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Edit, late July 2015: It appears to me that we are very much 'in disclosure' now.  Due to the way the blog tab and it's blogs near the top are easiest for me to direct people to, this is going to be added onto and I'll integrate or 'graft' in new information with what I'd provided here initially, creating this topic thread in April 2014.  It had 2,300+ reads in the fifteen months prior to this edit in late July 2015. This is what I'd already said here:

NOTE: I rarely create new blog posts these days at Lumigrate for a couple of reasons. Overall, I have focused on building information in the forums, for one thing.  When someone comes to Lumigrate and looks at the blog area, I've wanted what is being seen to seem significant; sometimes when a person is told to keep new blogs coming all the time to keep people coming back to your site, you're going to be hit or miss on how great a topic it is they see.  See, I do things differently; Lumigrate reflects that. 

You can see in the boxes on the side what's new in comments or what's a new forum topic, so if you regularly do that, you'll keep up.  Otherwise, just go dig in and find the forums and look at the topics at the top in each forum because I'm the only one now that can add content and 'bump' something so it's up at the top of the list.  This makes the forums of Lumigrate a rich resource for information and YOUsers can find the topmost information easily.  Thank you for your interest in Lumigrate and I hope it's a 'grate' resource for YOU ~~ Mardy, January 2015

I felt it important to create a new blog entry today because I'm finding myself saying repeatedly to people this spring "while you're busy getting sucked into this "news story", what are you NOT studying that has real importance?"  And in July 2015 editing this, it's going to be helpful if you'd gotten up to speed about this.  If not, you're just going to have more to study and ASAP, in my opinion because we are very much in disclosure at this time, in my opinion.  From 'looking at the tea leaves'.  We all have to learn, process and talk to others and most of all decide for ourselves what we think the truth and reality is.  

The way that The History Channel created the other channel, called H2, and then appeared to me to put their conservative, mainstream content on the more-watched channel and the more 'out there' information on H2, THEN confuse me by having this summer put Ancient Aliens into a blitz over July 4 weekend on The History Channel --- the mainstream 'this is what we want everyone to know' channel and NOT the 'this is what we want the ripple effect leading edge to try on for size, receive, get feedback and start sharing and telling others about.  

What are they doing? Think about how YOU would take a society of people who'd gotten partial truths, false information, plus a lot of information accurately and then tell them that they'd not gotten the whole truth, and replace what they're to believe.  I.e.: "this is the truth we now want you to believe".  That's going to take a lot of people carefully organizing the effort.  It appears to me they've had that.   I'm going to add in comment, below, what I can type out from having recorded Ancient Aliens that was the show's premier episode for the new season.  

They're in no uncertain terms saying that there have always been reports of craft or things in the skies that could be interpreted as aircraft, we'd just not been told that before.  Which version do you believe, the old version of what they wanted us to know or the one coming out now.  What they are 'disclosing' to us.  And has all the hype about 'disclosure' been so that when new information comes out we presume it is 'disclosure of truth' and it's just another layer of misinformation to manipulate? This is why we have to put in a lot of time and energy (and sometimes money) studying things, so we're knowing how to act, not re-act. So we've processed it and can then put our senses together and know what we are 'going to do with this information'.  

I'm not here to tell you what to think; I'm just hoping to help pull out the things to spend time learning and thinking / feeling about.  Often people are more engaged in their vacations or the school year busy-ness that keeps parents running, or whatever crisis is going on in their family and they don't make it a priority to see what's coming down the train tracks at them.  The link to the comment writing up Ancient Aliens' Ultimate episode is:

Now, below, is what I'd prepared in April 2014. It still applies. 

"Keep following the money...." I also say. Whether you've heard of the United Nation's Agenda 21 which occurred in 1992/1993 (for those of us in the US, under George Bush then Bill Clinton), Common Core Curriculum, and I.C.L.E.A or some or none of the above, I'll suggest investing under 10 minutes to watch Agenda 21 For Dummies at YouTube. Here's the link: .

(Almost 1, 375,000 people had viewed it as of my grabbing the link for including here, so you can measure up where it's at when YOU do.)  You'll hear someone crediting Charlotte Iserbyt for having tried to tell us / him about Agenda 21. The man in the video interview freely admits it sounded too unbelievable and he was now apologizing, basically.  You'll find information I provide about Ms. Iserbyt about 'education reform' in the forums as well, if you wish to Search at the search bar for her name or those keywords.  Here's the topic thread

It is important to mention since we're focused on health care around Lumigrate, Codex Alimentarius, or "Codex" as most people refer to it in conversation,  is another piece of this puzzle. I first learned of Codex meeting with a executive of a health food chain in Lumigrate's first year. They were rebranding from their initial business name from the 1950s through that time which was focused on supplements, though they'd been growing into carrying foods for decades, so their new name is focused on food. So you'll have some keywords to get started on researching if you're wishing to learn more about this most critical issue going on in the United States and all other countries who are participating AND all the rest, as it'll affect them as well. 

