Jason Christoff Reporting on Facebook's Tactics for "The Human Farm" - Know What's Happening and Use Facebook To Raise the Bar

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I found this shared by a Facebook friend, who was crediting a mutual Facebook friend, who I have spoken with on the phone recently ..... I will just say you two are "g-Ems" on Facebook.  My feed reminds me of going gold panning, and finding more or less 'nuggets', or walking along an area that has turquise that appears in the streets after a rain -- maybe back in the old days when there were more pieces and fewer people who had taken the interest in collecting the 'gems'. 

The Facebook friend who'd shared this had credited our mutual friend and Jason Christoff (who is at his Friend limit so I'm now following but not a FB friend, unfortunately) with saying:

Language and technology are what we say truly distinguishes us as humans.

Enjoy both, but keep an eye on the pitfalls of how either might be used by others who seek a dominant position above you........ Reposting (and a great deal of editing for little things but not changing any words, etc., adding bolding for "pop" and easier reading by me as so many YOUsers of Lumigrate are with brain injury from --- a lot of things and they're aided by this type of editing, as they DESIRE this info I just edit with my knowledge from occupational therapy / vision therapy and so on....):

The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook

from Jason Christoff

1. The Casino Effect – the sounds of messages and comments coming in is meant to stimulate the excitement centers of the brain, similar to the noises in a casino, which in turn helps the person bond to the sounds and crave them. The sounds of “attention” can help decorate someone’s empty life and set up facebook addiction.

When people react to our posts with likes and comments, it triggers a satisfaction substance called dopamine, proven to initiate addictive behavior. This agenda revolves around breaking down traditional family and community bonds by making people bond with computers and electronics, as opposed to family and other humans.

2. Face Recognitionthis is why it’s called Facebook by the ruling families who organized this technology, to track everyone’s face, so face recognition software can track you across the world if you happen to run or cause too much trouble when the Orwellian Boot kicks you in the face in the upcoming years.

As a side note, this technology is completely bogus at this point in time, because a recent conviction using face recognition software failed to recognize that the REAL CRIMINAL had a large mole on his face, when the person arrested and sent to jail (and eventually let out) didn’t have a mole at all. Just another scam to throw you in the slammer when you cause some trouble for our social engineers down on the control gird. bit.ly/2eIN3dW

3. Emotional Ventingthe emotional venting of the slave class is a simple technology, which is used in many other areas as well, not just Facebook. It’s about making the slave class believe they have a say and some form of control, by allowing them to vent off emotion or rebellion potential, as to divert that angry energy away from the abusive slave master.

Slaves, in their 9-5 slavery, don’t experience a full range of emotions or control in their lives so the “emotion” icons were added to help with the emotional venting, a way to trick the slave’s mind into pretending it has control. To more fully understand this venting concept, you may want to watch this video I made on how sports is used in the same way, to vent off rebellion potential from the slave class, to help protect the tyrannical slave master. bit.ly/1PkJHdU

4. Using Likes To Drive Addiction – the algorithms inside the Facebook program are set to more widely distribute what you write to your friend list, the less you use it. This means the first post you make in the morning gets the most wide distribution, and successive posts that follow get progressively less and less distribution. Facebook is designed like a casino machine, to give out a massive payout of likes, with your first post in a day, to make sure you’re drawn to the addiction daily.

It is also interesting to note that more likes, comments and traffic toward your page happens when you are on it. This means when you sit in front of the computer moving the mouse, you get more emotional rewards, as opposed to posting and walking away. This sort of brain activation reward control system makes people addicted to short term reward only, making them unable to apply themselves to any project that provides a reward in the long term future, like starting a business for example.

