in an area of Florida where there have been cyanobacteria / algae problems for a while now ... and the person's dog had gotten ill, they thought from it just getting on it's feet and fur and then into them the various ways.  I love examples where something that has occurred with a pet or livestock animal then helps a person see the application of the information to their situation -- in this case it was an avid gardener with irrigation water they're 'always in during the summer' and so they were somewhat 'tuned in' about the information I was introducing them to. 

A standard for me as an OT student and ever after at my desk at work whether more recently at home / home office as a consultant on education routes OR as an occupational therapist in the various places I worked over the years is the Merck Manual.  I am such a fan I have a topic in the Lumigrate Bookshelf forum about the Merck manual that's geared for people that's not as professional, which I found at my local Kroger grocery store's book section. 

So it was naturally something I liked seeing PosterGal present in Steve's Images today (April 19, 2015, as I edit this in) the Merck online veterinary resource on algae poisoning.  Here's the link: 


Not only does this topic, naturally, describe symptoms and treatments for algal poisoning in veterinary medicine applications, it has good information about cyanobacteria and treatment of water.  Here's an excerpt, which is how the topic wraps up/ends: 


Water treatment techniques can be highly effective to remove both cyanobacterial cells and cyanotoxins (especially microcystins) with the appropriate technology. Most cyanotoxins remain intracellular, unless the cells are lysed or damaged from age or stress from water conditions or chemical treatment. The one exception is cylindrospermopsin, which is actively secreted from even healthy cells. This makes it possible to remove cells and cyanotoxins (especially microcystins) by coagulation and filtration in a conventional treatment plant.

Treatment of water containing cyanobacterial cells with oxidants such as chlorine or ozone, while killing cells, will result in the release of free cyanotoxin. Therefore, the practice of prechlorination or preozonation is not recommended without a subsequent step to remove dissolved cyanotoxins.



Microcystins are readily oxidized by a range of oxidants, including ozone and chlorine. Adequate contact time and pH control are needed to achieve optimal removal of these compounds, which is more difficult in the presence of whole cells.

Microcystins, anatoxin-a, cylindrospermopsin, and some saxitoxins are also adsorbed from solution by both granular activated carbon and, less efficiently, by powdered activated carbon. The effectiveness of the process should be determined by monitoring cyanotoxin in the product water.



Fenbendazole dosage is 2 mils daily of liquid or 2 grams of paste, generally. (if your dog is unusually large or small you can use the same formula used for humans 1ml per 50 lbs) 
Reishi dosage is 1/2 capsule of Aloha Medicinals Gano Ultra daily, 2caps for big dogs.

November 9, 2015 He was saying this for a case of dog that was a small dog: 

Mix fenbendazole liquid for goats (Safeguard brand) with 50 parts of water, spray 4 times each day, give dog 3mls daily internally for 3 weeks and your dog will be growing new hair and feeling much better.  After three weeks stop the daily internal dosing and give every three days, spray coat twice daily until sheen has returned to dog's coat, this works.

I've fixed hundreds if not thousands of dogs, plus I now advise vets on this, a lot of vets have taken this treatment protocol and passed it on to other vets.  Fenben is now the number one choice of vets nationwide.

Fenbendazole dosage is 1/2 ml daily of liquid only. 
Reishi dosage is 1/2 cap daily (same brand mentioned above).

November 9, 2015 Steve was saying this about a cat: 

Give cats 2 Mls of liquid fenbendazole daily for 2 weeks, then once a week. Mix fenben 50 to 1 in a spray bottle, spray coat twice each day.

Dogs get the same treatment. This works great.

Treat animals 4-7 days per week keeping a close eye on changes in behavior or signs of recovery/healing. Take any breaks you think necessary.

MARDY's NOTE: I've been relating this information as a running history of things because I want people to see how the information changes as time changes / goes on.  This, as I say many places, is not the usual source of information most people turn to, but this is a source that was having his share of successes (and problems) and so I have felt that Lumigrate's YOU concept of YOU doing the work and figuring out what YOU need to do is going to allow a good foundation for people to go on and consider what Steve Beddingfield presents. 

Maintenance doses are the same amount formulated for your pet only less often, most do once or twice weekly to keep pets healthy. Some even go to once a month. Use your discretion.

Spray with fenbendazole liquid diluted down to a 50 to one ratio (using safe water, naturally), is what Steve also recommends; I/Mardy feel that it's going to work better to spray on a cloth or disposable cloth-like paper-type towel and wipe the animal that wouldn't appreciate a spraying. 

Treating pets as we treat ourselves ensures we are eliminating sources of reinfection for both parties. wink emoticon

*Only use fenbendazole on pets, other types can be harmful.

