Disclosure About UFO Reality Is a Responsibility of Mine Per Paul Hellyer, Former Canadian Defense Minister

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I'm going to boldly go where no woman I know has gone before -- to publicly providing a topic to help in the Independent media on the Internet's campaign to truth to YOU! , the people, the consumers, the 99%.  About UFOs, extra or intra terrestrials, and our health and well-being.  Lumigrate's always said we're Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being, so today I'm aiming the light on the path about UFO disclosure.   In 1963 I learned to read, at age 3, because of President John F. Kennedy being assassinated and I knew my mother wasn't telling me all that was in the newspaper about it.  That was the year Paul Hellyer was to be appointed as Canada's National Defense Minister.  And today he's in his 90s and still active as a citizen caring about getting the world out and creating the change in the world he believes is necessary.  I agree.

With 97% (thumbs up) given at Gaia (and 3% down), I was expecting this video to be a great one.  But it was what Paul Hellyer was saying at the very end of this one hour show that got me off my 'fence' about whether to add a topic about this information at Lumigrate.  More about that, later.  What is at the show page at the link, below is (bolding added by me for YOUsers of Lumigrate's ease of eyes/brains to gleen highlights):

Paul Hellyer has led a life of public service in Canada. He was the youngest person to serve in the House of Commons before being appointed as National Defense Minister in 1963. His tenure gave him the skill set and contacts necessary to begin unravelling a decades-old web of deception and disinformation concerning the influence of extraterrestrial beings on our planet’s governments. He is now working to persuade our governments to level with us as he reveals many of the deepest secrets he has uncovered. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast August 25, 2016.

Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. He held senior posts in the Canadian government including Cabinet Minister, National Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. He has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics and in recent years, he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.”

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Paul Hellyer
Video Language: English


Interestingly, this second video link at Gaia has a 99%!  When doing my Internet searching to bring together what I'd provide here for YOUsers at Lumigrate, to encourage YOU! to know of the sites on the Internet with substantial, legitimate (based on my 'screening' and deducing) information, so you might use them -- lighting the path to health and well-being, as our motto says --  I found this website, but had a difficult time finding the link, above.  When putting into the Yahoo browser "Paul Hellyer, gaia, Regina Meredith", I'd not be offered this link in the results.  There was an offering to another Gaia show, by another host, essentially another 'channel' at Gaia, and fortunately the other videos shown when I went to that page, offered as other suggestions, included the one I was looking for (and am sharing below). 

www.gaia.com/video/money-mafia-paul-hellyer  --- with this being their show notes about it:

Continuing his line of disclosures, Paul Hellyer discusses the ways money is used to manipulate politicians and the governments they run. Most importantly, he reveals his examinations of the people who are at the pinnacle of this Ponzi Scheme and what they are really striving to accomplish. What we find is the rampant oppression of free energy devices and the many problems caused by chemtrails. It is not all doom and gloom as his research does reveal the ways we can reclaim our power and restore balance to the environment and the people. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast September 1, 2016.

Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. He held senior posts in the Canadian government including Cabinet Minister, National Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. He has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics and in recent years, he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead.”

Instructor/Host: Regina Meredith
Featuring: Paul Hellyer
Video Language: English


Los Angeles is where Regina Meredith and Paul Hellyer finally have met up, she starts the interview saying.  We, Regina Meredith said (Gaia and Regina, I presume), thought of flying to Canada to interview Paul Hellyer, or she tried to track him down another place and time, but now  finally they are in the same place at the same time to do the interview. 

Paula (?) Harris was thanked for putting them together, by Regina Meredith.  (it sounded like Pablo or Paulo almost -- sorry, I don't catch everything the first time through putting these types of shows into what keystrokes I can get while watching a second time)(If I have time I'll go over it again but that is not the case on this one, at this time.)

She credits Paul Hellyer for

-- being youngest person in the Canadian House of Commons, elected when he was 25.  He goes on to say he was then appointed to the Cabinet 8 years later, and he's the only living person from the Canadian government cabinet at that time. 

