O'Rio Grande - A Middle Aged Dog "Showing Us The Way"

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The Dog Days of Summer, 2017

I've been working with O'Rio Grande since just prior to the official start of summer, 2015.  My first impression of "O'Rio" was he was confused.  And confusing.  Part of him was ferociously barking and showing teeth as I approached "his" house in my vehicle -- he'd come out of the garage, which is where his owner had told me he preferred to stay, rather than in the house. "He's allowed to come in the house, he just doesn't." I recall she said, and she described him as a very good dog.

O'Rio with his upper lips caught in his face, as I call it.  2015.  Chosen because it cracks me up!

The back half of him that day was wagging like crazy, and the back part of his body was very unusual looking.  He had a wide, flat, back, and long legs. He did come inside the house and sat next to someone in the family on the other side of the kitchen table from me, his back to the windows and wall, keeping his eyes on me the whole time. And reacting repetitively if the human he was being touched by quit touching.  I'd seen that before -- lived that before -- with my retriever / collie mix, Peachie, who was in the last litter of puppies my family would have at their kennel.  She was born in 1969 and lived until just after New Years 1985 -- about 16 years from conception to 'return' via euthanasia. 

I call this 'needy' insecure behavior 'being a cling-on', sitting there next to one of his beloved humans, and needing constant 'hand on the head'.  A busy professional, including travel, this beloved family dog's family simply has 'moved on in life', and I'd been connected as "Mardy PopIns". 

Once I was alone with him, for what was one of hundreds of days now, I could sense his hesitancy with me. I would learn he is son of the family's beloved 'mama dog', who had lived to about 12 I believe, with life-ending spinal and orthopedic problems laborador retrievers have often.  This guy had been the dog who grew up in the chaos of kids and parents coming and going, the marriage splitting -- amicably, and then he saw every one off to college. 

Then the owner followed with a new frontier awaiting on the Front Range.  People came in to care for him daily, and he had ample room to roam around, but he became deconditioned, depressed, and downright 'complex'. "Messed Up" period.  But soon he was over at my side, nervously allowing my affection and communications.  I knew we'd be fine. 

AND, I'd  noticed the RV in the yard when I pulled in, just before becoming concerned and focused on O'Rio's half ferocious and half happy-to-see-me greeting.  I'd had a vision in my mind's eye over a year before, of 'that RV'.  I had found the reason I'd sold my things and started traveling from home to home as 'Mardy PopIns' at Christmas 2014, completing my 105th month renting a lovely duplex.

I'd begin living there when working PRN/on call part to full time for Rocky Mountain Health Plans' Home Health Department.  I'd drive around the outlying areas primarily, seeing patients who were ordered to have occupational therapy.  One day I had a patient in DeBeque, Loma, and the farthest ranch on Glad Park before going into Utah.  I also had an agreement to provide the occupational therapy services within the PT clinic in the Primary Care Parterns / Docs on Call building. 

I'd move just after my 46th birthday, and get a call as soon as the movers left saying that my beloved cousin (removed) had an abdominal aortic anurysm. I knew how bad those were, I knew she would die, and by the next week I had flown to Chicago for the funeral.  She'd provide through her estate planning, some funds which allowed me to stop doing the on call driving all around The Grand Valley home health job, and concentrate on my OT practice within the clinic and 'health care reform model of medicine' building.  

I'd realize in Chicago that I had some symptoms of a urinary tract infection. It would be diagnosed and treated as soon as I returned, as I had an appointment scheduled with a doctor who I was thinking would be doing a hysterectomy in the future.  This occurred in mid December of that year. 

A medication error occurred after I breezed through surgery and post-op recovery which lead to me having a 'download' of information as I angrily packed my belongings and prepared myself to be in public and look presentable.  I translate the information I got telepathically into these words: This happened to you, as knowledgeable as you are, in a hospital as good as this one, in a city known for superior health care -- imagine what is happening to other people in other places.  A bunch of people are going to do something about this mess we're in, and you are going to be one of them.

The first new patient I had at the clinic after that Saturday in mid December 2006 was a woman with a diagnosis of 'fibromyalgia', who had heard about me from her massage therapist.  The MT had heard that the OT in the PCP building had fibromyalgia -- I've never learned how that was she knew that.  But the woman took it upon herself to get a Rx for OT, and make an appointment, and come.  It was just after New Years 2007. 

The first doctor I'd marketed to had said that no therapy clinic in the area was providing what patients with fibromyalgia needed and he'd drawn me a 'recipe for success' for the patients and the providers, and told me he had 10 new patients a week referred with that diagnosis.  Since that was what I'd been unofficially diagnosed with in the late 1990s, by the doctor this patient had gotten her Rx from, ironically, I had a good idea what these patients needed. 

And I had the need to find patients and generate revenue, of which I'd get a percentage from the clinic.  But their management shot the idea down -- this was not the type of condition and patient the clinic wanted.  They did not know, at the time, I had the condition.  They'd later get many opportunities to treat me for the various symptoms -- vertigo, neck weakness, post hysterectomy muscle imbalances, TMJ dysfunction exacerbated by the intubation with the surgery, and more vertigo and reverberation of sounds. 

I'd like to think they were seeing that people with fibromyalgia could be helped in their clinic and were good patients for their practice, and this other gal just 'frosted the cake'.  She'd take the suggestions I made to go to a PT there, and to the pain / neurological psychologist in the building, and he got re-invigorated by her progress and suggested we start an education group. 