In the video, YOU will see they discuss how this has gotten past people -- even policy makers who you'll hear in the video literally apologizing for their lack of grasping how something this unbelievable sounding in concept could actually get rooted and grow. They don't elaborate on the 'marketing' of how this was carried out in this brief, introductory video, but the "powers that be involved", so to speak, bought up the media which is big business. When I say 'media' do you think mainstream media and social media combined, or just papers, mags, radio and TV? For those who have been on Facebook for a while, did you notice changes that might fit with 'the agenda' program? 

So let's now think about our current springtime 2014 media history. A month after a plane went missing, one of the 'news cable channels' spent an entire afternoon when I checked in to just see what they were 'up to'. This was after more than one of my more 'head in the sand' acquantances contacted me to ask what I thought about the missing plane situation. (That's a legitimate coping strategy and is actually referred to by the expert I'm going to set you up to read about, read on....)  

"WOW! ... how did THAT story get to THOSE people? This story has permeated everyone I think, how did they do that, why did they do that?"  I remarked to myself. And so I put my radar up and my thinking cap on, which is why I suggest this to you in this blog post.

So, as I told them and many since with the stories that have gotten them sucked in ... LEARN WHAT IS GOING ON OVERALL, and don't put it off! Make 10 minutes to go watch the YouTube about A21, ICLEA, CCC. Take another 10 minutes to read over the speech I link to below, and preferably take 20 minutes to also watch her present it in the video provided at the link also.

This is critically important and time critical at this point. When it comes to the media, whether main stream or social, know who owns the business you're using. Facebook's top investors are very overlapping with Monsanto's top investors, for instance. When you see them talking about 'dummying down', realize that if you're tied up with your time concerned with the myriad of 'news' stories pumped into the media (social and mainstream), you've falled for a play because in the past you were a victim of this 'dummying down'.  

And it's not because you're 'dumb'. I don't think I'm 'dumb', and I admit that I was victimized by this and didn't see what was going on in 1992, 1993 and up until 2013 -- TWENTY YEARS until I caught onto it. (Though some of the facets I didn't get pulled into, such as wasting away in front of the TV watching professional sports during my free time, or going to every movie that comes out, the reality televisions shows, etc. I did stay with my nose to the professional grindstone about the medical aspect of this plan, though it was a few years into my career as an occupational therapist before I felt things didn't quite add up right in terms of what I was being told my work was supposed to be about and what was being required and expected of me (which was not in the interest of the patients often times.) 

I learned that today when NOT giving time and energy/attention to the story de jour, which has to do with a racially laced recording leaked to a disreputable company by a girlfriend of a wealthy NBA guy who has a wife suing the girlfriend for 'gold-digging'.  I mean, come ON people! Learn 'the game', play 'the game', don't get played by 'the game'. Keep in mind the other recent story which was NOT so much covered in mainstream media but had a ton of manipulations going on via the paid trolls on social media and their unwitting or witting followers and 'friends' sharing, commenting and drawing attention to it, came from Mr Cliven Bundy about a week before.

Hmmmm, the news cycle is considered to be about 48 to 72 hours so isn't that a funny 'coincidence'. 1 + 1 might just be adding up to .... well, you do the math based on what YOU think after thinking about it......  (you'll see in the above video that in the new math it can be that 2+2 = 5, so ... just sayin'.... thinking caps... 

But, aside from being middle aged and hopefully entering the era of "older and wiser", how is it that I am able to see this today? I largely credit an impactful speech I wrote about for our YOUsers at Lumigrate in 2013, after seeing her speak about Monsanto at the March Against Monsanto in Venice, California. Here's the link:

Marianne Williamson had not yet announced she was running for office, so I was thrilled when I saw her toss her hat in the ring. Here's the link to that topic on Lumigrate -- I've provided a typed up, readable version of the 20 minute speech and even highlighted and blockquoted the important parts --- like the phone # she gave for the White House in order to give everyone ONE number they can go through to reach their Senators.