It seems like we're 10-20 years past the time disclosure about UFOs should come, Regina Meredith says to lead into the discussion with Paul Hellyer.  Einstein and Oppenheimer, in 1947, had written in a document provided by Paula? Harris to Regina that referred to the UFO issue.  (See above about the first name ? I couldn't make out for sure)

When Mr. Hellyer was trying to unify the Canadian armed forces, as Minister of Defense, -- its the most sensible thing because you cut a lot of cost (10-15%) and most importantly the reaction time is also clearer, straighter -- he'd only be receiving sighting reports and he'd have to work to figure out what was going on AND now he's here. Still. 

He was interested in economics, and at University when he'd ask professors if depressions and recessions were necessary, the professors didn't satisfy him with their response of 'they just happen'.  They're due, he found, from further learning, from the way the system is set up.  So he wanted to do something about that.  He ran for political office to do something about that. 

The odds were against him at first, but the Korean war came along and they started pumping "money" (as he said it .... quote, unquote money ........ into the system, and they had what he called The Golden Years, for about 20 years.  Then the changes came, which we have been going downhill as a result of, ever since, he said.  That lead to Paul Hellyer writing The Money Mafia.

He got into the UFO issue only about 13 years ago, as a sidebar, because of someone sending him information and asking him to watch a Peter Jennings news show disclosing major people saying they've seen UFOs.  He figured 'they'd have no reason to lie', and it was interesting, but that was it.  Then the guy who'd gotten him the first information sent him The Day After Roswell , and he set it aside for his summer reading but couldn't find it the next summer so he read something else.  Then the NEXT SUMMER, the book was easily findable, and he read it.  (Regina Meredith responds that maybe he just wasn't 'ready for it yet'.  I get that!)

His nephew, Phillip, came along, who had worked in the aviation industry. He didn't believe it, but Paul felt about his nephew thinking differently that   "it's a free country more or less", less now, for sure, he interjects.  Regina Meredith chuckles and agrees.  You can tell that they are not taking this lightly, they're having a light approach to what is essentially our heavy issue!

By the time Phillip was interested in the book, he asked Paul Hellyer how to get a copy and Paul told him.  By then Paul was done reading his copy, and he felt the people had the right -- the people of the world, because we're all in this together -- and ultimately what the US does affects everyone. 

He'd been invited to speak in Toronto at a UFOlogy event, and he had absolutely no thought of accepting, as he was not a UFOlogist (at the time), but after reading the book, he thought "maybe I should accept".  The only reason he hadn't declined so far was procrastination.  And he was marrying the widow of his best friend soon, and he felt she should be consulted.  She said 'if you think that's what you have to do, go ahead'.  He thought it would be just a one-time thing, and here he is a dozen years later, still out being part of the disclosure movement.  He's 90 at the time of the interview, I believe, so this means he was going into a whole new life of marriage and professional and civic duty at the age of 78! Admirable!

"Every word is true, and more" was what the first words out of the official he contacted said, as they connected on the phone.  You need to get that kind of assurance before going forward into the public.  So then he accepted the invitation to that first UFOlogy speaking engagement. 

It changed his life dramatically.  Information started flowing in from all over the world.  Some were classified, some were very, very interesting.  Excellent books from reputable UFOlogist, and he read them all.  Then he started getting requests to meet with people, and Dr. Steven Greer was the first, and they both discuss how highly they rate him.  He  mentions how concerned he is about Dr. Greer's wife, at times, as a sidenote, almost under his breath. 

People were interested in seeing him -- Shirley Maclaine, when she was in Toronto, wanted to have dinner, and he asked his wife if that would be okay and she approved.  Then Shirley invited them both to dinner after that.  He said the agreement was he'd only talk in general terms about what they discussed, such as his saying she knows more about it than what she's said publicly. 

Then he recounts about a dinner with Edgar _____ (again, I did not catch the name to keyboard it in), who said as they started talking "alleged UFO" and Paul remarked to him that 'alleged' was inappropriately used with 'UFO'.  Then they went on to agree that they thought  2-12 species is what were here at the time.  (And they discussed how much higher that number is today in the UFO-knowing circles).

He felt strongly that if you know, and you think it's important others know, it would be irresponsible to NOT.  If some of the people think you're 'off' because of it, so be it.  He's not running for any kind of office anymore, so he lets the chips fall where they may.   (So, YOUsers of Lumigrate, reading this, I'm taking a page from his book on that.  Do with it what you will.)