This short term stimuli system manufacturers a person who needs reward on a minute to minute basis, placing real success completely out of their reach because real success is based on accomplishing long term goals. This cements a slave farther in their slavery, especially conditioning the mind to be adverse to starting an independent business venture. The man at this link explains the death of long term goals (which is great for the ruling 1% and terrible for the slave class) via electronic addiction. bit.ly/2fl1yUu

5. Control Venting – by allowing slaves to pretend they have a say in all topics it also stops them from preparing for what’s really coming. Many people vote on line to save the rain forest or stop the pollution or they write an article about the government being corrupt but how many actually have a firearm, a wood stove, a supply of food, lots of ammo, solar power, a fresh water supply, warm clothing, hunting supplies, fishing supplies etc etc. When a person thinks they’re helping the world by doing little, if anything at all, they’re now deemed a “slackavist”, and our society is drowning in this type of dis-empowered narcissist.

The powers that organize Facebook would rather give the population pretend control through Facebook posts, to help them vent, as opposed to the slaves using that same energy to actually prepare for what’s coming. Our social engineers will use the economy, power/heat/lighting, food, false flags, ever increasing violence and the ensuing chaos against the population soon enough so it’s best to make at least minor preparations, if not major ones. Stop just writing about stuff and talking about it……do something and take real action.

6. Dissident Tracking – Facebook algorithms track who’s posting pictures of their cats and their glass of wine on a Friday night (the compliant drone bot, boot licker, order taker, repeater, slave type, government loving, flag waiving, war monger, cheer leader, sedated, distracted, sports watcher, follower type) and Facebook also tracks who actually knows what’s going on. Both types of people are targets, using different methods.

The uninformed slave will be poisoned off the planet of course with vaccines, toxic meds, ever increasing poisonous junk food, cell phone radiation, fluoride, chemtrails, taxed into oblivion, etc. and the dissidents will be hunted down eventually………unless every slave comes together as one force and demands slave master reel in his satanic behavior.

Regardless, no one will be spared, so spreading the word and awakening more people is the only strategy I believe that is worthwhile on Facebook. Find people of knowledge on Facebook, learn, educate, ascend, evolve, rediscover morality, promote ethical behavior and move the world in the direction it needs to move in for the next generation………..which isn’t posting pictures of yourself shitfaced every Friday night or a picture of your newest stuff.

Lets adult up and get on with it. Facebook also tracks the most powerful truth-based information and then tags limitation algorithms to it, so the least amount of people can share and spread that information. Facebook inversely also uses highly contagious algorithms so that useless information and compliant behavior spreads far and wide, to provide the reflexively obedient order taker with the emotional feed back they need to feel secure and content in their empty life of slavery.

7. Behavior Analysis – the behavior of the collective Facebook community is analyzed daily regarding if the public is still under hypnosis or not. How are people reacting to each particular fabricated news event our handlers manufacture and spread using the lame stream media? What story works best to inject fear into the public, what colors work best, what pictures work best, are the sheep still asleep, do the tyrants have to start placing even more toxins in the vaccines to destroy nervous system function in the slave class, is more fluoride needed, maybe more mercury fillings, etc., etc.

This is called Cybernetics…..the study of how the bullshit travels, how fast, and it what direction. The ruling 1% use Facebook to assess the most effective way to move the lies into the collective psyche of the public. Government propaganda is advertising for the ruling families, and like any good business, you need to track the results of your advertising to see what works best for driving the profit skyward.

8. The Like Language Effect – if you’ll notice, many young people today can’t communicate effectively using language, because every second word is "like". Word magic, the ability to communicate effectively and change another person’s mind, is interrupted by the word “like” being used in a sentence. The use of the word “like” as a joining word in sentences is slave talk, for the slaves, because it means no effective communication of ideas can occur. The use of the “like” button and conversations about “likes” drives that word deeper into the slave subconscious, making it more apt to be used in slave talk, if that is even possible.