We will be making a permanent file once I fill in more details. I wanted to get this out since we are getting an unusually high amount of questions on pets. There are other members using reishi products that they love. I can't guarantee that they have been tested for purity but if any of you feel confident to share what you are using, post below and we will add some to the file. smile emoticon

Any experiences treating animals with this protocol are encouraged here as well.

In the spring there was an exodus of admins from Steve's group, some stayed as members, others did not. The new admin who is now Steve's 'right hand woman' had this to say on August 6, 2016: 


"The dosing for dogs is (She later said she went off top of head and my version was correct). Can mix with food and give with some "good" fat, like olive or coconut oil, for example. The dose for the reishi is 1 capsule a day.

Keep their bowels moving. Some pet owners give their dogs/cats some organic pumpkin from a can. It helps move things along."
I wanted to add, I'd think that a good fat would be grass fed, organic (or along those lines) butter. Think about what a dog's long lost relatives would have been consuming and that's what their bodies are going to be set up to do well with ... a good lard (again from a well-raised animal, however and that's particularly important where their fats for consumption are concerned). 


In May, someone in the group added this: "Both dogs treated with fenben at 1 ml per 5#'s of a 10% paste mixed in a bit of goat yogurt. They gobbled up the mixture with no hesitation. It really is not bad tasting stuff.  This is from a veterinarian's website, for dosing."

From mid March, Steve had said this: Vet treatments are now centered around fenben. My friend's vet talked to me about my procedures being utilized for the tmt of algae infestation, he agreed with my beliefs about HABs killing and torturing animals, mostly pets. Wild animals are wandering about acting weird, going to the highways too often.

Parvovirus is to be Vxd for, rabies too. (vaccinated abbreviation); you can't play with these two killers.

Heart worms can be prevented by fenben if started early on in a pet's life. If pet has heartworms at adult stage of worms, go with vet procedures.

Some collies and a couple of other breeds cannot tolerate Ivermectin -- instant death, check breed interactions first. Parvo is my worst fear for my (dogs). I'll re-treat mine today, as he got into a fight with a huge ground hog, looked bad afterwards, the GH got his licks in.

Mardy's Note: Consider approaching your veterinarian about the information you're learning about from Steve's Images/ Protocol and involve them if you feel that would be of benefit to you and your veterinarian (and your pet you're the guardian for). Discussing something with a variety of people will help process the information.  As with anything, consider printing something to take or if you're emailing with them, email a link.

In order to provide YOUsers with more supportive information, here's a link I found in Searching 'cyanobacteria, dogs'.  I knew there were cases in California recently where a lake was posted forewarning people about not getting in the water but the owners didn't keep their pets from getting in.  In this topic at the following link, Annabelle was a dog that jumped from a boat near the shoreline, wanting to swim in and thankfully had a veterinarian who pieced together what to do to turn the symptoms around when in liver failure shortly thereafter.


The closing of the article: "“We are increasingly aware that many dogs and other pets are exposed to these toxins every year, and that the blooms are likely increasing,” says Kudela. And new findings on the chronic impacts of cyanotoxin poisoning have him worried. “We know that even low-level exposure results in decreased reproduction in fish, and probably promotes cancer in mammals, such as dogs and humans.”"

Interjecting this on May 27, 2015 and hot off the press from what's being conversed about in Steve's group today.  A woman who experiences a lot of stinging sensations, all over her body, and Steve had a conversation volley that I thought was very insightful AND he posted a picture.

Steve: GSB spores do the biting and stinging, they're the tiny dark particles we see everywhere.Kitty.Kitty!

Woman: Reports she lives in a tiny house, and the cats don't stay in her room, one roams the house where it sleeps and the other sleeps in one spot. She asks if what she's seeing and experiencing is 'coming from' the cats. She had the cats before she had 'drug damage' (many in the group talk about 'floxing' but I'm not certain what this particular woman's patented medication history is), and had no issues such as this very annoying symptom. She says they are both getting fenben and reishi. She said "I still dont know anyone in any Morgellon's site that their entire body, every pore, stings like it is the entire skin all at once.. it is insane. ..... I feel like blowin out my brains. at this point. I am worn out.

She reports that she just had gone and cleaned under the bed she sleeps in, which has hardwood floors. She'd done the same thing yesterday and already there were tons of red and blue fibers again, and sparkles. "everything that is coming out of my skin..... cleaning, washing (seems) useless.  She relates that she went to another part of the house where she doesn't live and took a sample under the bed and only found a few red and blue fibers "but NOTHING like under my bed, which I clean daily."