Which lead to my seeing that the website I was getting an idea, about and taking the Business Incubator Center's planning / entrepreneureal class about, could include educational seminars with video and handouts as we did in person, and then we could have forums for discussion (where you're reading now, thought I'm the only one who writes in them now -- it's just easier that way). 

By the end of 2007 I was frustrated with the building's lack of support and downright sabbotaging of the series by reversing their pledge we could have the conference rooms every Thursday from 4 to 6, JUST as we had lined out all these 'doctor's and others' to come speak, with no way of announcing to people the location changes.... and I took the leap to help upstart an integrative medicine clinic which was supposed to have a big seminar area to provide income and space for lights, camera and action (which did not happen as agreed when signing the lease) AND A WEBSITE. 

We got off the ground / "went live on the Internet" with a handful of seminars from MD, ND, and two PhD psychologists, one internationally known, who credited me years later for my exceptional resiliency.  The Mardy PopIns Project was way beyond Plan A, B, or C -- maybe was plan M.  (Below, photo from Thanksgiving 2009 on the mountain I grew up on, at the spring that came out through a pipe that was horizontal.  It was the last 'normal day' at my family of origin's house, my father would collapse before Christmas, Lumigrate would be underway just prior to this via a website master in another state, and there's been a lot of water under the bridge, no pun intended.) 


Having seen "the RV" that matched what was in my mind's eye that got me saying to myself (and then others) "I get the sense I next need to go out roving around, somehow, not having a house and the expenses, next ... for a while.... until Lumigrate is monetized (paying for itself, and for me, it's my life-long income plan for 'old age', and intended to leave a legacy and the world a better place" was ever-so-comforting. 

"The RV and O'Rio after 'big snow' of Feb 2016"

O'Rio's house was with space for my 'usually needed' items, and my work station, so I could continue my work on Lumigrate. On one of my 'trips' in the 'go here now' groove, I'd driven spontaneously up the road, I'd even looked at the house and been drawn to it but thought "you're supposed to connect with someone you'll see out" and "you don't just go driving up to someone's house and say "I felt driving by and seeing your house that  I'm supposed to connect with you".  I would have likely met O'Rio, and nobody else. 

I often wonder what would have happened had I decided differently, two months before getting connected through a mutual colleage (in my case) and friend (in the owner's case). 

My goal was, and is, that Lumigrate be free to the public, which I'd come to realize is necessary with the complex chronic conditions' population more than average websites because by the time people realize they are in need of information AND motivated to study, they often are too debilitated in the resource of money (time and energy being the other factors) to pay a subscription service.  Also, when people are looking around, who is going to have the ambition to sign up for a website, let alone get out a card and pay for the subscription.  I learned after years of wanting to subscribe to Gaia TV that it's very limiting to charge even a $10 / month fee, for various reasons. 

Typical advertisments are visually draining and distracting, which for people with low energy of the brand and body can be detrimental moreso than the 'well' people using the Internet.  They can lead the user away from what you're wanting them to accomplish at a website -- in my case for Lumigrate I want people to be learning information and taking links to other websites and resources I select and encourage! 

PLUS savvy consumers know that advertisers often have influence over what's on the website, or in the movie or show, or printed media.  And Lumigrate's niche of consumers are more savvy than the average consumer. They've wised up from the hard knocks of being beaten down by the things which load us down and slowly (or rapidly) take our wellness level to 'ill' and leave it there chronically.  And they're scrutinous about 'who's paying for this website, this person's time'.  Hence, I am explaining the history of Lumigrate from the start to the present. 

We were with growing position on the Internet from day #1, and in June 2015 as I set up shop in O'Rio's house, the recent topic I'd created about a Facebook group and a man who professed about a protocol to reverse chronic illness using a common veterinary medicine (fenbendazole) and red reishi extract had more reads than anything had ever had.  I'd tried the protocol.  It worked. But it was not without concerns and downsides, as it was a patented medication AND had some additives which many would prefer not to consume.  A more natural way was what many people wanted, and I wanted to try that route myself. 

I'd connect with Crystal Tripp at that time, who would go on to develop products that healed her self, young child, grown child and his dog.  Tragedy would strike with her son being killed at night on his bicycle after improving, and she'd funnel her talents, dedication, and grief into creating Dis-Ease Solutions natural products.  By 2017 she was asking to support my work after we REconnected on Facebook.  Somehow we had been disconnected. So this is going forward for her without my knowledge and involvement while I'm being connected to O'Rio's owner, home, and O'Rio. It was my 3rd house as Mardy Poppins.  THREE IS A CHARM. 

I'd notice at the start of our time together that O'Rio squatted, uncomfortably, to pee/urinate, presumably not able to lift his leg as most "boy dogs" do.  That changed within a week, and I was 'tuning in' to study from this dog who was 10+ years old, and looked 14 (most people guessed).  I was thinking about WHY he improved so rapidly.  The teacher in the afore-mentioned group about fenbendazole had taught that dogs have shorter intestines.  But as I watched O'Rio and watched myself, I knew I was the one feeling a burden of learning all this stuff, deciding what to do, how to obtain items needed and so on -- and he was --- not worrying about all that, he just did what I provided and he got better!  

On the night of the 'blood moon' rising, I happened to walk him in a different area about two miles away, not knowing it was near where his owner's ex husband lives (who is on good terms so sees him a lot, which I did not know).  He called out to me from across the canal, inquiring if that was who he thought it was -- and it was!  "It's good to see him on a leash ... do you have to lift him into your car to get him over here?"  I was not lifting him at that time, he was jumping in by then, having improved substantially. 