She sets up the script of what to say, and she also elaborates on history, what has gone on to create the military/industrial/government complex we have now, and the ethics of it. And she says LEARN what is GOING ON. So I say YES to that, and use the time you'd get sucked into monkeybusiness to learn how it is they're creating the monkeybusiness that's sucking you in!

And if you're not getting sucked in because you're already aware because you've done your time learning already, perhaps you can use this to help others as I'm sure I'm not the only one who is in a position to help others see this stuff. YOU -- she uses the YOU word too -- to remind, here's the Lumigrate YOU! model, which serves as a visual for how YOU as a person have the ability to be empowered by having surrounding you people you'd connect with to voice your opinions about things to do with the country, state, or local governments. 

Marianne's message is of HOPE, so I'm also including that graphic here. Please go and read what she had to say almost a year ago, and take from it what you'll take from it. In reviewing it today, I got another layer from it, as a year ago I was only taking in what I could and acting upon that. She recognizes, as you will see, how much it is to 'digest', but how it's not going to be to your benefit to not put on the big girl panties or the big boy boxers or briefs (grins) and show up. Americans went to sleep -- I think we were put to sleep with what is in the water, the food, the air, and 'on the airwaves', the television.

It's not just us, I remember in 1990, on my only trip outside of the US besides to Canada, and the native people were all inside with their open windows for breeze and I could hear the American daytime television shows. I asked 'where are all the musicians?' .. "that stopped when we got television on the island" I was told. Some people are concerned about what's on programming so they use movies -- so educate yourself about who's behind the movies you watch. Have you gotten 'cooked' and don't know it? Video games? Sports addiction? Food addiction? Drugs/alcohol? Compulsive 'hoarding'? Social media? It's a rare person that has sailed through modern times without getting sucked into something, for one reason or another.  Sometimes there are physiological reasons underlying someone's susceptibility to things classified as behavioral and mental health, so maybe that's part of what you'll need to learn about in order to be as effective and strong as YOU can be as a citizen.

I hope this has provoked thought; if you read this and were one of the people who inspired me to write, thank you. We're in this together. But to give a little clue as to one of the things out there to learn, is that a lot of thought patterning was provided to the public about 'negative thinking' and 'staying positive', and think about how that could be a ploy used by someone who wanted to keep people from doing their homework and becoming empowered, effective, and educated citizens. Think about the consequences of you do not find the strength to sit down and dedicate yourself to adult responsibilities in a democracy. We really were asleep for far too long, myself included. 

Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! ~ Mardy 


Again, the link to Marianne's speech topic in our forum on being active on the Internet and as a citizen:


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Codex Alimentarius Info (Agenda 21) - Critical Consumers Know

I am pleased to see that 1,590 people had read this blog post by today when I came to see if this was a good place to add on about Codex Alimentarius.  

I want to present this in a way that is going to help people who are going to think 'certainly if this was really going on .. really important ... I'd have learned about it long ago' QUICKLY get past that stumbling block.  I speak from experience, I was held back by that block myself.  And I still, in looking for information to present here, get 'turned off' by the sites I find links to and go to by what the 'first impression is', but I'm going to present THREE resources here and give you my impressions about them. I hope it helps.  

Start by looking on the About tab at the official Codex website.  Look at the timeline which shows Codex starts right after World War II, and has all the monkeybusiness organizations involved -- WHO, UN.  IF you don't know why I'd call them monkeybusiness organizations, spend a little time online Searching on word combinations that might tease out why a growing number of people are becoming 'awakened' about the realities of who's running the world and what the actual history of things has been.

And if you're a person who has done your due diligence to look into what all the political organizations are really about and you willingly subscribe to the philosophies and programs they are about, this is not a judgment about you nor anyone else who might subscribe.  Everyone should have the freedom to create their reality in life and you are creating yours. I commend you on studying and making a decision of who to support in the world and be active with.  

However, most people who are believing the WHO and UN are something they support have NOT done their homework and due diligence and are blindly following what has been presented to us in various ways we've steeped in, as 'the way to go'.  Enough about that.  Just be forewarned I call it the Monkeys and the Monkeybusiness. 

Sadly, the reality when I studied it at least, and many others find the same, is VERY different than what has been officially presented to us.  Think of it as a group that has been putting on a play for centuries that we all have come to be very comfortable with, and we don't even realize anymore that we're watching a play, we think we're watching our real family on the stage and it's just daily business we're watching unfold.  We're maybe in the balcony/cheap seats, or in an opera box/expensive seats, depending upon how much money we have.