Steve: Treat them, never allow on your bed or anything clothwise which contacts your body. You and cats didn't make each other sick, you're just keeping each other sick. Wipe down cat fur with a damp cloth which contains some fenben on the cloth. Do this for your cats twice each day. I know many sufferers who are experiencing this biting sting.

I also have many pics of the sulphur bacteria spores which cause this."

 ©2015 Steve Beddingfield  "Giant Sulphur Bacteria Spore"

    In June, someone asked him if bartonella was causing their three year long, incessant, electrical stinging-feeling all over the body.  Steve's answer: "GSB is the issue, Bart was picked by GSB.  All came with your cat. Keep cat wiped down with a wet cloth containing fenben."


Parasitipedia dot net has nice information and naturally their requisite caution placed prominently to dissuade humans from using veterinary products.  This is one of the better overviews I've seen about this type of medication, however. I'll bring you and excerpt, below, and naturally here's the LINK TO TAKE and go to the source as they're a good resource for studying what YOU think about this 'stuff'. 

parasitipedia.net/index.php       AND what you'll find just for 'starters' if you take the link:


What are benzimidazoles?

 albendazoleBenzimidazoles are a chemical class of compounds with broad anthelmintic activity that are vastly used on livestock and pets to control all kinds of parasitic worms (helminths). Some veterinary benzimidazoles are also used as anthelmintics in human medicines. Other benzimidazoles are also used in agriculture to control parasitic helminths of plants, or as fungicides. In fact, benzimidazoles were already used as plant fungicides before their development as veterinary anthelmintics.

The first veterinary benzimidazoles introduced in the 1960's (e.g. thiabendazole, parbendazole, oxibendazole) were highly effective against adults and larvae of most gastrointestinal roundworms (nematodes) of livestock. In the 1970's newer benzimidazoles such as albendazolefenbendazolemebendazole and oxfendazole were introduced that are also effective against non-gastrointestinal roundworms (in the lungs, kidneys, skin, etc., depending on compound and dose) as well as against tapeworms (cestodes). Albendazole is also effective against adult liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica).

triclabendazole is a special case: it is not effective against roundworms or tapeworms, but controls all larval and adult stages of various parasitic liver flukes (trematodes).

Closely related with the benzimidazoles are the so-called pro-benzimidazoles febantelnetobimin andthiophanate. These compounds are pro-drugs because once in the organism of the host they are transformed into the active benzimidazole, mainly in the liver. Febantel is transformed into fenbendazole, and netobimin into albendazole. Pro-benzimidazoles have the advantage of being more soluble in water. This makes it easier to formulate them and they are also better absorbed in the host's body. 

Benzimidazoles and pro-benzimidazoles are veteran anthelmintics, i.e., they have lost patent protection long ago and are available as generics manufactured by numerous chemical companies (typically in China, India, Israel, Brazil, etc.).


parasitipedia.net/index.php  (same link as above, to encourage taking it).  


So if you're interested, take the links I've set up.  I've come in and edited in NEW information because of the closure of Steve's Images in midApril 2015 due to the explosive growth they had and needing to get a group of people effective in their knowledge and application of the information and create other groups they can facilitate in order to create 'the ripple effect'.

Editing AGAIN mid July, the group's leadership 'split' or were no longer admins and mostly do not comment now but remain to stay up on what new might be presented there. He then started letting people back into the group and it is at this time approaching 2,000 members. A few experienced ones post things I transfer to this overall thread. One recently was from a woman with Morgellons and a dog, who said her dog took only a few servings of the fenbendazole to heal up, they'd gotten the outward skin symptoms after the owner/human guardian did. She said she put it on bread that was considered a desirable treat by the dog. I believe she was using the goat / sheep version not the dog version; there is a dog/ canine version. 

Naturally, seek out advisors who are qualified to help you.  Remember that the run of the mill medical professionals in human and veterinary medicine today are very brainwashed, brain dead, or otherwise simply BEHIND where YOU might be with what YOU know and can figure out. Use your senses, think like a dog and about how dogs and cats and horses and others we can learn from show us the way with their intutiveness sometimes. But do get advise from those YOU feel are the right fit for YOU at this point in time. Unfortunately, Steve's group does not have the dimensionality of advisors it used to have, it's 'Steve's classroom' and he's the teacher and not a lot of people feel like commenting like in the past. Fortunately I grabbed those highlights and transferred them HERE for YOU on this very long thread. 

Thanks again to all in the group who have contributed to creating and facilitating the information there, and their desire to have people finding it and being 'grate' with my having these topics at Lumigrate. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy



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