I considered the timing of the encounter immediately prior to the full, blood moon rising to be of significance.  Recently I learned that his family member had adopted one of O'Rio's littermates, who hikes Colorado's 14-ers with the family .... quite a difference from what O'Rio's abilities have been.  What might the difference be?  I hope you follow the story to find out what it might be, and then decide for yourself, and take with you what you will to apply to your life, or that of a beloved other. 

O'Rio, however, could not jump into the car on his own when hot and tired, we'd have to rest, and Chow Down Pet Supply's manager saw us sitting waiting to regroup one hot spring day afer we'd walked the trail by their store.  They have the nicest customers who offered to help, too.  So they donated a sling that's like what you carry fire wood in with, which he very much appreciated.  I'm sure it was scary and painful when he had to struggle to get in the car.  But get in the car and go for a ride and a walk and whatEVER was his favorite thing to do.  And so we went out and about, increasingly.

I'm very comfortable with dogs, my mother (and father) decided to bring three golden retrievers from England, when moving to the mountains outside of Denver, Colorado in the mid 1950s.  My first steps had me outside pulling up on a dog -- who'd then have another dog come along and engage it in play and I'd fall down and have to get up again.  Movies without dogs of my 1st birthday, at the home of a relative, show me with clear autism characteristics.  The first thing I'd come up with as a child to answer the question 'what do you want to do when you grow up' was to do with dogs and handicapped people.  Which was not supported by my parent, so onto another idea they did not like, and another and another. 

But at 55, I was FINALLY coming around to what I'd originally envisioned as a child!  About the time of this photograph....


Soon, I realized O'Rio was helping me communicate about the concepts I teach overall, as he was a dog, and it's just easier to see how things affect dogs than it is people.  And -- he's CUTE, and such a charmer.  Recently we had to go in for an unexpected tire repair and the woman CSR as we were paying and checking out said to him "you have the sweetest, kindest eyes I've ever seen" and I realized my dad used to talk about Peachie at about this age having someone on a hike say 'that dog has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on a dog".  I think they are kindred spirits. 

His owner was fine with my using him as a teaching tool, and I started seeing that in their home and family, his changes were perhaps going to make a difference via 'the ripple effect', and inspire, even a little bit, improvements to their lives and well-being. 

I had no clue that my experiences with his story and getting people involved to help would bring me the supportive people and businesses that have come, as I write this in early August 2017.  I went about things in a serial, slow way, so that I could see what change affected what symptoms better.  And on some things where I'd have preferred things progress rapidly, such as changing diet provided by the owner, change came slowly, which was understandable, as they'd ended up in middle age 'struggling to keep up' with all the components of a complex life. 

Pretty soon I found myself saying "I think you maybe have kind of what I have had for a long time....".  And thankfully they "got on it", finding solutions and advise, and avoided a health catastrophe due to proactivity. And this contributed, I believe, to seeing the wisdom in paying more for the dog's food. Which lead to seeing the improvements from the diet.  

This delay, a blessing in disguise, lead me to be creative, roll up my sleeves and work on forming relationships with vendors, producers, and, by month 22, I was offering to hand make 'clean, organic, non GMO (or as close as we can come) for $5/day for ingredients.  Good kibble and scraps had been the diet generally beginning around the time of my birthday in the spring of 2016 and the results were impressive in how he looked and moved.  In July of 2016 I noticed he was prancing EVERYWHERE! He reminded me of a dog in a ring, or a horse even -- hard to tell with his size, which, right? (grins)

Ironically, it was the week of my birthday in 2017 when the Fed Ex truck pulled up as the next step to wellness -- a short term discount from a manufacturer was offered and the owner agreed to give it a go, temporarily.  I know whenever I get off course from organic and as good a diet as I can provide for myself, I regress a lot, and rapidly. (Thank you to Dr. Geoffrey Broderick and Bonnie his assistant at Cornucopia Pet Food and his veterinary office in New York.) 

And so it began, a two month 'cleaning out' of the tissues of the body by going "buckled down" organic -- as "Doc" said "not one bite that is not organic for two months".  His family's younger, hyperactive, problematic dog joined us in mid April, which is why I had seriously requested the investment in food at that time.  She'd rehabilitate well, returning to live in the college town last week, and O'Rio continuing on with an exceptionally good diet, but having some of the kibble he was 'on' in 2016 around the time of the photo, below.  He would get some gas around that time, I wasn't too concerned, and then in late July he suddenly had a week of diarrhea and tar-like, loose stool. 

A resource I'd like to tell you about now is the Cornucopia Institute dot org website, which scrutinizes products claiming to be organic -- both for people and pets. So we kicked things off with two weeks of canned, supplemented by organic food such as I'd make for myself which ends up being cheaper than the canned dog food. Which lead to my suggesting longer-term doing this cleaning out, if I'd make the food free of charge if the ingredients were paid for.  So thanks go to his owner for that generous 'move', and willingness to see what would come in reversing symptoms further through as ideal a diet as we could figure out to provide!  

The photograph, below, is from early July, which was three months into this eating program, shows O'Rio literally flying up a steep hill in the desert.  Keep in mind, he's almost 12-1/2 now, and at 10 when we began our journey together, he started out as I've described, above.