Maybe we work on the sets or provide the food to the actors and actresses, or we're the director, the producer, the marketer, or we're an actress or actor.  But out there somewhere that we never see is the person that's actually created this whole play -- the long ago creator who wrote it down, and those that started funding the  production. We never see them.  Just the ones we maybe see glimpses of who have plunked the money for this production we're seeing now.

Being immersed in that from before you're born and every moment since can cause us to be not be very aware of what it's all about. Until we have someone point something out to us and then we say 'I noticed something fishy when I was a kid and I asked and someone gave me an answer and I just trusted them as there was so much I got used to not really understanding about answers when I'd ask so many questions.'.  

When looking at the timeline the Codex people want us to see, what do YOU when you look at it? Just like looking at someone's resume when they apply for a job, if there's a big gap in time with no information you wonder what that's about.  

Why was there nothing added on this list for many years before 2011 BUT it became law for the United State on December 31, 2009? Why is it being law for the US not on this list of milestones? 

Where did I learn it became law then? At this resource, which I'm going to prepare YOUsers for looks pretty airey fairey, and it's about bio-spiritual energy healing.  But look at the content presented, and by the way, this came up immediately next to the codex org's link at the very very top of my Google search results.

As usual, I bring portions of the highlights at the sites I suggest to show on Lumigrate to encourage YOUsers to take the time and use the energy to go to the site I suggest and look at the whole topic, and other things at the website that might now or in the future be of great value to YOU. Here are a few bits of what you'll find at BioSpiritual Energy Healing dot com about Codex: 

The Vitamin and Mineral Guidelines of Codex Alimentarius threatens to end our freedom to choose alternative and nutrition-based methods to heal ourselves. Ratified by the World Health Organization (WHO), it becomes law in the United States December 31, 2009.

The threat to health freedom has never been greater. If you've never heard of ‘Codex Alimentarius’ guidelines (CODEX) and the impact it will have on our daily lives, it’s important to educate yourself on this topic and then decide how you choose to respond to this matter.

I've gathered here some basic information, video and website links that outline the magnitude of this threat...and, just as important, empowers us to affect change to stop it.   .....

CODEX mandates that all animal feed must be treated with antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants world wide. Organic, free range and biodynamic farming will become illegal. 


And I wasn't going to bring this one as a source until I read to the part that said they wrote about Codex in 1996 in Life Extension Magazine! Well that's a very credible source.  And 1996 was a long time ago, where was I? Yes, busy becoming an OT -- graduating, having medical issues I didn't understand but were related to foods and gut issues from ... foods and antibiotics and other patented medications I'd taken to help the symptoms of the domino effect that was occuring with my health since day #1 -- literally day #1.  (Even after my significant others had vasectomies at my request because my intuition or common sense told me that BCPs were not good for ya overall, I'd go back on them after a while due to the terrible menstrual periods I'd suffered from literally day 1 of being a 'young woman' ... flow and pain-wise.)  I'd moved in 1996 from my city home of 18 years to Denver and by year's end was in my first job as an OT less than two hours after being signed off by my internship supervisor as completed.  

I was also trying to stay up on my passion for outdoor sports such as skiing, rollerblading, mountain biking, snowshoing, hiking and sat around one weekend so much at a coffee shop that my friend and I realized we'd each spent $20 on latte's; yes we were hoping to meet some interesting men there.  So did I have time to be doing more serious work learning? Maybe, but I was bleeding from the brain with what I had to learn for my professional time in life and was trying to 'balance'.  It took ANOTHER 18 years to get here, to studying something that has been brewing and behind the scenes affecting my career the whole time and didn't even know it until relatively recently! I also learned to look at symbols in logos and also scrutinize the practices of businesses.  (Search on symbolism and various words on the Internet if you wish to learn more.) 

That well-known coffee shop does not get a penny of my  money anymore unless I have a very weak moment. I'll make it entertaining by asking 'why don't you have anything but milks that are really not at all good for you, at least organic cow milk or something other than soy like rice would be an improvement'.  Maybe I hope open up their heads a little bit, the poor workers having to field my questions and comments. 

So here's a link that has links within it that appear interesting and valid to me. Yes, the images they chose to put on the website page are what turns me off, but I found I had initially looked into a lot of this information in the past and turned back because of that kind of thing.  I hope that I'm presenting it at Lumigrate in a way that breaks you into what you are going to see and perhaps allows you to be more discerning about what you're seeing than I was in the past.  

