Subtle But Solid Describes New Gadgets Demonstrating Things Known for Ages - Higher Mind/Body/Spirit Interface

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"Interfacing with Your Higher Mind" with Tiffany Barsotti, at Gaia TV, with Regina Meridith ( )

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Below is what I was able to transcribe from one go-over with the video at Gaia, which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND watching.  Currently there's a special for the last part of the year where it's 99 cents until the end of the year.  I'm hoping by providing come topics at Lumigrate about Gaia's content, to encourage people to get a subscription.  Ask for it as a gift, if someone's going to give you a gift and you have some input on what that might be, perhaps.  Figure something to cut out of your expenditures to utilize the $10 a month for your learning via an Internet tool such as Gaia. 

What I've found is perhaps being accounted for in the following discussion and the video I'm providing my fast transcription of some of the content..... I'll pick, as in this case, a video that's exactly what I was talking about earlier in the day to someone.  But it goes beyond that -- when it sends me other videos chained after the one I've selected, often times THAT will be the video that has to do with what I was just discussing.  I'm fascinated by this!

I'm finding I'm eager to watch more videos or movies at Gaia so I can have that 'coincidence' occur, similar to 2-1/2 years ago in the spring of 2014 when I had a string of coincidences that went on for about two months, the first half were a certain pattern, then the pattern switched for the second half.  Things that occurred with people EVERY TIME I WENT OUT.  It got to be where I'd wait until I felt it was the 'slipstream' to go out and then I'd just follow my 'gut' on where I was supposed to go, when I was supposed to go, what I was supposed to do and not do.  And inevitably, something happened that was 'Wow' to me.  Then that ended in terms of it being every time I'd go out and would only occur sometimes -- but they were doozies of situations that occurred, making me aware I was evolving somehow and wanting to learn more, be more, do more in that regard.  And then I, naturally, select some of that to bring to Lumigrate YOUsers.  YOU, if you're reading this! 

The Lumigrate YOU! Model

Please look over what this most interesing interview was about, and check out the source and then follow out to pursue the provider if you're so inclined... I'm giving some sources, above and below, in links to make it easier if you'd like to use them.  But go beyond that, if you're intrigued .....

RAS is the area locally in the brain stem, a little thicket, the length of your little finger, in the area of the medulla and pons, right in the center.  It lines up where the cranial nerves all branch out -- I found that fascinating. 

The seat of conscious awareness.  If you lose your

You may still be 'in there' and have awarenesses, but you're not able to do anything with the faculties of the body. 

This area is noted to be a critical area of the body

Her thesis

She was in a vacuum when working on this --- it's the mouth of god, where life comes in, clairvoyants say they

the alta major

The activities that go on in the RAS have to do with our conscious focus.  So as we are 'paying attention to where we are on our life path' and that focus will allow other things to be brought to our attention.  It's activated in people if you're aware and walking around, but there are varying degrees as we see from people around us. 

Help us understand this beautiful matrix of energy

Regina will go into shock and go unconscious and have seizures and whatnot -- if she is around someone who has loving intention ....... 

Outstanding and remarkable, Tiffany said. 

Maybe for you, whether it's something that's an imbalance going on -- a circuit overload -- too much energy, and it causes us in various ways to have a disconnection

So someone else's energy and intention can

People who are skilled with working on the back

Never needle in that area, many acupuncture students are taught -- you can lose consciousness or have an existential experience.

It is known as The Rainbow Bridge -- meditate, bring your kundulini up -- but you can cause disorder by raising kundalini too fast and not in a skilled way. 

The intervening of another human being cases -- it induces a 'state'.  If she's doing healing work on someone, and it's inown as a a minor chakra but it's major in terms of

So if we're walking around with a blocked major _____ chakra,

If I'm working on a person with an energy healing, if their _________ is blocked,

usually it creates a warm, cascading feeling, an immediate calm, a sense of real connection that maybe had not been able to be accessed before. 

Does this have to do with the atlas being out of alignmnent.  How much is stacked in that area -- C1 is the atlast. 

This can be rotated and cause all kinds of

C1, the atlas, is a very important part -- if you're blocked in this area -- tight necks are a symptom -- there are several techniques for adjusting the atlas (which she names two), and the cranial sacral naturopaths, were talking about this for a long time.  If we don't have regulation in the body, we need to look at this area. 

Alta Major

We know about the usual chakras, we know the colors and maybe the notes on the scale, but

It's been written in the phiosophy texts, so I had the foundation for the RAS, then when I was going back and reading the ..... it was mentioned in one of the classes I was taking at Holos...... 

there are many way to balance energies

This is the last of the chakras to come online before ascension and          can take place

There are many aspects of the head chakras that we want to be in balance .......