The Beginning -- June 2015

The first morning after settling in the evening before to be the primary caretaker and caregiver while the family continued their lives on the Front Range, I sat on a couch near the bedroom to put on my shoes, and had him turn his back to me so I could massage him.  The pain I sensed was being relieved was impressive.  I instantly thought about having a massage therapy expert teach me more than I knew so far about canine massage.

It took until today to get there!  Because I wanted to go about things in an order so we could see what made a difference and not.  Water purity/ quality.  Food purity/ quality.  Bedding.  Toys.  Exercise changes.  Exposure to toxins in the house, on the grass, in the nearby farmland, in the property's irrigation pond.  Exposures from products people use on their hands, their clothes, their bedding which is coming in contact through contact or breathing in. 

I realized how smart O'Rio was, and how much of an intervention I was providing, as Mardy PopIns, as I call my work in-home, on the second day when I sat in the same spot to put on my shoes, and he eagerly sat with his back to me -- clearly wanting more of 'that' --- that massage stuff. 

So it turned out that the massage therapist who had asked me to connect in early 2014, had gone into Ortho-Bionomy and was at that time still learning from the local resource for that technique.  I'd run into him in June 2014 at an outdoor concert.  He had turned to look at the full moon that someone in his group had just noticed, and JUST THEN, I passed under it, and he called out to say hello to me, remarking about the full moon illuminating me as I went under. 

I'd decided I was going to utilize the event to say out loud what I had been realizing was being suggested to me by what I call TWIG; That Which is Guiding

It seemed utterly bizarre that I felt I should sell my things and go off as some 'traveling truffle' of some sort, so I thought I'd just start by telling people I'd have an invitation only, appointment at your convenience garage sale.  This massage therapist / Ortho-Bionomist was THE first person I bounced that idea out to.  He didn't particularly react.  And I didn't choke on my words.  I ended up hanging out with him and his group the rest of the night so I didn't actually get to talking to anyone else and seeing how it 'felt' to say I was going to sell my things.  But we would talk about growing food, orgonite -- yes, FINALLY, someone local who knew what orgonite was! -- and I could tell I had entered some 'other dimension', or 'was finding a new groove'.

I'd started getting the image in my mind's eye in the spring of 2014 of a van-type RV, very distinctive and unique.  In May I'd run into a spiritual guru-type woman who was getting her van's brakes worked on just after I'd been guided to 'right then' go to the UPS Store and send the ashes from my beloved cat, who'd been euthanized due to what I believe was feline dysautonomia / autism in April of 2013. 

There was a postal satellite office near my home, and I'd just been in town for a walk by the river, so turning around NOW and going NOW to THAT PARTICULAR place --- was just something I did.  It was May 2014 when a lot of this kind of thing started happening, like literally being led by the nose and at the last moment, and there was ALWAYS some reason for it.  It got to be very entertaining, actually. That RV/ van would end up being the RV in O'Rio's driveway when I pulled in and was 'welcomed' by O'Rio the first time.  WOW!!!

I'd hyperextend my knee moving my computer into the house, which was ironic since I had a full flight of stairs to the bedroom I was to use.  I took it that I was supposed to be reminded to take my time, to do things only when I was feeling rested enough, not to 'overextend'.  I'd only recently learned of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and suspected that was what I actually had, and my mother had -- perhaps my father too.  It would account for her life-long symptoms and death at 62 from anurysm. My removed cousin who'd died also. 

And I started looking at O'Rio and wondering if he had doggie autism, doggie Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome -- he had those long, long legs and a strangely shaped body.  He'd get into contorted positions lying on the floor.  I now have learned there's a rising tide of canine dysautonomia, something that started in Europe in the 1980s, then was found in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. 

The blessing of the family's young dog coming for the summer was she had a more significant, obvious case, or so I suspect, and she responded well to what was agreed upon to be a "meet and greet and estimate cost to treat", where I got to learn how some shady operators operate -- bait and switch, the provider just went right into treatment and then expected payment.  The next day the phone rang while I was making breakfast and the price had increased of the treatment if I didn't pay by the end of the day.  And then they sent me a bill that had an even higher amount.

I'd known providers who had dislike for this whole category of providers, or who diplomatically verbalized a tepidity and said 'that's not been my experience' when I said I'd found them collaborative.  I'd always held out an open mind but I increasingly was seeing this category of providers as not the type of provider I want to promote.  I hope there are some who are doing honest work and collaborating for the patients involved.  In the past, my personal wellness would never have returned to the level it did in the early 1990s had it not been for a friend insisting I go to one she knew of.  I'd gone to one at 15 and 16 years of age, driving as a new driver down the canyons to Littleton and home.  

But the good thing was that 'example' treatment seemed to make a big difference, and now the dog resides near the provider in the state with 15 years experience in the methods that a veterinarian has trained 4,000 providers (DVMs and DCs).  That provider had agreed to treat O'Rio in trade for the marketing that would come from the story, and suffice it to say you won't be seeing that provider and neither will O'Rio.  Ethics are a foundation for working with me. 

Sometimes it takes a while for the thorns to show on the rose. And I'm happy to say that Travis Reed had agreed to help my former boss' dogs last summer when they were in town for the Palisade Bluegrass Festival, just because he likes to help dogs and dog owners, and have them see the benefits of the techniques he has 'up his sleeve'. 