Sharing that 'this turns me off but it's good information it seems' will hopefully streamline YOUsers finding the path to information that will help make you an overall healthier person in the long run.  As for stocking up on things, I'll leave that up to you.  I have heard that Borax was something not allowed in Europe already and people in other countries forsee it could follow suit elsewhere so that one's being stockpiled by some.

And remember to tell others. Whether you use this link or not, because you like it not enough for that, or do, please tell others.  


My Process of Going from Unaware to Aware to Studying Agenda 21, Common Core then Finally Codex

I learned of it on November 9th or so, 2009 from a company that was having to rebrand because their old name indicated they were heavily into supplements and vitamins, not foods. I became 'aware' but I didn't have anyone say to me 'you need to learn about this, and here's a resource', it was just in passing conversation with someone I'd just met from that company. And I asked why the rebranding. I thought "certainly if this was so important I'd be hearing about it, after all I am immersed with all these health experts around me helping me create information about Lumigrate since 2008 ... certainly they'd say something about it if it were so important."  I didn't go in and LEARN about Agenda 21, Common Core, Codex Alimentarius until well into 2012!

And it took the geoengineering / weather modification situation to get me 'into the rabbit hole'.  It was a rough place, I will not kid you. It's hard to accept that something this deceptive was gotten past me .. past us all.  But I'm here to tell you that there is life after you go thoroughly through the rabbit hole. The world never will look or be the same in how I perceive it but at least I am now in reality -- or closer to it to the best of my ability to figure out what IS reality! 

So go and see what YOU think when you look at this information. Then come back, there's more!

Now that we've established that the group at the link with the official codex information, above, might not be the most reliable source of information about what Codex Alimentarius is REALLY about, because it's propaganda, and that we overall are very much in the dark about this in the US (and elsehwere) and very much needing to come up to speed, lets look for better overall resources about this. I've only presented two options here and I was doing nothing fancy with my Search criteria, I just typed in Codex Alimentarius plus something that I knew would be affected by it, in this case essential oils. 

On this, same as ANYTHING, find resources that are not Monkeybusiness information put out by the monkeys, as well as knowing what their information is. I still watch the mainstream news a few times a week just to see what they're presenting to the masses.

"These are not my monkeys and this is not my circus" is a saying that cracked me up when I first heard it in 2014, but we are all in the audience at the very least. I am. YOU are. Knowing about the monkeys and the monkeybusiness can be very helpful, imperative really, to navigating our time on Earth to have the kind of life we desire. Or to try to have the kind of life we desire. At least to be reasonably content.

Dr Klinghardt, a German-American MD, said that Germans tend to think situations are worse than they are in reality and Americans are the opposite which affects our activism and ability to be the powerhouse we could be when it comes to what is going on in the world.  No wonder we've historically been disliked so much by the other western world people -- we've frustrated them to the end of their ropes! Thankfully, having many international friends on Facebook helped me see this. 

Can you see that I'm trying to have a sense of humor about this? Just because things are very messed up does not mean you need to lose your sense of humor! I had a really tough time learning these realities and I rarely enjoyed my time for the better part of a year. I couldn't look at a bright sunset without seeing the chemicals I'd just spend hours and weeks and months studying about who put them there, what they are and what they are doing to everything on Earth, and why they are there.   

But somewhere in there I realized that I'm going to do best by seeing the beauty of the colors, remark at the ability man or whatever had to create such monkeybusiness, and I then realized this is no different than having a complex, chronic illness that might plague me with syptoms of pain and weakness or balance problems and whatnot for the rest of my life.  I'm still going to be alive so I'd better figure out how to make it my ally and just try to outsmart it and do the best that I can.  Like a friendly game of tennis when you're playing with someone who is also not very good and you mostly want to have a good time but you do hope that they don't beat you! I'm sorry, I'm not gifted with analogies but that is the one I have come up with and shared with good results so far.  

Naturally, utilize the official Codex website to see what they have with their official guidelines, it is going to be a good resource tool, but let's find a tool that will easily give us the other side of the story. 

Live and learn. Learn and live better! ~ Mardy

PS -- Please really take this to heart if you're reading this blog thread and thinking you were going to just pop in and find some easy to read blog and off you go having learned a little something for your time. That won't help anything. 

Put in your time to study, particularly on the most important things in our time, and that includes Codex, Agenda 21, Common Core and education reform (because that is how the monkeys got this past us people, I studied that too in 2014), and geoengineering.  Dr Klinghardt has said the same thing I did, and he's a generation older than I.  "This is THE most important thing in my generation".  I've said it's the most important of all of modern history.  