I hear young people talk today and every second word is "like", and of course this form of communication destroys their ability to lead others or bring groups together etc etc, like a good speaker (magician) has done throughout the ages. Using the word "like" is all part and parcel of what teacher John Taylor Gatto calls "the new dumbness". The new dumbness is a new manufactured state of dumbness, that doesn’t occur naturally in children or adults when raised absent of media and government influence. bit.ly/2gwpy4q

9. The Emoji Agenda – recently, Facebook has added emotion icons to the reaction buttons for posts. This, of course, is based on research that proves people who can’t communicate can’t lead themselves or others because they can’t find the proper wording to get their points across. The research also shows that people who can’t express themselves with language are always easier to control, and even more prone to violence.

By using an emoticon reaction to a post, instead of explaining exactly how you’re feeling with words, you self murder the part of yourself charged with expressing your emotions and thoughts with any precision. Emoticons are designed to dumb down the slave class even more, throwing them down the evolutionary ladder, to the status of drooling troll, making them unable to communicate or describe exactly how they’re feeling……and more importantly eliminate any sort of deep thought processes by which a slave can rally themselves or other slaves against the tyrannical control of slave master.

Use your mind and bring it out of the abyss by expressing your emotions with words and not the psy-op emoticons our human farmers set us up to use. This is very similar to what is called “The Sponge Bob Square Pants Effect”, a similar agenda to destroy communication skills in children.

 goo.gl/G4LVvw <<<

Use Facebook but know what’s happening…… 

(Mardy's note, the link, immediately above with <<< next to it is to his Facebook's topic that I transferred here so YOU can connect with a GREAT resource (in my opinion).  The other links are to a nice mix of videos to elaborate on those points.  I recommend you dedicate the time to doing this information provided by following the links if you're not fully aware of these concepts and educated enough to be NOT be taken advantage of and victimized further.)

The "Destroy Language in Children" Agenda
Otherwise Known As The "Sponge Bob - Square Pants" Effect

by Jason Christoff

Our human farmers know that the public talking about corruption on Facebook can be done all day long, without any issue, as long as the human cattle never organize and join together to take collective action against the corruption. In fact, Facebook is the largest mind control "venting mechanism" ever initiated on the human farm.

A venting mechanism is any structure by which a frustrated slave can vent their negative emotion, without actually changing the system. Frustration is energy that needs to be released, and like all dark occult magicians, the magic lies in making sure the slave class releases their dangerous negative energy toward anything, other than organizing themselves into a larger group and actually changing the system.

Shopping, watching sports, internet porn, junk food eating, smoking, exercise, Facebook, drinking, gossiping, sedation, distraction, etc etc.......are all designed to take the frustration of the slave class and vent it off before it explodes toward the human farmers, in the form of rebellion and hostile takeover.

Organization of the slaves, as a group, is what our human farmers fear most. A good case of this is John Lennon, when he started to use his fame and fortune to ORGANIZE the slaves against the system. We all know what happened to John Lennon and there's plenty of evidence to support that he was assassinated because he was starting to initiate the only known threat toward the establishment, which is forming large organized groups against the current system.

In order to organize other humans into groups, you actually need to be able to talk, communicate, write and public speak effectively. This is also why our human farmers are using other covert means to destroy language, communication skills and even the brains of the human cattle, to reduce (and even eliminate) the rebellion potential that organizing together could bring about. If a slave can't talk, write or think effectively, they can't organize any group of slaves against slave master. This is chapter one in the human farming manual.

Have you noticed that in the past 20 years, the average kid doesn't use capitals to start sentences, doesn't know how to use periods and doesn't even use capital letters with names, places, etc., etc? Given only 30 years ago, you couldn't pass into the next grade unless you could spell, read or write effectively...........how is it that children are graduating unable to even form a basic sentence?

The answer has to do with our handlers manipulate government policy to eliminate ORGANIZATION potential of the slave class, against the ruling pyramid. The children also can't talk effectively because they're drowning in a tsunami or negative role modeling characters, in regards to language. I call this the "Sponge Bob - Square Pants Effect" and it's all part of the same agenda, where children (who learn through mimicking) listen to the broken and immature speech patterns of these mind numbing characters, to completely eliminate the child's ability to use language effectively. .