I'd run into Travis Reed at the Palisade Bluegrass Festival in June 2016, just prior to taking off to go care for O'Rio on the Front Range at the house of the bulldog, whose owner is currently actively in kidney transplant mode (and last July took a family vacation when time had permitted).  Photos: 


Set list from Nicki Bluhm and the Grifters -- check out their Van Sessions on the Internet, they're a blast!  (Thanks to the couple who took the photo and loaned me the set list handed to them -- they were a pleasure and she knew how to tell you to move to get right for a photo!)

During the concert, I was standing / dancing / enjoying front and center at the stage next to a woman I'd met in the IV room at a pay to play MD's office in 2004, who is written about in the local paper for her mercury-related environmental illness.  At the time of this photo, I was just told by Dr. Kessler of Germany who can remotely test for sensitivity to elements (and then teaches how to avoid exposures even to minute or single molecules) that O'Rio is mercury sensitive, the bulldog was aluminum sensitive and guess what?  

I'm one of the rare ones are sensitive to two elements, and mine are mercury and aluminum. (Which leads one to suspect I have ApoE4 and this would explain why, despite all I've done for 40 years now, I've not had more wellness recovery than I have.... and the ups and downs and relapses and so on.) More on this, later.

After the concert I talked to Nicki Bluhm about getting an interview at some point, and felt that 'coincidence' with two women, average age 60, both of whom could have been debilitated by MS (or whatever) and in wheelchairs, nursing homes, graves by now INSTEAD up dancing next to each other. 

She's been my neighborhood neighbor where I'd rented, we'd dated the same guy before and after the time I moved to the Grand Valley, and her newlywed husband from Mexico -- a Reiki provider and movie industry craftsman painter -- had been who I'd hired to do my swamp cooler shut down that fall. 

He'd brought with him to do a repair needing a helping hand or two, the son of my massage therapist from 2004 who had not only caught my thyroid tissue enlargement and gotten me nagging the afore-mentioned IV provider about actually looking at my thyroid, but she'd solved chronic, debilitating plantar fasciitis with her skills in reflexology.  I'm putting some photographs here to demonstrate.  L =  2003    R = 2005 


The before is from the fall of 2003, just as I'd taken headshots for a website about consulting in Colorado Springs on legal cases, I was asked to work in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) in Grand Junction for a couple of months.  I was not feeling up to that much but when they got it down to three weeks and a guarantee to be home for the New Years bash, so I agreed. 

Once I arrived, I just felt I was supposed to ask for the permanent job and move, which the company paid for.  A big snow for the area and state made it the most memorable and difficult move the company had undertaken, only to be replaced with Hurricane Katrina and going to remove someone from that devastated area in 2005.

I realized the pay to play doctor was nearby who I'd sought out to get the IV nutrition I'd just responded to so well when asked by my 1996-1998 employer to go to Grand Junction for 2 weeks -- which turned into 2 months. 

That day with the guys doing a repair on my rented house I was preparing to leave, I did not know it was my former MT's son until the end when he gave me his card.  I'd been walking around barefood all day too, and told him to tell his mother that!  He'd admired my massage table and had said once you're used to having a massage table it's difficult to use a bed but they were short on space at his home. Ironically, they were the first to shop at my 'estate-esque sale' to downsize my life and do this Mardy PopIns thing.

And there I was at the Bluegrass concert connecting with a new, specially trained massage therapist, Travis Reed and dancing next to the couple I had so much history with yet barely know.  He had taught me the concept of 'living like a pelican', something he'd learned from someone in Mexico.  You just get up every day and go fish for what you need.  And that's all you need.  Pelican's maybe make it as simple as dogs!

At this point, I'm going to provide this link to

Nutritional Balancing Programs for Animals, by Dr Lawrence Wilson. 

Copyright 2015, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


In my experience, nutritional balancing could save farmers, ranchers, livestock and pet owners billions of dollars in unnecessary losses and animal disability.  It would also  extend the lifespan of many animals and contribute greatly to their performance and commercial value of livestock and larger animals.
This is a general article about working with animals.  To read about specific animals, please go to the following links: (and then there are links for Cats, Cows, Deer, Dogs, Horses, Lambs, Sheep).

I particularly noticed and enjoyed seeing this, because I'd thought this through two years ago when O'Rio made such improvements and rapidly.  Why?  Dr Wilson says it well:

2. Animals are much easier to work with than human beings.  The reasons are their diets are easy to control, their mental and emotional makeup is simpler, and their stress levels are lower in most cases.
In addition, the fine-tuning and years of retracing required with most human beings today is rarely required with animals.  This alone greatly simplifies the application of nutritional balancing science in veterinary medicine.

I also want to provide this paragraph, and encourage taking the link, above, to read from Dr L Wilson's website. 

8. Most animals are quite toxic today.  This is due to problems in their feed and their water.  They may also be born this way due to problems in their mother’s bodies.  Toxicity is a serious problem among all the animal species for many reasons.
At times, toxicity is also due to the administration of vaccines, medical drugs and other potions, often for years.  I hope the practice of veterinary medicine will change as more veterinarians realize that many species of animals will not need the vaccines and drugs nearly as much when their body chemistry is brought gently to balance.

1. Most animals are fast oxidizers.  Fast oxidation has a precise mathematical definition, according to Dr. Paul Eck, who inspired this website.
Most animals are in fast oxidation, or an alarm stage of stress, or a sympathetic nervous state, because they are under stress due to their food, their water, lack of enough warmth, and other factors such as heavy metal toxicity.  However, most animals are much healthier than human beings because they are fed better, overall, and they have less stress than many, though not all humans.
2. The sodium/potassium or Na/K ratio is lower in animals for complex reasons.  This is a general rule that applies to all animals.  This is because their electrical potential across the cell membranes is lower than that of human beings.