He was saying that the health effects from it trump anything we've had before relative to mercury from amalgams, herbicides and pesticides and etc.  He never spoke of any of the electromagnetics involved, and he previously was very focused about EMFs/EMRadiation, and overall there seems to be a desire by some to lead the public to focus about the chem portion of geoengineering and not the electromagnetic portion.  

Maybe it's not getting as far down as where the people and the birds and the bees are.  Or else maybe it is and they're just breaking us in slowly to the realities of the chems first, then the added insult to injury of the EMs.  Chem 'n' EMs, you can find I break it down that way at Lumigrate and find a whole topic just about it where I also bring into play about Agenda 21 as you cannot understand why they're doing weather modification and working to control the food supplies in this way unless you understand Agenda 21 and the interrelated Codex arm. 

A resource that I thought was very interesting about Codex and Borax.. yes, borax, that product we've had the freedom to purchase at the grocery store for my entire life is an example of something that is going to be restricted under this stuff I affectionately call 'monkeybusiness'.  Here's the link to a topic:


Live and Learn. Learn and Live Better! is my motto. I'm Mardy Ross, and I founded Lumigrate in 2008 after a career as an occupational therapist with a background in health education and environmental research program administration. Today I function as the desk clerk for short questions people have, as well as 'concierge' services offered for those who want a thorough exploration of their health history and direction to resources likely to progress their health according to their goals. Contact Us comes to me, so please do if you have questions or comments. Lumigrate is "Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being" for increasing numbers of people. Follow us on social networking sites such as: Twitter: and Facebook. (There is my personal page and several Lumigrate pages. For those interested in "groovy" local education and networking for those uniquely talented LumiGRATE experts located in my own back yard, "LumiGRATE Groove of the Grand Valley" is a Facebook page to join. (Many who have joined are beyond our area but like to see the Groovy information! We not only have FUN, we are learning about other providers we can be referring patients to and 'wearing a groove' to each other's doors -- or websites/home offices!) By covering some of the things we do, including case examples, it reinforces the concepts at as well as making YOU feel that you're part of a community. Which you ARE at Lumigrate!

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Ancient Aliens Season Premier, July 2015; Disclosure? More B.S.?

I've called it "the can of worms just set up to open perhaps in the next episode".  I've likened this time, this week between the premier episode of the new season of Ancient Aliens, now shown on 'The History Channel' and not the adjunct 'H2', to being like we've gotten through dress rehearsal and the previous plays that set the stage for THE staged event of our lifetimes. The curtain has gone back (with our watching the new episode), and we know how they 'set the stage'. We know who some of the main characters are going to be.  We just need to keep in our seats and pay attention.  Then, similar to how we leave a theater, talk about it and decide how it is going to affect us going forward. Have others perhaps get a ticket to 'the show'.  Perhaps you'll tell them about this information at Lumigrate. "The Ripple Effect". 

Remember who's controlled the 'airwaves', cable TV, mainstream media and has a tremendous influence on what goes on at websites via paid internet trolls (aka shills) and on social media. 

This is a rundown of what is covered in the series of episodes, titled Ancient Aliens: The Ultimate Evidence.

"Aliens and the Creation of Man" is a 2015 episode. Giorgio Tsoukalos is the "M.C." of the show, with much script or what appears to be him just saying what he thinks to be the case. Dramatic looking, wild hair ... dramatic way of talking, I wondered who he was and I'd never heard of his journal they kept putting with his name, over and over during the show (as they do with others they use a lot in interview).  Could it be that someone got a journal going barely in order for him to have that 'credential' later when he was to be a spokesperson on Ancient Aliens? Here's a pretty enjoyable article about him at Mental Floss website:

You'll not they include a three hour movie made to debunk Ancient Aliens.  How do these things get funded? Do they serve the purpose of getting more people thinking about the subject at hand? I say so, and the same funders might be funding both sides. Think about it.  

I encourage YOU to think about it this way: "If I were trying to tell people this information and I was a good guy (or a bad guy), how would I go about it." and then consider how they're doing things. Look around on the Internet at all the blogs and boards where people go over time to talk about this stuff.  I'm just making YOU aware, and focusing on the aspect that has to do with this bacteria 'stuff'. I'm not necessarily a fan of the following website, I'm just saying they had covered this Georgio Tsukalos in the past:

What's said in this episode of Ancient Aliens which I think sets the stage for disclosure about THE bacteria... and I will say that with the focus on 'mold' in April, May, June via massive names like Dr Oz, Suzane Somers, and the meteoric star of late Dave of BulletProof coffee fame that sounded like a front man to me when he was first talking about his new Moldy the movie documentary, 'disclosure' that will tie in to what they're telling us in Ancient Aliens about bacteria IS HAPPENING.  Again, what parts of it to believe and not? I think this is incredibly complex and encourage, as I say here, focus upon it ASAP and AMAP (m = much). 