We also have the "Emoji Agenda" where people are now being taught to communicate in "symbols" instead of language. If you use symbols to express love, heart break, happiness, good times and all other emotions across the neurological spectrum, then you automatically inhibit the talent of expressing yourself with language.

The average child today communicates in broken sentences, emoji's, no capitals, no periods, LOL's and WTF's. How can a modern slave stand up in the slave camp, after master is in bed, and organize a talk or essay to convince the other slaves that a better life is possible? They can't, of course, if they can't write, talk or think.......and that's the agenda.

That's not even mentioning the child behavior medication or vaccine agenda, already proven to fully lobotomize the children outright, so the brain itself doesn't operate effectively, if at all. Lots of slaves, ZERO CHANCE OF REBELLION.

This is Jason Christoff reporting live from the human farm.

Live and learn.  Learn and live better! ~~ Mardy

I thought of my father as I read the part about Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Somehow he knew about things about cartoons, and I was not allowed to watch any cartoons as a child, no television until 12, movies were upon his discretion and he fortunately liked music and approved our outing when I was five to see Mary Poppins, which changed my life! My mother snuck me to the next town over to an old movie theater when he was out of town on a business trip when I was in 5th grade to see 101 Dalmations, if I remember correctly, and bought me a little change purse at the nearby curios/ souvenier shop, which had so many things in it that I was reactive to, I'd get symptoms and need to leave.  But I loved looking at things and going there, nonetheless.

It was not good for me, I'd not go in there today knowing what I now know about what's in products that are harmful to some of us depending upon our genetics.  So knowing about what can be harmful about Facebook to all involved is very important and I thank Jason Christoff for reporting from the human farm, as he signed off, as you saw.

I dedicate this topic to those in The Matrix who are unaware of this information and I see posting on Facebook not understanding why we want to drink raw milk if we prefer, don't want to have vaccines if we decide that is right, are baffled by the "climage change" or "Earth shape" debates becasue they do not know what they have not yet learned, and have not found their way to knowing those are similar to the created term "conspiracy theoriest" in order to help stop people from talking out about Kennedy's assassination when it was increasingly being outed by thinking people who were figuring out what actually happened and what was being 'spun' by The System and told to the people were two very different things. 

Yesterday marked the 96th 17September since 1921, when my father was born.  I went outside in the evening and was thinking what a great, amazing day I had on Facebook and the people who are increasingly 'connecting' with my work at Lumigrate, supporting my efforts, and I noticed a unique butterfly fluttering around, despite the breeze.  Then I saw another one and realized perhaps 'signs' were being sent from the other side, something I believe in whole heartedly, and what occurred after my father's passing was incredibly convincing and deepened my faith.  Same with the next death for me, my cat. 

So I was looking skyward and had walked to a particular area I don't normally venture --- just going where I felt I should wander (with O'Rio, we do a lot of short walks when I spend a lot of time actively working on Facebook and Lumigrate), and off the end of the runway at the nearby airport came a military jet that went directly over my head -- the third "butterfly" I was looking for.  He was a retired military officer. 

2010, September, Friday after Labor Day (when he passed)

If you read this topic and appreciate my work providing this topic, please consider gifting to me at PayPal (my name, you can find me or the link is: www.paypal.me/MardyRoss or find at Lumigrate the blog topic about the Mardy PopIns Pen Pal Program, which described the pen pal program and how to get started giving to me and I'll give you a letter in your old fashioned mailbox if you wish to have some old fashioned excitement and get more balance in life like the old days.

I utilized the funds he left for me to help out in my older years when I cannot work as an occupational therapist, knowing I had complex, chronic medical issues life-long, to sustain my life's expenses for the years after my initial funding (from his cousin's gift to me upon her passing) was exhausted.  Collectively, we can change what's going on if we're with enough people understanding what this topic is about.  Thank you for reading, thank you for thinking, thank you if you're 'awake' or 'waking up'.  If you're not into this personally but respect what I'm doing, that is great too.  I'll thank you in advance! 



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