The average Na/K ratio for animals is about 0.5.  The Na/K ratio, however, can rise very high in animals when the animal is under stress.  This is, unfortunately, all too common.  While there is some variation within a species, in general the ideal value is pretty much the same within a species.
3.  The calcium/magnesium ratio is often too high in animals.  This is because too many of them are fed grain when this is not their native or correct food.
4. The four lows pattern and the four highs pattern do occur in animals, but not too often. Most animals are not ill enough to develop a four lows pattern, unlike human beings.  If an animal test reveals a four lows pattern, the animal is in bad shape and usually will not survive for long.  Horses show this pattern more than most other animals.
5. Four highs is an unusual stress pattern that is uncommon in animals.  Perhaps this is because the type of stress that causes the pattern rarely occurs in animals, if they are well cared for.  If it does occur, it is a sign that the animal is not well cared for in some way.  For example, perhaps the animal gets too much exercise of is fed stimulating vitamins or other stimulants.
6. The calcium and magnesium levels are often quite low in animals.  This is due to 1) stress and 2) a fast oxidation pattern.  A chronic sympathetic discharge or fight-or-flight reaction causes the body to excrete too much calcium and magnesium, and these minerals are difficult to replace with standard animal feeds.
              7. Hair must not be washed at the laboratory. As with human beings, for accurate mineral readings, one must use a laboratory that does not wash the hair at all.  In the United States, and perhaps, on the entire planet, I only know of two laboratories that do not wash the hair at all.  They are Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona and Trace Elements, Inc in Texas.  We much prefer Analytical Research Labs.  Their graphs are much easier to read and more exact, and for other reasons.
            Please contact only one of the Approved practitioners
            Restoring the health of our livestock on earth depends, in part, upon regenerating the soils of the planet.  This is a critical project, and nutritional balancing principles can help.  To learn more about this, please read Soil Rejuvenation With Nutritional Balancing.


 Please check back for MORE about O'Rio -- with Travis Reed and OrthoBionomy --- with Dis-Ease Solutions and Crystal Tripp's products (some of which I've shared with Travis Reed, too).  


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Better Out Than In -- Picture of Poop Provides Much to Discuss

I'm going to look forward to input from people "in the know about what's up with mucous / ropes / parasites / interlopers" have to say about this fabulous poop that came out of O'Rio on an afternoon walk on the 15th of August, 2017 (yesterday as I'm writing this).  (And subsequent photos I've added since by editing this, because it just kept coming and happening!)  I didn't have my phone or camera with me but they were closeby so I went and got them -- this is from my phone because it is the easiest way to get photos posted at this time.



© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug15 afternoon poop walk results). Note the insect was from the air, there are a lot of flies this time of year in this part of the Grand Valley of Western Colorado where he has lived his entire 12 years and almost another half! 

© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug15 afternoon poop walk results #2, after twig was run to 'slice' lengthwise, attempting to engage some of the coating material to pull off (which it didn't, but look at 17Aug, two days later, below).


© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug17 afternoon poop walk results). The small dab at bottom of photo is what came off using a twig in the spot on the feces 'tube' just above it where you'll notice there is no shiny coating. 


© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug17 afternoon poop walk results, above, occurred and then he went over to an area away from the spot and rejoiced --- rested in the sun --- did NOT come with me to the house to get the camera (which is unusual for him)(as though he was just 'relieved' and wanted to relax and enjoy what he just had happen, and he moved over to this spot when I returned and continued rejoicing -- or that's my interpretation of it).


© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug17 after the rejoicing, rolling, it was time to come inside and --- he can't take his boots off, nor can he take his fur off, so he got brushed and wiped down.  That's one content dog!


O'Rio had not been given anything but food and water for weeks, though he had licked my hands as I soaked earlier in the day in Crystal Tripp's Dis-Ease Solutions detoxification skin soak product (called Soothe-Ease).  I'd given Travis Reed, LMT and OrthoBionomy provider a bag of the product after he'd worked on O'Rio at the beginning of August; he, like me, was interested in using it as a foot or hand soak.

I've given some to the people who did a grueling day of work around O'Rio's house, too, and they remarked about how good it smelled (even in a zippered plastic bag I'd put it in, outside, they could smell it from their waist area holding it. When I go upstairs where I have put the box from Crystal, this lovely aroma does it's therapy on me, even though the air conditioning is baffling the fix it people, also out last week and back today as I edit this on Monday the 21st -- eclipse day).

About three weeks ago, he'd gone out to poop in the mid afternoon and his owner and I, who are rarely in the same place at the same time in person, got to see, hear and smell a sudden explosion of watery diarrhea begin, just after normal appearing poop came out. 

A day or so before, I had given him one serving for his weight of a produce made with yucca, which was given to us to try because of his pain and stiffness -- it is the locally owned pet supply store's top selling 'supplement', as they called it, but I think it's more a natural medicine. 

For a week, the poor dog had to 'go #2' about every 2 hours, even at night.  He was left in the house at one point and went both upstairs and down, and it wasn't discovered until dry -- and was simply not like runny poop from a dog normally is -- it was dark, and so hard it was tar-like. Thankfully I have a pet cleaning carpet tool which removed all the material, and a carpet expert has shown us how well the stains will come out with the professional oxidizing spray he offers.  I definitely did not give him more of the yucca product and was inspired to call Travis Reed to see if we can help his pain through OrthoBionomy in the mean time.