"In April 2015, scientists announced they'd done genetic modification on a human (out of China). This can alter how people look. It raises serious questions. There is evidence genetic modification was done before.  South Africa, August of 2008, paleo anthropologist and his son discover ..... the size and shape of bones indicate they walked upright and had modern hands.  Scientists have uncovered many things over the last decades that gives a good fossil record of homonyds. Before homosapiens came along there were many types of homonyds which coexisted.  Two or three species would live in the same are at the same time.  They evolved from something from six million years ago and Darwin's theories about evolution and natural selection were taught to us.  Mutations can become advantages for organism to survive. There was a very interesting woman scientist interviewed at this point in time in my opinion based on her appearance and accent.  I won't elaborate on my impressions beyond that. 

I want to dissect something from above.  "Scientists announced". Many things are being announced lately and watch to see if they tell us when exactly they found something or did something.  

If we were to subscribe 100% to 'survival of the fittest', isn't it illogical to think that all of the sudden we're completely naked and no longer have fur? Had we not had furs we would have died.  The whole idea we shed all our hair because we were stronger, logically, makes no sense. (That was Georgio saying that part.)

Intelligent Evolution was put out as a theory by a peer of Darwin, Wallace.  The way humans think are qualitatively different than other similar animals and nothing was explaining how that had happened.

This scientist believed an unseen creative spirit had interceded three times on Earth 1) to create life from inorganic matter, 2) when animals achieved some sort of consciousness and 3) when humans had the mental abilities they have today.  But it wasn't random selection like Darwin thought, he believed all these changes had a 'creative intelligence' behind it.  

IF we were evolved and changed from our early primate ancestors, that's the only way that it makes sense unless God is in the equation and who knows what God could be. It could be that humans came about because of extra terrestrial intervention.

Might there be tangible evidence? Some scientists believe proof can be found inside the human brain. 

Why are our brains so much more sophisticated? And we're rapidly becoming smarter. In the last 100 years we've gained 30 IQ points. Evolution alone would not be able to do that. This is not the only time that has had an extraordinary jump in our intelligence.  

2004, Howard Hughes Institute at University of (Chicago).  Around 50,000 years ago the genes of humans went through a lot of change in short time, some call it the 'big bang of the brain'.  There's no other animal creature on the planet that this happened to -- it was a big brain event. Was it a genetic mutation as many mainstream science contend, or was it a genetic modification from extra terrestrials as many ancient astronaut theorists believe?

Homo sapiens emerging from Africa were manipulating information differently than before, discreet symbols that could be combined.  Because of the artificial mutation from the extra terrestrials, per someone else interviewed.

If alien beings created humans, as ancient astronaut theorists contend. The ancient records -- yes we might be part of an experiment and for 50,000 years they've been watching us like we watch reality TV shows. 

Scientists have suggested that one gene alone is responsible for language and there's no evidence of it coming from any origin, it comes from 'nowhere'. Is it is possible this gene was grafted into us by extraterrestrials in our past? The answer is yes. .... They wanted humans to be able to communicate at a more sophisticated level? Might the evidence have been passed down in our genetic code? What about religious scholars to consult; that Adam and Eve really did exist. 

The Hebrew Bible, Genesis. 

Discovery of genetic lineage could be traced to one woman who lived in Africa. Homo sapiens did come from one place in Africa and then spread out to occupy the rest of the world. Is it possible that mainstream science and the book of Genesis are both pointing to the same thing? Adam and Eve were the first human beings and they helped populate this planet. Garden of Eden was where these genetically manipulated humans, Adam and Eve, were.  IF they had existed as described in the Hebrew Bible, then could the serpent .... when man became an intelligent human being.  

Satan in the form of a snake tempts Adam and Eve; the knowledge they aquired, gives them the ability to ... what was this tree of knowledge? DNA sequencing in our bodies so that we have the abilities we have today.  In his mind it is the DNA itself that is the tree of knowledge.  Aliens seemed to want us to have this knowledge and be like the gods, and this is the story of Promethius which comes down and gives the gift of knowledge of fire to mankind but he's banished from the Earth because he helped man to have greater knowledge. 