What are the characteristics of the alta major chakra ..... when it opens there's a feeling of inspired connection, a desire to know spirit even more, your breath calms, you're bringing in an alignment that has a lot to do with feeling it at the heart and all the way up. 

Seeing it clarvoiantly, it's like a portal, like you're going into another space in time.  The gateway between the conscious being and ultra conscious.  It's without a color, in her view.  You'll know it when you get there, she laughs. 

Locked in syndrome --- once out of it, he was recording everything for years, as his body was going through growing pains and changes, he remembered the people who came to work on him or visit.  There's an aspect that is fully aware of what's going on.  When there's damage to that area, you're dead to the world in terms of conscious.  Induced coma, going under general anaesthetic,                 when people leave their body, they report being up and to the left in the room, so whatever it is about the consciousness that leaves the body, they can tell you what was going on in the room on that side of the room, not the other. 

The vegus nerve is talked about a lot, and we don't understand the complexity. 

It's an adaptive nerve, it's leading your outer environment to the inner, it wanders, it's the only

It leads all through the visceral, the efferent, the upward going into the brain is 20%, so we're getting

interroceptive is a new word in medicine, it's our body's feeling what's happening inside.  The more we can become sensitive to this, the better.  Drugs will disable our ability to utilize that function with the vegus nerve.

A lot of people getting diagnosed with one condition or another, it's stemming from the vegus nerve. 

The inflammatory reflex is all about the vegus.  We're getting this feedback .... The body is feeding back from something you've eaten, say, your body is trying to communicate with you to give you that information.  The nervous system can be looked at as three, not two, branches -- safety or social, which looks at the polyvagal theory.  Steven Portice (?) is the creator of this theory.  A protected nerve and a non protected nerve are above the diaphragm and below. 

Food allergies and sensitivities are discussed through this particular lens.  Tiffany has a client who currently can only eat two things.  We are needing to change the way we are digesting.  We're all taking in so much information --- digesting things from our emotional past, left over from long ago and not dealing with them.  This will show up in our inflammatory responses in the body.  Bits per second of information coming into the brain is what Regina brings into the conversation, and asks if the vegus nerve is governing things. 

Every thought creates a hormone.  Energy follows thought.  So adapting and managing the information

If you're emotionally eating, there's a reason.  Better to deal with the emotions first.  Don't eat anxious, in a hurry, when walking, when upset.  We're now seeing things as being diagnosed as autoimmune is a maladaption to our environment and we can see this from how the vegus is responding. 

Becoming more aware, HRV devices can tell you a lot and help you to reset your nervous system.  We can forget to breathe. 

If you'd been out in the sunshine on the farm, you come in for the mid day meal, and you dine together, and you get the social aspect of the autonomic nervous system with that and you're not disconnected and isolated as individuals which gets interpreted by the nervous system. 

Osteopathic medicine and manual manipulation, the social network it's been called since Steven Portice's work.  How we are responding, the rhythmically we are connected with our voice, helps with inner ear balance and allows for connectivity feeling and therefore safety.  If you are with that you can then digest your food better. 

Downloads come to Regina when she's in meditation sometimes -- we're at the tail end of being able to digest dense foods, and in another incarnations or generations, we'll be moving for all foods that are more closely aligned with the sun.  More sun-direct foods that will feed the body.  People who are older can't yet.  We're seeing a cross over evolutionarily speaking, Regina said. 

Tiffany brought up a case she was aware of that someone who went off of gluten was made worse and they reversed symptoms by going back on gluten.  This is why personalized medicine is needed.  This is the case with dense foods and everything, Regina said.  She talks about her 20 years of vegetarian eating and doing cooking shows and books and then having to go back to having animal sources of foods.  Some people can do raw and some can't, some can do a lot of meats and it works for them. 

It's an evolution of the species and a giving away of the old reptilian way of the old system and going to a newer, and that's why individuals on their path is where you have to meet people -- where they are. 

To mothers, use their face expressions a lot to connect with their children, as well with their voice.  The nerve sheaths that are connecting the middle ear, emotional / spiritual and more literal balance and therefore a feeling of safety.  If you are in a family with flat affect and voices, it's disruptive and you don't feel safe there.  Be inviting.  Give a sense of invitation to the child -- to people. 