I also wondered if he was getting to another layer of things in his intestines due to diet changes.  Having been through these cleanses and changes in diet long term for a long time myself, plus my experience in 2015 trying fenbendazole with red reishi mushroom extract, which was where I thankfully met Crystal Tripp studying about that protocol on Facebook, I know what's reported by people plus what I experienced. Of course there is her Facebook group (look for Dis-ease Solutions ......... (and then there's some description after it about natural healing of symptoms).

As for my experiences, one day in the spring of 2015 what I saw in the toilet after a good, normal bowel movement (I have usually 3 a day) was shocking -- the color changed midway through.  Since beginning the fenbendazole product a month or so before, the color had been an olive green.  This day it was as if it instantly got done bringing the green stuff out of my intestines to a layer that was dark, dark brown.  Then that was the color of the month .... until one day it just was as if all that was on the intestines making it be that color was removed and it went back to being the color it was before starting on the fenbendazole.   I felt it was time to stop taking the medication (which is a very common product for a variety of mammals and for fish, there's a version sold in kilogram quantities for aquariums and fish purposes which people were co-operating on shares / sharing. 

I've essentially not done anything since then, which was May of 2015, except have a reasonable diet and do a short burst of fenbendazole liquid about a year later.  I gave O'Rio a smaller dose than his weight for a few days then up to a full dose for 2 days at the same time.  So it's been over a year since he'd had any kind of product to address 'the interlopers'. 

My thought looking at what you see in the photo: 'Is that a 'rope' / mucous from a dog, like what people talk about?  I think so!'  and 'I can't wait to get input on this from others.'  Which are all Facebook friends who provide products or services of some sort or another, OR sometimes are just really into this aspect of information and then teach others simply by participating on Facebook and helping those in their live communities. 

I found this great resource to listen to or read the transcription -- it covers SIBO, SIFO, candida, herbs versus patented medicines, doing 3 week dosing on things for getting into the intestines, rotating things, overlapping --- tons of concepts in this which are applicable to many, many situations and people (and dogs!).... drruscio.com/sifo-small-intestinal-fungal-overgrowth/

SIFO – Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth with Dr. Satish Rao

Dr Ruscio Radio

What do you do if all of your digestive tests are normal but you still have symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea or nausea?  We have spoken a lot about SIBO but today I’m very excited to share with you a conversation with one of the leading researchers in SIFO, Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth.  This discussion with Dr. Satish Rao is one you will not want to miss.

O'Rio's Diet of Late

He'd been eating canned organic or hand made 'clean'/organic food since the beginning of April, after going to a better kibble the previous April (2016), and then progressively improving the kibble and doing supplemental foods in addition (aka table scraps, butcher seconds, etc.).  He had just started back on some kibble over July 4 weekend because we had another dog here who is now eating the kind of kibble O'Rio was eating the summer before, and he was THRILLED to have kibble again, he clearly was 'over it' having all that handmade organic or canned food, he wanted crunchies! 

It was great to do that food for a while as a means of reversing his symptoms, "cleaning things out", but once you get things cleaned out, then finding what long-term is a good compromise of convenience, cost and proper nutrition (which means being conscious of toxic chemicals such as glyphosate, for one biggie).

I found a clue to what might be going on, at this website: 


This is the portion that makes me think this might be a resource to apply to what's going on with O'Rio: 

The Wheat-Gluten Connection

The link between the vast increase in gluten intolerance and the herbicide Roundup is not to be taken lightly. Read an in-depth study here.

My first experience of the effects of gluten intolerance and the bodies retention of environmental toxins came with a patient I tested in my clinic eight years ago who had worked in the petrochemical industry. He suffered mild neurological symptoms but was otherwise relatively well.

I prescribed him a combination of bitter herbs to break up chemical strains in his body for over three months and he reported to me no obvious symptoms.

That is until he started a wheat/gluten free diet. Within two weeks of this his liver, kidneys and nervous system tested positive for the petrochemicals that he had been exposed to for years. As soon as he stopped gluten his bodies cells released a cascade of these chemicals and his joint and neurological symptoms suddenly escalated.

Other practitioners confirmed similar findings to me and there is no doubt gluten stops the body detoxifying a whole range of toxic chemicals. A typical Herxheimer’s reaction.


SATURDAY, 19 August 2017


© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug19 afternoon poop walk results, 4:40 pm). O'Rio had some of my baked sweet potato from dinner on the evening of August 18, which I don't bake as long as I bake 'his', which he normally has as a bedtime snack.  So that's what the orange is.  He had chicken (as did I) for dinner, some kibble perhaps, though he only resorts to that occasionally. 

Crystal Tripp has been looking at these before I post them and so far this one I've not gotten her comment about but in general her experience with people has been that the dark feces is due to slowness of the intestinal tract, which has not been my experience with myself and by doing this 'pulsing' of food that you can see in the feces and monitor the time it's taking to travel from mouth out to the poop in the grass, it's taking less than 24 hours to 'go through him'.  And then the coating of 'whatever you want to call it' is brilliantly shown here, because it didn't bend with the poop when it hit the ground and so you can see that with this photo.  