Satan is based on mis-taken information. We have the idea of a satan today because there might be a good /bad faction mutiny going on.  They were the evil fallen angels, cast out ... but they never were that.  If ETs were capable of giving humans the intelligence, what about the ability to speak? The unique voice box is discussed. It's like it was genetically designed so we can make the languages and can communicate this way doesn't exist in other animals. Where did that come from? 

... 'original sin'.  They decided to destroy the whole race with the great flood and start again. 

In 1997, American explorer discovered an impression of a boat in Turkey near legendary resting place of Mt Arrarat and there were a million graves nearby. Noah then quite possibly was one of the first humans created by ETs. 



.... "



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This is what they say about the episode titled Aliens B.C.:


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Premiere Date:July 24, 2015 - 09:00-10:03PM ET

Enormous manmade caves… Unexplainable structures… And underwater discoveries that challenge everything we know about the past…Is it possible that an advanced civilization inhabited Earth thousands of years ago? And if so, were they human, or something out of this world? Modern archaeologists are continuously unearthing artifacts and sites that defy the conventional timeline of human history. Throughout the world we find megalithic stone monuments that are attributed to mysterious ancestors, strange humanoid figures that date to pre-historic times, and evidence of ancient underground shelters hewn out of solid rock. Could it be that a sophisticated culture existed on here Earth–thousands and even tens of thousands of years earlier than we believe? Could the stories of a time when gods and otherworldly beings inhabited the planet be more than just mythology?




Everyone in Steve Beddingfield's Facebook group had been made aware in June by his saying that the 'new' episode of Ancient Aliens was going to have his work, I believe was how he said it. Then he clarified that they were going to have video that was like his work, I believe he said.  It was going to show some stuff that was to do with the insects being mutated with horizontal gene transfer, if I remember correctly.

Don't quote me on that, but that is how I recall the conversation. I used to have an almost verbatim way of remembering things that were 'said' but anymore, it's getting to be more 'average'.   At any rate, it took him a while to find the episode name, he seemed like he was contacting someone to get that. And then the new episode that aired then didn't have anything like what I thought his work was about.

I think he was maybe thinking of the season premier of the new season. Who knows, maybe I was confused as to what shows were from which season.  I just know that I realized in June that that show had, over the last few years, created a LOT of content that was very expensive because they were interviewing a lot of people and going all over the world. They had interviewed people who are very well known in some circles, like David Wilcock. I remember thinking how much of what they were covering is what I'd ended up coming to believe was the information that was accurate in my studies on the Internet about 'all that stuff' about what's happening. What's going on in the world.  What's about to go on in the world that we can be prepared for.  

So I didn't, in June, see what Steve was referring to about his work or something similar being shown in a new episode.  There was an episode about plagues and epidemics, which was actually about pandemics too, which I took the time to type out an overview / transcription of for YOUsers of Lumigrate.  That can be found in a comment on the topic that has to do with Steve's Facebook group, research, protocol.  ___________________

There was information in that episode, near the end where they perhaps plant seeds for what they're going to cover in upcoming episodes, about Morgellons disease and a photograph that looked just like something Steve would put in his 1,500 person Facebook group back in November of 2014, late in the month.  Saying 'this is giant sulphur bacteria' and with little comment from his very active group, as they were very much 'into' the cyanobacteria information and helpers in the group were tearing into research and posting links and substantiating what Steve had provided in the group, created only that spring. You'll find the highlights of his work and that said in the group at the topic about his work. 

So they were giving us a lot of 'dots' to connect, seasons before.  Again, you'll need to learn the info, the 'dots' and then connect them yourself too.  I'll try to relate what I connect that I think is reasonably making sense to me. YOU are the one in charge of YOU ..... so do your work! But overall there are a lot of things that I can remember 'didn't add up' when told conventional, mainstream explanations --- why did humans lose their fur and have to wear furs, for instance -- that they weave into this masterfully prepared information to take us from one paradigm to the other. They are disclosing. But is it going to be more manipulation or is it indeed the truth? 

Keep in mind it's fairly easy for me to transcribe due to my typing ability.  However, the TV and the computer are not in the same room anymore and I can't really pause it, so I have to go over things a few times to get them fairly accurate.  This will be in whatever form it is in when you see it.... I am not trying to replace that someone will WATCH THIS, if at all possible, please do.  Some want to refer back to refresh after seeing / hearing, some cannot watch it and want the information because this is the 'leading edge', as I see it.  They don't want to be left behind. 

So as I have time I'm going to be putting that here: 




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