Many aspects of the information, even by reputable UFOlogists, won't include what they know about certain aspects of it for their reputations, or 'worse', as Regina says with emotion, 'book sales'. 

She read The Day After Roswell in 2001, which is when she realized she needed to take this more seriously.  One of the first major whistle blowers, who felt the truth should be out there, was ______ (missed the name), who was ....

.... head of the foreign technologies department, and had exposure to the bodies (from Roswell crash I presumed he was referring to) prior to that.  He contrived to take the stuff from his 'junk box' he called it (filing cabinet) and insert it into industry.  Without saying where it came from, but many would be wise enough not to ask, and see it was beyond the range of technology we were familiar with here on Earth, and they'd see it would benefit their careers and business relations.   These were things sequestered by the military, is what was being 'outed' by this man --- transistors, laser technology, fiber optics, kevlar for bulletproof vests and etc. 

The public was no more the wiser to how so many things came to the market without being made aware of how it got there! (I'd interject we were being told it was 'space age technology' though. I just thought it meant we developed it for use in our space craft, not that we back engineered things from items from UFOs having to do with extra terrestrials, or should we not also call them intra terrestrials if they've been living in the Earth and under the water, etc.? Maybe since before the human race was to be on Earth initially?)

Paul was looking at how we can benefit from this.  Since the 40s it was known we were collaborating with the aliens.  But the Air Force(s) were shooting at the craft / UFOs, and often found they had protective measures to not be shot down.  Paul's concern was where this would lead.  So he wanted the public to know more about it. 

It's shocking if not criminal, Regina Meredith says emphatically but calmly -- as she's always calm -- such a professional -- that this has been kept from the public, still.  Paul says the cost has been great.  Paul Hellyer says that they've taken the law into their own hands, have become part of what he calls the 'cabal'.  If someone talks too much, they deter them -- rough them up, threaten to take away their patients, or kill them.  What has been called The Shadow Government, that President Clinton disclosed to the people.

"There's a government that exists in the shadows and I have no control over it" is Regina's recollection of Clinton's famous statement which gave it the name "the shadow government", I would presume.  The massive black budget money, having to do with drug cartels and everything, is pulled in to connect the dots for people to understand how this goes together by the two in this wonderfully done interview collaboration. 

Regina talks about seeing people in 2001 at The National Press Club at Steven Greer's disclosure event in tears, after and even before they talked, because of the burden this has been on them, to have had the secrecy, the pressures, the consciences burdened. 

Steven Bassett is brought into the conversation with the 40 people in 2013 he got together, and the consensus was that the secrecy from the public had nothing to do with national security, it was just greed and power. 

Regina talked about her experiences as a mainstream anchor related to this topic.  The media knows about it.

Sweeps, big numbers or force of will by Peter Jennings' coverage was a real 'feat'.  It's frightening that the press is so controlled.  (I wish they'd say MAINSTREAM press, since press now has the grassroots truth tellers that use the Internet.)

The project to have people go into space on a craft was discussed....  I've studied around a bit for a while about UFOs and hadn't heard of this fascinating part! John Kennedy had decided an exchange of our people was okay, and naturally the secrecy was unequalled.  An ad was placed in the paper, Regina said she doesn't remember all the details, but essentially people didn't exist after.  Their identities were scrubbed, etc.  They were buried underground for several days to see how claustrophobic they were, Paul contributed to the story.  They wanted people who were single, had no children and were orphaned themselves -- that way nbody would miss them once they went missing.  They were then in Federal prison for a year or so to keep them from talking to anyone. Regina thought it might be Levenworth but she wasn't sure.  "Anonymous" is the one disclosing this project. 

The DIA was established because of Kennedy and Macnamera's concerns about the CIA, and so 25 years after it was disclosed by the DIA and it's now in the public domaine.  Yet still nobody knows about it, as the saying goes.  SO I'm DOING MY PART TO DISCLOSE AS PART OF THE INTERNET INDEPENDENT MEDIA, so YOUsers of Lumigrate can have the benefit of being 'aware' at the very least. Go on and learn more, become 'educated' about it.  Form your opinion, then take actions after that -- it's the same process as any direct health-related information to be an effective consumer.