Crystal Tripp said, just before this poop occurred, that I had to write about rope worms.  I said that I needed to talk to her and learn more from her perspective and we committed to talking soon.  She was going out wildcrafting and I was going out doing my version of foraging -- for food in town, too.  And that's why we were at the park with the beautiful grass, nearby the wonderful and inspirational monument drinking fountain for dogs.  (Photo later). 

It's been hot in Grand Valley and O'Rio had been in the car in the shade when I made a quick stop and when I came out he was in the seat behind the driver's seat with the open window and sun hitting him.  Is he somehow doing what he needs to get this stuff out of him?  He seems to be chosing what he wants to eat and that's different than what he used to want to eat and drink.  Goat milk (raw, organic) of late, and not wanting eggs (raw, organic). 

I thought about this because Crystal was eager for me to do the internal cleanse she offers, and I wanted to get into the heat of the summer and do some active sweating and detoxing first -- it's just what my gut was guiding me to do.  Make some space, so to speak. 

O'Rio and I had a very long day on Friday out in the heat as workers were working on his house and he's a working dog, thus he's a watcher and worker -- border collie father genes and all. I was providing a lot of water and some of it had citrus in it and O'Rio wanted to drink mine -- he drank a whole glass of it (out of my hand). 

Was that a factor in why this came out today?  Who know.  You just do like all the 'autism moms' (and others/ dads included) out there do and you keep trying whatever and sometimes you spontaneously strike on something that you'd not thought of doing that just happens -- and it maybe had an impact.  And you note it.  That's all I'm doing here. 

I'll look forward to how this process inspires YOU, and invite you to get ahold of me on Facebook or email at mardy dot poppins at yahoo dot com.  (The contact us and the information in my signature are needing updated and are not correct at this time.)



Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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What's In The Air Gets In Us In Variety of Ways; Kitchen Clues

Thursdays are trash day, and so I really work to get things into the vacuum and to the trash truck and off to the landfill and as far away from where it can be impacting those in the home.  Aug17 is a Thursday, but it was not a usual Wednesday and Thursday with HVAC people in to work on air conditioning and furnace maintenance.  A copper pipe had been corroded through, which would have to be very acidic the expert said.  Hmmmm, I said. 

I also had spent some time, more than I'd planned, working on Lumigrate - related things, due to this big breakthrough we've had with O'Rio's poop.  So the vacuum was still out after the above-provided photographs of his 17Aug17 poop, roll, and cleaning of him for coming in the house. 

I realized I should ask the HVAC people to guide me on cleaning what should VERY OFTEN be cleaned on refrigerators. I'm getting back to doing more of these things myself because -- well, they get done, and I'm feeling up to the 'hit' from the exposure in trade for learning and exercising my body and brain.  I guess I'm an experiential learning more than I realized, or I've changed to that at this point in my life.

So I saw the correlation, possibly, with what built up in the working parts of the refrigerator / freezer over probably as many years as O'Rio's been around in the house (which is 12-1/2 almost!) AND what we're seeing coming out of O'Rio with his poop at this point in time.  I'm not saying that is IS a correlation, I'm just putting it out there as a possibility.  Something to discuss. 

The front part of the metal grating where air flows in from the right in the photo is after being vacuumed and brushed while vacuum is right there to suck it up.  The back part is as it was prior to cleaning, and it would peel off like fragile skin.  What is this, if we were to have it analyzed?  A mix of what's in the air that's of the size to get sucked into this!  Same as what gets sucked into our noses and mouths, and then washed down into our stomachs and out into the intestines.  It'll land in water if it's out in the open without a cover, and then in our bodies it goes with our gulping down a drink.  It'll land in food that's left out uncovered, and similarly get inside of us.  Has this been a part of what's happened to people with the gut getting messed up?  I think it's likely a factor.  How big or small, is anyone's guess.  But I think it's a factor. 

"I'm going to look at that with a mirror and light and if it needs blowing out, it's going to make one hell of a mess, pardon my language," the 50-year veteran of HVAC and refrigeration said.  He had a plan that involved a wet towel and compressed gas and I was relieved when how I'd been able to reach with my tools had done a good job.  I did not want that 'stuff' blowing in the air, I'd want to do the whole taping off of the area with plastic. 

I asked if he'd heard how they're remediating toxic mold, and he hadn't.  It's another area for the consumer to stand in their knowledge and not let practices occur when there's a safer way to do them, if it's seeming to be something significant to health of those occupying a house.  Dog or otherwise. 

© 2017 Mardy Ross, Lumigrate (2017Aug17 Refrigerator/Freezer Working Parts Symptoms).

I just had a flashback over 50 years, to a morning I'd gotten into bed with my mother before she got up for the day.  She saw dust in the light streaming in the window, and got dressed and started dusting.  I asked for a rag to do the bottom parts.  And that was when I started being a house keeper.  It's like it was just with me when I came to this life on Earth. 

I'd clean their home for them until just prior to when she died.  I'd felt at that point in time I was with a home and family and they had the money to hire someone if they needed help, I'd been doing it almost 25 years.  I suspect I intuitively knew that a clean house is going to be a healthier house.  But it is a lot of work, and resources in money that could be spent on other things to have things maintainted.  I think it's important.  I hope you will find this of interest and perhaps be reminded, or reinforced, in what YOU are doing for the health of your home. 

Live and Learn.  Learn and Live Better!  ~~ Mardy


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: http://twitter.com/lumigrate and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at Lumigrate.com as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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