Greater mind is permeating this -- the organic system, the glandular system.  Einstein said close to his death -- it's field before particle.  "Admonished his peers not to look       we may come to find that          responding instead to axeses in   '

If we don't think of the mind and consciousness so centrally localized to the brain, then

HPA axis, there's all different axeses in the body.  To look at systems medicine -- these crossroads of the body have been looked at by the ancient, traditional medicines. 

Think about the mind being more field oriented.  We're always picking up more information.  Use Your Illusion (written by ...... ) spoke of all the nerve endings and we're processing 12M bits of information per second from nerve endings and the brain will be dealing with     bits per second. 

So if we see there are aspect --- for as far as your arms can go high and wild, that is your field.  Can we process information that happens out here, before it happens in here.  The transferrence is so quick. 

Tiffany can see disruptions in fields and she's asked how she goes about how she reverses that. 

She'll begin where the CNS is, where we put our attention -- using the RAS -- is where we bring more in.  She'll make someone aware via a device, to see or feel for themselves, and then asks what happened here.  And there'll usually be a story of the cause of damage, a trauma.  What choice did you make in that moment, she'll then ask, and they go from there.   We can realize that our choice has the ability to affect the past, therefore the future.  So when you're in that future situation, you can act differently.  If you keep getting slammed in the same way doing what you've done before, then it'll be repetitive damage. 

Date rape is brought up by Regina, and their faculty for remembering it consciously is gone, and then there's a blackout, so this is drug induced, same as was discussed above about medical coma or being under anaesthesia for surgery.  Is it better off to not remember, or to do the processes to remember, is the question Regina asks.  To not deal with it is your choice.  To deal with it is your choice. 

There's not real fight since you're unconscious, does it go into the subconscious differently than when there's fright and resistance.  This is where our dreams can be helpful.  Please keep track of your dreams as well as any repetitive throughts during waking, because this is where improvements can be made typically. 

The great field of 'mind', how much do past lives play in?  Frequently, there's a lot there, Tiffany said.  She used to spend a lot of time there with clients, but now she doesn't focus or begin there.  If the client goes there, it's gone with but that is a more beneficial way to address it.  Whether it's a past life of something your mom didn't do or did do......

The birth process is brought up.  En utero time is so important...   The way we do birth is the way we do life, oftentimes. 

Breach babies -- they may be dyslexic, they may have to do things backwards. 

We begin our karma in this life with our birth.  Remember that before we cut the umbilical cord, to let the cord settle, let the baby just rest and feel breath and life and the field, and then cut the cord and say 'okay, you're on your own now', your needs are not based only one me, now. 

Feet first birth, the way the baby positions itself is unconscious but applies. 

They have a mutual friend who had a baby recently and super conscious healthy moms have a baby that things didn't go as expected --- the baby has it's own contract and always an opportunity for unconditional love.  The baby may have a timing thing to do with the cosmic influence, and it's all healable in cessions -- which isn't necessary but if someone does, you remember your birth process and you can go in and reframe it. 

It helps you to know what your feelings were just prior to birth, Regina states.  Tiffany agrees. 

Some of the devices --- Giam is in partnership in creating one to bring it to everyone, GDV devices have been out for a long time, she's had one for 10 years.  The meridians end at the finger tips and the toes, and the gas exchange at the end show a picture of that, the chakras -- it's pixilated views that make it look like your aura and map to organs and systems in the body.  So how you're managing and adapting with the whole body is easily shown.  It's very dynamic.  You're getting a snapshot in that moment in time.  Take a GDV after a trauma or a healing and you'll see it, and a light bulb will go on.  Often you'll see a big blast at the thyroid, or a missing area at the adrenals, or a plume off the hypothalamus.  We're looking at the color that's there,

It's one of the crossover devices that is lovely with what it brings to people for healing .......

Allopathic and non allopathic, and they don't cross over.  Crossover --- a lot of compassion for the doctors now, and the MDs that have open minds who want to branch out, there are tools.  She works along side many MDs, NDs, DOs and allied professionals who work in the area.  The idea of the cross platform validation is to build a lab to look at many of these devices and where they correlate and against 'gold standard'.  Example: EKG from allopathic and what device with Biowell or GDV ..... then a year or two EKG might turn things up later since these other devices are working on things more delicate in nature.  

Subtle but solid, and

Endobiogony -- systems biology -- she can see blood correlate with things in the GDV. 

Final Thoughts:  Our toilets would be able to reflect back all our biological data to us was something predicted in the past.  The microbiome research might be able to make a receptical like that.  Constantine and I have joked that there will be a mirror in the future where we can check our state(s), and be able to make changes in our schedules and how we are going to spend our time that day, to optimized. 

They only covered half what they desired to. 

tiffany at heal and thrive dot com. 



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