12 individuals who were taken aboard something with 47 tons of cargo, including guns and radios and just all kinds of things and they were shuttled on a smaller craft up to the mother ship, and away they went. I think Paul Hellyer used a word to do with smaller water vessels to ferry people around, but I'm not sure. But that's what he was saying, smaller craft to bigger that then did the traveling. The first while / part of the journey in the time warp they were all sick -- while in the wormhole.  10 months later they had gone 38 million light years distance. 

One of Paul Hellyer's sons said 'Einstein said....' and rejected this possibility with that thought, and Paul says "I didn't know how much I didn't know because I didn't know how much there was to know".  It's like a Jewish scroll that comes out and goes on and on and then you roll it back up and it's a lot but it has a beginning and end.  With this, about UFOs and space, etc., the scroll goes both ways and it goes on and on and not back .... you can never comprehend it, he said.  It's a matter of how much you can absorb in one lifetime to get the information. 

Regina Meredith says she did an interview a couple of months back with someone who had to do with all they were discussing and he was so thankful to her for doing that -- and I did not catch that to report on that here .....

Paul Hellyer goes on to say to wrap thing up -- Somehow we have to persuade our governments to level with us.  People have to get the information in small chunks because it would be overwhelming.  Even in a month it would be too much information.  So people can accommodate to it and consider the alternatives.  They affect the future of humankind.  We don't know where we're going.  We don't know what the cabal and the alternate government has in store for us.  We know they're planning to set up a world government, largely a dictatorship and for mostly greedy, self serving reasons for them.

Planet Sirpo's (again, I'm not sure on the spelling or if I heard it right on my two passes viewing this worthy interview) government is similar, ironically enough, he said. 

We need to save our species. Not 'save the Earth', the species. There are some people who believe we can wipe out the military potential of China and Russia and survive -- it's insanity, he says.  She said if we understand we're gallactic in nature, and these attempts have occurred in the past and it has not been allowed by the extra terrestrials. 

Controlled information has been happening, Regina points out -- Hollywood movies like Taken, ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  (I'd add 'Arrived' to that, too, as it just came out and I even went to see it! (I rarely go to the cinema). 

Especially since WW2 we've become so self serving to start one war after another in order to line their pockets, at the expense of the people, and this is wrong, wrong, wrong, Paul Hellyer said.  After the Cold War ended, hundreds of billions of dollars should have been diverted to build a peaceful world where all people would have food, water, clothing, education, and basic health care, and etc.  The Peace Initiative it was called.  But it didn't happen. 

So we now have this incredible expenditure on space technology.  We need to change our priorities or else we could lose our whole species.  Some of the ETs care only about Earth surviving, not the species of humans.  Many of them live under ground or under water. 

The missing link is the spiritual link, and we need to sublumate our egos and change our priorities.  We should treat people as we would wish to be treated.  Wages were brought up by Paul, such as minimum wage restrictions.  It's callous and uncaring. Morality and spirituality is the key, they both are interjecting into one conversation, and Paul Hillyer then says Deference to The Creator and The Creation is what is needed. 

With that note, they ended. 

The spiritual link, being brought into this discussion, while including BASIC health care to all, along with education, food, water, clothing was why I really wanted to create a topic about this on Lumigrate.  I created it in 2007-2009 based upon integrative medicine, which is body, mind, spirit.  It's about functional medicine, which means looking for underlying causes of wellness or illness and addressing things at that layer of the proverbial onion, getting to the ROOT.  And the shadow government and cabal are the root of what's made the world go round.  In other interviews I've heard it said over 100 countries in the world have gotten affixed to each other to say 'no more' to the cabal. 

I like to call them 'The Monkeys" ... "and their monkey businesses".  Some call them the powers that be, others say the powers that shouldn't be, or the powers that were -- because once YOU know about them, and know you're powerful as one person to do what's needed to NOT be under their control anymore, their 'gig is up'.  You can't know what you haven't yet learned.  So now, you're at least made 'aware' by reading this topic.  Please go on to become educated.  Search on the Internet, look around at other topics I've created, it's been since 2013 I've been doing my part to 'out this', once I discovered it, thanks to the chemtrail aspect of wellness I knew had to be studied and reported upon at Lumigrate for YOU to know about that. 

Live and learn.  Learn and live better! ~~ Mardy


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